July 09, 2005

Supporters Of Immigration Criminals Threaten American Citizens

Law-abiding American citizens have been threatened by groups supporting illegal immigrants, who are seeking city and state action to prevent these citizens from exercising their constitutional rights. On the other hand, these groups, along with Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza, have conspired to provide suport to the immigration criminals.

The local Catholic archbishop and immigrant rights activists want to roll up the welcome mat before the Minutemen arrive to patrol for illegal immigrants in Houston. ADVERTISEMENT

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, an organization working to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, announced this week that it would send observers to watch day laborers in Houston beginning in October. Previous plans called for placing patrols only along the Mexican border.

But Archbishop Joseph A. Fiorenza said the Minutemen would not be welcome in Houston.

"We stand against any attempts of outsiders to come into Houston to abuse and intimidate our immigrant communities," Fiorenza said in a statement issued Friday.

Separately, immigrant rights organizations announced that they would fight fire with fire by forming an organization to counteract the Minutemen.

"For every Minuteman patrolling, we will have at least 10 people patrolling them," said Maria Jimenez, a longtime local activist now associated with the Central American Resource Center, or CRECEN.

Of course, it is the right of every American to travel anywhere they want in this country. On the other hand, these border-jumping immigration criminals have no right to be in Houston or anywhere else in the United States. For these groups and individuals to support the criminals and seek to exclude the citizens is obscene and sinful. And speaking as a Houstonian, I would like to tell Archbishop Fiorenza that the border jumpers are the outsiders who are unwelcome in our community.

What is more, the anti-American snakes are peddling the same old "vigilante" lies that we heard before the peaceful Minuteman activity in Arizona.

Some of the immigrants say they worry about the potential for violence. At the CRECEN news conference, representatives noted that many Latin Americans have had bad experiences with vigilantes back home, and they drew direct parallels with the Minutemen.

"In the countries we come from, these groups outside the law are known as death squads" or paramilitaries, Aguiluz said.

As is well-documented, not a single arrest or act of violence was committed by those involved in the Arizona border monitoring activity. The Minutemen were, in fact, responsible for getting medical aid for a number of distressed border jumpers, in addition to helping to raise the number of apprehensions by the Border Patrol in the region. The group functioned in the same manner as a neighborhood watch. To compare them to "death squads" is obscene.

Speaking as a Houstonian, I support the planned Minuteman action in Houston. Furhtermore, I condemn Archbishop Fiorenza and the cretins from CRECEN for their defamation of the Minutemen. It is you who are unwelcome in Houston.


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Comments on Supporters Of Immigration Criminals Threaten American Citizens

I think they're misspelling their name. It's not CRECEN, it's CRETIN(s)!

I can't stand baloney like this. This is not rocket science...the Minutemen are NOT ENFORCING LAWS! THEY ARE JUST CALLING THE POLICE! In this case, it doesn't even sound as if they're doing that, they're just making it known who hires illegal aliens!

Fiorenza is an imbecile. The Minutemen are not vigilantes...they can't be because they're not performing any enforcement action. Even if they were, AFAIK, citizen's arrest is illegal in all states, and in at least one (California), a normal citizen has GREATER powers of arrest than a police officer (in California, you have to have reason to believe a person committed a crime to arrest them...unless you're a cop, in which case you have to have seen it happen).


|| Posted by Subjugator, July 9, 2005 11:09 PM ||

If President Bush and other politicians of his ilk refer and react to patriotic, American citizens as "vigilantes," what will they do when a true militia/vigilante group assembles in this country?

When law enforcement agencies are corrupt and emasculated, what other choice do we, the people have? It is our right and duty, is it not? Now or never is the time to act before the U.S. becomes just as rotted out as Mexico.

Lori Ann in L.A.

|| Posted by Lori Ann in L.A., July 11, 2005 11:02 AM ||

And with Roman Catholic priests pushing for illegal immigration, that should be a clue to how suspect this issue should be in the minds of the American citizenry.

|| Posted by Lori Ann in L.A., July 11, 2005 11:05 AM ||

It appears to me that people are picking and choosing the laws they want to enforce or obey. And as far as these priests and this bishop are concerned, they must think that (BIGOTTED COMMENT REMOVED BY SITE OWNER) breaking US law is just icing on the cake.

|| Posted by Jim McMullen, July 11, 2005 11:28 PM ||
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