July 17, 2005

Whose Property Is It?

Seems to me that this city council in South Carolinan has too much power and too much time on its hands. They are clearly so drunk with power that they don't remember that their power derives from the governed, and that they are not nobles dictating to serfs.

A new ordinance is being considered in Anderson to keep certain types of furniture off porches.

The Anderson City Council is working on a new ordinance that would ban traditional indoor furniture from being kept outside on a porch.

Mayor pro tem Bea Thompson said the old unsightly furniture on the porch would fall in the same category as other nuisances like having a broken down car in the yard or an old run-down home.

Thompson said this is a part of the city's overall plan to make the community beautiful.

Council members said that before the ordinance can pass, it must be fine-tuned.

The council is working on a detailed list as to what inappropriate furniture would be.

The city plans to enforce the ordinance on a complaint basis only. Violators could face fines of more than $1,000.

"Your house could look a little bit better your whole neighborhood could look a little bit better if you didn't have that couch, or if you had the appropriate porch furniture. Don't store refrigerators or stoves on your front porch," Thompson said.

Thompson said the council hopes to pass the ordinance next month.

And while they are at it, they will also impose a 24 hour curfew on ugly folks and fat chicks wearing midriff-baring tops. After all, that would certainly make the neighborhood look better, too.

Personally, I think that a recall election would improve the area even more. Put in some folks who understand the proper role of government.

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Comments on Whose Property Is It?

WHAT?? You mean the proper role of government isn't to keep ugly folks and fat chicks in midriff-baring tops off the streets? Sacre Bleu!

Truly, one does live and learn.

|| Posted by Francis W. Porretto, July 17, 2005 05:58 AM ||

I wonder if one could be penalized for using the nasty old furniture on one's porch as free speech? What defines 'unsightly'? What if I were to take outdoor furniture and disguise it to look like indoor furniture? It's not indoor furniture, so it doesn't meet the criteria...will they fine me anyway (probably)?

In Jr. High, there was a school rule that said you couldn't bring deadly weapons to school. I asked them what constituted a deadly weapon (thinking of baseball bats, pocket knives, and steel toed boots), and they told me to check the relevant state law.

I checked the relevant state law and there wasn't one that was specific to the item, but specific to usage. In other words, a baseball bat is not a deadly weapon until one uses it as one. That's fine - it's logical...any item that is used as a weapon that would rationally be considered deadly is a deadly weapon. I can accept that.

So, feeling all right in my knowledge that I didn't have a deadly weapon, I carried my pocket knife. It was a useful tool and I'm not one to fight anyone.

Boy did I ever get busted for that.

I imagine this City Council is a lot like that. They give you a written record of what you can and cannot do, and bust you for what they said you can do.


|| Posted by Bartleby, July 17, 2005 08:29 AM ||

What they are objecting to is broken down and ratty old couches and recliners sitting on porches, with their covers torn and stuffing coming out, and getting wet and molding and smelly from being rained on. I believe they also object to old, rusty, broken refrigerators and washing machines stacked in front yards, and old rusty auto carcases sitting up on blocks with trees growing up through the missing windshield.

You see that kind of thing all over the South, where the winter weather isn't as destructive as farther North.

|| Posted by Lovey, July 20, 2005 11:10 AM ||

Funny, but that isn't what the ordinance says.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 20, 2005 01:15 PM ||
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