April 27, 2005

Chinese Christians Persecuted Not A Human Rights Issue For UN

Ive written about the plight of Chinese Christians who refuse to join the state controlled churches. They are subject to arrest, torture, and other forms of abuse for exercising the freedom to believe and to worship as they choose. One would think such persecution would be of interest to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. Sadly, though, it is not.

Not only is it not of interest to that organization, but one of its members, China, recently forced the suppression of testimony about the atrocities it commits against Christians. On April 5, Bob Fu of the China Aid Association, appeared before the group to testify about the case of Cai Zhuohua, a pastor imprisoned for printing Bibles without government permission. Fu noted the use of various instruments of torture, in Chinese prisons. This brought a most disturbing result.

One of the Chinese police's favorite torture devices and one that has probably been used repeatedly on Cai Zhuohua is a kind of electric baton. Bob Fu owns such a baton, smuggled out of a Chinese prison. He took it to Geneva after obtaining permission from the secretary of the UNCHR to conduct a demonstration of it during his testimony. This demonstration consisted of Fu's holding it in the air over his head and turning it on for six seconds.

Predictably, the Chinese delegation went berserk, its members claiming that the demonstration made them feel threatened. (One is left to wonder how they would feel if the baton were actually used against them.) They then demanded that Fu be booted from the proceedings. The commission's chairman, obliging chap that he is, agreed. Fu was escorted from the building and stripped of his U.N. badge. His baton was also seized, and has not been returned.

So, it is more serious to offend the government of a repressive dictatorship than it is for that state to engage in the torture of citizens exercising their human rights. How interesting. How pathetic. And they wonder why so many of us do not recognize the legitimacy of the UN any longer.

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Aww, boo hoo -- what about the Inquisitions? The Catholic Church savagely murdered thousands of people, perhaps a million, and stole their properties to enrich themselves and now you whine about these damned Chinese X-ians?


Posted by: Me is the Ridor at April 30, 2005 03:35 AM

And no doubt you look at the Holocaust and say "The Hebrews slaughtered the Amorites and stole their riches, and now you complain about these damned European Jews?"

Posted by: Rgymes With Right at April 30, 2005 08:37 AM

This is about relatively current events and not something that happened 500 yeas ago. Funny how people keep referring something that happened 500 years as valid but turn a blind eye that's going on in our backyards.

Typical. Only in NYC...wait, make that Philadelphia.

Posted by: mcconnell at April 30, 2005 06:48 PM
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