November 30, 2007

Joe Biden: I Don’t Know Sh!t About The Constitution

I’m sorry, but that is the only conclusion I can draw from this declaration by the distinguished plagiarist from Delaware.

Presidential hopeful Delaware Sen. Joe Biden stated unequivocally that he will move to impeach President Bush if he bombs Iran without Congressional approval.

Biden spoke in front of a crowd of approximately 100 at a Seacoast Media Group forum Thursday, which focused on the Iraq War and foreign policy. When an audience member expressed fear of another war with Iran, he said he does not typically engage in threats, but had no qualms about issuing a direct warning to the oval office.

“The President has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran and if he does, as foreign relations committee chairman, I will move to impeach,” said Biden, which was followed by a raucous applause.

Biden said he is in the process of meeting with constitutional law experts to prepare a legal memorandum saying as much, and intends to send it to the President.

When resident Joel Carp asked Biden why not impeach now given what has already been done, Biden said it was a valid point but might not be constitutionally valid and potentially counterproductive. A case for impeachment must have clear evidence, he said, and blame should be directed at the right parties.

“If you’re going to impeach George Bush, you better impeach Cheney first,” said Biden, which also received applause.

Now let’s look at a couple of points here.

1) “The President has no authority to unilaterally attack Iran

I believe that Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution, which states that “[t]he President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States…”, gants operational control of the military to the President. As such, he does, in fact, have the authority to order an attack if it is in the national security interests of the United States.

2. and if he does, as foreign relations committee chairman, I will move to impeach

There are some minor provisions of the Constitution related to impeachment that would make this problematic. After all, Article I Section 2 makes it clear where the power to impeach lies – with the House of Represenatives.

The House of Representatives . . . shall have the sole power of impeachment.

Therefore, Joe Biden has absolutely no authority to impeach anyone from his high and exalted status as foreign relations committee chairman.

Of course, in the event articles of impeachment are passed through the House of Representatives, Biden will be but one vote out of 100 when the Senate exercises this power, as per Article I, Section 3.

The Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments. When sitting for that purpose, they shall be on oath or affirmation.

Now even there, we have an interesting issue. Removal of an impeached individual requires a two-thirds vote of the Senate. Even in cases in which there is manifest evidence of actual criminal conduct, as in the impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton, the partisan divide in the Senate is likely to prevent the removal of an impeached president. Biden knows quite well that there are at least 34 Republicans – and at least one Democrat – who will vote against impeachment based upon what amounts to a policy difference, something which cannot legitimately be seen as constituting “treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors” under Article II, Section 4.

So in the end, all this statement by Joe Biden tells us is that he doesn’t know sh!t about the Constitution – or that he is willing to sh!t on the Constitution for partisan purposes. In either event, he is clearly unfit to hold any office under the Constitution.

* * * * *

Interestingly enough, Joe Biden also made a point which explains why none of the other Democrat candidates is fit to be President, either.

"I ask you a rhetorical question: Are you prepared to vote for anyone - at this moment in our history - as president who is not capable of being secretary of state? Who among my opponents would you consider appointing secretary of state? Seriously. Think about it."

I did – and wept for my country at the prospect of having any of this crop of Democrats serve as president at this moment in our history.

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Teddy Bear Jihadis Demand Death For Teacher

Because after all, we can't have a cute children's toy named after the false prophet. That name must be reserved for suicide bombers and other terrorists!

Thousands of Sudanese, many armed with clubs and knives, rallied Friday in a central square and demanded the execution of a British teacher convicted of insulting Islam for allowing her students to name a teddy bear "Muhammad."

In response to the demonstration, teacher Gillian Gibbons was moved from the women's prison near Khartoum to a secret location for her safety, her lawyer said.

In Britain, Gibbons' son, John, told The Associated Press that her mother was "holding up well" and she made an appeal for tolerance.

"One of the things my mum said today was that 'I don't want any resentment towards Muslim people,'" John Gibbons said, relaying part of a telephone conversation with her.

Too bad, Gillian -- resentment is the minimum that folks like the ones who have you in prison and who want to take your life deserve.

And how far gone are these murderous followers of the Religion of Barbarism?

The protesters streamed out of mosques after Friday sermons, as pickup trucks with loudspeakers blared messages against Gibbons, who was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in prison and deportation. She avoided the more serious punishment of 40 lashes.

They massed in central Martyrs Square outside the presidential palace, where hundreds of riot police were deployed. They did not try to stop the rally, which lasted about an hour.

"Shame, shame on the U.K.," protesters chanted.

They called for Gibbons' execution, saying, "No tolerance: Execution," and "Kill her, kill her by firing squad."

* * *

Several hundred protesters, not openly carrying weapons, marched from the square to Unity High School, about a mile away, where Gibbons worked. They chanted slogans outside the school, which is closed and under heavy security, then headed toward the nearby British Embassy. They were stopped by security forces two blocks away from the embassy.

The protest arose despite vows by Sudanese security officials the day before, during Gibbons' trial, that threatened demonstrations after Friday prayers would not take place. Some of the protesters carried green banners with the name of the Society for Support of the Prophet Muhammad, a previously unknown group.

Many protesters carried clubs, knives and axes — but not automatic weapons, which some have brandished at past government-condoned demonstrations. That suggested Friday's rally was not organized by the government.

A Muslim cleric at Khartoum's main Martyrs Mosque denounced Gibbons during one sermon, saying she intentionally insulted Islam. He did not call for protests, however.

"Imprisoning this lady does not satisfy the thirst of Muslims in Sudan. But we welcome imprisonment and expulsion," the cleric, Abdul-Jalil Nazeer al-Karouri, a well-known hard-liner, told worshippers.

"This an arrogant woman who came to our country, cashing her salary in dollars, teaching our children hatred of our Prophet Muhammad," he said.

No, you are doing quite a good job of teaching civilized people to despise your false prophet without any help from Gibbons. After all, the demand for death over the naming of a children's toy is a sign of the collective psychosis that infects Islamist hard-liners like you. Such things clearly prove that you do not follow the God of love and compassion embraced by Jews and Christians.

Of course, a teddy bear that offers Islam's most sacred prayers is just fine.

Besides, there is a more fitting use for the name Muhammad.

Islamic Outrage Pig.jpg

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Stupid Journalist Tricks

How does one even respond to this inane drivel?

When they finally got down to business, after being serenaded by a guitarist on YouTube, it took the Republican presidential candidates 11 ˝ minutes Wednesday night for one of them to acknowledge that illegal immigrants are human beings.

Frankly, I’m surprised it was acknowledged at all.

After all, the GOP has always considered minorities and foreigners to be human beings. It is one of our party’s founding principles and one which we have always stood for. That is something you cannot say about the Democrats, the Party of Slavery and Segregation.

Indeed, I can’t help but notice that none of the GOP candidates acknowledged the law of gravity or that a water molecule is composed of one atom of oxygen and two of hydrogen. Maybe that is because we take those things for granted as well.

Probably a more informative statistic would involve how many minutes it takes for a Democrat to acknowledge that illegal immigrants have broken our nation’s immigration laws.

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For Shame!

Islamo-censors win a round.

Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who was hounded into hiding by hardline Islamists, said on Friday she will remove a passage from an autobiography which some Indian Muslims found offensive.

Nasreen, who had been living in Kolkata since 2004, said she hoped the move would enable her to live in peace in India.

"I am withdrawing the controversial lines from my book Dikhandito," she told NDTV news channel.

"The book was written in 2002 based on my memories of Bangladesh in the 1980s during which time secularism was removed from the Bangladesh constitution," she said.

She was accused of hurting religious feelings and the book was banned in Bangladesh and India's neighbouring West Bengal state.

"Because I value secularism I wanted secularism to remain in the Bangladesh constitution," Nasreen said.

"I didn't write the book to hurt anybody's sentiments," the 45-year-old said without giving details of exactly what the passage mentions.

"Some people claim that sentiments have been hurt. It was not intended. I hope there will be no controversy anymore and I will be able to live peacefully in India," she said.

Giving in to the murderous mobs that seek to suppress anything that paints the Religion of Barbarism as barbaric and backwards won’t help. You may as well put on a gasoline-soaked burqa and wait in the middle of the street for the mob to set you ablaze. You will not be forgiven – and you deed here has served only to endanger every other free man and women who dares to speak truthfully about Islam.

Islamic Outrage Pig.jpg

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You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Be A Democrat

But it helps!

The Gallup Poll found that independents and Democrats are twice as likely to rate their own state of mental health as fair or poor than Republicans are.

Only 8% of Republicans rated their state of mental health as fair or poor.

17% of independents said fair or poor.

15% of Democrats said fair or poor.

At the other end of the scale, 58% or Republicans rated their mental health as excellent.

43% of independents said excellent.

Only 38% of Democrats said excellent.

So we now have empirical evidence to support what we already knew – the Democrats are nuts!

H/T Don Surber

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Murtha Cuts And Runs

The thought of victory is too frightening for Jack Murtha to contemplate.

A day after admitting to reporters that "the surge is working," Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., one of the most ardent critics of President Bush's war policy, issued a statement Friday softening that assessment, this time calling it "a window of opportunity."

* * *

"The military surge has created a window of opportunity for the Iraqi government," Murtha's statement read. "Unfortunately, the sacrifice of our troops has not been met by the Iraqi government and they have failed to capitalize on the political and diplomatic steps that the surge was designed to provide.

"The fact remains that the war in Iraq cannot be won militarily, and that we must begin an orderly redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq as soon as practicable."

I wonder why the change? This could explain it (H/T Captain Ed).

But Pelosi, who is scheduled to speak to a Democratic National Committee event in Virginia on Friday, will surely face tough questions from reporters regarding Murtha's statement on the surge.

"This could be a real headache for us," said one top House Democratic aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity. "Pelosi is going to be furious."

Translation – Murtha put Party ahead of Country on this one.

So let’s see – he was for victory before he was against victory before he was for victory and is now firmly against victory.

I guess that make Murtha America’s biggest loser.

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Dateline: Bangkok

Here’s the headline.

Candidates 'offering viagra for votes'


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Bitchy Boxer's Political Payback

The sins of bill Clinton are coming back to haunt one of the House impeachment managers nearly a decade later as California Senator seeks to block his nomination to a federal court.

Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer is blocking the nomination of former GOP Rep. James E. Rogan to the federal bench, citing his lead role in the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton as one of her concerns.

Her stance is angering Rogan allies who contend that Boxer is reneging on her support for a bipartisan commission set up in California that recommends judicial nominees to the White House. Boxer disputes that.

"U.S. Rep. Rogan was one of the most enthusiastic backers of impeachment — he thought President Clinton had committed high crimes and misdemeanors. The Senate certainly disagreed with that conclusion, as did Sen. Boxer," said Boxer's spokeswoman Natalie Ravitz.

Boxer also believes that Rogan's strongly conservative positions on gun control, abortion and other issues make him "out of step with California," Ravitz said.

Now just a minute -- since when are federal judges supposed to be "in step" with the politics of a certain state. I thought the expectation was for them to be "in step" with the Constitution of the United States. Is its Boxer's contention that we must impose a political litmus test on federal judges -- and, in the event that a Democrat wins the White House in 2008, that only conservative jurists "in step" with Texas be appointed to the bench in this very red state?

But more disturbing is her attempt to rehash the impeachment issue. I'd like to like Senator Hillary Clinton to speak out publicly on this issue.

MORE AT Michelle Malkin, The Sleuth

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Problems With Ares

It appears that the plans for America to return to the Moon by 2020 may be meeting up with financial and time constraints.

Congressional auditors on Thursday challenged NASA's readiness to move ahead with development of the Ares I rocket that will propel the new Orion moonship into Earth orbit with astronauts.

The $14.4 billion that NASA plans to spend on the craft's development may be inadequate based on the space agency's aggressive development schedule and technical risks, said a report by the General Accountability Office.

The agency's auditors urged the space agency to postpone plans for a key July 2008 design review of the rocket, if necessary, to remedy a list of 51 unknowns, including 31 issues considered high risk to the success of the program.

The milestone "preliminary design review" is intended to spur the project toward detailed planning.

This, of course, raises the question of whether or not we can meet the 2020 deadline for returning to Earth's nearest neighbor. And given the number of competitors out there, it also raises the question of whether or not the United States will be the first to return there. And with the space shuttle fleet less than thre years from retirement, this leaves the issue of manned space flight by the United States in question as well.

But then again, if Nancy Pelosi keeps holding up NASA funding legislation, we may not have a space program left.

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Study Confirms The Obvious

Kids of Spanish-speaking parents raised in an English-speaking society and educated in English-language schools are proficient in English.

Most children of Hispanic immigrants in the United States learn to speak English well by the time they are adults, even though three-quarters of their parents speak mainly Spanish and do not have a command of English, according to a report released yesterday by the Pew Hispanic Center in Washington.

Only 23 percent of first-generation immigrants from Spanish-speaking countries said they spoke English very well, the report found. But 88 percent of the members of the second generation in Latino immigrant families described themselves as strong English speakers, a figure that increased to 94 percent for the grandchildren’s generation.

“The ability to speak English and the likelihood of using it in everyday life rise sharply from Hispanic immigrants to their U.S.-born adult children,” the survey reported.

You could have gotten that data from any teacher in public schools. Of course our second and third generation Hispanic students speak better English than our first generation Hispanic students.

Indeed, that has been the pattern with EVERY immigrant group over the last 150-200 years.

What shocks me is that someone felt the need to conduct the study.

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Even Murtha Admits it

John Murtha is forced by reality to concede he was wrong about the surge.

Now if he will only admit he tried to railroad the Haditha marines for political purposes.

U.S. Rep. John Murtha today said he saw signs of military progress during a brief trip to Iraq last week, but he warned that Iraqis need to play a larger role in providing their own security and the Bush administration still must develop an exit strategy.

"I think the 'surge' is working," the Democrat said in a videoconference from his Johnstown office, describing the president's decision to commit more than 20,000 additional combat troops this year. But the Iraqis "have got to take care of themselves."

Violence has dropped significantly in recent months, but Mr. Murtha said he was most encouraged by changes in the once-volatile Anbar province, where locals have started working closely with U.S. forces to isolate insurgents linked to Al Qaeda.

He said Iraqis need to duplicate that success at the national level, but the central government in Baghdad is "dysfunctional."

In other words, he is saying what those of us in the conservative blogosphere have been saying for months. And while I agree with him tha there is more to be done by the Iraqi government, I think he's wrong on one point. That government is no more dysfunctional than the accomplishment-free Democrat-controlled Congress we have in this country.

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November 29, 2007

Incite This!

They can’t be troubled to stop slavery and the murder of non-Muslims in their country, but the backwards Muslims in the Sudan sure can punish someone for giving the wrong name to a teddy bear.

British teacher Gillian Gibbons has been convicted of inciting religious hatred for letting her pupils name a teddy bear Muhammad and sentenced to 15 days in prison and deportation from Sudan, one of her defense lawyers said Thursday.

"The judge found Gillian Gibbons guilty and sentenced her to 15 days jail and deportation," said Ali Mohammed Hajab, a member of her defense team.

And to prove how dhimmified the folks who run the school are, get this quote.

The director of the school employing Gibbons, however, noted that since she had already spent five days in prison, she would serve only 10 days.

"It's a very fair verdict, she could have had six months and lashes and a fine, and she only got 15 days and deportation," said Robert Boulos of the Unity High School, adding they would not appeal the decision.

This ignores, of course, that Gibbons had done nothing wrong – and that the “offense certainly does not merit any judicial notice.

But at least these Islamist swine didn’t get their way.

A powerful Sudanese newspaper urged authorities to call a hardline Islamist leader linked to Osama bin Laden to give evidence at her trial, to stress how offensive the case was to Muslims.

Extreme Islamic groups said Mrs Gibbons "must die" and urged Muslims to hold street protests after prayers tomorrow.

Yep, that sort of stuff is what they mean when they talk about the glorious, peaceful nature of Islam – kill someone over an inoffensive action. All in the name of defending the honor of their false prophet.

Islamic Outrage Pig.jpg

H/T Michelle Malkin, WinderKraut, A Blog For All, Liberty Papers

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What To Look Forward To

If the Dems impose “universal health care”.

An elderly widow is forking out Ł2,000 a month for drugs to stop her going blind - because the NHS won't fund them.

Dorothy Robinson, 87, who suffers from neovascular macular degeneration, went blind in one eye four years ago after being told there was no treatment available on the NHS.

Now the great-grandmother has been warned she will lose sight in the other eye unless she receives injections to treat the condition. But the NHS in Cambridgeshire has said it will not fund them so Dorothy has put her hand in her own pocket.

Oh, that’s right – the last time Hildebeast attempted to impose government control it would have become illegal to pay for medical treatment. Someone like Mrs. Robinson would simply have to go blind.

Just say no to the Democrats and their plans to play with your health.

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Why Something Must Be Done

If the federal government will not act, then the state of Texas must seize control of the border and control it.

The status quo is unacceptable.

Half of the nearly 3.5 million immigrants living in Texas are in the country illegally, the Center for Immigration Studies says in a report being released today. Based on the latest Census Bureau data, the report said Texas has one of the fastest-growing immigrant populations of any state. It said that 50 percent of the state's foreign-born population — slightly more than 1.7 million people — are illegal immigrants. Only Arizona at 65 percent, North Carolina at 58 percent and Georgia at 53 percent had a higher proportion of illegal immigrants in their immigrant populations.

All sanctuary policies must be ended.

All public benefits must end.

Illegal employers of illegal aliens must be arrested , prosecuted, and jailed whenever possible.

End birthright citizenship for children of illegals.

No safe harbor. We have to turn up the heat so high that those in this country violating our nation’s immigration laws depart on their own.

And let me say this loud and clear – every legal immigrant to this country is a welcome immigrant in my eyes. My only objection is to those who come to this country illegally. Only in the most unusual of cases should they ever be granted amnesty. And only after they have waited for their turn in a law-abiding fashion should those who return home and apply for a visa be granted legal admission to this country.

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CORRECTED AND BUMPED ---Fort Bend GOP Selects New Leaders

CORRECTION: Every now and then I screw up.

But not this bad, at least not normally.

I confused two individuals in my memory, and really said some particularly negative things above. I was so certain that Linda Howell had been Gary Gillen's Party Secretary that I didn't go back to earlier articles to double check. I was wrong, as that position had, in fact, been filled by Nancy Porter. As such, I made made statements that should not have been made about Linda Howell. I sincerly apologize for my mistakes and the harsh words that followed.

This post has been appropriately amended to reflect my error.

I will strive to do better in the future.

Thank you, Chris, for pointing out my egregious error.

* * * * * * *

Despite the attempts of the previous leadership to decapitate an organization within which they had sown dissension, the Fort Bend GOP has selected new leaders and stands ready to face the future.

Fort Bend County Republicans elected an interim party chairman, secretary and treasurer to fill posts vacated earlier this month due to resignations.

Rick Miller, was elected as the county Republican Party chairman Monday evening by a vote of the party's executive committee during a meeting at the Fort Bend County courthouse.

Miller defeated Linda Howell, who is currently the party's vice-chairman. Pat Hebert was elected secretary and Frank Hester was voted to the treasurer's position.

Howell’s attempt to gain the top spot is particularly amusing. After all, she is one of those who resigned, having spent the last 18 months serving as previous chair Garry Gillen’s lap dog. Had she ever opposed Gillen along the way, in particular by refusing to resign along with him, she might have stood a chance. However, what the party needs in Fort Bend County is not someone tarred by their association with Gary Gillen – especially not as the party faces multiple investigations due to possible malfeasance and violations of fiduciary obligations during the Gillen era.

Miller’s observation after his election is a good one.

“We have to organize. We have to put things in the past behind us and move forward,” Miller said in remarks after his election as interim chairman. “We have to quit calling each other names, and writing things about each other that just aren’t appropriate.”

Indeed, this is advice that all Republicans need to follow.

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Teacher Charged In Muhammad Bear Flap

I guess its OK to call a terrorist Muhammad, but not a teddy bear.

Sudan on Wednesday charged a British teacher with insulting religion and inciting hatred, a crime punishable by up to 40 lashes, six months in prison or a fine, after she named a class teddy bear "Muhammad."

The charges come a day after a 7-year-old Sudanese boy said Gilliam Gibbons, 54, asked him as part of a school assignment what he wanted to call the stuffed animal and he said, 'Muhammad,' after his name.

It was harmless. It was innocent. Heck, it was even a little bit cute. But given the congenital state of offendedness in which these folks seem to operate, I guess we should not be surprised by the barbarous overreaction to the naming of a child’s toy.

Oh, and I love the reaction of American feminists.

A spokeswoman for the National Organization for Women said the situation "is definintely on the radar, and N.O.W. is not ignoring it. But she added that the U.S.-based organization is "not putting out a statement or taking a position."

In other words, they don’t have the guts to issue the sort of condemnation these charges deserve. After all, it might present Muslims in an unflattering light, and make the West look reasonable and enlightened.

Over in England, though, someone sees the matter clearly and isn’t afraid to say it.

Once again, secular people around the world are left reeling at the capacity of Islam to discern "insult" in the most innocuous behaviour. At one level, this sequence of events is preposterous; I'm sure there are plenty of genuine crimes to worry about in Sudan without wasting time pursuing a woman whose good intentions are manifest.

But the significance of the case goes beyond the individuals concerned, highlighting aspects of Islam as it is currently practised in countries such as Sudan and Saudi Arabia – and promoted in some European mosques – which are incompatible with the modern world. One is the role of honour, which has repeatedly been used to legitimise furious over-reactions to everything from the naming of a toy to instances of women and gay people demanding autonomy over their bodies.

Ever since the outcry over The Satanic Verses nearly two decades ago, I have watched Muslim men (they almost always are men) use the claim that their honour has been insulted as an excuse for disgraceful and frequently criminal behaviour. Salman Rushdie "insults" the Prophet: burn his books. Danish cartoonists display a lack of respect for Islam: attack Danish embassies. A British Muslim girl wants to marry the "wrong" man: kill her for shaming the family. A Saudi rape victim complains that her attackers got off too lightly: increase her sentence (for being in a car with a man who wasn't her husband) to 200 lashes.

* * *

The damage that is being inflicted daily on the image of Islam doesn't come from people like me, who are constantly accused of Islamophobia, but practices such as forced marriage, honour killings and heated denunciations of "Western" values. I can't think of any secular country where a rape victim or a well-meaning British teacher would find themselves threatened with flogging.

When will the world recognize that much of what passes for Islam today is nothing less than a crime against humanity, and that it needs to be treated as such by all civilized nations?

Islamic Outrage Pig.jpg

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Speaking Of Debates

Reaching the American public is apparently less important than honoring a picket line.

The Democratic National Committee plans to announce Wednesday night that it has canceled the final presidential debate in its fall series because of a potential writers strike at CBS News, a sponsor of the debate.

"Due to the uncertainty created by the ongoing labor dispute between CBS and the Writers Guild of America, the DNC has canceled the Dec. 10 debate in Los Angeles. There are no plans to reschedule," a statement from DNC Communications Director Karen Finney says.

So remember Americans -- when it comes down to a choice between communicating with you or sucking up to organized labor, YOU LOSE. Not only have several of the candidates indicated they wouldn't go to the debate, they have said they won't appear on any CBS News programs until the dispute is settled. That should tell you everything you need to know about the business climate under a Democrat administration under any of these folks -- it would be anti.

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CNN/YouTube Debate, Brought To You By Miracle Grow Plant Food

Isn't it amazing how many questions in this non-partisan debate came from Democrat activists -- including a "spontaneous question" from the floor from someone who "just happens" to be a member of a campaign steering committee for Hillary Clinton?

General Keith Kerr who appeared as a “spontantous” questioner on CNN’s YouTube Republican Debates hosted by Anderson Cooper is a member of the Hillary Clinton campaign. But this was not mentioned upfront, Kerr treated as a regular, spontaneous questioner. Shouldn’t that have been made clear to the audience? Or does CNN think it’s OK to sandbag the GOP candidates with a Hillary operative without mentioning it?

In fact, he was so interesting to the CNN folks that they not only had his YouTube video question but he was there in person to ask follow up questions.

And then there were the other folks who asked questions.

The best thing about Republicans agreeing to do the CNN/YouTube debate is that it created yet another invaluable opportunity to expose CNN’s abject incompetence.

Retired Brig. Gen./gays in the military lobbyist/Hillary-Kerry supporter Keith H. Kerr wasn’t the only plant at the CNN/YouTube debate. The plant uncovering is in full-swing over at Free Republic.

Example: “Journey,” a.k.a. “Paperserenade,” the girl who asked an abortion question, is a declared John Edwards supporter.

So far, the count is one Hillary staffer, one prominent Obama supporter, and a couple of strongly pro-Edwards questioners. I'm curious -- how many out and open GOP questioners were there during the Democrat version of this debate? I think the answer was ZERO.

I'm curious -- what would be the Democrat spin if FOXNews had hosted such a debate for the Democrats and picked a bunch of GOP activists to do the questioning? Oh, that's right -- FOXNews is "so biased" that the Democrats won't even go on a debate they host, even when the questions are being asked by respected journalists and the event is being sponsored by Democrats. But planted questions and questioners abound when Republicans go on "objective and unbiased" CNN with journalist reality-show host Anderson Cooper as "moderator".

Who says that there is no left-wing bias in media?

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The End Of the World As We Know It?

But I feel fine!

Scientists say that there is still a chance of a close encounter of the devastating kind with an asteroid in 2036.

When it comes to 22-million-ton asteroids, the small stuff, it turns out, can make a huge difference in a potentially disastrous path toward Earth.

Using limited observations and lots of high-end computer modeling, astronomers have gotten a better handle on the limitations of asteroid-track forecasting in a new study of a potentially threatening asteroid called 99942 Apophis.

In this high-stakes game of Whack-a-Cosmic-Mole, just knowing exactly what it is you don't know can be useful.

Apophis' chance of hitting our planet in its first pass in 2029 is now slim to none, but astronomers will have to wait four to six years before they can predict what it might do during a second pass in 2036.

A team of scientists arrived at the conclusion after accounting for small influences like the solar wind, gravitational drag of smaller asteroids and human error.

In other words, we really can't be sure if the big space rock is going to result in the end of the world as we know it -- or whether we can divert Apophis away from earth. At this point, the variables are just too great.

Still, it does raise the point that mankind and the planet are more likely to face a calamity not of our making than to suffer extinction due to man-made global warming as proposed by the Branch AlGorians.

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November 28, 2007

Dead Dems Contributing

They vote in Chicago. They contribute nationwide.

They are Deceased-Americans.

"People hear now and then of accusations of dead people voting," he said, "but these are examples of dead people continuing to give and give and give."

The Democratic committee received the most campaign money from deceased donors, nearly $225,000, according to USA TODAY's tally of federal campaign-finance data compiled by CQ MoneyLine, a non-partisan group. The Republican National Committee was the second-largest recipient, with about $93,000.

Come on, folks! A person's political activity ought to come to an end after they die. I realize that disenfranchises a large Democrat voting bloc, but common sense ought to prevail here.

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Pelosi Endangers National Security, Law Enforcement, Space Exploration

All in an effort to pander to a minority of lawmakers.

Should the Salvation Army be able to require its employees to speak English? You wouldn't think that's controversial. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding up a $53 billion appropriations bill funding the FBI, NASA and Justice Department solely to block an attached amendment, passed by both the Senate and House, that protects the charity and other employers from federal lawsuits over their English-only policies.

The U.S. used to welcome immigrants while at the same time encouraging assimilation. Since 1906, for example, new citizens have had to show "the ability to read, write and speak ordinary English." A century later, this preference for assimilation is still overwhelmingly popular. A new Rasmussen poll finds that 87% of voters think it "very important" that people speak English in the U.S., with four out of five Hispanics agreeing. And 77% support the right of employers to have English-only policies, while only 14% are opposed.

So the policy she is blocking is overwhelmingly supported by most Americans, including most Hispanic Americans. But Nancy needs teh support of a few key legislators to impose her partisan agenda, and they don't care what the American people want. As a result, a measure with bipartisan support may not be enacted -- and with it, funds for crucial programs are being delayed.

I'm curious -- what does Slick Nick Lampson have to say about this mess -- he of the strongly pro-Pelosi voting record despite representing a strongly Republican district? And what does prominent local blogger and NASA employee John Cobarruvias have to say? Or will they remain mute, continuing to be partisan yap dogs doing the bidding of their mistress?

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Musharraf Steps Down

Here's hoping it truly is a step towards stability in Pakistan.

President Pervez Musharraf resigned his military post as Chief of Army Staff today, handing over the command stick to his successor in a ceremony at army headquarters and ending his eight years of military rule. He remains president and will be sworn in to a new five-year term in the capital on Thursday, but as a civilian president his power will be diminished.

Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani, 55, the vice chief of army staff, becomes the Chief of Army Staff, replacing Mr. Musharraf. General Kayani — the former head of the InterServices Intelligence and a graduate of the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas — has played a prominent role in cooperating with the United States in the fight against terrorism in Pakistan and is expected to continue that policy.

Mr. Musharraf had come under growing pressure internationally and from his own disenchanted public to relinquish his military post, and his grip on political power will be significantly loosened without the uniform. While the military remains loyal to him, General Kayani is understood to want to remove the army from the forefront of politics and concentrate on military concerns.

This last point is particularly important. Since its birth, Pakistan has had a military intimately involved in politics. This has contributed to serious instability in its democratic processes. That we are seeing what appears to be a peaceful transition to civilian rule is a hopeful sign, and the selection of a general to lead the Army who seeks political disengagement could go a long way towards relieving concerns about future coups. If the January elections produce results which are accepted as legitimate by the Pakistani people, the upheaval of the last few weeks may have been, in some greater sense, "worth it" in terms of achieving stable civilian rule.

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YouTube Censorship

You can accuse the United States of torture n YouTube. Just don't accuse a Muslim country of worse acts -- and provide video documentation. It will get your account closed and your proof deleted.

The video-sharing Web site YouTube has suspended the account of a prominent Egyptian anti-torture activist who posted videos of what he said was brutal behaviour by some Egyptian policemen, the activist said.

Wael Abbas said close to 100 images he had sent to YouTube were no longer accessible, including clips depicting purported police brutality, voting irregularities and anti-government demonstrations. YouTube, owned by search engine giant Google Inc , did not respond to a written request for comment. A message on Abbas's YouTube user page,, read: "This account is suspended."

"They closed it (the account) and they sent me an e-mail saying that it will be suspended because there were lots of complaints about the content, especially the content of torture," Abbas told Reuters in a telephone interview. Abbas, who won an international journalism award for his work this year, said that of the images he had posted to YouTube, 12 or 13 depicted violence in Egyptian police stations.

Abbas was a key player last year in distributing a clip of an Egyptian bus driver, his hands bound, being sodomised with a stick by a police officer -- imagery that sparked an uproar in a country where rights groups say torture is commonplace.

That tape prompted an investigation that led to a rare conviction of two policemen, who were sentenced to three years in prison for torture. Egypt says it opposes torture and prosecutes police against whom it has evidence of misconduct.

YouTube, which is more than willing to allow posts on the antics at Abu Ghraib to be posted, insists that video of ACTUAL torture, exposing ACTUAL human rights abuses, is inappropriate for its service. So I guess we have the company's official stand. Seditious, anti-American nonsense is fine, but courageous and ground breaking journalistic efforts are not.

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November 27, 2007

Held To A Higher Standard

Now this case certainly struck me when I heard about it on the way home tonight.

Red Cross President and CEO Mark W. Everson has stepped down after revelations he was "engaged in a personal relationship with a subordinate employee," the organization announced Tuesday.

The Red Cross Board of Governors asked for and received Everson's resignation after it "concluded that the situation reflected poor judgment on Mr. Everson's part and diminished his ability to lead the organization in the future," the Red Cross said in a statement on its Web site.

Everson, 53, said in a written statement that he was leaving the $500,000-per-year job "for personal and family reasons, and deeply regret it is impossible for me to continue in a job so recently undertaken."

Everson -- who is married and has two children -- joined the Red Cross as president and CEO last May.

The organization became aware of Everson's relationship with a female Red Cross employee 10 days ago, Chief Public Affairs Officer Suzy C. DeFrancis told CNN in a telephone interview.

"I think the board acted very quickly," she said, adding that the woman remains in her job.

head of the organization has an inappropriate relationship with a subordinate, cheating on his wife. He is forced out over poor judgment and the harm he did to his authority and the organization by his actions.

I'm curious, though -- where the folks are defending him because this is "just about sex."

Too bad he was President of the Red Cross and not President of the United States -- after all, he certainly got held to a higher standard than one William Jefferson Clinton.

I wonder if Mrs. Everson will now be seen as the leading candidate for her husbands former position -- after all, if marriage to a philandering former leader is good enough for the United States of America, it out to be good enough for the American Red Cross.

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I'll judge him by his deeds in office, not his sexual orientation. And you'll find that to be the general reaction of Republicans.

Brian Bates is a 36-year-old business owner in charge of Doraville's annual Police Appreciation Day.

He's active in his neighborhood association and staunchly supports popular police Chief John King, who became a major issue in elections earlier this month.

So Bates' victory in a race for city council didn't come as a major surprise in this town of about 10,000 residents. But, it was, in fact, groundbreaking.

Bates is now the state's first openly gay Republican elected to office – a development that has gained the attention of politicos and pundits across the country.

Georgia Equality, the state's largest organization supporting gay rights, says he's the first openly gay Republican to win a race in the Deep South.

I'll be interested to see how he does in office. Is it his intent to be a gay REPUBLICAN or a GAY Republican? Time will tell.

Personally, I hope he is successful in office, and if he rises higher politically I will judge him in precisely the same manner that I judge other candidates -- without regard to sexual orientation, but with regard to the issues and his qualifications. I'll likely agree with him on some things and disagree with him on others -- just like every other Republican office holder.

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Teddy To Take Chappaquidick Blood Money

Unfortunately, Mary Jo Kopechne is unavailable for comment on Senator Teddy the Hutt’s (D-Chivas) multi-million dollar book deal.

Mr. Kennedy, who will work with a co-writer, is expected to write candidly about his personal history, including the 1969 Chappaquiddick accident in which he drove a car off a bridge on Martha’s Vineyard, resulting in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne, a former member of Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s staff. He will also write about his unsuccessful bid for the presidency.

Want to bet he doesn’t offer a dime of reparations to the family of the girl he left to drown while he slept off the liquor and looked for a patsy to take the fall?

After all, being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry.

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Sometimes Life Is Just Surreal

Take this story.

A troublesome trio of transvestites allegedly laid siege to a Memphis McDonald's restaurant Sunday night, sparking a brawl with the restaurant's crew, according to reports.

Police said they were working on a more detailed description of three men dressed in drag who came into a McDonald's restaurant and started swinging.

Restaurant employee Martez Brisco was working the drive-through window when he reportedly got into an argument with the suspects. When Brisco ignored them tapping at the window, they came in.

"They come to the window, 'Tap, tap, tap.' I'm still ignoring them," Brisco told WMC-TV. "I guess that just pissed them off worser."

The transvestites allegedly struck the manager with a tire iron, and when he swung back, the drag queens took off their stiletto boots, removed their earrings and prepared to attack. The manager, Albert Bolton, was covered with scratch marks after suspects clawed him with their fingernails.

Bolton grabbed a pot of scalding french-fry grease and hurled it at his attackers. One of the cross-dressers then smacked Bolton with a wet floor sign, sending him to the hospital in an ambulance, WMC-TV reported.

Before driving off, the three attackers smashed the drive-through window.

It is a good thing this is a news story. If some television show included a scene like this, every P.C. Sensitivity group would be out protesting the horrific mistreatment and oppression such a storyline contained. Maybe they can picket the perps instead.

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Dem Double Standard

Democrats and others on the Left are, of course, up in arms over this.

Hillary Clinton's campaign team are furious that an unsubstantiated rumour of a lesbian affair with her exotic aide de camp Huma Abedin, which has been doing the rounds of 'underground' blogs and websites in recent weeks, appears to have gone mainstream after reports in foreign papers addressed the subject of dirty tricks on the US presidential campaign trail.

The problem started with a report in the London Times on Thursday. 'Hillary Clinton has been accused of having an affair with Huma Abedin,' read the caption under a photograph of the two trouser-suited women (above left) striding across the tarmac to catch a plane. The next day, the Russian newspaper Pravda wrote a similar round-up which concluded: "Hillary and her aide, Huma Abedin, do live together at home and on the road, but the only way to nail Clinton would be to catch them together in a lesbian action."

The rumour of a lesbian love affair appears to have been been started in August 2007 by the New York freesheet, the Village Voice. Although neither the Times nor Pravda made any attempt to claim the story was true, some Americans have taken the reports in two of the world's most famous newspapers to heart. Not least Hillary's own team. "This does not even qualify as tabloid trash... it's ridiculous and reckless," a Clinton aide said at the weekend.

On the other hand, they are more than willing to peddle this line of crap with significantly less substantiation.

The boy happens to be real, and his “stage name” is Benjamin Nicholas. One of the politicos Big Head DC has learned he’s alleged to have been involved with is the married Sen. Trent Lott, 66, who unexpectedly announced his retirement on Monday. Lott is well-known to have been against a plethora of gay rights issues throughout his terms in Congress. He was also good friends with Sen. Larry Craig throughout his time in Congress.

Nicholas told Big Head DC today via e-mail that he didn’t want to go on the record to talk about his dealings with Lott, because, said Nicholas, “Trent is going through his fair share of scrutiny right now and I don’t want to add to it.”

However, e-mail and other records confirm that the two have met on at least two occasions.

“All I can say at this point is no comment,” Nicholas told us. “It’s the professional thing for me to do.”

Sorry, folks, but you cannot have it both way. Stories like these, both of which are unsubstantiated, are either both out of bounds or both acceptable. Either a public figure’s sexual orientation is open to question, or it isn’t – and given rumors about Hillary and lesbianism dating back 15 years, I think the Clinton story is probably MORE important and appropriate than whether Trent Lott swings like a pendulum do, despite all the allegations of hypocrisy from the allegedly gay-friendly, effectively homophobic Left. After all, one is running for President, and so we have an absolute right to know, don’t you think – especially since it would give us the reason that Bill Clinton has had to resort to a pattern of abuse of office, sexual assault, and fellatio with fat chicks to satisfy his sexual needs, namely that his wife didn’t because of her urgent craving for some carpet with a side order of thighs.

And are you offended by the paragraph directly above this one? Intended as satire, it is no more outrageous than the comments made on a great many Democrat-leaning sites today.

So, denizens of the Left, you must decide. Are the sex lives of politicians -- all politicians, not just the ones you hate, not just the ones who don't vote the "straight" gay agenda -- open for public scrutiny and commentary? Or does there exist a zone of privacy that must be respected, one which ought be pierced only in cases of flagrant extramarital affairs or criminal charges?

FYI -- I vote for the latter, and therefore find both stories inappropriate.

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Sean Taylor Dead


Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor has died from the gunshot wound he suffered early Monday when he was shot in his Miami home.

"He did not make it through the night," said Taylor's attorney, Richard Sharpstein, who called the incident "a ridiculous unnecessary tragedy."

Taylor died in the Miami hospital where he was taken after being shot once in the leg early Monday morning. The bullet severed his femoral artery. Police are investigating the shooting as a possible home invasion.

Taylor's death comes after what had been interpreted as optimistic signs following hours of surgery.

Taylor had squeezed a doctor's hand and made facial expressions early Monday evening, Redskins officials and a family friend said, providing some hope after he emerged from seven hours of surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He had been "unresponsive and unconscious" until that point and doctors had feared possible brain injury or death, according to Taylor's attorney, Richard Sharpstein.

Signs had seemed good up to that point, but I guess the reports were overly optimistic. It will be interesting to find out why the reality was so different from what we all thought.

My deepest sympathies to Taylor's family and teammates.

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Democrat Candidates Suck

I could have told you that, Bob.

A friend of mine, talking about the Democratic presidential candidates, tossed out a wonderful mixed metaphor: “This is awfully weak tea to have to hang your hat on.”

The notion that Bush & Co. had fouled things up so badly for Republicans that just about any Democrat could romp to victory in 2008 was never realistic. What’s interesting now, with the first contests just weeks away, is the extent to which Democratic voters are worried about the possibility that none of their candidates have the stuff to take the White House.

This election, the most important in decades, cries out for strong leadership. The electorate is upset, anxious and hungry for change. But “weak tea” is as good a term as any to describe what the Democrats are offering.

So what's the problem?

The problem for voters is that very little leadership has emerged from the many months of frenetic Democratic fund-raising and politicking.

For all the noise and incessant posturing, we still don’t have a clear sense of where Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or any of the others would take the country.

That is because none of them has a vision beyond arguing that they are not George W. Bush. They are intent upon running against an incumbent who cannot stand for reelection.

Herbert, of course, offers a vision -- the same warmed over liberal cliches about health care, surrender in Iraq, and taking on the alleged racism of those who want American borders secure and immigration laws enforced.

Unfortunately, Herbert overlooks the problem facing the Democrats -- there are no inspiring candidates in the race, once one scratches the surface.

Hillary? She thinks marrying power constitutes competence.

Obama? All image, no substance.

Edwards? Run left, but without sincerity.

The rest of the pack? Oh, puh-leeeeeeez!

Frighteningly, the only hope for substance the Democrats could have had was Al Gore doing a Richard Nixon and rising from the political grave.

What am I saying? Don't be surprised when the returns come in and the next president is a Republican.

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Ron Paul Gets Cash From Hookers And Pimps

But you know what, this development doesn't bother me for two reasons.

1) We're talking about participants in the legal sex trade in Nevada.

2) Ron Paul's libertarianism is at least theoretically open to prostitution as a legitimate industry and personal choice.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, an underdog Texas congressman with a libertarian streak, has picked up an endorsement from a Nevada brothel owner.

Dennis Hof, owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch near Carson City, said he was so impressed after hearing Paul at a campaign stop in Reno last week that he decided to raise money for him.

"I'll get all the (working girls) together, and we can raise him some money," Hof told the Reno Gazette-Journal. "I'll put up a collection box outside the door. They can drop in $1, $5 contributions."

Now I'll contrast this with Ron Paul taking money from Nazis. The key thing here is that we aren't talking about hate mongers supporting the campaign. Reasonable people can argue about the propriety of prostitution, something that cannot be done about the genocidal racist ideology of other Ron Paul donors. At worst, this is simply amusing.

On the other hand, here's some info I could have done without.

Hof was accompanied to the Paul news conference by television news personality Tucker Carlson, who is traveling with Paul for a magazine article he is writing.

"Dennis Hof is a good friend of mine, so when we got to Nevada, I decided to call him up and see if he wanted to come check this guy out," said Carlson, who hosts the show "Tucker" on MSNBC.

This produces images that I really didn't need to have in my head (Tucker+bowtie+hooker=ICK!). But it also raises another question -- the propriety of Carlson seeming to recruit supporters for a candidate he is covering.

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Giuliani Taking The Gloves Off

Maybe he realizes that he still has to win the nomination first.

In a big strategic shift, Rudy Giuliani hammered Mitt Romney’s record Sunday on three fronts, saying it was time to “take the mask off and take a look at what kind of governor was he.”

Using some of the toughest language of his campaign, Giuliani, in an interview with Politico, slammed Romney on health care, crime and taxes. At the same time he portrayed the one-time moderate as a hypocrite on a host of social issues who lives “in a glass house.” It was easily the most sweeping attack Giuliani has delivered against Romney in this campaign.

“He throws stones at people,” Giuliani said in an interview on his campaign bus. “And then on that issue he usually has a worse record than whoever he’s throwing stones at.”

The Romney camp responded by calling Giuliani's attack "nasty" and offering a point-by-point rebuttal.

Judging by Giuliani's rhetoric, he has appeared for weeks to be running more against New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, than any of his Republican foes. But as his poll numbers have dipped in this critical state, the former New York mayor has stepped up his campaign schedule and TV presence and also begun to take dead aim at Romney, whom polls show as the GOP front-runner here.

“I think there’s a difference between a guy who gets results, real results, that were applauded nationwide and somebody who had a mixed record at best as governor,” Giuliani said.

Rudy is lucky in one regard -- there is no way that Mitt Romney could be his running mate due to the geographical proximity of their home states. In a Giuliani Administration, Mitt Romney would have to be content with a cabinet position (Treasury, Commerce), while Rudy would have to do the same in a Romney Administration (Attorney General, Homeland Security). That let's him be a bit more free with his rhetoric.

Unfortunately, with that freedom comes the need to take care to not damage Mitt Romney too badly. After all, he could still be the nominee, and too savage an attack could leave Romney damaged goods in the general election. This is the same dilemma that the other GOP candidates face with Rudy, who has been the front runner -- how to score points without damaging Giuliani too severely in the general election

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November 26, 2007

Like This Surprises Me

He shot up his school years ago, killing five.

Now he's on drugs and packing heat in violation of the law.

A man convicted as a 13-year-old for killing four Arkansas middle-school students and a teacher in an ambush and released from a juvenile detention center two years ago on his 21st birthday, faces new weapons charges.

Mitchell S. Johnson, 23, was indicted by a federal grand jury in October on charges of possession of a firearm while being either a user of or addicted to a controlled substance. The indictment came after his arrest earlier this year during a traffic stop in Fayetteville, Ark.

Officers found a loaded 9 mm pistol in Mr. Johnson's van and 21 grams of marijuana inside a personal bag. State prosecutors dropped the original misdemeanor arrest charges against Mr. Johnson when the U.S. Attorney's Office in Fayetteville decided to seek a federal indictment in the case.

Mr. Johnson pleaded not guilty last month to the federal charges and was released on $5,000 bond. A trial has been scheduled to begin Dec. 3 before U.S. District Judge Jimm L. Hendren in Fayetteville. If convicted, Mr. Johnson faces up to 10 years in prison — more than the seven years he served for the 1998 school killings in Jonesboro, Ark.

This guy is a stone cold killer, who set up an ambush of his school for fun. He walked away with a minimal sentence because he was a juvenile. Let's hope that the book gets thrown at Mitchell Johnson here, and that he gets to spend the full ten years behind bars. Too bad he'll be allowed to walk the streets again.

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More Muslim Tolerance

Of all the absurdity! Of all the barbarity!

A British primary school teacher arrested in Sudan faces up to 40 lashes for blasphemy after letting her class of 7-year-olds name a teddy bear Muhammad. Gillian Gibbons, 54, from Liverpool, was arrested at at Khartoum's Unity High School yesterday, and accused of insulting the Prophet of Islam.

* * *

Robert Boulos, the Unity director, said Gibbons was following a British National Curriculum course designed to teach young pupils about animals and their habitats. This year’s animal was the bear.
In September, she asked a girl to bring in her teddy bear to help the class focus and then asked the children to name the toy.
“They came up with eight names including Abdullah, Hassan and Muhammad. Then she explained what it meant to vote and asked them to choose the name,” Boulos said.
Twenty out of the 23 children chose Muhammad. Each child was allowed to take the bear home for weekends and asked to keep a diary about what they did with the toy. Each entry was collected in a book with a picture of the bear on the cover, next to the message "My name is Muhammad."
Boulos said that the bear itself was not marked or labeled with the name in any way, adding that Sudanese police had now seized the book and asked to interview the 7-year-old girl who brought in the bear.

Of course, I would never name a teddy bear Muhammad, given my reluctance to give insult – to the cute stuffed animal.

But I would like to introduce you to our new mascot for posts on Islamic Outrage.

Islamic Outrage Pig.jpg

H/T Michelle Malkin, Shimshon 9, JammieWearingFool

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