August 13, 2017

To Conservatives And Republicans Of Conscience

If you argue "but the Klan was started by Democrats" or "but they are National SOCIALISTS" or "Lincoln freed the slaves" or "Republicans passed the Civil Rights Acts" in an attempt to deflect blame for yesterday's terrorism from the alt-right racists that Trump made a part of his base and welcomed into his White House (Bannon, Gorka), you are functionally one of them. The historical arguments are all correct, but the reality is that today America has a president who won't specifically denounce the racism and murder in Charlotte because of the mutual bear-hug between himself and racist alt-right movement. If you are one of these folks, quit reading now. This post is not for you.

This post is for the rest of you -- folks who should have known better but voted for Trump anyway. You enabled yesterday by imprudently casting a vote for a candidate whose willingness to go along with the alt-right racists should have been obviously disqualifying.

You had the evidence.
į Trump refused to reject the endorsement of David Duke or reject the Klan in the spring and summer of 2016.
į Trump never condemned the blatant anti-Semitism of his alt-right supporters during the 2016 campaign.
į Trump encouraged violence against his opponents during rallies, even offering to pay to defend any supporter facing charges.
į Trump brought prominent members of the alt-right into his campaign most notably Breitbart leader Steve Bannon.

You still voted for him because "emails", "Benghazi" and "binary choice". You were willing to knowingly cast you vote for moral depravity and anti-conservative (indeed, anti-American) values because "he's not Hillary". Some of us -- lifelong Republicans and outspoken conservatives -- tried to warn you. You called us "cucks", "RINOs", and "Establishment".

And let's be clear -- you have loved every minute of Trump's evil show. You have reveled in his insulting the politicians you dislike. You have rejoiced as he has worked to delegitimize as "fake news" any media outlet that is not slavishly sycophantic in its reporting. You have enjoyed his name-calling and confrontation of those Americans he deems his enemies. He "tells it like it is".

But now that he faces a terrorist incident coming from his own base, he won't -- he can't -- "tell it like it is". He won't name the evil force behind the attack -- because he needs that evil at a time when most polls (another enemy he is willing to name and shame -- polls) show him with less than 40% public support.

So what are you going to do now? Are you just going to continue to go along with him, even now that he has exposed himself as a cynical enabler of racism for his own political advantage? Or are you finally ready to do the right thing by opposing Donald Trump because that is what is best for America?

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August 12, 2017

Reflecting On Charlottesville

The events of last night and today in Charlottesville make it imperative that all patriots speak out about the evils Trumpism have brought to the forefront of American politics at the highest level -- including in the White House.


Trump -- and his merry band of alt-right racists -- must go.

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