July 31, 2008

WaPo Covers For Molestation Enabling Muslim School Principal

If you were an editor, where would you put this story in your paper?

The director general of a controversial private Catholic school in Fairfax County has been found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of failing to report child abuse and fined $500.

Abner I Alanson, head of the Vatican Catholic Academy on Route 1 in the Mount Vernon area, was arrested last month by Fairfax police, who said Alanson had been informed of the possible sexual abuse of a 5-year-old student at the school. School authorities are required by law to report alleged child abuse within 72 hours.

Alanson was charged with misdemeanor counts of failing to report child abuse and obstruction of justice. He pleaded no contest July 24 to the failure to report charge, and Fairfax prosecutors agreed to dismiss the obstruction charge, according to court records.

No brainer, right? Front page -- or at least the front page of the Local news section. After all, the story has everything you could want -- religious school covering up sex abuse and prosecutors working a plea deal to give the offending administrator a slap on the wrist, despite the fact that his actions endangered a small child.

You certainly wouldn't bury it on page B-6, would you?

Well, that's where this story got placed.

The director general of a controversial private Islamic school in Fairfax County has been found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of failing to report child abuse and fined $500.

Abdalla I. Al-Shabnan, head of the Islamic Saudi Academy on Route 1 in the Mount Vernon area, was arrested last month by Fairfax police, who said Al-Shabnan had been informed of the possible sexual abuse of a 5-year-old student at the school. School authorities are required by law to report alleged child abuse within 72 hours.

Al-Shabnan was charged with misdemeanor counts of failing to report child abuse and obstruction of justice. He pleaded no contest July 24 to the failure to report charge, and Fairfax prosecutors agreed to dismiss the obstruction charge, according to court records.

Oh, I see -- it just wouldn't do to give the administrator of an Islamic school the same play that the principal of a Catholic school (or even a public school) would get in such a situation. That would be insensitive and prejudicial towards Muslims -- who as we know are all peaceful and are steadfastly opposed to sex with little children.

Never mind, of course, that the school has been embroiled in controversy for some time because it is apparently teaching religious bigotry and encouraging jihadi terrorism. Bury the story -- because we don't want to provoke the same sort of response that publishing cartoons has caused in the past.

H/T NewsBusters

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Liberal Prof Lawrence Tribe -- SCOTUS Wrong On Pedophile Death Penalty

When a liberal scholar who is generally skeptical about the death penalty says that the Supreme Court screwed the pooch in a decision limiting the death penalty and needs to reconsider the case, you know that the decision is completely screwed up.

And here is the money section of the column.

If a legislature were to exempt the killers of gay men or lesbians from capital punishment, even dedicated death penalty opponents should cry foul in the Constitution's name. So too, should they cry foul when the judiciary holds the torturers or violent rapists of young children to be constitutionally exempt from the death penalty imposed by a legislature judicially permitted to apply that penalty to cop killers and murderers for hire. In doing so, the court is imposing a dubious limit on the ability of a representative government to enforce its own, entirely plausible, sense of which crimes deserve the most severe punishment.

To be sure, holding the line at murder and treason gives the judiciary a bright line that blurs once one says a legislature may include other offenses in its catalogue of what it deems the most heinous of all crimes. But the same may be said of virtually any bright line. Placing ease of judicial administration above respect for democracy and for principles of equal justice under law is inexcusable.

of course, that is precisely the problem with much of the death penalty jurisprudence laid down by the Supreme Court in recent years. Everything that Tribe says in this case could equally well be applied to the decision a few terms back to exempt vicious murderers who were under the age of 18 from the death penalty. Ditto all the tinkering with the mechanism of death banning mandatory death sentences and imposing a convoluted scheme of aggravating/mitigating factors for juries to consider. After all, the nine robed justices are members of the Supreme COURT, not the Supreme LEGISLATURE -- and the naked activism found in Eighth Amendment jurisprudence related to capital punishment demonstrates what happens when the justices forget their proper role.

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Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) -- No Access To America's Oil, Even If Gas Hits $10

So the Democrats claim to be the party of the common people. I don't know about the rest of you common working class folks out there, but I sure as Hell can't afford $10 gas.

But at least one Senate Democrat thinks you can -- and he was speaking on behalf of the entire Democrat Caucus when he said that the American people can suck it up if gas goes that high.

Got that, America. Gas at $4 -- no new drilling in America. Gas at $7.50 -- no new drilling in America. Gas at $10 -- no new drilling in America.

So even if your gas and electric, and food, and clothing and other bills increase 250% while your pay increases by a significantly smaller margin (if your job even exists any more), there will be no new oil production in America. You just have to suffer, because the Democrats care less about you than Al Gwhore and the radical environmentalists holding their party hostage.

Want energy independence? VOTE REPUBLICAN!

H/T Hot Air, Human Events

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July 30, 2008

It Takes A Conservative Village

To honor Obama's commitment.

It seems that Barack Obama made a promise to the folks in his ancestral village back in Kenya.

He would help them support their school, which was in need of financial assistance to stay open and educate the children.

They named the school after him.

He did absolutely nothing to fulfill his pledge.


Barack Obama, the Evening Standard can reveal, after we went to the village earlier this month, has failed to honour the pledges of assistance that he made to a school named in his honour when he visited here amid great fanfare two years ago.

At that historic homecoming in August 2006 Obama was greeted as a hero with thousands lining the dirt streets of Kogelo. He visited the Senator Obama Kogelo Secondary School built on land donated by his paternal grandfather. After addressing the pupils, a third of whom are orphans, and dancing with them as they sang songs in his honour, he was shown a school with four dilapidated classrooms that lacked even basic resources such as water, sanitation and electricity.

He told the assembled press, local politicians (who included current Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga), and students: "Hopefully I can provide some assistance in the future to this school and all that it can be." He then turned to the school's principal, Yuanita Obiero, and assured her and her teachers: "I know you are working very hard and struggling to bring up this school, but I have said I will assist the school and I will do so."

Following his promise, the school officials made an ambitions proposal to improve the school they had renamed in Obama's honor, totaling some $125,000. However, according to the school's principal, "Senator Obama has not honoured the promises he gave me when we met in 2006 and in his earlier letter to the school. He has not given us even one shilling."

It seems that he gave his African relatives and their neighbors hope that there might be some change in the education of their children -- and yet his empty promises have come to absolutely nothing as he pimps his African heritage in his presidential campaign and best-selling books. I guess that all of it is just words, just speeches.

But conservative blogger Baldilocks (whose life and ancestry intersects with Obama's in a very interesting way) has been moved to take action to actually do what what liberal politician Barack Obama won't -- honor the commitment made by Barack Obama to improve the lives of one African village that honored him. She has established Save Senator Obama Kogelo School, Inc., a non-profit intended to keep Senator Obama's promise since he apparently has no intention of doing so.

I whole-heartedly endorse this effort, and consider it a matter of honor on behalf of the United States. While Barack Obama puts his naked ambition first, we bitter, fearful, xenophobic Americans who reflexively cling to our religion and guns need to put the children of village of Kogelo, Kenya first on his behalf. And for the record, she has graciously indicated that she will welcome donations from liberals, including supporters of Senator Obama. Who knows -- maybe Senator and Mrs. Obama might feel moved to support the effort.

To support this worthy effort, click here.

H/T Gateway Pundit

UPDATE: New allies to the cause -- Michelle Malkin, The Other McCain, Stuck On Stupid (twice)

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Clueless In Carolina

Whatever other issues may be raised by this story about the arrest of an illegal immigrant (and there are a bunch of them -- including misuse of government resources and outright fraud), this quote shows how some folks are so clueless that they don't even merit consideration in the immigration debate.

"To go after productive citizens who have been our neighbors and friends for years? It's insane," said Marilyn Tyler, a retired librarian from Burlington who knew the arrested woman. "We can't just stand by and let this happen."

Clearly Ms. Tyler's mind is going in her later years. After all, the precise problem is that Marxavi Angel Martinez IS NOT a citizen. She is a foreigner who has been making fraudulent use of an SSN to illegally obtain employment in this country. And while you can weep about the fact that her parents brought her to this country as a toddler and she grew up in the county. The reality is that that she appears to be guilty of four federal felonies and lied about her citizenship on her employment application to get a job for which she was not eligible.

Of course, Martinez is not responsible for having come to this country illegally. She is, however, responsible for staying and for engaging in illegal, fraudulent practices to do so and to obtain work. And for that, she should be treated like any other felon -- and then deported, like every other immigration criminal.

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Dems Fueled Cars With City Fuel Illegally

When will there be charges filed?

Denver officials abruptly have stopped allowing Democratic National Convention planners to gas up at city pumps, acknowledging that the city can't legally sell fuel.

Public Works Department representatives also acknowledged that they never should have started selling gasoline to convention planners back in March before signing a contract with either the Denver 2008 Host Committee or the Democratic National Convention Committee.

The Democrats have been siphoning gas from the city supply for over four months now. What will the penalty be? Who were the beneficiaries of this illegal practice? And when will someone be held legally accountable?

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An Editorial Of Note

Every American should read this editorial from the Republican-American of Waterbury, Connecticut.

Drive less, pay more

Paraphrasing, here's how the exchange went between congressional Democrats and the president over lifting their respective bans on offshore drilling: President Bush: "We need to lift the bans. Americans are being hammered by high gasoline prices."

Democrats in Congress: "You go first."

President Bush: "OK, I hereby lift the presidential ban on offshore drilling. Your turn."

Democrats in Congress: "Forget that. Gasoline prices are too low. Let's raise the gasoline tax 56 percent instead."

Why would they propose that? Because next year, the Federal Highway Trust Fund, where gasoline-tax receipts collect, will be at least $3 billion in the red; at the start of 2006, it had a $10 billion surplus.

What happened? First, transportation spending is out of control. But Americans also are driving less because Democrats and their green cronies have made gasoline so damned expensive, so excise-tax receipts are coming in below projections.

Democrats have decided to do something about this: reward cash-strapped Americans for conserving energy by raising their gasoline taxes at least a dime to 28.4 cents a gallon. They say if they retain control of Congress, that increase will be "the cornerstone" of the 2009 federal highway bill. That measure is expected to map out $90 billion in annual transportation spending over six years, but that's well below the $225 billion yearly appropriation recommended by the nonpartisan National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission. To fund that much work, the gasoline tax would have to be raised to 71 cents. At today's rates, that would push total motor-fuel taxes in Connecticut to more than $1.20 and the pump price to $4.90.

In 2009, congressional Democrats will have three choices: a) spend less, b) tax more, or c) some combination of the two. Logic and compassion dictate otherwise, but the smart money is on b.

In other words, my fellow Americans, if you vote for the Jackass Party, you will pay more for gasoline -- a lot more, due to the Democrat scheme to raise the gas tax. Can you afford the increase?

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Wexler Unconstitutionally Holding House Seat

I've not paid attention to this story -- but now it appears that I and other Americans ought to do so.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler said Tuesday he will rent a home in Palm Beach County, after a week of criticism since his admission that he hadn't had a home in South Florida for 11 years.

Wexler sold his west of Boca Raton house in 1997, the year he was sworn in to Congress, and moved his wife and children to Maryland.

No person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the age of twenty five years, and been seven years a citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an inhabitant of that state in which he shall be chosen.

Clearly, Wexler is NOT an inhabitant of Florida by any stretch of the imagination, nor has he been for a decade. Will the House of Representatives, under a Speaker who promised to raise the ethical standards of that body, take appropriate actions by expelling Wexler from the body for having repeatedly and willfully violated the Constitution?

Meanwhile, a South Florida Sun-Sentinel investigation into Wexler's Maryland homeownership reveals that he claimed that house as his primary residence for four years and received tax breaks there because of that claim.

Now if his primary residence is in Maryland, how has he qualified as a Florida resident? Easy -- by claiming that his residence is his in-laws' home in a senior community where he would not be permitted to live because of his age (47) and children.

That, my friends, strikes me as nothing short of fraud. Wexler is clearly a Maryland resident.

And this is what the US Constitution says about the issue of residency for house members.

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Dems: Senator Providing Free Medical Care Unethical

Senator Tom Coburn has delivered babies at the same hospital for years.

When absurd ethics rules made it illegal for him to continue to charge for his services while serving in Congress, Coburn chose not to abandon his patients. he continued to deliver their babies, at no charge, at the same public hospital he had always used.

That public hospital was recently bought by a private firm -- and now Democrats want to claim that it is unethical for him to continue to practice there!

Sen. Tom Coburns (R-Okla.) office hit back Monday at new attempts to prevent him from delivering babies for free, arguing the Ethics panel might as well investigate Sen. Patrick Leahys (D-Vt.) cameo in The Dark Knight.

Coburn has come under new pressure from the Ethics panel for delivering babies at the Muskogee Regional Medical Center, which changed from a public to a private institution in April last year after it was acquired by Capella Healthcare.

Because of potential conflicts of interest, Senate rules prohibit members from receiving compensation for practicing a profession that involves a fiduciary relationship. Coburns work as an obstetrician has been a subject of interest for ethics panels in the Senate and the House when he was a representative.

Sources said the fact that Muskogee is now a private hospital has renewed the ethics panels interest in Coburns work.

Now let's look at the absurdity of this situation.

First, where is the ethical issue if Coburn continued to practice medicine as he has for decades? Do Democrats and "public interest groups" want to argue that special interests are knocking women up to steer business to Coburn's obstetrics practice?

Second, since he is delivering the babies for free, where does the ethical issue arise at all?

Third, even though the hospital is now private, Coburn had no part in that decision and has not changed anything in how he practices medicine since the sale of the hospital. How can anyone rationally argue that he is unethically endorsing the hospital by practicing there?

I'd like to encourage Senator Tom Coburn to continue to practice, and to continue to deliver babies just as he always has. And I challenge the Senate to censure him or expel him -- immediately, prior to the November election.

Let the American people decide -- is a doctor engaging in the charitable practice of delivering babies for free unethical by any ordinary understanding of that concept?

H/T Malkin

UPDATE: Van Helsing at Right Wing News delivers one of the most cutting lines I've seen on this issue.

Too bad Coburn isn't a Democrat. Instead of delivering babies for free, he could abort them, and the Congressional leadership would start naming hospitals after him.

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Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Ted Stevens Has Got To Go!

I've never been a fan of Sen. Ted Stevens. Indeed, the Alaska Senator has been one of my least favorite Republicans.

Now he has been indicted on charges of misleading investigators probing renovations to his home made by various corporate interests.

Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican senator and a figure in Alaska politics since before statehood, was indicted Tuesday on seven counts of failing to disclose thousands of dollars in services he received from a company that helped renovate his home.

Stevens, the first sitting U.S. senator to face federal indictment since 1993, has been dogged by a federal investigation into his home renovation project and his dealings with wealthy oil contractors.

If the title doesn't make my position on the matter clear, let me say it right now -- Ted Stevens needs to resign from the Senate NOW, and withdraw from his race for reelection. Such a move would be good for the nation, his state, and his party.

That isn't a judgment on his ultimate guilt or innocence of the charges leveled against him -- that is based upon the clear impropriety of the various gifts that he apparently received. He didn't merely cross a line, he blew past it while firing his afterburners. There might be some room to argue about a gas grill or tools or some of the miscellaneous items he received, but the wholesale renovation of his home for nothing or next-to-nothing is sufficient to lead a reasonable person to decide that Stevens is corrupt in the common understanding of the word, regardless of whether his actions meet the legal definition.

And it strikes me that there is only one individual out there who can take his place as the GOP standard-bearer this fall -- Gov. Sarah Palin.

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OK, I'm Back

It has been an exciting few days.

After getting her sutures out on Thursday, there was a problem with one of her incisions, and so we spent much of the morning on Friday waiting to get in with the doctor to see if anything further needs to be done. It doesn't -- and this is not an unusual thing with this type of surgery. It just adds to the healing time. Friday aftern0on was spent on various household tasks.

Saturday the A/C went out again -- that meant a three-day stay in a hotel until we could get someone to fix it for us. And proving that I've hit middle age, I pulled a muscle in my back trying to carry too much into the hotel at once so I didn't have to go back out in the nearly 100 degree heat. That kept me done for most of the time at the hotel. The only good thing is that the repair guy admitted he missed the real problem earlier this summer and comped the repair job as a matter of good will.

Yesterday I spent trying to get used to my new glasses -- progressive bifocals. Middle age is officially here, I guess.

So I'm back.

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July 29, 2008

Obama Desecrates Holiest Site In Judaism (BUMPED & UPDATED)

No, not by this.




Yeah, that's right -- campaign banners at the Wailing Wall. Apparently the acolytes of the Obamessiah seem to believe that this remnant of the sacred precincts of the Temple is an appropriate place to actively campaign for President. I don't fault him for visiting the site -- I do not believe anyone should visit Jerusalem without taking a moment to visit the sacred site and offer prayers to the Most High. But this constituted a desecration. And since it was a "surprise visit" to the site, the banners could only have happened with the active complicity of Obama campaign officials.

Quite frankly, it reminds me of this from 1 Maccabees:

And he commanded the holy places to be profaned, and the holy people of Israel. -- 1 Maccabees 1:49


On the fifteenth day of the month Casleu, in the hundred and forty-fifth year, king Antiochus set up the abominable idol of desolation upon the altar of God... -- 1 Maccabees 1:57

Apparently some of those gathered there for prayer rather than a campaign event had a few choice words for the candidate who would trump God in this holy place.

Orthodox men interrupted their morning prayers to catch a glimpse of the Illinois senator, reaching out to shake his hand as he passed them by. But not all were taken by the Democrat. One yelled out: Obama, Jerusalem is not for sale! before Mr. Obama was whisked away to his waiting plane.

There seems to be a lot of indication that Israelis are not happy with Obama -- especially since "Israelis for Obama" has only six members in Israel (four of whom apparently turned out to hold banners for his campaign).

I hope the Swiss Guards have their halberds ready if Obama tries to visit the Vatican -- he'll be trying o put his logo on the dome of St. Peter's Basilica!

H/T Malkin, Hot Air, Gateway Pundit, RWN, Sister Toldjah

UPDATE -- 7/29/2008: I intentionally did not cover the content of Obama's prayer when it was reported by one of Israel's largest news organizations. After all, removing it from the Wall was wrong, and I believed that any reporting on my part would only further the wrong done to Obama by that newspaper.

Now, however, it appears that Obama and his campaign were parties to a second desecration of the Western Wall -- by actively cooperating with and encouraging the media outlet in question to retrieve the paper with the prayer on it from the Wall for publication.

"Obama's note was published in Maariv and other international publications following his authorization to make the content of the note public. Obama submitted a copy of the note to media outlets when he left his hotel in Jerusalem. Moreover, since he is not Jewish, there is no violation of privacy as there would be for a Jewish person who places a note in the wall."

While that last sentence is somewhat inflammatory (shades of Jerry Falwell's "I do not believe that God answers the prayer of any unredeemed Gentile or Jew.), it is the rest of the statement that is really big news. That Obama and his campaign were actively complicit in violating the sanctity and privacy of the prayers offered at the Wall is simply an outrage -- but simply one more on which he will continue to get a pass from his adoring acolytes in the Media.

However, I believe that a previous claimant to the title of Messiah may have had something to say about such behavior.

And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. -- Matthew 6:5

Maybe Barack Obama should have attended a church where they spent more time on God's Word than on calling for God to damn America.

UPDATE 2 -- 7/29/2008: Or perhaps they didn't quite approve the note snatching. But Maariv has always claimed that the text of the prayer was released to them by the Obama camp -- which makes the quote from the Gospel of Matthew above still quite fitting.

OPEN TRACKBACKING AT Rosemary's Thoughts, Right Truth, Maggie's Notebook, Leaning Straight Up, Cao's Blog, Democrat=Socialist, Conservative Cat, Nuke's, Allie is Wired, third world county, Woman Honor Thyself, DragonLady's World, Walls of the City, The World According to Carl, , The Pink Flamingo, Dumb Ox Daily News, , and Right Voices, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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July 28, 2008

An Explanation

You may have noticed I've been sporadic in my blogging in the last few days. My Darling Democrat and I have each been facing some physical ailments which have needed to come first. In addition, we have been dealing with another situation that has had to be dealt with. More later.

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Watcher's Council Results

The Council has spoken and voted Who Knew? by Done with Mirrors the top council pick of the week. Soldiers Recount Deadly Attack On Afghan Outpost by Stars & Stripes was the winner among the non-council entries. Congratulations to the winners!

Council results

1Done with Mirrors - Who knew?4
2tWolf Howling - Deconstructing the Socialists War On Law & Order In Britain1 2/3
2tBookworm Room - The moral of the story1 2/3
4Soccer Dad - Horribly Wrong Part II 1 1/3
5The Razor - Speak truth to power - just not to educators1
6JoshuaPundit - Why Maliki Suddenly Wants A US Withdrawal From Iraq 1/3

Non-Council results

1Stars and Stripes - Soldiers Recount Deadly Attack On Afghan Outpost2 1/3
2Right Wing Nuthouse - When it's Obama's War2
3tConfederate Yankee - "Obama Overflies Iraqi Mass Graves"1
3tColonel Robert Neville ... - Spot the Smiley Fascism 1
3tMichael Yon -The War is Over. We Won 1
3tBaseball Crank -Are We There Yet? Victory in Iraq and the 2008 Election1
7tConfederate Yankee (2) - Mac & P.C.2/3
7tAlien - Chizumatic - Ghosts of My Past2/3
9SF Gate (Cinnamon Stillwell - San Francisco: Sanctuary City Gone Awry1/3

Expect a big announcement about the Watcher's Council very soon.

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And The Problem With This Is?

Given that conviction for any number of crimes can be grounds for deportation, I don't see why anyone should object to this new law at all -- unless, of course, they carry a brief for border-jumpers and other lawbreakers.

A year after Prince William County launched a crackdown on illegal immigrants, Virginia has implemented a law that requires something similar for every jurisdiction in the state. Jail officials are now required to notify federal authorities of all foreign-born inmates regardless of their immigration status.

The little-noticed law went into effect July 1 and aims to make every corner of the state as unwelcoming as Prince William for illegal immigrants charged with crimes.

Why, exactly, shouldn't we be unwelcoming of criminal immigrants. We've seen what welcoming them does in places like San Francisco, where sanctuary policies reign.

If someone is in this country legally, all this measure does is put ICE on notice that they may be in violation of their immigration status. And if they are here illegally, it tells them to round 'em up and ship 'em back where they belong.

Will someone explain to me what is wrong with that?

Especially when one considers these numbers.

Through various enforcement programs, ICE says it identified 164,296 illegal immigrants who served time in local jails in fiscal 2007, including 2,738 in the District, Virginia, Maryland and Delaware.

ICE doesn't supply information on the disposition of these cases -- but I dare say that the deportation of even half of these miscreants would make this country a better place.

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July 26, 2008

Now That's What I Call Satire!

Every once in a great while, a truly marvelous piece of satire comes along that demands to be shared with everyone. Gerard Baker has produced such a work. What's more, he read it on Hannity and Colmes -- complete with news photos to illustrate the point.

He ventured forth
to bring light to the world

By Gerard Baker

And it came to pass, in the eighth year of the reign of the evil Bush the Younger (The Ignorant), when the whole land from the Arabian desert to the shores of the Great Lakes had been laid barren, that a Child appeared in the wilderness.

The Child was blessed in looks and intellect. Scion of a simple family, offspring of a miraculous union, grandson of a typical white person and an African peasant. And yea, as he grew, the Child walked in the path of righteousness, with only the occasional detour into the odd weed and a little blow.

When he was twelve years old, they found him in the temple in the City of Chicago, arguing the finer points of community organisation with the Prophet Jeremiah and the Elders. And the Elders were astonished at what they heard and said among themselves: Verily, who is this Child that he opens our hearts and minds to the audacity of hope?

In the great Battles of Caucus and Primary he smote the conniving Hillary, wife of the deposed King Bill the Priapic and their barbarian hordes of Working Class Whites.

And so it was, in the fullness of time, before the harvest month of the appointed year, the Child ventured forth - for the first time - to bring the light unto all the world.

He travelled fleet of foot and light of camel, with a small retinue that consisted only of his loyal disciples from the tribe of the Media. He ventured first to the land of the Hindu Kush, where the

Taleban had harboured the viper of al-Qaeda in their bosom, raining terror on all the world.

And the Child spake and the tribes of Nato immediately loosed the Caveats that had previously bound them. And in the great battle that ensued the forces of the light were triumphant. For as long as the Child stood with his arms raised aloft, the enemy suffered great blows and the threat of terror was no more.

From there he went forth to Mesopotamia where he was received by the great ruler al-Maliki, and al-Maliki spake unto him and blessed his Sixteen Month Troop Withdrawal Plan even as the imperial warrior Petraeus tried to destroy it.

And lo, in Mesopotamia, a miracle occurred. Even though the Great Surge of Armour that the evil Bush had ordered had been a terrible mistake, a waste of vital military resources and doomed to end in disaster, the Child's very presence suddenly brought forth a great victory for the forces of the light.

And the Persians, who saw all this and were greatly fearful, longed to speak with the Child and saw that the Child was the bringer of peace. At the mention of his name they quickly laid aside their intrigues and beat their uranium swords into civil nuclear energy ploughshares.

From there the Child went up to the city of Jerusalem, and entered through the gate seated on an ass. The crowds of network anchors who had followed him from afar cheered Hosanna and waved great palm fronds and strewed them at his feet.

In Jerusalem and in surrounding Palestine, the Child spake to the Hebrews and the Arabs, as the Scripture had foretold. And in an instant, the lion lay down with the lamb, and the Israelites and Ishmaelites ended their long enmity and lived for ever after in peace.

As word spread throughout the land about the Child's wondrous works, peoples from all over flocked to hear him; Hittites and Abbasids; Obamacons and McCainiacs; Cameroonians and Blairites.

And they told of strange and wondrous things that greeted the news of the Child's journey. Around the world, global temperatures began to decline, and the ocean levels fell and the great warming was over.

The Great Prophet Algore of Nobel and Oscar, who many had believed was the anointed one, smiled and told his followers that the Child was the one generations had been waiting for.

And there were other wonderful signs. In the city of the Street at the Wall, spreads on interbank interest rates dropped like manna from Heaven and rates on credit default swaps fell to the ground as dead birds from the almond tree, and the people who had lived in foreclosure were able to borrow again.

Black gold gushed from the ground at prices well below $140 per barrel. In hospitals across the land the sick were cured even though they were uninsured. And all because the Child had pronounced it.

And this is the testimony of one who speaks the truth and bears witness to the truth so that you might believe. And he knows it is the truth for he saw it all on CNN and the BBC and in the pages of The New York Times.

Then the Child ventured forth from Israel and Palestine and stepped onto the shores of the Old Continent. In the land of Queen Angela of Merkel, vast multitudes gathered to hear his voice, and he preached to them at length.

But when he had finished speaking his disciples told him the crowd was hungry, for they had had nothing to eat all the hours they had waited for him.

And so the Child told his disciples to fetch some food but all they had was five loaves and a couple of frankfurters. So he took the bread and the frankfurters and blessed them and told his disciples to feed the multitudes. And when all had eaten their fill, the scraps filled twelve baskets.

Thence he travelled west to Mount Sarkozy. Even the beauteous Princess Carla of the tribe of the Bruni was struck by awe and she was great in love with the Child, but he was tempted not.

On the Seventh Day he walked across the Channel of the Angles to the ancient land of the hooligans. There he was welcomed with open arms by the once great prophet Blair and his successor, Gordon the Leper, and his successor, David the Golden One.

And suddenly, with the men appeared the archangel Gabriel and the whole host of the heavenly choir, ranks of cherubim and seraphim, all praising God and singing: Yes, We Can.

Also, I'd like to note that the Obama campaign had his plane repainted for the Obamessiah's trip abroad. When they did, they left something off -- maybe a sign that he really is running for World President, like some of his followers seem to think when they rave about how the Europeans received him.

And for the record, would you care to note one of the many changes in the Obama campaign plane now that it has a new paint job? Here's the old plane.


Here's the tail of the plane now that it has a new paint job.


But we should never, ever, question Barack Hussein Obama's patriotism, should we? Just because his campaign has obliterated the flag on the tail of the plane right before his big foreign trip, we should never, ever, suggest that such a move signifies an atmosphere of contempt for America within the Obama campaign.

But I do have to ask --since Barack Obama seems to now be running for World President, can we just call that aircraft "AntiChrist One"?

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Yes, We Can -- And McCain Did!

Since Barack asked the question, we might as well answer it.

Will we lift the child in Bangladesh from poverty...? Barack Obama Campaign Speech in Berlin July 24, 2008

Not only can we, I'd like to point to a family that did.


[I]n 1991 Cindy McCain was visiting Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh when a dying infant was thrust into her hands. The orphanage could not provide the medical care needed to save her life, so Mrs. McCain brought the child home to America with her. She was met at the airport by her husband, who asked what all this was about.

Mrs. McCain replied that the child desperately needed surgery and years of rehabilitation. "I hope she can stay with us," she told her husband. Mr. McCain agreed. Today that child is their teenage daughter Bridget.

[T]here was a second infant Mrs. McCain brought back. She ended up being adopted by a young McCain aide and his wife.

"We were called at midnight by Cindy," Wes Gullett remembers, and "five days later we met our new daughter Nicki at the L.A. airport wearing the only clothing Cindy could find on the trip back, a 7-Up T-shirt she bought in the Bangkok airport." Today, Nicki is a high school sophomore. Mr. Gullett told me, "I never saw a hospital bill" for her care.


And what's more, Barry, the McCains did it without a new government program and massive spending of funds extracted from the pocket of the cash-strapped taxpayers.

But then again, that is the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans believe that charity is the duty of every individual, according to their means and conscience.

Democrats believe charity takes a village -- a village that takes from you whether or not you can afford it or support the purpose.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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Obama Co-Opts PMs Residence

Could you imagine the outrage if some foreign politician insisted upon doing a Rose Garden press conference without the President?

Is this really any different?


U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks during a news conference at 10 Downing Street after a meeting with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown in London, Saturday, July 26, 2008

So let's summarize.

Is it any wonder that McCain is rising in the state-by-state polls?

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On Showing Our Military Dead

I've got a reaction to this "controversy" ginned up by the New York Times.

If the conflict in Vietnam was notable for open access given to journalists too much, many critics said, as the war played out nightly in bloody newscasts the Iraq war may mark an opposite extreme: after five years and more than 4,000 American combat deaths, searches and interviews turned up fewer than a half-dozen graphic photographs of dead American soldiers.

It is a complex issue, with competing claims often difficult to weigh in an age of instant communication around the globe via the Internet, in which such images can add to the immediate grief of families and the anger of comrades still in the field.

While the Bush administration faced criticism for overt political manipulation in not permitting photos of flag-draped coffins, the issue is more emotional on the battlefield: local military commanders worry about security in publishing images of the American dead as well as an affront to the dignity of fallen comrades. Most newspapers refuse to publish such pictures as a matter of policy.

But opponents of the war, civil liberties advocates and journalists argue that the public portrayal of the war is being sanitized and that Americans who choose to do so have the right to see in whatever medium the human cost of a war that polls consistently show is unpopular with Americans.

A story is handed down in my wife's family.

Her mother's cousin was among those who landed on D-Day, and survived that initial onslaught. Five months later, in November, he was killed in battle.

A few weeks later, shortly before Christmas, his mother was glancing through a copy of a magazine at the neighborhood newsstand. Suddenly, she fainted dead away. By awful coincidence, she had turned to a picture of her son (or what appeared to be him -- it could obviously never be confirmed), dead on the field of battle in Europe.

She never recovered from the shock, and joined her son with the Lord much too soon.

You can see why I would prefer that we NEVER see pictures of the mangled bodies of our precious military dead.

For that matter, I recall the trauma of seeing wounded servicemen screaming in pain on television newscasts during Vietnam -- and breaking down in tears because I wasn't sure that the injured man was not my own father, who was serving there at the time.

I respect the notion of "the public's right to know" -- but some in the press adhere to a truly warped version of this doctrine. The reality is that there are some things that we really don't have a right to see, as a matter of public decency.

Did the American public have a "right" to see JFK's autopsy pictures by the day of his funeral?

What about those same shots of MLK, during the first week of April, 1968?

And one of the most tragic stories of the assassination of RFK involves one of his sons, watching the assassination of his father over and over again, alone in his hotel room, seeing his wounded father cradled in the arms of others as he lay dying in that hotel kitchen.

For all we had a right to know in each of these cases, is there a moral limit beyond which our public voyeurism should not be permitted to intrude? And does that not include media self-restraint in the case of those killed in war?

So let me be clear -- if the media will not restrain itself, I've got no problem with the US military refusing all cooperation with a given photographer, reporter, or news organization. For while our free press may be free to cover the war how they see fit -- superficially, seditiously, insensitively -- they are NOT entitled to the assistance and cooperation of the US military to do so.

By the way -- there's a "must-read" at NewsBusters on this same article, which includes additional commentary by one of the soldiers quoted in the article.

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July 24, 2008

Will Obamabots Be "Chickenhawks"?

A great question, given Obama's rhetoric on how he'll deal with the war on Islamofascist terrorism.

* Given that your candidate acknowledges the need for more combat troops in Afghanistan, will you enlist and do your part? Or do you expect other young Americans to continue to bleed in your place?

* If your man is elected president and orders ground troops into Pakistan - which could lead to a much wider conflict - will you enlist and do your part? We'll need a lot more troops to occupy those badlands.

* If the next president yanks our troops out of Iraq, all the progress disintegrates, Iran moves in and we have to re-invade to clean up the mess, will you enlist and do your part?

You know all the stuff that we've been hearing from the Code Pinkos and other assorted moonbats? Well, the Obamabots become fair game on January 20, 2009 if he wins the election. After all, it will then be President Obama's war -- and by their own logic, it will be his supporters who have a moral obligation to go fight while those who voted against him stay home and engage in a higher form of patriotism -- engaging in "dissent" designed to undercut the lawfully elected president, demoralize the military, and provide aid and comfort to the enemies of America.

I'm already looking forward to "Operation Yellow Donkey", calling out all the College Democrats for not dropping out and signing up in the first 30 days of the Obama Administration -- and asking aging hippies why they have not written to President Obama demanding that he waive all enlistment standards so they can go fight war criminal Chimpy ObHitler's optional war.

After all -- those are things that have passed as appropriate political activity for the party that does not control the Executive Branch during the last seven years. Surely they will have no place to object to our following their example.

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Obama Puts Cart Before Horse

It strikes me that he is missing an essential element in this plan.

With less than six months to go before he would be sworn in as the nations 44th president, Sen. Barack Obama has directed his aides to begin planning for the transition.

"Barack is well aware of the complexity and the organizational challenge involved in the transition process and he has tasked s small group to begin thinking through the process, a senior campaign adviser said. Barack has made his expectations clear about what he wants from such a process, how he wants it to move forward, and the establishment and execution of his timeline is proceeding apace.

Yo, Barry Hussein -- aren't you forgetting something?

You know -- the formality of winning the election.

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Withdraw Now!

My confirmation sponsor (about 30 years back) sent this on to me via my Dad.


Every day there are news reports about more deaths. Every night on TV there are photos of death and destruction. Why are we still there?

We occupied this land, which we had to take by force, but it causes us nothing but trouble. Why are we still there?

Many of our children go there and never come back. Why are we still there?

Their government is unstable, and they have sporadic leadership. Why are we still there?

Many of their people are uncivilized. Why are we still there?

The place is subject to natural disasters, from which we are supposed to bail them out. Why are we still there?

There are more than 1000 religious sects, which we do not understand. Why are we still there?

Their folkways, foods, and fads are unfathomable to ordinary Americans. Why are we still there?

We can't even secure the borders. Why are we still there?

They are billions of dollars in debt, and it will cost billions more to rebuild, which we cannot afford. Why are we still there?

It is becoming clear...


Not a bad idea -- indeed, we would lose nothing significant.

What would we lose?




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Obama's Strange Priorities

I bet the media will overlook this little blurb.

++ Visit to US Military Bases Cancelled ++

1:42 p.m.: SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that Obama has cancelled a planned short visit to the Rammstein and Landstuhl US military bases in the southwest German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The visits were planned for Friday. "Barack Obama will not be coming to us," a spokesperson for the US military hospital in Landstuhl announced. "I don't know why." Shortly before the same spokeswoman had announced a planned visit by Obama.

But not to worry, besides giving a campaign speech in another country, Barack has important stuff on his schedule that trumps meeting with real Americans serving in the military -- especially those wounded servicemen being treated at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

What sort of important stuff?

Obama noted that in a break from his whirlwind schedule, "we've got some down time tonight. What are you guys gonna do in Berlin? Huh? Huh? You guys got any big. plans? ...I've never been to Berlin, so...I would love to tour around a little bit."

In other words:


H/T Hot Air

UPDATE: Here's the explanation -- sounds like a crock to me.

During his trip as part of the CODEL to Afghanistan and Iraq, Senator Obama visited the combat support hospital in the Green Zone in Baghdad and had a number of other visits with the troops. For the second part of his trip, the senator wanted to visit the men and women at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center to express his gratitude for their service and sacrifice. The senator decided out of respect for these servicemen and women that it would be inappropriate to make a stop to visit troops at a U.S. military facility as part of a trip funded by the campaign."

So remember -- if Obama meets with any military personnel between now and the election, we must be informed if it was paid for by Obama's campaign, his own personal funds, or the US taxpayer. Because after all, meeting with them using campaign dollars would be inappropriate and disrespectful.

Personally, I think this comes closer.


UPDATE 2: It is even worse than I would have imagined.

One military official who was working on the Obama visit said because political candidates are prohibited from using military installations as campaign backdrops, Obama's representatives were told, "he could only bring two or three of his Senate staff member, no campaign officials or workers." In addition, "Obama could not bring any media. Only military photographers would be permitted to record Obama's visit."

In other words, Obama couldn't whore the wounded soldiers for his own political benefit, so he blew them off. So to use his own words, he canceled his visit to American heroes because he was not permitted to do something he later hypocritically described as "inappropriate and disrespectful".

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On "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

I've said it in the past, and I will say it again now -- the current policy on homosexuals in the military is an absurdity that does not serve the best interests of the United States.

Now Congress is considering the issue again -- and maybe, just maybe, sanity and common sense will prevail.

For the first time in 15 years, members of the House are holding hearings about the policy which is aimed at maintaining discipline and unit cohesion in the military. Last year, Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee tried, but were prevented by members of their own party who were not eager to revisit the issue. This year the Military Personnel subcommittee manage to put it back on the calendar.

Now let's consider the views of Rear Admiral Jamie Barnett, a recently retired military professional who served our country for over three decades.

A hearing of a House Armed Services subcommittee yesterday offered a critical opportunity to break the silence surrounding how military preparedness has been hurt by the 1993 "don't ask, don't tell" policy barring gay men and lesbians from serving openly. The military has spent more than $363 million since 1994 to throw out gay men and lesbians whose expertise we desperately need, including expensively trained and hard-to-recruit linguists, jet pilots, cyber-warriors, doctors and combat-tested master sergeants. This purging of talent takes place at the same time the military, in order to meet its manpower quotas, feels compelled to increase the number of waivers it grants to people who have had problems with the law -- in some instances almost twice as many as in years past.

* * *

"Don't ask, don't tell" also damages our nation's ability to recruit the best and the brightest. Competing with industry is hard enough already. The military estimates that only three in 10 high school graduates are qualified to serve; the "don't ask, don't tell" policy further reduces the pool of eligible recruits.

And that is a serious reality check for anyone concerned with national security -- we are throwing away qualified volunteers who we need because of their sexual practices. It makes no more sense to disqualify someone for consensual homosexual activity that it does for masturbation or preferring something other than the missionary position.

And add to the above statement the signed letter from 28 retired flag officers, and you start to see a pattern.

We respectfully urge Congress to repeal the dont ask, dont tell policy, their communiqu reads. They argue that As is the case in Britain, Israel, and other countries where gays may serve truthfully, our service members are professionals who are able to work together effectively despite differences in race, gender, religion, and sexuality. Such collaboration reflects the strength and the best traditions of our democracy.

Indeed, as I pointed out some time back,

we have an all volunteer military. Nobody is "forced" to be a part of it. Individuals voluntarily chose to submit themselves to military discipline and military policies.

If anything, [the pro-DADT] argument is much more suited to arguing that the desegregation of the military by Harry Truman was unwise and inappropriate. After all, that happened during the days of the military draft, when there wre thousands of American men involuntarily serving and being forced to live in circumstances not of their choosing. Many of them, especially those born and raised in the segregated South, had no desire to live and work as equals with blacks -- much less find themselves under the command authority of those they had been raised to view as "niggers" who were inferior to any white man. Truman ordered desegregation to happen, and made it clear that those who could not accept the policy should be prepared to leave the military. And it worked.

Now for this to work, there would need to be certain rules in place -- but one's based upon common sense, not fears and biases. Deroy Murdock put it very well in National Review.

Sexual orientation should be irrelevant while inappropriate sexual conduct gay, straight, or otherwise should be punished.

I don't know anyone, from the most flaming gay activist to the most prude supporter of DADT who can reasonably argue with that notion. Let's set reasonable boundaries -- no sex in the chain of command, no sexual harassment, no sexual assault, etc -- that apply to every member of the US military. Any one with a normal set of moral values knows roughly what those boundaries ought to be -- we need to make them explicit and enforce them.

But what we don't need is folks like this driving the policy question. And if Elaine Donnelly is correct, that there are religious members of the armed forces who could not serve with homosexuals, then I would submit that they are lacking in their patriotism, unfit for duty, and deserving of a dishonorable discharge -- just like Donnelly's faux national security organization.

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Drill Here! Drill Now! Priority Number One!

If dealing with energy independence is the most important issue facing America, then no one can dispute that this is the right move by Senate Republicans.

Senate Republicans have threatened to block nearly all other bills pending before the August recess if Democrats refuse to vote with them on expanding offshore drilling.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said bills that do not pertain to energy can wait until after the August recess, with gas prices now surpassing $4 per gallon. McConnell and top Republicans indicated Wednesday they would oppose any procedural votes to take up other legislation, which require 60 votes to succeed.

We think there is nothing more important that we can do right now than to deal with the Number One issue of the country, McConnell said. This is the biggest issue since terrorism right after 9/11. People are pounding on their desks, saying, Why dont these people get together and do something about this problem?

This has to be a winner for the Republicans -- after all, 73% of Americans support offshore drilling. And we've already seen the positive effects of repealing the Executive Branch portion of the drilling ban -- the effects of repealing the Congressional ban would be no hoax.

Maybe a little more backbone by the GOP will turn things around in November.

H/T Hot Air

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The Difference Between Cindy And Michelle

One tells you what her husband will make you do.

Barack Obama will require you to work. He is going to demand that you shed your cynicism. That you put down your divisions. That you come out of your isolation, that you move out of your comfort zones. That you push yourselves to be better. And that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual, uninvolved, uninformed.

This hospital VP (whose salary was "just coincidentally" increased 250% right after her husband's election to the Senate -- which allowed him to steer earmarks to the hospital) also likes to tell folks not to strive for a high-salary corporate career and lifestyle (while publicly complaining about the cost of summer camp and music lessons for her daughters).

The other is a quiet humanitarian who brings medical services to those in the midst of grave humanitarian crises.

Over the years, [Cindy] McCain has taken medical services to a Sandinista stronghold after Nicaragua's civil war; set up a mobile hospital near Kuwait City while the oil wells still burned from the Persian Gulf War; helped in Bangladesh after a cyclone. And while in that country in 1991 she found her daughter Bridget in an orphanage -- "She really picked me," McCain insists. Sometimes the desire to save every child is properly concentrated on a single child.

Like most of Cindy McCain's life, these stories are generally hidden behind a wall of well-tailored reticence. She values the privacy of her family and resents the intrusiveness of the media. None of her relief work has been done for political consumption or Washington prominence. On the contrary, it has been an alternative life to the culture of the capital -- the rejection of the normal progress of a senator's wife. "It is not about me -- it never has been. I felt it was important -- that I had to do it. I never took government money. It was my own, and I am not ashamed of it."

But all this would have political consequences in a McCain administration. Even if a first lady is not intrusively political, the whole White House responds to her priorities. Cindy McCain has had decades of personal contact with the suffering of the developing world. And in some future crisis or genocide, it might matter greatly to have a first lady who knows the smell of death.

Now tell me -- which one of these women would you want your child to emulate? Which one ought to be held up as a role model for our young people? And which one's husband ought we be electing president?

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Obamabot Seeks Political Speech Suppression In Sugar Land

Thou Shalt Not Disrespect The Obamessiah!

In case their Plantation Bend neighbors had any questions about how Doug and Wendy McKain feel about Barack Obama, the bumper sticker on their pickup could be a clue.

But when Chynethia Gragg spotted the sticker depicting someone urinating on the name "Obama" Sugar Land police say, she stopped to express her disapproval, and that's when things got ugly.

Gragg, 35, has been charged with making a terroristic threat after confronting the McKains, telling them the sticker was racist, police said.

Well, she did a little bit more than "confront" and "threaten".

Court documents said Gragg told Norris she saw the sticker on the back of a pickup and stopped in front of the McKain house. She told Norris she confronted McKain about the sticker, saying it was racist.

McKain told the officer he and his wife were driving home when they noticed a female motorist looking closely at his truck. The couple drove home then pulled into their driveway.

"Mr. McKain said shortly later the same person (Ms. Gragg) pulled up to his residence (blocking his driveway behind his truck.) Mr. McKain said Ms. Gragg began to rant and rave about the sticker on the back of his truck," the court document states.

McKain told police Gragg shouted numerous profanities at him and his wife.

"Mr. McKain said Ms. Gragg said she (would) get someone to take care of him later," the report said.

Stalking. Unlawful imprisonment (they could not leave their own driveway to escape this loon). Trespassing. Terroristic threat. Disorderly conduct.

Wanna bet that it would be classified as a hate crime -- and a felony -- if the McKains had done something similar to the Obamabot Gragg?

Too bad she didn't try this over at Joe Horn's place -- it could have been quite amusing.

And for what it is worth -- I think the sticker is pretty distasteful, and would like to see the McKains replace it with something more appropriate. That said, it is neither racist nor beyond the protection of the First Amendment -- at least not until folks like Gragg get power.

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Rick Noriega: "Cornyn Was Right And I Was Wrong On Energy"

Gee -- it was only a couple of weeks ago that Rick Noriega's policy on oil was "No drilling in America -- take it from Iraq by force."

Now he's changed his mind.


Democratic Senate candidate Rick Noriega provided details Tuesday of his energy proposal, saying America needs to use renewable energy and find new sources of oil, in part through offshore drilling.

Texas leads the U.S. in both fossil fuel reserves and in renewable energy potential and deserves an energy policy that takes both factors into account, Noriega said in an energy policy document he unveiled in Dallas.

Interestingly enough, his position on drilling (and all the rest) now matches up almost identically with that of his GOP opponent, John Cornyn.

Im backing several bills to move America closer to energy independence. They include the Gas Price Reduction Act, to facilitate offshore and western shale exploration. The U.S. is well on the way toward transitioning away from over-reliance on fossil fuels. I support aggressively pursuing every source of energyincluding nuclear, clean coal, shale, wind and solar. We need it all. But as we move toward alternatives sources, our infrastructure relies on traditional energy.

So now it is pretty clear -- because he is too liberal for Texas, Rick Noriega has taken to cribbing his policy positions from John Cornyn. That being the case, would you care to explain to me why we need to replace the experienced Cornyn with the finger-in-the-wind neophyte Noriega?

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July 23, 2008

Is Obama Too Young For Presidency?

An interesting question -- raised tongue-in-cheek -- by a conservative legal scholar.

Barack Obama is too young to be president. Yes I know he is 46 and the Constitution sets the presidential age qualification at 35 or higher, but Obama has said that we ought not to interpret the Constitution woodenly and formalistically. Perhaps we should look deeper at the presidential age limit. If we do, we will find that Obama really is too young to be president.

Many on the legal left these days advocate purposive, pragmatic interpretation of the Constitution. The idea is you look behind the text to see what function it played for the framers and you then translate the text so it will play that same function for us today. What does this mean for the presidential age qualification?

In 1789, the average life expectancy of a newborn was about 40 years, compared with about 78 today. A lot of this was because of infant mortality, but in 1789, even the average life expectancy of every man who reached age 18 was only about 47. This suggests that at best a 35-year-old age limit in 1789 might have functioned then about the way a 55- or 60-year-old age qualification would function today. On this account Obama may be old enough to drive and buy a glass of white wine, but he has a way to go before he can run for president.

Northwestern University Professor of Law Steven G. Calabresi does a fantastic job of showing two things in his article -- why Obama is under-qualified for the Oval Office, and the utter vacuousness of a Constitutional jurisprudence (like that of Breyer, Ginsburg, and other left-wingers) that would set aside the text of the Constitution in favor of some unwritten meaning that judges deem more important (and knowable only by them).

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Shocker! Congressional Campaign Uses Consultants Familiar With District!

Now here's a big surprise -- when Pete Olson went looking for consultants to perform services for his political campaign, he went to folks who worked for or with Tom DeLay. And why should that be a surprise? After all, DeLay was the congressman here for a couple of decades.

And let's look at the details.

FEC records show Olson spent $50,448 on consultants between April 1 and June 30, some of whom also have faces familiar to District 22 political observers:

- Olson's campaign spent about $15,600 with Dana Benoit of Richmond, for fundraiser consulting services. Benoit served as DeLay's finance director for several years.

- Olson's campaign spent just over $9,000 with Walden & Associates of Houston, also for fundraising consulting. According to Source Watch, the firm is owned by Sue Walden, whom the New York Times described as a "close ally of Tom DeLay" who also served as an adviser to the late Ken Lay, former Enron chief executive.

- Olson's campaign also spent about $9,650 during the quarter with Marathon Strategic Communications, for media and "grassroots" consulting. The firm's address is listed at 3771 Vinecrest Drive in Dallas. Real estate records list the owner of the property at that address as Christopher Homan. Chris Homan was DeLay's former campaign manager.

FEC records show Olson's campaign also owes Marathon another $12,000 for consulting services.

Of course, not one of the individuals involved is accused of any wrong doing -- other than having previously worked on DeLay's campaigns, a capital offense in the eyes of liberal Democrats. That gives them a greater familiarity with the district in which Olson is running, which makes them valuable resources for Olson to draw upon. That makes their involvement with Pete Olson doubly scandalous -- if you are a partisan Democrat who wants to see incumbent Democrat Nick Lampson hang on to the congressional seat in the cherry-red CD22.

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Noriega's Pathetic Haul

What if they threw a fundraiser and nobody gave?

The Texas Embassy in London is not really an embassy, of course. Its a Tex-Mex restaurant near Trafalgar Square that serves nachos and fajitas. But it became a hotbed of political activity last night during a fund-raiser for Rick Noriega, a Democratic Senate candidate from Texas.

A half-dozen Americans living in London, including three Texans, gathered to sip margaritas and stump for Noriega, who is trying to unseat incumbent Republican Sen. John Cornyn. The group devoured plates of enchiladas and burritos and contributed a not-so-grand total of $400 to Noriegas campaign.

Let's see here -- they couldn't even muster $100 a head? Pretty pathetic -- but then again, Noriega's entire fundraising operation has been weak, and he trails incumbent John Cornyn by a margin of 9 or 10-1 in the fundraising department.

Why the fundraiser at all?

Event organizer Mark Mullen, a 41-year-old entrepreneur who grew up in Dallas, thinks Noriega is the first Democrat in a while to have a real shot at winning a Texas Senate seat. Noriegas a really cool guy. Hes in the Reserves. Hes really well-educated. And Cornyns a disaster. Its just a perfect storm! he said while dipping into a basket of nachos.

Perfect storm? Yeah, it looks like it -- and Rick Noriega is one of the guys whose boat never made it back to port. He's down by about 10-15 points in every poll (except for one strange outlier a couple months back) and the DSCC has decided not to target his race this year -- and they are targeting a lot of races this year in the hope of getting a veto-proof majority.


But don't worry -- after he is crushed like an empty Lone Star can, he can always return to his hobby of writing a diary at Daily Kos!

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July 22, 2008

Obama Stupidity Alert

He has to be monumentally stupid -- or telegraphing his intent to abandon Israel.

"Let me be absolutely clear," Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said today at a press conference in Amman, Jordan. "Israel is a strong friend of Israel's. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under a McCain...administration. It will be a strong friend of Israel's under an Obama administration. So that policy is not going to change."

So let's be really clear -- under Barack Obama, Israel will still be permitted to be fully supportive of Israel. On the other hand, he won't go on the record as keeping American policy supportive of Israel.

Wanna bet the LeftoSphere won't pillory him on this like they would a Republican?

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Oil Down $20 In One Week

But George Bush's contemporaneous announcement of the repeal of an executive order on off-shore drilling didn't have anything to do with the 13.5% drop in oil prices.

Oil prices tumbled more than $3 a barrel Tuesday as Tropical Storm Dolly grew increasingly unlikely to threaten supply, knocking out one more reason traders had to prop up prices.

The sell-off was a throwback to last week's sharp declines, and dragged crude to its lowest level since early June. A stronger dollar helped keep prices in check.

Light, sweet crude for August delivery fell $3.09 to settle at $127.95 a barrel in its last trading day on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Earlier the contract, which will be replaced by September crude Wednesday, dropped as low as $125.63. It was crude's fourth decline in the last five sessions.

So, the notion that drilling here immediately will decrease gas prices is a hoax. Speaker Pelosi? If so, then why is the mere hint of doing so depressing oil prices, as well as strengthening the dollar and the stock market?

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Dem Convention VIPs Get Gas Tax Break -- Regular Americans Don't

And as I pointed out recently, Dems actually want to raise gas taxes for the rest of us.

But they will get a gas-tax holiday at the Democrat convention.

The committee hosting the Democratic National Convention is using the city's gas pumps to fill up on fuel, avoiding state and federal highway taxes, officials said today.

"There's something there that just doesn't seem right to me because, in a sense, you're saying then that the officials who pass the laws are not willing to live by them, and that concerns me," Councilwoman Jeanne Faatz said.

The issue came up during the council's weekly meeting with Mayor John Hickenlooper when the Public Works Department requested authorization to be reimbursed by the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee for use of "fueling facilities, fuel and car washes."

"By doing it this way, by running it through our Fleet Maintenance, that means that that fuel does not pay state or federal highway taxes," Faatz said.

While Denver's Democrat mayor, John Hickenlooper, says the Republicans are getting the same deal in St. Paul, that isn't true.

Teresa McFarland, a spokeswoman for the Minneapolis-St. Paul host committee, said they're getting their gas at the pump.

"We're not getting a tax break on fuel," she said. "That's not the set-up at this end."

I'm glad to hear that my party isn't evading taxes that the rest of us are paying. But even if they were, getting the gas tax free would still be wrong and should be forbidden.

H/T Hot Air, Don Surber

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Obama Gets It Bass-Ackwards

"I was right because the surge wouldn't have worked if all the things that happened after the surge hadn't happened."


"I am not persuaded that 20,000 additional troops in Iraq is going to solve the sectarian violence" in Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, said in January 2007. "In fact, I think it will do the reverse."

In Baghdad yesterday, after a day spent witnessing the reduction in violence in Iraq, Obama was asked by ABC News' Terry Moran if he was wrong..

"Here is what I will say," Obama said, "I think that, I did not anticipate, and I think that this is a fair characterization, the convergence of not only the surge but the Sunni awakening in which a whole host of Sunni tribal leaders decided that they had had enough with Al Qaeda, in the Shiia community the militias standing down to some degrees. So what you had is a combination of political factors inside of Iraq that then came right at the same time as terrific work by our troops. Had those political factors not occurred, I think that my assessment would have been correct."

Why were teh Sunnis able to do that? Because the American troops were beating back Al-Qaeda. Why were the Shii'a militias standing down? Because of the overwhelming superiority of the combined US and Iraqi militaries. The surge CREATED the conditions for those things to happen.

It is rather like someone saying "I would have been right about the angioplasty being unsuccessful if the blockages in the arteries to the heart hadn't been removed and the blood hadn't started having a less obstructed flow. So while I will admit that the surgeons doing the angioplasty did a fine job, the changes in the conditions of the arteries and the bloodflow are what's really significant, and those might have happened on their own if my strategy of not doing the angioplasty had been implemented."

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Gee, Do You Think?

Who writes these headlines, anyway?

6-legged deer an unusual sight

Yeah -- more than four is definitely an unusual sight.

Found in today's Rome News from Rome, Georgia.

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Petition For Rehearing In Child Rape Death Penalty Ruling

Given the obvious flaws in the decision, pointed out by the press and bloggers around the web, this case is ripe for reconsideration.

Louisiana prosecutors asked the Supreme Court yesterday to revisit its recent decision outlawing the death penalty for people convicted of raping children.

The unusual request is based on the failure of anyone involved in the case -- lawyers on both sides as well as the justices -- to take account of a change in federal law in 2006 that authorizes the death penalty for members of the military convicted of child rape.

The court almost never grants such requests, but lawyers for Louisiana said their situation is different. The 5 to 4 decision, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, said the absence of any recent executions for rape and the small number of states that allow such executions demonstrate "there is a national consensus against capital punishment for the crime of child rape."

When Congress in 1994 expanded the number of federal crimes that could get the death penalty, it did not include raping a child, Kennedy said.

Only after the decision was issued on June 25 did anyone point out that Congress changed that law and that President Bush signed an executive order in September 2007 that implemented the change. It was first discussed on a military law blog.

Now here's the problem -- it takes five justices to reconsider a ruling. Will any of the five justices in the majority vote to reconsider the case, given the glaring error upon which the decision was based? Does the majority decision even hold water any longer? And if it doesn't, isn't that an even more serious reason for the justices in the majority to refuse reconsideration, given the strong anti-death penalty bias of several of those in the majority?

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A Rabbi Calls For Death For Terrorists

Mercy is a good thing -- but so is justice.

And when mercy is perceived by the most vicious of one's enemies to be weakness rather than virtue, and therefore to become more vicious, then mercy becomes a vice which must be set aside in the name of a more firm devotion to bringing justice to those enemies.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach brings the issue of the death penalty for terrorists to the fore.

IT IS time that we articulate what few wish to, namely, that Israel must finally institute a death penalty for convicted terrorists.

To be sure, human life is of infinite value and every human being is equally a child of God. No country upholds this statute more than Israel, which is why it is prepared to set killers free just to retrieve the bodies of its fallen soldiers. Israel could have defeated Hizbullah and Hamas with ease had it not always limited its overwhelming firepower to protect innocent civilians. A country this virtuous naturally balks from putting anyone, even terrorists, to death.

Indeed, since the Nazi Eichmann, there has been no execution in Israel.

And as a result, Israel has been forced to exchange some of the worst of the worst terrorist murderers for captured soldiers -- or the mutilated bodies of soldiers who had been tortured to death by terrorists of the same ilk as those released.

What to do?

As for those who argue that if Israel puts its terrorist captives to death the same will be done to its soldiers once captured, I ask, does anyone seriously believe that it would be otherwise? We once believed that Goldwasser and Regev might likewise come home alive, and for two years Hizbullah manipulated the emotions of the country to believe just that. But like so many other Israeli prisoners before them, they ultimately came home in a box.

I am not suggesting that Israel take unilateral action and simply hang captured terrorists. They should be given a fair trial, just like Kuntar, in which he was found guilty and sentenced to more than 500 years in prison. But once found guilty and allowed an appeal, if their conviction is upheld, they must be executed.

There are times when a country must temporarily violate a principle to ensure it is upheld. Police cars speed to catch those who themselves speed on highways, thereby endangering other motorists. Surgeons cut open people's chests with knives to save their blocked arteries and stopped hearts. And just governments must sometimes take the lives of unrepentant terrorist mass-murderers to protect and uphold the infinite value of human life.

Indeed, I'd argue that there is a moral imperative for the removal of such diseased specimens of humanity from this mortal coil. After all, mercy has gotten Israel precisely nothing.

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McCain Veep Speculation

Begun by the Prince of Darkness himself.

Sources close to Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign are suggesting he will reveal the name of his vice presidential selection this week while Sen. Barack Obama is getting the headlines on his foreign trip. The name of McCain's running mate has not been disclosed, but Mitt Romney has led the speculation recently.

The timing would be odd, but not unprecedented. And it might distract from the current Obama Blitz through the Middle East and Europe. But when would he do this? And who would be the pick?

Well, the rumor is Mitt Romney. But that would mean no announcement this week, since Romney is out of the country until Friday or Saturday (for that matter, Cindy McCain is out of the country, too -- and spouses are a must for these events)

Now you understand, I wouldn't mind that choice at all. After all, I was a Romney supporter from the beginning. But does he supply the Oomph!" that the McCain ticket needs? And would his selection harm his prospects in 2012 if Obama wins this fall?

But then again, there is also that meeting scheduled for tomorrow with Louisiana's Bobby Jindal -- another favorite of mine. But Jindal said yesterday that he wasn't going to be the pick. I'd assume that means he hasn't been asked for vetting material -- plus he may be a bit too young. Let him clean up Louisiana and run in 2012 -- at the top or bottom of the ticket, with an even more impressive record.

So if not them, who? Rudy? Crist? Pawlenty? Palin? Portman? Who?

And, of course, WHEN? Politico is saying not quite yet.

Or is this just one of those stories that rises to the surface on a bubble of speculation, only to fall away into obscurity when it does not come to pass.

More From AOSHQ, Next Right, Hot Air, Sister Toldjah, STACLU

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Instant Jihad's Gonna Get You

Another terrorist, another bulldozer.

Sixteen people were wounded, one of them moderately, as a bulldozer driver went on a rampage in central Jerusalem Tuesday afternoon in an apparent attempt to recreate the terror attack in the capital earlier this month.

The vehicle reportedly left a construction site near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood and set off towards Liberty Bell Park (Gan Hapa'amon), near the corner of Keren Hayesod and King David streets. It drove a distance of approximately 160 meters, attempting to overturn a bus and crashing into four other vehicles - one of which it flipped over. The man was then shot dead by a civilian and a border policeman.

The wounded were evacuated to hospitals in the capital.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said police sealed off possible escape routes into east Jerusalem, and were searching for two suspects who fled the scene.

Thank's be to God that there were no fatalities this time.

But remember, folks -- it is all the fault of the evil JOOOOOOOS!

Oh, as an interesting side note -- the attack occurred just down the street from where Obama will be staying tonight.

H/T Soccer Dad

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Perhaps We Do Need A Fairness Doctrine

No, not for talk radio.

For the pages of the New York Times.

An editorial written by Republican presidential hopeful McCain has been rejected by the NEW YORK TIMES -- less than a week after the paper published an essay written by Obama, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

The paper's decision to refuse McCain's direct rebuttal to Obama's 'My Plan for Iraq' has ignited explosive charges of media bias in top Republican circles.

'It would be terrific to have an article from Senator McCain that mirrors Senator Obama's piece,' NYT Op-Ed editor David Shipley explained in an email late Friday to McCain's staff. 'I'm not going to be able to accept this piece as currently written.'

Oh -- the decision was made by a former White House staffer during the Clinton Administration. He's the same guy who approved Barack Obama's piece to which McCain was responding. Nothing suspicious there -- just move along.

The paper is, of course, continuing to defend itself. And some journalists are supporting them. But others are not.

But it does raise an interesting question -- why doesn't a piece by one candidate rebutting the views of another candidate expressed in your editorial pages constitute an acceptable response?

McCain's piece is below the fold (twice in one day -- and I almost never go below the fold!) -- and in the New York Post.

Others commenting include MVRWC, Patterico, Malkin, Political Radar, Don Surber, Gay Patriot, Wolf Howling, Election HQ, LGF (noting that NYT won't publish McCain, but will publish Hamas), AOSHQ, Hot Air

Continue to be enlightened while reading "Perhaps We Do Need A Fairness Doctrine" »

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KOSsacks Force Paper To Pull Piece

Could you imagine the uproar if conservatives tried to get a mildly critical article pulled from a newspaper? Or is right-wing bloggers -- say Michelle Malkin, Powerline, or LGF -- and members of the Free Republic online community raised such a fuss about a piece that the editors of a newspaper or magazine felt obliged to not merely apologize, but also to pull the article in question from their online archives? You know, tried to shove it down the memory hole (here's the Google Cache -- when will it disappear?).

Well, that's what happened in loony-left Austin, Texas, in response to an article about the Krazy Kos Kiddies' annual confab.

The original article by the Statesmans Patrick Beach knocked the nutrooters for the so-called surprise Gore visit, said it turned into a faint-in, and that their general feeling was terribly self-confirming, among other snippy comments fun, but snippy. The general tone of the piece was that of amusement at how seriously the nutrooters took themselves. And, even more galling to said nutrooters, this story was the front page editorial of Sundays edition. (Original, Google cached version of Beachs piece.)

This did not sit well with the nutrooters in question.

So, in the true spirit of tolerance, respect for freedom of speech, and an interest in a free press, the denizens of the DailyKos whipped themselves up into a frenzy of complaints. The din was so loud that the compliant folks at the Austin American-Statesman acquiesced to the demands for retribution. The Statesman pulled the piece from their website and made abject, groveling apologies to the folks at the DailyKos.

What did the paper have to say about the article in question?

Readers expect front-page stories to speak directly and clearly about events and issues. Eliminating the possibility of misunderstanding from our work is a critical part of our daily newsroom routine. When we communicate in a way that could be misinterpreted, we fail to meet our standards.

Our front-page story Sunday about the Netroots Nation convention included doses of irony and exaggeration. It made assertions (that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi might find herself at home politically in Beijing, for example) and characterizations (marauding liberals was one) meant to amuse. For many readers, we failed.

In trying for a humorous take on the Netroots phenomenon without labeling it something other than a straightforward news story, we compromised our standards.

Fred Zipp, editor


  1. This should have been labeled as commentary rather than straight news.

  2. Our editors did made poor editorial choices.

  3. Sometimes satirical commentary doesn't amuse its targets.

  4. All of this means we fell short of our standards.

Now I don't disagree with point one, or even point two -- especially because point two is pretty common in the Austin American Statesman. And as for number three, that is the very nature of satire. But point four is the big one that bothers me -- in the name of "upholding their standards, they are committing an even bigger violation of their standards and journalistic ethics -- they are covering up their own shortcomings and rewriting history by making the original article inaccessible. We wouldn't want folks to be able to look back and see the putative errors in judgment and journalistic shortfalls of the paper, would we? And we certainly wouldn't want folks to be able to look back and see if the criticisms and apologies are justified! After all, leaving the article in place would allow for both, and it might just expose that those who complained were working out of a narrow ideological agenda and those who caved-in were willing accomplices to censorship.

Perhaps even more shocking is the admission by Editor & Publisher commentator Greg Mitchell that he decided to do a "public service" by posting about it to his Kos Diary! Excuse me -- what ever happened to objective journalism? Daily Kos is a fever swamp of liberalism, every bit as extreme as the cesspool over at Democratic Underground. Would editors and publishers be as open to employing Freepers in their newsrooms and on their editorial staffs? So now we have a professional journalist setting himself up as "media commisar" on behalf of an extremist ideological group to make sure that offending pieces don't see the light of day -- or at least not for long. What next? Burning printing presses?

Anyway, as a public service, I'm not going to let the article go away so easily. So click below the fold to see what chief censor Greg Mitchell, the Krazy Kos Kiddies, and the Austin American Statesman don't want you to see. After all, it is only reasonable that the public have the capacity to be fully informed about the issues of the day -- and to determine whence the threat to freedom of the press really emanates.

Continue to be enlightened while reading "KOSsacks Force Paper To Pull Piece" »

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Alzheimer's Memory Walk

When my wife and I moved into the area where we live, we joined a church just down the road. Among the many special people we met there were an older couple, George and Eliza. They were a truly loving couple who had married right after the war ended in 1945. George would tell stories us stories about his time in the Navy and working at NASA including stories about interactions with our nations first astronauts I remember him off-handedly referring to Neil and Buzz in one story about the Apollo program. But I havent heard these stories in recent years a couple of years ago the doctors diagnosed George as having Alzheimer's disease. Now his train of thought is too short to tell such a story is gone. The dementia that comes from the brain damage associated with Alzheimer's, damage caused by the irreversible destruction of brain cells that let him share those wonderful tales. Ill be honest -- I miss my old friend very much. And I know Eliza does as well.

What can we do for folks like George and Eliza? What can we do for to stop this terrible disease that tears our loved ones away from us while leaving their bodies still present. We can support the Alzheimer's Memory Walk this fall, either by pledging, walking, or serving as a team captain. Too many have lost too much to Alzheimers we need to act now to prevent others from facing the same sad fate.
Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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Watcher's Council Results

The Watcher is retiring, but the Watcher's Council will continue. We members of the Council are trying to figure out the exact details. Watch this space for details.
Visit my fellow this week's Council Results over at JoshuaPundit. The winners for the week are:

Council Winner: Wolf Howling -- Critiquing The Obama Manifesto On Iraq.

Non-Council Winner: Melanie Phillips -- Sleepwalking Into Islamization.

There were some really great pieces this week, so check them all out!

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July 21, 2008

Brit PM Embraces Terrorist, Trashes Israel

Yeah -- the problems in the Middle East are all the fault of the JOOOOOOOOOS!

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown demanded Sunday that Israel cease settlement construction and promised more money to jump-start the battered Palestinian economy.

In his first trip to Israel and the Palestinian territories as Britain's leader, Brown repeatedly stressed that economics are key to Mideast peace and said Israel should ease travel restrictions in the West Bank that have hindered commerce.

But his strongest comments were reserved for the settlements: "I think the whole European Union is very clear on this matter: We want to see a freeze on settlements.

"Settlement expansion has made peace harder to achieve. It erodes trust; it heightens Palestinian suffering; it makes the compromises Israel needs to make for peace more difficult," Brown said at a news conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank town of Bethlehem.

Abbas went further in his criticism of Israel's construction in disputed east Jerusalem and the adjacent West Bank, telling Brown that Israel lacks commitment to the "principles and spirit" of Mideast peace efforts. He singled out stepped-up construction of homes for Jews in areas of Jerusalem the Palestinians claim for their capital.

Now let's remind Prime Minister Brownstain that Israel gave up all settlements in Gaza a few years back, to making the area every bit as Jew-free as Hitler wanted the Third Reich. The result? Continued terrorist attacks on Israel from the abandoned territory. So we have seen how well "no settlement" and "land for peace" has worked -- but Brownstain still wants Israel to try it some more. Isn't the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over in the hopes that next time it will have a different result?

And, of course, Prime Minister Brownstain wants to give the government of terrorist leader Abu Mazen more money -- yeah -- money for terrorists is sure to bring down the level of violence and promote peace and stability.

Because remember -- it's all Israel's fault.

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Pope Urges Focus On Spiritual, Not Material

It is a message of Christianity that is as old as Christ -- indeed, in the New Testament is is presented as "seek ye first the Kingdom of God." Ad the many young pilgrims who traveled to Sydney, Australia for the World Youth Day celebration with Pope Benedict XVI heard the pontiff restate it for them.

Indeed, he noted that placing the spiritual before the material was the key to bringing about the renewal of our modern society.

"In so many of our societies, side by side with material prosperity, a spiritual desert is spreading: an interior emptiness, an unnamed fear, a quiet sense of despair," the pontiff said.

Quite true -- indeed, we see the results of that emptiness every day in news reports and popular entertainment that rejects the values of God.

Sadly, the need to focus on the sensational over the spiritual was demonstrated by AP and CNN, when they recast their article to focus not on the message but on a meeting with a small group of victims of clergy abuse and the complaints by Church critics that they were not included. Perhaps the most obvious sign of this was CNN's change of headline -- from

Pope: 'Spiritual Desert' Growing Across World

Pope meets abuse victims in Australia

After all, it would never do to focus on the Good News when the salacious is available.

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July 20, 2008

Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part IX

From the great state of Tennessee, I bring you the incredibly corrupt John Ford -- and yes, this would be Harold Ford's uncle.

In the end, former state Sen. John Ford's disclosures, the ones he revealed and the ones he tried to hide, led to the downfall of the once-powerful Memphis Democrat, who was convicted Friday on federal corruption charges.

A federal jury convicted Ford on two counts of wire fraud and four counts of concealing material facts stemming from the secret payments he took from two TennCare contractors while he was in the Tennessee Senate.

The nine-woman, three-man jury agreed with government prosecutors: Ford cheated the people of Tennessee.

For all his gravitas and influence, Ford seemed resigned to his fate. When he heard the verdict, he didn't react. A federal judge will sentence him on Sept. 29.

The wire fraud convictions each carry a maximum penalty of 20 years. The false statement charges carry a maximum penalty of five years each. He could get a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison. Ford, 66, is serving 5 years for a bribery conviction in an unrelated case.

Oh, yeah -- the whole thing was triggered when John Ford lied about his income during a child support hearing. That means that he not only ripped off the people of Tennessee, but was also trying to rip off his own children as well.

What a prince!

Your Democrat elected officials in action!

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What A Difference The Target Makes

Extreme partisanship? Check.

Disrespect of military service and time as a POW? Check.

Blatant anti-Asian racism? Check.

So where's the outrage over this illustration from Rolling Stone magazine?


And yet there has been nary a peep from the media over this, while we've heard all sorts of discussion of the New Yorker cover lampooning false beliefs about Obama.

What's the difference?

Oh, I think we know the answer.

The MSM is in the tank for Barack, but is willing to allow a lot of garbage to be slung at John McCain. And if that mean not commenting upon those who mock his torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese as a POW -- and the use of exaggerated facial features reminiscent of the worst stereotypes of the 1930s and 1940s (or even earlier), then so be it.

And interestingly enough, neither the McCain campaign nor the candidate himself have made a big deal about this -- in sharp contrast to the manner in which Obama and his surrogates dealt with the New Yorker cover. That just shows that John McCain is a real man who can take the nastiness that comes from the press when you are a candidate for president (and when you actually have the job) -- and that Obama's thin skin is simply one more reason that he isn't ready for the Oval Office.


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When Will Public Officials Be Held To Be Accessories To Such Crimes?

If you are going to adopt "sanctuary city" policies that allow violent criminals to run free when they should be deported, are you not an accomplice to their criminal activity?

The man charged with killing a father and two sons on a San Francisco street last month was one of the youths who benefited from the city's long-standing practice of shielding illegal immigrant juveniles who committed felonies from possible deportation, The Chronicle has learned.

Edwin Ramos, now 21, is being held on three counts of murder in the June 22 deaths of Tony Bologna, 48, and his sons Michael, 20, and Matthew, 16. They were shot near their home in the Excelsior district when Tony Bologna, driving home from a family picnic, briefly blocked the gunman's car from completing a left turn down a narrow street, police say.

Ramos, a native of El Salvador whom prosecutors say is a member of a violent street gang, was found guilty of two felonies as a juvenile - a gang-related assault on a Muni passenger and the attempted robbery of a pregnant woman - according to authorities familiar with his background.

In neither instance did officials with the city's Juvenile Probation Department alert federal immigration authorities, because it was the city agency's policy not to consider immigration status when deciding how to deal with an offender. Had city officials investigated, they would have found that Ramos lacked legal status to remain in the United States.

Edwin Ramos murdered three American citizens, aided and abetted by the City of San Francisco. This wasn't an oversight or a case of human error. This was a policy decision by the elected officials of the city to allow rabid beasts like Ramos to roam the streets when there was a legitimate way to promote public safety by turning him over to federal officials for deportation. That is a violation of federal law -- and makes those officials complicit in the murder of Tony, Michael, and Matthew Bologna. Will some courageous prosecutor -- state or federal -- hold Gavin Newsom and the members of the City Council accountable for their actions by indicting them and taking them to trial?

More At Michelle Malkin, Patterico

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Make Courts "Democratically Accountable"?

That is the suggestion of Lani Guinier, commenting on the sort of Obamanations that will be nominated to the Supreme Court if the Democrats win the presidency this fall.

Harvard law professor Lani Guinier hopes to get scholars, as well as judges, to rethink the role of a Supreme Court justice, a role she describes as "the justice as a teacher in a national seminar, an educator."

"They're not just making laws and delivering those tablets from Mount Olympus," Guinier said. "The project of being a Supreme Court justice is also a project of being an important citizen in a democracy."

While Guinier said she would not necessarily argue that the next president should nominate a politician, she said it was important to "make the court more democratically accountable."

Funny, I've read the US Constitution -- it does not include any role for a justice as "teacher in a national seminar". It vests them with the judicial power -- the authority to interpret and apply the laws and the Constitution. Indeed, too many judges have forgotten that since the 1930s, believing that the language of statutes and Constitutional provisions are secondary to the latest legal theory or foreign law and precedent.

But if she really wants to make the Supreme Court (and the rest of the courts, too) "democratically accountable", I've got an idea -- let's follow the model here in Texas. Let's bring some real democracy into the picture by allowing the voters to democratically elect judges.

Indeed, let me offer a proposal. We have nine Supreme Court justices Let's break them into three separate classes, just like we do Senators. Stagger their elections -- put three of them up for election to a twelve year term every four years, during the even-numbered year in which there is not a presidential election. Give Circuit Court judges eight year terms, staggered so that half are reelected every four years in the non-presidential year. Put District Court judges on the ballot every four years, during the non-presidential year.

Oh, wait, you don't want them THAT democratically accountable? You're afraid that the people will vote the entire Ninth Circuit off the island? That the justices who oppose the Second Amendment and coddle terrorists and teenage killers would be booted from the bench -- along with any judge who tried to impose gay marriage nationwide? Isn't that "democratic accountability"?

Oh, I see -- what you meant is that the justices must be "Democratically accountable". That there must be some mechanism for getting them to always rule in a manner consistent with the Democrat platform, since it is so hard to get many of its more liberal ideas enacted by legislative bodies that are "democratically accountable".

And given that the overwhelming majority of Americans view the Supreme Court as "just right" or "too liberal", I find your suggestion that the Court doesn;t really represent the mainstream of the American mind to be rather disingenuous anyway.

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Pelosi To American People: Eff You!

It doesn't matter what the people have to say on the matter. It's all about Queen 9% and what SHE wants.

A plan to lift the ban on coastal drilling is stalled on Capitol Hill, for one simple reason: A Californian who opposes President Bush's proposal is calling the shots in the House of Representatives.

Despite growing public support for ending the ban, even in California, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco said she won't allow the immediate vote the president wants.

"I have no plans to do so," Pelosi said last week.

Her position is that if drilling won't reduce prices tomorrow, it shouldn't happen -- but she supports all sorts of alternative energy programs that ALSO won't do a damn thing for energy prices tomorrow. Maybe we shouldn't do solar, geothermal, or windmills -- oh, that's right, no windmills where they might obscure the view of Senator Teddy the Hutt (D-Chivas, Oldsmobile, and Chappaquiddick Bridge).

So while 73% of Americans -- and 51% of Californians -- support such drilling, it isn't going to happen because Nancy Pelosi doesn't believe it should happen.

What do we need here? Tar and feathers? A short rope and a tall tree? What will it take to get rid Queen 9% to quit obstructing energy independence?

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When I Was Six Years Old

I remember sitting and watching this as it happened, live.

(H/T Ace)

Hard to believe it has been thirty-nine years -- and that it has been three-and-a-half decades since man last walked on the moon.

And that our space program has been such a mess in the decades since that I'll be approaching sixty before Americans again set foot on Earth's closest neighbor. I doubt I'm alone in considering that to be shameful.

On the other hand, I am blessed to have a number of friends -- honest-to-God rocket scientists -- who work over at Johnson Space Center. Among other things, one of them is working on Project Constellation, hoping to see Americans back on the moon before his daughters finish college. It is history in the making, made by ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things.

And I'm also blessed to be friends with a number of old NASA hands who tell some of the funniest "inside stories" about the glory days. One couple that I love dearly told me stories about a group of NASA wives making dinners for the families of the Apollo crews during the missions -- and how thirty-nine years ago their kids made a killing selling lemonade to the reporters covering the Armstrong home just around the corner, since it was a typical sweltering July here in Houston. It's the sort of stuff that doesn't make it into the history books.

So take a moment to remember that moment when mankind accomplished one of the greatest achievements of the twentieth century.

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No Drilling! No Relief! Higher Gas Taxes!

That seems to be the course being taken by the Democrats now that the price of gas has doubled during their control of Congress.

The political vision of a summer gas tax holiday died a quick death in Congress, losing to a view that federal excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel will have to go up if they go anywhere.

Despite calls from the presidential campaign trail for a Memorial Day-to-Labor Day tax freeze, lawmakers quickly concluded with a prod from the construction industry that having $9 billion less to spend on highways could create a pre-election specter of thousands of lost jobs.

Now, lawmakers quietly are talking about raising fuel taxes by a dime from the current 18.4 cents a gallon on gasoline and 24.3 cents on diesel fuel.

In other words, Democrats think you aren't paying enough for gas -- especially since you are driving less -- so they will add an additional dime to the cost of every gallon you buy. So the net time you here Democrat leaders talk about the price of gas being too high, remind them that it is their own party that wants to INCREASE the cost of gasoline while prohibiting new exploration and drilling in this country that will bring the price down -- even though it might take much less than ten years to bring the new oil to market.

And then there is this gobbledy-gook from carbon sasquatch Al Gwhore.

Doug Ross offers these stickers for your consideration.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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July 19, 2008

Dems Email Hillary Supporters: We Own You -- Now Support Barack!

This would have to be one of the more arrogant moves by a political party in the history of the United States -- but then again, it is being done in the service of the most arrogant presidential candidate of my lifetime, an accomplishment-free neophyte who thinks he is somehow owed the support of those who oppose his candidacy.


Dear Democratic Friends:

2008 is a Democratic year-at all levels in all the states. The opportunity is ours. We just have to seize it.

We experienced an exciting, intense, sometimes difficult, campaign to nominate our presidential candidate. Now it's over. Barack Obama won.

I supported Hillary Clinton and am proud and pleased that I did. But she lost. Barack Obama won. It's over.

It is time for all Democrats, supporters of Senator Clinton and all other contenders for the nomination, to stand with him to secure his election and the election of Democrats at all levels of competition.

I must confess a bit of fatigue and irritation with people who continue to carp, complain, and criticize the results of the primary and lay down conditions for their support. The Los Angeles Lakers didn't establish conditions to recognize the Boston Celtics as NBA Champions; Roger Federer did not demand concessions before recognizing that Rafael Nadal defeated him at Wimbledon.

It is time to act in a mature and resourceful fashion. It's time to put the primaries behind us. It's time to support Barack Obama without conditions or demands.

It's time to WIN for Barack Obama, the Democratic Party, America, and our future. We have an unparalleled opportunity. I hope we will all do everything we can to seize the moment.

See you at the Inauguration.


Don Fowler
DNC Member At-Large, South Carolina
Former Chair of the Democratic National Committee

Alice Germond
Secretary, Democratic National Committee

Can you believe the insanity of this email?

The difference between Barack Obama and the Celtics or Nadal is that Obama has yet to win anything -- he technically is not even the party's nominee yet, and the rules of the DNC allow delegates to change their mind on who they support between now and the convention, so there is absolutely no guarantee that Barack Obama will be the actual nominee. Indeed, that is one of the "conditions" laid down by those who supported Hillary -- that she actually be nominated at the convention and the delegates actually be permitted to reflect the vote of the people by casting their votes for her if they so choose.

But beyond that, Fowler and Germond forget one other aspect to this matter -- the election isn't over yet. Indeed, these folks who are unhappy with Barack Obama and the DNC are fully vested with the right to vote for any candidate they want in November, including John McCain. As American citizens, their ballots belong to themselves, not to the Democrat Party to dictate for them even if they are not satisfied with the party's nominee. They might want to re-read the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the Constitution -- put there by Republicans over the howling protests of an earlier generation of Democrats.

Besides, the folks receiving this email are acting in the best tradition of their party -- the Democrats "continue[d] to carp, complain, and criticize the results" of the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections, attempting to overturn the results of one of them in the courts and questioning the legitimacy of the Bush presidency for the last 7 1/2 years. Carping, complaining and criticizing are the only things the Democrats have been good at during this time -- Lord knows they have been repeatedly unsuccessful in passing much meaningful legislation in support of their own agenda even with a majority of both houses of Congress.

On the other hand, this Republican wants to point out that we respect the right of every American citizen to vote their conscience this November -- and that includes disaffected Democrats who choose to reject Barack Obama's candidacy for the presidency and instead vote for a candidate with a substantive record of accomplishment and service to this country -- John McCain.

More At Wake up America, No Quarter, Buck Naked Politics

UPDATE: Protein Wisdom points out that one Jesse Jackson was given significantly more respect two decades ago than Hillary is getting today from the Obamessiah. He asks why. I think we all know the answer to that question -- the relative melanin levels of the candidates. The Democrats can't win without blacks, but think they can without women.

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Outrageous Quote Of The Day

Now I'll be honest -- I have some problems with the treatment this woman received. Some of what was done probably should not have been.

However, this quote shows a certain arrogance on her part that infects a great many border-jumping immigration criminals.

I felt like they were treating me like a criminal person, Mrs. Villegas said, speaking in Spanish in a telephone interview. The phone in her room was turned off, and she was not permitted to speak with her husband when he came to retrieve their newborn son from the hospital on July 7 as she returned to jail, she said.

Let's see -- she was driving in a manner just one step below what would get her charged for reckless driving. She had no driver's license (and presumably no insurance). She was in the country illegally, and had reentered the US after having been deported once before for illegally living and working in this country.

Imagine that -- she was treated like she was a lawbreaker!

Round 'em up. Ship 'em back! Build a wall!

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Obama A Socialist?

Well, not explicitly.

However, John McCain does make a telling point here.

His voting record is more to the left than the announced socialist in the United States Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

McCain is, however, not quite correct. The American Conservative Union gives both Obama and Sanders an 8% rating -- meaning that Obama is not more left-wing than a socialist, merely as left-wing as a socialist. However, I don't think that is anything that Obama wants to brag about.

UPDATE: Ed Morrissey offers a somewhat different take.

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Missing The Point On Deseg Decision

One year on, it appears that too many on the Left don't get the point on last year's Supreme Court decisions upholding Brown v. Board of Education's essential ruling that race-based school decisions on where children should attend school were a violation of the Constitution.

With its decision in Meredith, the court was forcing Louisville to rethink the way it would assign elementary-school students and, in the process, to confront some tricky questions. Is the purpose of integration simply to mix students of different colors for the sake of equity or to foster greater familiarity and comfort among the races? Should integration necessarily translate into concrete gains like greater achievement for all students? If so, is mixing students by race the most effective mechanism for attaining it?

The problem, of course, is that INTEGRATION of schools is not a requirement under the US Constitution -- ending de jure segregation is the standard which has to be met. Thus, when I go to work this fall at a school that is around 90% Hispanic, there is no Constitutional violation provided the school receives appropriate resources and the attendance zone decisions are not made on racial criteria -- the residential patterns of the district and the district and the geographic reality of an interstate highway that serves as the north/south attendance boundary between my district's high schools serve as a legitimate basis for de facto differences in the ethnic make up of the two schools.

Desegregation, properly understood in light of Brown, requires that race-based government action not result in segregation of schools. Equity requires color-blindness only. It does not mean achieving "balance" everywhere, regardless of geographic realities and parental choice. And while "familiarity" and "comfort" may be nice goals, being treated as an individual rather than a member of a group who must atone for ethnic sins (or be compensated for the ethnic sins of others) is the Constitutional standard.

And improving achievement is an entirely separate goal from the mixing of races in some bureaucratically defined proportion -- which is why the kids at the school I'm moving to performed at the same high level on my subject's TAKS test as did kids at the more ethnically diverse school where I taught last year. It comes down to how and where you focus your efforts and money in order to maximize achievement by every student -- and the expectations you set for the students to accomplish that end.

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Iran: Talks A Waste Of Time

After all, if the point is to get uranium enrichment suspended, this statement negates the entire purpose of the meeting.

Iran on Saturday ruled out freezing its uranium enrichment program, casting doubt over the value of its talks with six world powers less then an hour after they started.

The talks _ with the U.S. in attendance for the first time _ had raised expectations of possible compromise on a formula under which Iran would agree to stop expanding its enrichment activities. In exchange, the six powers _ including the five permanent U.N. Security Council members _ would hold off on passing new U.N. sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

But the comments from Keyvan Imani, a member of the Iranian delegation, appeared to indicate that his government was not prepared to budge on enrichment _ at least going into the talks.

"Suspension _ there is no chance for that," he told reporters gathered in the courtyard of Geneva's ornate City Hall, the venue of the negotiations.

Time to put away the documents, lock the briefcases, and return home. Iran just isn't interested in progress towards disarmament.

Looks like the Israelis may have to handle this matter after all.

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I Really Can't Blame Him

After all, that is usually my reaction to Conan O'Brian.

There, the Republican nominee-to-be was well-received, even when Conan begged the 71-year-old war vet and POW to give late-night comedians something other than his age to joke about.

There was a pause. And McCain fell over asleep.

Sorry, Conan, McCain's right. You are boring. You put people to sleep. Now you are even putting your guests to sleep.

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In Re. Bud Day

This is Bud Day.


He served this country in three different branches of the United States military (Marines, Army, Air Force) in three different wars (WWII, Korea, Vietnam).

See that medal hanging around his neck?

Yeah, the one on the blue ribbon.

Here's a close-up of it.


It is the Air Force version of Medal of Honor. And here's an explanation of what he did to receive our nation's highest military honor.

So why am I pointing all this stuff out? So that what I say next has its full context.

BUD DAY HAS EARNED THE ABSOLUTE RIGHT TO SAY WHATEVER HE WANTS ABOUT WHATEVER HE BELIEVES -- and those who disagree with him, while free to do so, have an obligation to do so with deep respect for his military service which defended and vindicated their right to do so.

So what did Bud Day say that has so many people's panties in a twist?

The Muslims have said either we kneel or they're going to kill us. ... I don't intend to kneel and I don't advocate to anybody that we kneel, and John doesn't advocate to anybody that we kneel. (.wav file)

Now that is a very stark, striking statement about the reality of the current battle against terrorism that we are fighting. And sadly, it is accurate -- though I would be inclined to suggest that dropping the first word of the statement would make it more accurate -- and it appears that Bud Day may agree with me.

Here's the reality. For at least the last 15 years, America has been subject to a series of terrorist attacks by those acting in the name of Islam. They have been Sunni and Shi'a, from many different countries. What they have shared is an ideology of Islamic supremacy that would require that those of us who reject Islam convert, submit, or die.

Such individuals were responsible for the first World Trade Center attack in 1993. They were responsible for attacks on American Embassies in Africa, the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, and the USS Cole. They were responsible for the September 11 attacks, and they have been our opponents in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last seven years. Their leaders explicitly state that the imposition of some form of Islamic domination over us is their goal. These facts about violent jihad against America cannot be denied, however inconvenient some may find them.

Not only that, we have seen multiple attempts to use "soft jihad" tactics here and abroad to limit the rights of others to speak critically of Islam. Need I remind anyone of the Muhammad Cartoon controversy, and the Islamic response? You do remember that some of those involved in publishing them are under the threat of criminal prosecution by "moderate" Jordan, don't you? Salman Rushdie still finds it difficult to go out in public, two decades after publishing his (really awful) book, The Satanic Verses. In Canada, so-called Human Rights Tribunals are being used by Muslims to silence those who speak words that call Islam into ill-repute -- under rules which hold that the objective truth of those words is no defense. In Australia, Christian ministers were convicted of inciting hatred against Muslims after outcries from Muslim groups there -- for quoting the Qu'ran accurately. Muslim nations are currently seeking to make it a violation of international law to speak in a manner that Muslims view as denigrating of Islam. I yesterday pointed out what the Saudis are teaching their own kids -- and kids in this country and around the world. And I won't even get into the efforts a couple of years back to silence me for daring to speak negatively about Islam.

So yes, Bud Day is essentially correct. There are Muslims out there who insist upon submission or death. Indeed, there are a lot of them -- if only 10% of Muslims hold to such beliefs we are talking about over 100,000,000 who want us dead or enslaved. And some polls show that the number is well above 10%.

But I'll be the first to agree with those who say there are many decent, peaceful Muslims who are not out to destroy or subjugate the rest of us. There are many Muslims I know who are not -- from my wife's many doctors to the Muslim students I have taught to dear Ruth who is finally able to open her Islamic bookstore nearby. Most Muslims in America are patriots, and most Muslims around the world ARE decent peace loving people -- but that does not negate that there are too many who are not. Those are the folks to whom Bud Day refers, and to whom we as a nation (regardless of race, or religion) must never, ever submit!

So to those who take offense at the words of Col. Day, I ask you this -- are you merely offended at the inartful phrasing of his words? Or do you truly believe that we should submit to those who are out to destroy American liberty? Answer carefully -- for your answer determines which side you are really on.

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July 18, 2008

Those Wacky Saudi Schools! UPDATED

What have they done? The same thing as always -- put out textbooks that peddle hatred. Oh, and by the way, they are used in at least one school operating under the auspices of the Saudi embassy almost within the shadow of the US Capitol itself!

What is included in these books?

They assert that unbelievers, such as Christians, Jews, and Muslims who do not share Wahhabi beliefs and practices, are hated "enemies." Global jihad as an "effort to wage war against the unbelievers" is also promoted in the Ministry's textbooks: "In its general usage, 'jihad' is divided into the following categories: ...Wrestling with the infidels by calling them to the faith and battling against them." No argument is made here that such references to jihad mean only spiritual and defensive struggles.

Lessons remain that Jews and Christians are apes and swine, Jews conspire to "gain sole control over the world," the Christian Crusades never ended, the American universities of Cairo and Beirut are part of the continuing Crusades, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are historical fact, and on Judgment Day "the rocks or the trees" will call out to Muslims to kill the Jews.

They teach that it is permissible for a Muslim to kill an "apostate," an "adulterer," and those practicing "major polytheism." Shiites are among those identified as "polytheists." One lesson states that "it is not permissible to violate the blood, property, or honor of the unbeliever who makes a compact with the Muslims," but is pointedly silent on whether security guarantees are extended to non-Muslims without such a compact. Other lessons demonize members of the Baha'i and Ahmadiyya groups.

A lesson from a tenth grade text now posted on the Saudi Ministry's website sanctions the killing of homosexuals and discusses methods for doing so.
In the lessons examined in this report, the Saudi government discounts or ignores passages in the Qur'an to support tolerance.

Yeah, that's right -- "queer killing" is a part of the official curriculum of Saudi schools, including the one operating in Fairfax County, Virginia! And the Saudis must be proud of that fact, since they highlight that lesson on their Education Ministry's official website.

Now just imagine the howls or outrage if there were a Christian school operating with a curriculum even half that outrageous. The school would quickly lose its accreditation, the relevant state and local governments would step in to close the place down, and the children would be taken into state custody because of their parents' educational neglect. But nothing even close to that has happened with regards to The Islamic Saudi Academy. While there have been requests for a State Department investigation, those have come only after those who questioned the schools operation have been accused of slander and labeled as bigots and hatemongers by those requesting the investigation -- even as the school's director is arrested for covering up the abuse of a student!

And remember -- this school provides the same fine education received in, and is subsidized by, our friends in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

UPDATE: Debbie Schlussel notes this bit of information from Radar magazine -- some of the official parts of the Saudi curriculum.

What follows are excerpts from textbooks used by Saudi children during the 2007-2008 school year, which really illustrate the House of Saud's devotion to tolerance, peace, and interfaith understanding. It'll also help explain why a Saudi conference is being held in Spain.

1st Grade
"Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words(Islam, hellfire)
'Every religion other than ____ is false. Whoever dies outside of Islam enters ____.'"

5th Grade
"A Muslim is forbidden to love and aid the unbelieving enemies of God...."

"Which of the following should you love in God, and which of them should you hate in God?
Example: One of your relatives who does not pray, does not fast, and does not worship God.
Answer: I hate him in God."

"Just as Muslims were successful in the past when they came together in a sincere effort to evict the Christian crusaders from Palestine, so will Muslims and Arabs emerge victorious, God willing, against the Jews and their allies if they stand together and fight a true jihad for God...."

8th Grade
"Lesson Goals: 1) The student notes some of the Jews condemnable qualities...."

"God told his Prophet, Mohammed, about the Jews, who learned from part of God's book that God alone is worthy of worship. Despite this, they espouse falsehood through idol worship, soothsaying and sorcery. In doing so, they obey the devil..."

"God told his Prophet Mohammed: say to those who cast aspersions on your religion: has anyone told you who will receive the harshest punishment from God on the Day of Resurrection? They are the Jews, whom God has cursed and with whom he is so angry that he will never again be satisfied. Some of the people of the Sabbath were punished by being turned into apes and swine. Some of them were made to worship the devil..."

"God punished the Jews in several ways for their unbelief and error. Explain the ways...."

9th Grade
"The prophet said, 'The hour [of judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them, until the Jew hides behind rocks and trees, until the rocks or the trees say, 'O Muslim! O servant of God! There is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him'...."

"(1) It is part of God's wisdom that the struggle between the Muslims and the Jews should continue until the hour of judgment. (2) The good news for Muslims is that God will help them against the Jews in the end, which is one of the signs of the hour of judgment...."

10th Grade
"Basic Elements of Zionist Faith:
The Jews are God's chosen people and the souls of the tribe of Israel are a part of God. Other souls are Satanic souls that are like the souls of animals.
The world belongs to the Israeli. It is his right to rule and he has sovereignty over the world in his capacity as God's chosen people above all humankind...."

"How the Zionists Achieve their Goals:
Sedition, ruses, and conspiracy theories throughout history.... The First World War: the Jews played a role in starting it....
Attempting to inundate peoples with vice and rampant prostitution.... They manage bars in Europe and America, as well as in Israel itself.
Gaining control over literature and the arts; spreading degenerate pornographic literature, and encouraging perverted trends in literature, thought and art.
Gaining control over the film industry in the Western world and elsewhere.
Fraud, bribery, theft, and swindles."

"Homosexuality is one of the most disgusting sins and greatest crimes.... It is a vile perversion that goes against sound nature, and is one of the most corrupting and hideous sins.... The punishment for homosexuality is death. Both the active and passive participants are to be killed whether or not they have previously had sexual intercourse in the context of a legal marriage.... Some of the companions of the Prophet stated that [the perpetrator] is to be burned with fire. It has also been said that he should be stoned, or thrown from a high place."

11th Grade
"The Prophet said, 'Do not greet Jews and Christians with the words 'Peace be upon you.' If you come upon one of them on the road, force him to the narrower part.'"

Taught in Saudi Arabia -- and, courtesy of the Saudi Embassy, in America. Not to mention around the world.

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Texas Does Its Part For Renewable Energy

Adding more capacity that the aggregate capacity of the next 14 states combined!

Texas officials gave the go-ahead Thursday to the nation's largest wind-power project, a plan to build billions of dollars worth of new transmission lines to bring pollution-free energy from gusty West Texas to urban areas.

Texas is already the national leader in wind power, and wind supporters say Thursday's move by the Public Utility Commission will make the Lone Star State a leader in moving energy to the urban areas that need electricity.

"We will add more wind than the 14 states following Texas combined," said PUC Commissioner Paul Hudson. "I think that's a very extraordinary achievement. Some think we haven't gone far enough, some think we've pushed too far."

Once again, it is up to Texas to lead the way in the search for energy resources for our country -- this has the potential to be the Spindletop of wind energy.

Too bad certain a certain liberal Senator from a very blue state can't accept a little inconvenience in behalf of energy independence. Typical lib-ocrite.

And by the way -- while this is great, it is only one part of the solution.

We need to increase nuclear power.

And tap the oil resources of ANWR and the outer continental shelf.



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Obamabots Engage In Reign Of Terror

This would be front page news if such things happened to Obama supporters at the hand of disgruntled Clinton backers or Republicans.

Why the silence from the media?

Why the lack of condemnation from the Obama campaign?

I live in a neighborhood that is poor and predominately African American. The Obama campaign has staked out my neighborhood since the PA Primary. I live in Allegheny County-- the Democratic Nominee must win Allegheny County and Philadelphia if they wish to win the state of PA. The Obama campaign used very dirty tactics for which I seemed to be a target. Why? Because I was backing Hillary Clinton. I was called names and had these volunteers coming onto my property and taking down my Hillary sign. I made her put my sign back up.

On June 3, 2008 I put a PUMA sign up on my front door. I also put an nobama sign up. The entire neighborhood knew I was not going to vote for Obama {Most told me I would be stupid to vote for the man who spent weeks trying to terrorize me.}.

Two weeks later as PUMA began to gain attention the Campaign began bothering me again. I received an email and then the phone calls started.
One evening I received a phone call another death threat and then shortly after my son came in and yelled fire. Someone set my tree on fire. The fire department said the fire was arson.

There is a list Obamabot threats and violence against other PUMA (Party Unity My Ass) Democrats being kept here.

And Doug Ross is also chronicling the rising problem of Maoist tactics by Obamabots, as is Wake Up America.


H/T Gateway Pundit

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Press Looking For Scandal In All The Wrong Places

Seems to me the AP just wants to find a scandal where none exists in order to smear John McCain.

What's the best they can do?

Criticize John McCain for taking his Social Security Check when he dares to criticize the system as a failure.

Although Republican presidential candidate John McCain has called Social Security "a disgrace," he still cashes his own retirement check every month.

Big freakin' deal. The man paid into the system. He is legally and morally entitled to receive money from the system.

He is also correct in stating that "the system is broken and, unfortunately, my children and grandchildren, according to the trustees of the Social Security system, will not have the same benefits the present retirees have." Heck, there is a serious question as to whether the system will be capable of paying benefits at a reasonable level when I reach retirement age in another couple of decades -- something I don't have to worry about because federal law screws me out of my Social Security benefits that I paid for before I started teaching (and also from other jobs after I started teaching) because I will be receiving benefits from my state's teacher retirement fund.

Heck, I've got criticisms of how our teacher retirement system works down here in Texas -- would I be a hypocrite for daring to question this government program while also taking the benefits I paid in for?

Here's the problem for the AP (and the rest of the MSM) -- McCain is an incredibly clean, honest candidate, so they have to make crap up to try to diminish his stature and derail his campaign against the Obamessiah.

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SCANDAL! McCain Appears At Campaign Fundraisers

I think I may have found the single most asinine complaint about John McCain by a media source -- he is actively raising money for his presidential campaign by appearing at fundraisers.

So what's to made of McCain's oh-so familiar routine?

Yes, good point, he does seem to be hop-scotching all over. His campaign days sure don't start at dawn with morning shows. And there are the ubiquitous media interviews, as always.

They're free, after all. And while he can speak to 200 potential voters at a townhall, he can more efficiently reach hundreds of thousands through film of that session and media interviews afterwards with slightly-starry-eyed local reporters, some of whom will secretively ask for autographs despite their outward objectivity.

Give you a hint. Follow the money.

Just 3 1/2 months out from the presidential election, McCain's national campaign schedule is being driven by the quest for money, not by the hunt for votes in 50 individual state elections. Allright, every campaign says it's gonna compete everywhere. But they don't.

He's always looking for votes wherever he goes. But whereever he goes is determined not by votes but by where his finance folks have found enough donateable money to set up fundraisers.

For McCain for now his itinerary is built on the quest for dollar$ not votes. That helps explain the widespread sense of unease among many Republicans nationally who do not deny he's working very hard.

Good heavens -- he's running against a flip-flopping clown who backed out of his commitment to publicly fund his campaign. You bet he needs to raise money! That should not be any sort of surprise to anyone.

Oh, yeah -- let's not forget the other great scandal this piece discloses. John McCain does interviews with local television reporters -- to make sure there is film at 11.

I'm convinced -- the LA Times' Andrew Malcolm is an absolute ninny. If he is an example of what passes for quality at the paper, it is no wonder that it is on the brink of collapse.

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Who Bombed Pearl Harbor?

And with how many bombs?

Proving once again that Barack Obama is out of contact with reality, he limits the attack on Pearl Harbor to a single bomb, and can't even bring himself to acknowledge that the US Fleet was the subject of an unprovoked attack by Japan.

Throughout our history, America's confronted constantly evolving danger, from the oppression of an empire, to the lawlessness of the frontier, from the bomb that fell on Pearl Harbor, to the threat of nuclear annihilation. Americans have adapted to the threats posed by an ever-changing world.

And this from a guy born and raised in Hawaii. The ignorance of history is astounding!

And the text of the speech would have that bomb appearing out of nowhere, and doing its dirty work of its own accord.

And this guy wants to be President?

H/T Dean Barnett, Hot Air

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No Consensus

Well, I guess we now understand why the high priests of the Church of Global Warming proposed the imprisonment of those heretics who reject their dogma -- because many of the experts in the field of climate studies don't support the theory! There's no better way to stop dissent than to jail the dissenters.

Well now the cat is out of the bag.

The American Physical Society, an organization representing nearly 50,000 physicists, has reversed its stance on climate change and is now proclaiming that many of its members disbelieve in human-induced global warming.  The APS is also sponsoring public debate on the validity of global warming science.  The leadership of the society had previously called the evidence for global warming "incontrovertible."

In a posting to the APS forum, editor Jeffrey Marque explains,"There is a considerable presence within the scientific community of people who do not agree with the IPCC conclusion that anthropogenic CO2 emissions are very probably likely to be primarily responsible for global warming that has occurred since the Industrial Revolution."

The APS is opening its debate with the publication of a paper by Lord Monckton of Brenchley, which concludes that climate sensitivity -- the rate of temperature change a given amount of greenhouse gas will cause -- has been grossly overstated by IPCC modeling.   A low sensitivity implies additional atmospheric CO2 will have little effect on global climate.

Larry Gould, Professor of Physics at the University of Hartford and Chairman of the New England Section of the APS, called Monckton's paper an "expose of the IPCC that details numerous exaggerations and "extensive errors"

So you see, there is considerable disagreement among those who study the issue -- including over the validity of the models put forward by the followers of the Wamingist cult to support their religious beliefs that man is destroying the planet. And now that the Warmingists have tried to claim consensus, those who have a more rational view are beginning to publish materials that disprove the alleged scientific basis of the false dogma around which Warmingists have claimed consensus.

Carbon Sasquatch Al Gore was too busy selling carbon indulgences to comment.

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July 17, 2008

Whoopi Opines

Again proving that the real racial problem in this country stems from African-Americans who want to keep grievances alive rather than white racism.

After all, when you slap down someone for saying it is NEVER acceptable for anyone of any race to use a certain historically sensitive racial slur by dismissing them as "very white", it is really clear that you are the anti-MLK.

What a crock! But then again, Whoppi is phenomenally ignorant on a wide range of subjects.

Hey, Whoopi -- here's a big box of something for you courtesy of Mr. Chris Rock.

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Queen 9% Preaches About Lack Of Credibility

When you and the institution you lead have only a 9% approval rating, where do you get off making a statement like this?

"God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States -- a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject."

After all, with a 33% approval rating, President George W. Bush is standing head and shoulders above Congress in terms of his credibility with the American people.

And let's consider some things:

  1. We've won in Iraq -- a war you and your party said was lost.
  2. Bush's repeal of Executive Branch drilling restrictions resulted in a huge drop in oil prices -- you call drilling a hoax.
  3. Oh, yeah -- that resulted in an increase in stock prices, while you still refuse to allow a vote on offshore drilling.

So, Ma-DUMB Speaker, I wouldn't go raising the credibility issue. That would be even uglier for you than your last face-lift and botox treatment.

H/T Colossus of Rhodey

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part VIII

Well, this time it is the official campaign apparatus of the Senate Democrats engaging in ILLEGAL COORDINATED EXPENDITURES with the Senate campaign of Ronnie Musgrove (Corrupt Democrat -- Mississippi).

On Tuesday the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and Ronnie Musgrove began running a television ad that overtly violates campaign finance laws. Now is time for them to explain their actions.

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) requires coordination between a campaign and a National Committee like the DSCC not to exceed $180,800. The DSCC ad on behalf of Ronnie Musgrove is valued at an estimated $240,214 (not counting production costs, view coordinated expenditures.) This ad combined with previous coordinated expenditures with the DSCC ($55,133 in first quarter) surpasses the legal limits by $114,547.

The ad featuring Ronnie Musgrove was filmed on Wednesday, July 9, at the Madison County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) and on the Canton square, according to MCEDA officials.

This isn't the first such illegal coordinated expenditure by the DSCC -- and even liberal folks like those at Talking Points Memo aren't buying the Democrat spinning of the expenditures. My favorite line from the story of the Oregon violation is this line from the Democrat Senate candidate's spokesperson -- "This isn't a coordinated expenditure, it's an expenditure that's coordinated."

Your Democrats at work -- engaging in corruption so you don't have to.

H/T Next Right

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Homosexual Marriage Ban On California Ballot

Putting every gay marriage in a sort of legal limbo when it passes.

The California Supreme Court has cleared the way for Californians to vote in November on whether to ban same-sex marriages in the state.

The court on Wednesday denied a petition to remove the initiative from the state's general election ballots. The unanimous decision was handed down without elaboration.

Hundreds of marriage licenses have been issued to same-sex couples since mid-June, a month after the court overturned the state's laws against such unions.

However, on June 2, opponents of same-sex marriage filed for a ballot initiative that would ban such marriages in the state's constitution. Such a ban would overturn the court's May ruling.

Interestingly enough, by making it state policy that such marriages are not recognized by the state of California (which is arguably already the law in the state -- California voters passed precisely such a measure several years ago, though the will of the people was ignored by the California Supreme Court in its ruling this spring), the status of marriage entered between June 17 and the passage of this measure is quite tenuous. After all, the effect of the law may well be to derecognize same-sex California marriages entered into during that time, as well as prevent future ones.

Expect some fum litigation to come out of this if it passes.

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US Out Of Chicago!

The governor of Illinois is talking about deploying troops in the streets of an American city to deal with rising violent crime.

Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Wednesday raised the possibility of bringing in state troopers or even the Illinois National Guard to help Chicago combat a recent increase in violent crime -- an offer that Mayor Richard Daley didn't know was coming.

Appearing at signing ceremony for a bill that toughens the penalty for adults who provide guns to minors, Blagojevich said "violent crime in the city of Chicago is out of control."

"I'm offering resources of the state to the city to work in a constructive way with Mayor Daley to do everything we can possibly do to help ... stop this violence," said the governor.

Blagojevich said Daley had not asked for help and he had not talked to the mayor about offering it, adding he would call Daley after he met later in the day with the state police, National Guard and others.

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to submit to you that the city of Chicago is not worth the life of a single member of the US military -- active duty, reserve, or National Guard. Chicago did not attack us on 9/11, and those who flew the planes that day were not Chicagoans. Al-Qaeda is not in Chicago, and deploying troops in a location where it is clear that there exists a state of civil war is foolish and not in the best interests of the United States or the state of Illinois.

I therefore think it is imperative that we find out immediately -- what is Barack Obama's exit strategy from Chicago? What is his timetable for withdrawal of US forces? I realize that such a withdrawal may result in increased violence and perhaps genocide -- but abandoning the city to its own devices is the only proper course of action.


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July 16, 2008

Jesse Said What?

Gee -- I guess that Bill O'Reilly was right. The castration fantasy indulged in by Jesse Jackson wasn't the worst thing to come out of his mouth that afternoon.

Barack...he's talking down to black people...telling ns how to behave.

Frankly, I'm offended that Fox News protected Jesse that way -- after all, he crusaded against use of that word by Michael Richards at a comedy club, and wanted to destroy his career for it, and demanded that NO ONE use the word. Indeed, he defined blacks who use it as "self-hating".

Frankly, I think the use of that particular word is even more serious than the whole emasculation fantasy.

UPDATE: Hot Air cites Bill O'Reilly as calling those who leaked/reported this story to be "weasels". I'm curious -- why has the grand poobah of the "No Spin Zone" been covering for this expletive-spewing, poverty-pimping race-ho?

H/T Malkin, AOSHQ, Gateway Pundit, STACLU (thanks for the link), Sister Toldjah

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Hey! World Court!

I hear you don't like the way we deal with murderers down here in Texas -- giving them the justice they deserve, especially when they rape little girls. I've got a message for you.

The World Court ordered the United States on Wednesday to do all it could to halt the imminent executions of five Mexicans until the court makes a final judgment in a dispute over suspects' rights.

The row, which has strained relations between the neighbors, centers on the fact that the United States failed to inform 51 of its citizens sentenced to die in U.S. jails of their right to consular assistance.

One of the five Mexicans on death row, Jose Medellin, is due to die on August 5 in Texas.

My personal solution? Daisy-chain the other four Mexican murderers (Csar Roberto Fierro Reyna, Rubn Ramrez Crdenas, Humberto Leal Garca, and Roberto Moreno Ramos) to Jos Ernesto Medelln Rojas on August 5 and make the entire matter moot. And should the World Court decide to send the World Police to take Texas officials to the World Jail, we'll show them all what Texas justice looks like.

Oh, and to the government of Mexico that is struggling to keep these despicable pieces of garbage alive, I repeat my earlier message.

But then again, that's my attitude towards Mexico in regards to most everything.

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Pretty Sick Stuff

Especially since I teach high school, I find the notion of an adult wanting to have sex with a teenager to be repulsive. And I certainly don't understand the idea of luring victims via the internet -- both because it is disgusting AND because it is well, known that the cops troll chat rooms looking for pedophiles.

But to show up for your rendezvous wearing this particular item is even sicker.


33-year-old Michigan man is accused of wearing a "World's Greatest Dad" shirt to a meeting for sex with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl.

Daniel Allen Everett of Clarkston was arraigned Tuesday in Novi on charges of child sexual abuse and using the Internet to attempt child sexual abuse.

Here's hoping that this sick puppy spends many years in jail -- where Everett will no doubt spend much of his time answering his cellmate when he asks the question "Who's your daddy?"

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part VII

You know, I almost hesitate to raise this one, because I actually am somewhat sympathetic to the Democrat in question. But since one of our local Democrats (with his own history of ethical lapses) seemingly wants every technical violation in a campaign expenditure report to result in life in prison if committed by a Republican, I figure this much more serious offense is fair game.

A complaint against U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, has been filed with the House Committee on Conduct of Official Standards by Friends of the Border Patrol after Reyes' office asked a federal law enforcement agency for help in the kidnapping of a relative in Jurez.

"Reyes, former chief Border Patrol agent, knows that this type of request is frowned upon by the U.S. Border Patrol," said Andy Ramirez, chairman of Friends of the Border Patrol, who submitted the complaint Monday.

The complaint alleges Reyes violated the House Code of Official Conduct because his office was used to benefit a relative.

Rather than deny the charge, the corrupt El Paso Democrat instead chose to attack those who filed the complaint against him as "anti-immigrant" and implicitly bigoted against Hispanics -- even though the complaint is supported a complaint by the former head of the DEA in El Paso and current president of the Federal Hispanic Law Enforcement Officers Association, Sandalio Gonzalez, who notes that Reyes does not seek similar federal law enforcement assistance for constituents whose Mexican relatives have been kidnapped in Mexico.

In other words, Reyes demanded for himself and his family what he would never seek for anyone else, using his official position to get special treatment.

Anyone want to bet this is ignored by the Democrat blogger mentioned above?

There you have it -- your Democrat elected officials in action!

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Love Them NIMBY Liberals

After all, can't St. Vincent's Hospital do its charity work somewhere else? You know -- so that second-rate performers like Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins don't actually have to see or come in contact with such peasants in their daily lives.

"The hospital provides $40 million in care to the indigent every year," one proponent told us. "Robbins dismissed more than 100 people rallying in support of the hospital - low-income, union workers and veterans of the AIDS crisis - as 'those people out there.' " Sarandon said in a statement: "Improving the hospital is a great idea. However, this can be accomplished without compromising the neighborhood. St. Vincent's should consider the proposed alternative solutions."

Seems to me that "those people out there" -- and the rest of us -- need to make sure that we don't spend any money watching these snooty liberals who put buildings and personal convenience above actual human beings in need of medical care.

And I wonder -- since this pair are supporters of Barack Obama who have threatened to leave America if he loses, what does the candidate have to say about their hope that the city will make the hospital change its plans to suit their NIMBYism?

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part VI

Not only has he been violating New York rent control laws, now it seems that Rep. Charles Rangel is making illegal use of his position to raise money for a nonprofit organization -- named after himself, of course.

Rep. Charles Rangel acknowledged yesterday he may have violated House ethics rules when he used congressional stationery to solicit donations for a Harlem "center for public service" that will be named after him.

Rangel has used his office letterhead to try to raise funds for the controversial center in Harlem from Donald Trump, Hank Greenberg, the former head of the AIG insurance giant, and others, it was revealed yesterday - even though congressional rules bar the stationery from being used for solicitations.

"The entire thing appears dicey, and there's no question that, as soon as I can, I'm going to take a look at it," Rangel said following a report in yesterday's Washington Post exposing the practice.

Yeah -- he'll "take a look at it". Notice, he doesn't say he'll stop it, only that he'll take a look at it.

But I can understand his distraction right now -- after all, Rangel has been under fire for having essentially taken over a floor of an apartment building in his district by structuring a deal to rent no less than FOUR rent-controlled apartments there. But after it was disclosed that he was illegally using one exclusively as an rather than a residence, Rangel is graciously "voluntarily" giving up that one -- but somehow not facing any charges of the illegal scheme.

Your Democrat elected officials at work.

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July 15, 2008

Houston Chronicle Puts Fundraising Appeal For Noriega In Breaking News

But we certainly wouldn't call it media bias.

Here's the headline.

Democrat Noriega needs help cutting Cornyn's 10-1 lead in cash

That is also what shows up on the Houston & Texas news page, and in the title bar at the top of your browser when you click the link -- though to their credit the headline on the article itself is more neutral.

Noriega losing fundraising race

How much of a cash difference are we talking about?

Houston Democrat Rick Noriega's uphill campaign to unseat Republican U.S. Sen. John Cornyn began a year ago as a populist battle. But, with 113 days left until the election, Noriega has yet to show he can fan embers into a prairie fire.

Noriega's biggest problem is money, not having enough to get his message out to a statewide audience that can only be reached by television advertising, which costs as much as $1.4 million a week for a saturation buy.

Campaign finance reports to be filed today will show Cornyn has more than $9 million in the bank, while Noriega has $915,000.

Almost half of the $930,000 that Noriega raised in the quarter ending June 30 came from the national Democratic Web site ActBlue. The Daily Kos, a left-leaning Web site that has been supportive of Noriega from the start, called his recent fundraising "a disappointing take."

In other words, Noriega is getting his butt kicked every which way -- even the "left-leaning" Daily Kos has admitted it (no comment from the "right-leaning" John Birch society).

But then again, what do you expect about to happen in Texas when the candidate blogs at Daily Kos, traveled north to pander to the KOSsacks last summer, and has been photographed with his arm around Kos himself?


But none of that is a surprise -- the problem is the campaign fundraising appeal placed on the Chronicle's website. Why are they whoring out their headlines for the financially floundering Noriega campaign?

H/T to Robbie at Urban Grounds for the screenshot (which showed up in the RSS feed as I was typing this post).


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Obama Calls Federal Law Enforcement Agents Terrorists

Wonderful -- just wonderful.

And this is the guy who will be in charge of ICE if he wins in November -- and in command of those who terrorize poor defenseless immigration criminals and their families by enforcing our nation's laws?

When communities are terrorized by ICE immigration raids, when nursing mothers are torn from their babies, when children come home from school to find their parents missing, when people are detained without access to legal counsel, when all that is happening, the system just isnt working, and we need to change it.

I'm curious -- what other laws does Obama want to see go unenforced because parents and children might be separated? And how does he square that with the constitutional obligation of a president to see that the laws are faithfully executed?

Oh -- and what other federal law enforcement agencies does Barack Obama view as terrorists?

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July 14, 2008

Push For Democracy At Democrat Convention

After all, what do they have to fear from an open vote on their party's presidential nominee?

She may have given up, but a few of Hillary Rodham Clinton s people havent.

The senator from New York is said to be negotiating a respectful presence followed by a graceful exit from next months Democratic convention, and last week the party announced that Barack Obama would formally accept the partys nomination in the stadium built for the Denver Broncos. But there are Clinton supporters clinging to the hope that if her name is placed in nomination and the roll call of the states is conducted, she might might still win.

Good grief -- even Jimmy Carter allowed teddy Kennedy an open vote on the convention floor. It was a sign of strength on his part -- and it was a positive step towards healing the party. Shouldn't Barack Obama follow the same precedent? If he really believes he is operating from a position of strength.

H/T Hot Air

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Obama Illegitimate?

Could be, according to a woman speaking at an Obama campaign roundtable at University of Missouri -- Kansas City.

Who was this evil right-wing purveyor of sleazy stories about the Obamessiah?

Michelle Obama -- the candidate's own wife.

His own mother, [Michelle Obama] said at the beginning of her remarks, was "very young and very single when she had him."

Very single?

That's not part of the narrative that Obama and his campaign have been putting out for the last four years. Their story has been that barack Obama's parents were married. Even granting that the marriage was arguably invalid -- it is unclear if Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. ever actually divorced first wife back in Kenya, given his continued relationship with her after his marriage to the candidate's mother, including fathering additional children with her.

So we have to ask the question -- has Michelle Obama revealed to the American people that Barack Obama has been lying to them during his entire public career? After all, she isn't some anonymous emailer -- she is the man's wife.

Seems to me that we now need access to several documents to settle the question:

  1. Obama's original birth certificate (which would settle questions about citizenship, his birth name, and possibly his parents' marital status);
  2. His parents' marriage license;
  3. The decree of divorce or nullity regarding his parents' marriage.

Now remember -- illegitimate birth does absolutely nothing to disqualify Barack Obama from office. Indeed, Jesse "I want to cut his nuts off" Jackson sought the presidency despite his illegitimate birth, and it was never even an issue. After all, the child is blameless in any legal or moral sense for the deeds of his/her parents in such a case.

However, the lack of candor on his part would be more damning than the issue of bastardy. As they say -- the cover-up is always worse. And when your own wife outs you, the cover-up could be very damning indeed.


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Maybe The Solution Isn't Another Government Program

The folks at Politico are running a piece with this headline,

McCain has no national service plan

It then begins as follows.

John McCain, whos predicated his presidential run in no small part on his distinguished military record, frequently exhorts Americans and especially young Americans to serve their country. Despite that appeal, he has yet to offer any proposals to expand or transform national service outside of the military.

Barack Obama, by contrast, has proposed dramatically expanding Americorps and the Peace Corps, adding 65,000 members to the military and creating an annual $4,000 tax credit for post-secondary education in exchange for 100 hours of community service.

Now let's think about this -- McCain has been a big supporter of various national service programs over the years. He has wroked to provide opportunities for such service -- but in the end, he recognizes that any sort of national service ought to be voluntary. Obama, on the other hand, has proposed an expansion of (not really) voluntary service programs (under which the federal government will not directly mandate service but will withhold funding from high schools, colleges, and universities that don't mandate voluntary service).

So let's look at the differences -- Obama wants more government programs, while McCain wants to (at most) tweak what we have. And McCain supports voluntary volunteerism, while Obama's program envisions mandatory volunteerism.

In other words, it is all a question of how much freedom the government will allow us to have in the future. Michelle Obama spilled the beans when she told the American people that "Barack Obama will require you to work." For free, as a condition of being permitted an education.

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July 13, 2008

NY Times Sides With Border Jumping Immigration Criminals

But then again, are we surprised? They've been supporting illegal immigrants all along.

Anyone who has doubts that this country is abusing and terrorizing undocumented immigrant workers should read an essay by Erik Camayd-Freixas, a professor and Spanish-language court interpreter who witnessed the aftermath of a huge immigration workplace raid at a meatpacking plant in Iowa.

What is the horrible abuse? It seems that the federal government is not merely deporting these alien invaders -- it is also prosecuting them for the crimes they have committed by stealing the social security numbers and other identifying information of American citizens in order to illegally take jobs from Americans.

No one is denying that the workers were on the wrong side of the law. But there is a profound difference between stealing peoples identities to rob them of money and property, and using false papers to merely get a job. It is a distinction that the Bush administration, goaded by immigration extremists, has willfully ignored. Deporting unauthorized workers is one thing; sending desperate breadwinners to prison, and their families deeper into poverty, is another.

Yeah, right.

When these same identity thieves use those same papers to get credit cards and loans that impact the credit ratings of the American citizens from whom they were stolen, that profound difference is no difference at all.

And when these same American citizens get letters from the IRS demanding back taxes, complete with interest and penalties, because of the income reported on the stolen SSNs, the difference between the two is equally inconsequential.

The American citizens in question will be required to spend countless hours resolving the issues created by the "desperate breadwinners", and may need to spend countless dollars on legal fees to solve the problems -- not to mention the difficulty these folks may have buying a house, purchasing a car, or even getting a credit card due to the impact on their credit ratings. I don't see how it is reasonable to argue that such folks are no less harmed by the theft of their identifying information than those whose identities are stolen by rip-off artists.

But somehow the New York Times does -- because those who violate our nation's sovereignty and steal the jobs and identities of American citizens are somehow more worthy of respect and protection than actual Americans.

OPEN TRACKBACKING AT Perri Nelson's Website, Right Truth, Shadowscope, Stuck On Stupid, Leaning Straight Up, Big Dog's Weblog, Cao's Blog, Democrat=Socialist, Conservative Cat, Outside the Beltway, Allie is Wired, nuke gingrich, third world county, McCain Blogs, Woman Honor Thyself, The World According to Carl, , Pirate's Cove, , The Pink Flamingo, Wolf Pangloss, Gulf Coast Hurricane Tracker, Dumb Ox Daily News, CORSARI D'ITALIA, Right Voices, Stageleft, and Gone Hollywood, thanks to Linkfest Haven Deluxe.

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part V

Well, here's another one -- busted by his own wife, no less.

And to think the Democrats like to tell us there is no vote fraud in this country.

Todd Stuart McGuire, a longtime Jefferson County Democratic Party supporter, was charged July 2 with voter fraud.

He's accused of either repeating a vote or impersonating his wife, Rebekah, by casting her ballot in a Feb. 6, 2007, special election. Both charges are Class C felonies and carry a maximum penalty of five years in jail and/or a $10,000 fine, according to charging documents.

Neither the McGuires nor Todd McGuire's attorney Ben Critchlow could be reached for comment last week or Monday.

Todd McGuire is scheduled to appear in Jefferson County Superior Court at 8:30 a.m. Friday, July 18.

The McGuires have been prominent in local Democratic Party activities. Todd McGuire is a former treasurer for current Democratic County Commissioner David Sullivan. Rebekah McGuire is currently a Democratic precinct committeewoman.

It must suck to have your own wife responsible for busting you for vote fraud -- and for stealing her own vote. I wonder how relations are in that household.

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Possible Changes Signal Improvement In Iraq

Because they would be neither practical nor possible without the improvement in the security situation in that country brought by the Surge of a year ago.

The Bush administration is considering the withdrawal of additional combat forces from Iraq beginning in September, according to administration and military officials, raising the prospect of a far more ambitious plan than expected only months ago.

Such a withdrawal would be a striking reversal from the nadir of the war in 2006 and 2007.

* * *

Although no decision has been made, by the time President Bush leaves office on Jan. 20, at least one and as many as 3 of the 15 combat brigades now in Iraq could be withdrawn or at least scheduled for withdrawal, the officials said.

The desire to move more quickly reflects the view of many in the Pentagon who want to ease the strain on the military but also to free more troops for Afghanistan and potentially other missions.

And while that withdrawal would make it possible to draw down troops to next to nothing in the sixteen month time frame set by Barack Obama, it also demonstrates something else -- namely that the withdrawal is possible because of the success of the policies of the Bush Administration, not their failure.

Another sign of the improvement is this tidbit from the Maliki government.

The green zone of Baghdad, a highly fortified slice of American suburbia on the banks of the Tigris river, may soon be handed over to Iraqi control if the increasingly assertive government of Nouri al-Maliki, the prime minister, gets its way.

A senior Iraqi government official said this weekend the enclave should revert to Iraqi control by the end of the year. We think that by the end of 2008 all the zones in Baghdad should be integrated into the city, said Ali Dabbagh, the governments spokesman.

The American soldiers should be based in agreed camps outside the cities and population areas.

By the end of the year, there will be no green zone, he added. The separation by huge walls makes people feel angry. Dabbagh acknowledged that getting rid of the green zone would be a huge undertaking, given the thousands of American soldiers, private contractors and foreign workers who live inside. He said the concrete walls that divide it from the rest of the city would be taken down slowly, depending on the threat and circumstances.

Translation: Baghdad is sufficiently pacified and and the terrorists sufficiently crippled for the American-trained Iraqi forces to take over many of the duties that had formerly been handled by Americans -- and to eliminate some of the extreme security measures that had been necessary up to this time.

In other words -- we are winning.

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Of Note: Twins For Brangelina

The birth of a healthy baby is generally cause for celebration -- and the birth of this pair, much anticipated by the celebrity obsessed media, is no less an occasion for good wishes for the parents and their children.

The Brangelina twins are here: Angelina Jolie has given birth to a girl and a boy.

The obstetrician who delivered the twins, Dr. Michel Sussmann, told The Associated Press that the actress, the babies and Jolie's partner, actor Brad Pitt, "are doing marvelously well."

Sussmann said Jolie gave birth to a boy, Knox Leon, and a girl, Vivienne Marcheline, by Cesarian section on Saturday night.

He told the AP on Sunday morning that the boy weighed 5.03 pounds and the girl 5 pounds. The 33-year-old actress gave birth at around 8 p.m on Saturday night, the doctor told The AP by telephone.


Now on to news that actually matters.

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July 12, 2008

Young, Gifted Black Nominated For President

Not only that, Cynthia McKinney has a decade more Congressional experience than Barack Obama, making her significantly more qualified for the job!

The U.S. Green Party, which captured far less than 1 percent of the vote in the last presidential election, chose former Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney as its 2008 presidential candidate on Saturday.

McKinney, 53, will be joined on the ticket for the November election by vice presidential candidate Rosa Clemente, a hip-hop artist and activist.

McKinney received 313 out of 532 votes cast at the party's nominating convention in Chicago, party spokesman Scott McLarty said.

Now granted, Cynthia does present more like Michelle Obama than Barack Obama, but that's fine -- perhaps her uterus will help attract some of the Hillary Clinton supporters to her side. And besides -- McKinney also has more experience in elected office than the junior senator from New York. And as a Truther loon, she'll be a candidate that Kos and his minions can support.


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Something Seriously Warped For Your Amusement

Whatever would we do without YouTube?

The scariest thing about the video? The fact that there are dozens like it over there, meaning some folks with truly warped minds have way too much time on their hands.

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Like A Ba-Rock

That's the best description of the fall of Obama's poll numbers from Newsweek -- the successor poll to the one that showed a 15-point Obama lead a couple weeks back, leading Lefties and journalists (but I repeat myself) to conclude that the presidential race was over.

A month after emerging victorious from the bruising Democratic nominating contest, some of Barack Obamas glow may be fading. In the latest NEWSWEEK Poll, the Illinois senator leads Republican nominee John McCain by just 3 percentage points, 44 percent to 41 percent. The statistical dead heat is a marked change from last months NEWSWEEK Poll, where Obama led McCain by 15 points, 51 percent to 36 percent.

Obamas rapid drop comes at a strategically challenging moment for the Democratic candidate. Having vanquished Hillary Clinton in early June, Obama quickly went about repositioning himself for a general-election audiencean unpleasant task for any nominee emerging from the pander-heavy primary contests and particularly for a candidate whod slogged through a vigorous primary challenge in most every contest from January until June. Obamas reversal on FISA legislation, his support of faith-based initiatives and his decision to opt out of the campaign public-financing system left him open to charges he was a flip-flopper. In the new poll, 53 percent of voters (and 50 percent of former Hillary Clinton supporters) believe that Obama has changed his position on key issues in order to gain political advantage.

More seriously, some Obama supporters worry that the spectacle of their candidate eagerly embracing his old rival, Hillary Clinton, and traveling the country courting big donors at lavish fund-raisers, may have done lasting damage to his image as an arbiter of a new kind of politics. This is a major concern since Obamas outsider credentials, have, in the past, played a large part in his appeal to moderate, swing voters. In the new poll, McCain leads Obama among independents 41 percent to 34 percent, with 25 percent favoring neither candidate. In Junes NEWSWEEK Poll, Obama bested McCain among independent voters, 48 percent to 36 percent.

Yep -- those independent voters are coming around to McCain, having seen the weaknesses of the Democrat candidacy. You know, inconsistency and inexperience.

Oh, and Newsweek didn't stack the poll with Democrats this time.

One interesting revelation -- there are still 30% of those who supported Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination opposed to Obama's candidacy -- with one out of every six former Hillary supporters backing John McCain's candidacy.

H/T Hot Air, Newsbusters

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Senator Schumer Causes Bank Failure

Simply irresponsible.

"The OTS has determined that the current institution, IndyMac Bank, is unlikely to be able to meet continued depositors demands in the normal course of business and is therefore in an unsafe and unsound condition. The immediate cause of the closing was a deposit run that began and continued after the public release of a June 26 letter to the OTS and the FDIC from Senator Charles Schumer of New York. The letter expressed concerns about IndyMacs viability. In the following 11 business days, depositors withdrew more than $1.3 billion from their accounts."

Was the bank facing a liquidity crisis? Yes, it was. However, there were already regulatory efforts underway to solve those problems in a way that would not require a government takeover of the IndyMac. Schumer, whose self-serving publicity hounding is legendary, decided to go public with information that he knew or should have known would be detrimental to the process -- and now he arrogantly refuses to accept any blame for his own politically motivated actions that were the proximate cause of the institution's downfall -- and blames the regulatory process that he created in legislation that he largely wrote back in 1999.

H/T Patterico

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RIP -- Dr. Michael DeBakey

Over the course of his decades as a surgeon and researcher, it is hard to argue that any single individual made contributions to the progress of medicine in the twentieth century than Dr. Michael DeBakey, who passed away last night at the age of 99.

Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey, internationally acclaimed as the father of modern cardiovascular surgery and considered by many to be the greatest surgeon ever died Friday night at The Methodist Hospital in Houston. He was 99.

Methodist officials said DeBakey died of natural causes. They gave no additional details.

Medical statesman, chancellor emeritus of Baylor College of Medicine, and a surgeon at The Methodist Hospital since 1949, DeBakey trained thousands of surgeons over several generations, achieving legendary status decades before his death. During his career, he estimated he had performed more than 60,000 operations. His patients included the famous Russian President Boris Yeltsin and movie actress Marlene Dietrich among them and the uncelebrated.

"Dr. DeBakey singlehandedly raised the standard of medical care, teaching and research around the world," said Dr. George Noon, a cardiovascular surgeon and longtime partner of DeBakey's. "He was the greatest surgeon of the 20th century, and physicians everywhere are indebted to him for his contributions to medicine."

Living here in the Houston area, one cannot help but be struck by the fact that this man was not merely respected by this community, but truly loved as one of the most important individuals in this community. His work went a long way towards putting Houston on the map as a center of medical excellence, and the people of Houston never forgot that. And may I add that it is no accident that HISD's magnificent magnet school for young people interested in entering the health professions is called the Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions.

Dr. DeBakey's death will leave a void in our community -- and a standard of excellence towards which future generations of medical professionals in this community will strive.

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RIP -- Tony Snow

For a long time, there were only two individuals who attracted me t to FoxNews -- Brit Hume and Tony Snow.

Sadly, this morning's perusal of the Web brings reports of the death of one of those men -- consummate commentator and former White House press secretary Tony Snow.

Tony Snow, a conservative writer and commentator who cheerfully sparred with reporters in the White House briefing room during a stint as President Bush's press secretary, died Saturday of colon cancer. He was 53.

''America has lost a devoted public servant and a man of character,'' President Bush said in a statement from Camp David, where he was spending the weekend. ''It was a joy to watch Tony at the podium each day. He brought wit, grace, and a great love of country to his work.''

Snow, who served as the first host of the television news program ''Fox News Sunday'' from 1996 to 2003, would later say that in the Bush administration he was enjoying ''the most exciting, intellectually aerobic job I'm ever going to have.''

Snow provided what I believe to be the only effective service by a press secretary during the Bush Administration. His wit, feistiness, and charm, coupled with a command of the facts, made him the standard to which future press secretaries should aspire.

It is sad to see him leave us too young.

May God care for and comfort his family at this time.

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July 11, 2008

Obama On Osama

Flip -- June 18, 2008:

What would be important would be for us to do it in a way that allows the entire world to understand the murderous acts that hes engaged in and not to make him into a martyr, and to assure that the United States government is abiding by basic conventions that would strengthen our hand in the broader battle against terrorism, Obama said.

Flop -- July 11, 2008:

If he was captured alive, then we would make a decision to bring the full weight of not only US justice but world justice down on him. And, uh, I think that Ive said this before, that I am not a cheerleader for the death penalty I think it has to be reserved for only the most heinous crimes, but I certainly think that plotting and engineering the death of 3,000 Americans justifies such an approach.

Which is a return to July 20, 2007 -- Flip-flip-flippity-flop!

Obama, who has expressed reservations about capital punishment but does not oppose it, said he would support the death penalty for Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks.

"The first thing I'd support is his capture, which is something this administration has proved incapable of achieving," Obama said. "I would then, as president, order a trial that observed international standards of due process. At that point, do I think that somebody who killed 3,000 Americans qualifies as someone who has perpetrated heinous crimes, and would qualify for the death penalty. Then yes."

If this man can't even maintain a consistent position on something like how to deal with OSAMA BIN LADEN, then can we really trust him with the authority of the presidency?



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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part IV

Seems to me that the Democrats in Pennsylvania are seeking to duplicate the same outstanding ethical standards their party has exhibited have in Louisiana -- outstandingly bad, that is.

Grand jurors here and in Pittsburgh cataloged what they described as a culture of corruption that allowed former state Rep. Michael Veon, current Rep. Sean Ramaley and 10 current and former Democratic staffers to divert millions of dollars in state resources, including more than $1 million in illegal pay bonuses.

The jurors said Mr. Veon and the staff members conspired to arrange hefty year-end pay bonuses to House employees who worked on political campaigns over a three-year period, while Mr. Ramaley is accused of working full-time on his 2004 House campaign in Beaver County while drawing a taxpayer salary as a member of Mr. Veon's staff.

What sort of stuff are we talking about here? How about this.

It found that tax money was used to bump third-party candidates Ralph Nader and Carl Romanelli from the Pennsylvania ballot in 2004 and 2006. Grand jurors said state money was used to provide a no-work job to a high-ranking House aide's mistress.

State employees were routinely diverted from their jobs to provide political services and, in the case of Mr. Veon, to transport his motorcycles to South Dakota for his vacation and to provide dinners to members of Mr. Veon's informal basketball league.

"The theft of taxpayers' funds and resources was extensive," said state Attorney General Tom Corbett, who yesterday filed an array of charges against Mr. Veon, Mr. Ramaley and the others, while hinting at more to come.

My personal favorite involves the payment of one of these paragons of Democrat virtue's sex kitten to do her homework for her college and law school classes.

But wait -- there's more!

"Let me make this perfectly clear: This is not the conclusion," [Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett] said at a news conference here.

Your elected Democrats (and their staffers) in action!

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Darling Democrat Update

Paula's second surgery is underway.

Prayers are, of course welcome.

UPDATE -- 15:30: Gee, that was quick! Doctor says everything went smoothly and she should be feeling much better almost immediately with the abscess in her jaw gone.

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part IIIb

I can't give this one an entirely separate entry -- after all, I mentioned this paragon of Democrat ethics in the last of my entries yesterday. Besides, this is just a new development in the case of the Patron Saint of Democrat Corruption.

A federal judge rejected Rep. William Jeffersons (D-La.) request to dismiss five counts of wire fraud in the wide-ranging corruption case against him.

Jeffersons attorneys argued that the wire fraud charges were invalid because Jeffersons alleged activities would not have denied his constituents honest services. They also argued that the honest service fraud statute is unconstitutional on its face and as applied to the facts of the case.

Yeah, you read that right -- Jefferson and his shyster argue that it is unconstitutional to require honest conduct from a politician. So much for the most ethical Congress in history.

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Obama Considering Dirty Dodd As Veep

Even as the story of the incredible conflict of interest involving Chris Dodd's sweetheart mortgage deal continue to be revealed, Barack Obama's VP search team has asked for a great deal of info about the Connecticut Senator.

Barack Obama's presidential campaign has requested information from Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd as part of its search for a possible vice presidential candidate.

The former White House hopeful and Connecticut lawmaker indicated Wednesday that he has been approached by the campaign. "There's been some inquiries, yeah," Dodd said. "They ask for a lot of stuff. I'll leave it there."

Two words on this one.

1) Spiro.

2) Agnew.

But then again, maybe that is unfair of me. Perhaps Dodd is just following in his daddy's footsteps.

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Bodies Of Captured Heroes Recovered

It appears that, once again, soldiers captured by the enemy in Iraq have not been treated as the Geneva Conventions require prisoners to be treated.

The bodies of two U.S. soldiers missing in Iraq for more than a year have been found, their families said Thursday night. The military would not immediately confirm the report.

The father of Army Sgt. Alex Jimenez, of Lawrence, Mass., said the remains of his son and another soldier, Pvt. Byron W. Fouty, of Waterford, Mich., had been identified in Iraq.

Jimenez, 25, and Fouty, 19, were kidnapped along with a third member of the 2nd Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division during an ambush in May 2007 in the volatile area south of Baghdad known as the "triangle of death." The body of the third seized soldier, Pfc. Joseph Anzack Jr. of Torrance, Calif., was found in the Euphrates River a year later.

Once again we face the sad reality of war -- that there will always be young men 9and some young women), fighting on our behalf, who return home is a somber one as part of the roll of our nation's honored dead rather than the joyous exultation of a safe restoration to their friends and families. This is one of those cases.

And I would like to return to my earlier point. Under the Geneva Conventions, these men should have been held in safe, comfortable conditions with access to food, medical treatment, and means of communication with their families. If they died of their wounds in battle, their remains should have been swiftly repatriated. Instead, based upon what we know of their companion's treatment, they have been brutally murdered and their remains improperly disposed of by the war criminals who held them.

I wonder -- will the "dissent is the highest form of patriotism" and "panties on the head is torture" crowd that demands civilian trials for terrorists and the closure of Gitmo be out in the streets denouncing the murder of these young men by those whose relatively gentle treatment by the United States they denounce as a war crime? or will we instead hear them blame George W. Bush, not the terrorists we are fighting in Iraq and elsewhere, for their deaths? I suspect we know the answer -- and it exposes the true difference between them and members of the US military who, like Sgt. Alex Jimenez and Pvt. Byron W. Fouty, who daily show us what true patriotism and heroism really are.

May God give comfort to the families of these brave men -- and may He make use of their fellow soldiers to inflict His righteous judgment upon those who took their lives.

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Watcher's Council Results

The winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are American Whining and the Culture of Dependency by The Razor, and Is Gun Control Behind Our Loss of Civil Liberties? by Bishop Hill.  Here's where you can find the full results of the vote:

VotesCouncil link
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2Identifying Obama's Real Position on the Second Amendment (Updated)
Wolf Howling
2You May Now Assume the Risk
Soccer Dad
1  1/3Narcissism In Another Color
1/3Economic Illiteracy Venting
The Glittering Eye
1/3Another Disgusting Philly Inquirer Op-Ed
The Colossus of Rhodey
1/3Does Patriotism Matter?
Cheat Seeking Missiles

VotesNon-council link
3Is Gun Control Behind Our Loss of Civil Liberties?
Bishop Hill
2Former CIA Agent in Iran Comes In from the Heat
Pajams Media
1There Oughta Have Been a Law!
Classical Values
2/3Liberals for 'Conservative' Grand Strategy?
The American Strategist
2/3Georgia Man Killed Own Daughter to Protect Family Honor
Shooting the Messenger
2/3My Shiny Iraqi Skyline
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
2/3Arguing Politics
2/3MPAC Person "Bulldozed By Al-Jazeera"
1/3Obama's Flip-Flops =/= Kerry's
Ace of Spades HQ
1/3Do Liberals Love America Too?
Right Wing Nut House

Congratulations to this week's winners and the excellent runners-up in a week that saw a three-way tie in the Council vote and a tie in the non-Council vote.

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July 10, 2008

The Latest Paula News

Well, she's looking good and feeling better after last night's surgery.


Remember that dental problem from Monday, and the fact that it had started to swell and become otherwise difficult? They did a CT of the head and neck, and it appears that some of the infection that we have been dealing with migrated to her jaw from the site of the other infection, and there is a thumb-sized abscess that has formed (apparently) away from the teeth themselves. The solution? More surgery!

So the upshot is that my Darling Democrat will be going under the knife again tomorrow, at a time yet to be determined.

As before, your continued prayers are requested. And as mentioned before, please feel free to click the Paypal link (or the Amazon one), if the spirit moves you -- we started with a $1500 deductible and have blown right through that, so even with what the insurance covers I imagine our share of the bill increasing like the cost of a tank of super-unleaded for a Hummer.

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part III

We've got ourselves a whole pile of corrupt Democrats here -- including one whose antics are legendary.

A federal judge denied a request by state Sen. Derrick Shepherd's lawyers Thursday to grant the Marrero lawmaker a separate trial from the bond broker he is accused of helping to launder money.

Meanwhile, a defense attorney confirmed that two unnamed co-conspirators in the case are U.S. Rep. William Jefferson and his sister, New Orleans Assessor Betty Jefferson.

Yep, that William Jefferson -- the one who commandeered a rescue craft to sneak evidence out of his New Orleans home in the wake of Hurricane Katrina -- and who was found to have $90K in money from a bribe payment in his freezer.

It's a small world after all, I guess -- but not as small as the cells these folks belong in.

What do we have once again?

Your elected Democrats in action!

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part II

We don't need no free and fair elections!

Federal and state authorities are looking into accusations of voting fraud in three largely black counties of Alabama, including Perry and Lowndes Counties, which played a historic role in the struggle for black voting rights in the 1960s.

In May, a local citizens group gathered affidavits detailing several cases in which at least one Democratic county official paid citizens for their votes, or encouraged them to vote multiple times. The affidavits were presented to state officials in Montgomery, the capital, and after the June 3 primary, the Alabama attorney general, Troy King, a Republican, seized voting records from the primary election in Bullock, Lowndes and Perry Counties.

The United States Department of Justice posted a team of observers to monitor the primary, and the Alabama secretary of state, Beth Chapman, a Republican, reported hearing from one of the federal observers that a candidate had free rein of a polling place, where campaigning is prohibited, passing out sample ballots and instructing voters how to vote.

Ms. Chapman also raised questions about the possible abuse of absentee ballots. In the election on June 3, a quarter of the voters here, 1,114, cast absentee ballots, a percentage that is six times the state average and a figure that Ms. Chapman called astronomical. In Jefferson County, which includes Birmingham and has 60 times Perry Countys population of 10,600, there were 365 absentee ballots.

You know, of course, what the response of the elected Democrats in question is -- "It's a Republican plot to disenfranchise blacks!"

So ignore the pictures of a candidate campaigning in a polling place.

Ignore the affidavits collected by a non-partisan, multi-racial civic organization that sparked the investigation.

Never mind that Alabama Democrats have a long history of using just such tactics in Alabama elections -- dating all the way back to Reconstruction.

Just blame the whole thing on the prosecutors for doing their job.

Your elected Democrats in action!

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Dirty Dems, Done Dirt Cheap -- Part I

Civil rights?

What civil rights?

I'm the mayor and I get to decide what civil rights exist in my town!

A federal grand jury in Jackson returned a three-count indictment against Mayor Frank Melton and his police bodyguards, officers Michael Recio and Marcus Wright, the Justice Department announced Wednesday. The three were cleared in April 2007 of state charges they used sledgehammers and sticks to demolish the duplex Melton considered a drug house.

* * *

The federal indictment alleges that on Aug. 26, 2006, the defendants invited several young men into the police department's mobile command unit. The group drove to a home on Ridgeway Street, where Wright allegedly ordered the occupants outside at gunpoint.

"Thereafter, Mayor Melton allegedly knocked out several windows of the home with a large stick and ordered the young men accompanying him to destroy the home using sledgehammers while Wright and Recio stood guard," the Justice Department statement said.

And let's be really clear about this -- while the mentally-ill resident of the home had a history of drug use, the mayor lacked any lawful authority to destroy the home. So much for the right to be secure in one's home from unreasonable state intrusion. Oh, yeah -- when the resident objected, the mayor ordered him handcuffed and held at gunpoint until the destruction of his home was completed.

Your elected Democrats in action!

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Using Obama's Site Against Obama


Yes, YOU!

You can use Barack Obama's campaign website to make your own official Barack Obama campaign poster!

And it's free.

Here's my first poster.

And my second attempt.

My third is actually a serious comment.

But this might be the best -- if only we could get a question mark at the end.

Have fun, my friends!

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Town, Neighbors, Seek To Squelch Illicit Teen Activity

And end the scourge of unsanctioned Wiffle ball in their midst!

Seems the kids built their field on overgrown town property, and the neighbors don't like them having healthy, outdoor recreation near their homes.

Vincent Provenzano, 16 years old, experienced his Kevin Costner moment one Sunday afternoon in May after a thrilling day of Wiffle ball in a friends backyard. He came home, gazed at a field of weeds, brush and poison ivy in an empty lot off Riverside Lane, turned to his friend Justin Currytto, 17, and proclaimed: If we build it, they will come.

After three weeks of clearing brush and poison ivy, scrounging up plywood and green paint, digging holes and pouring concrete, Vincent, Justin and about a dozen friends did manage to build it a tree-shaded Wiffle ball version of Fenway Park complete with a 12-foot-tall green monster in center field, American flag by the left-field foul pole and colorful signs for Taco Bell Frutista Freezes.

But, alas, they had no idea just who would come youthful Wiffle ball players, yes, but also angry neighbors and their lawyer, the police, the town nuisance officer and tree warden and other officials in all shapes and sizes. It turns out that one kids field of dreams is an adults dangerous nuisance, liability nightmare, inappropriate usurpation of green space, unpermitted special use or drag on property values, and their Wiffle-ball Fenway has become the talk of Greenwich and a suburban Rorschach test about youthful summers past and present.

People can remember how much fun it was to go out in the woods in the summer, build a fort, do something fun and creative, so theres something pretty cool in what these kids did, especially at a time kids grow up in such an incredibly structured and stressful environment, said Lin Lavery, one of three Greenwich selectmen, who inherited Wifflegate while the first selectman, Greenwichs version of mayor, is on vacation.

But we have a situation thats escalated, Ms. Lavery said. Neighbors are upset that its too close to their property; building has been done on town property; there are issues of traffic and drainage. Were hoping to come up with a compromise, but there are a lot of issues to address.

Actually, it strikes me that there is only one -- the fact that we as a society have moved so far from the standards that were in place a mere three or four decades ago, when the town's mayor would have patted the kids on their backs for their initiative and improvement of the property. The town would then bring it up to snuff -- having told the neighbors that this was an improvement and an amenity for the city, not a public nuisance.

Alas, we are now in a different, litigious age when NIMBYs with clout are able to strike down things that benefit the public -- whether those are US Senators shutting down wind turbines needed to establish energy independence because they would create a barely discernible smudge on the horizon, or neighbors who are worried that letting the towns young people engage in healthy, wholesome recreational activities might disturb their own serenity.

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July 09, 2008

The Latest News On My Darling Democrat

Initial Post -- 05:00: Last night, shortly after I posted my two early VERY early posts while trying to wind down after a stressful day, I got a phone call from my Darling Democrat at the hospital.

Yeah -- and "after midnight" phone call. She had just gotten done with a visit from hospital personnel telling her that there would be surgery connected with some of the test results from earlier int he day.

It appears to be an exploratory thing, connected with the underlying cause of this infection. It could well be a cyst or an abscess -- it just isn't clear from the pictures they have taken, hence the need to actually go in and remove whatever it is. However, another possibility is a tumor, though that is highly speculative (and I'm now told highly unlikely) and whether it would be benign or malignant is unknown. She asked me to come to her early -- and so that is my plan. I'll have the trusty laptop with me -- but I don't know if the hospital is set up for wi-fi.

Suffice it to say that this is something unexpected for both of us, and I am definitely going to put her first. When I know more and can access the site, I'll update everyone on things -- and it will stay at the top of the site all day, hence the posting time of 23:59 PM, even though I'm writing this first part of the post some 19 hours earlier. Check back for the updates.

And as I said yesterday, your prayers are requested -- and at this point of uncertainty, even begged for until we know more. And yes, if the spirit moves you to click the Paypal link (or the Amazon one), we'll also be appreciative -- but that is secondary to the prayers for health and comfort at this time.

More later.

Update -- 08:00: Surgery will be later today, not first thing in the morning like we had initially thought -- probably in the afternoon, depending upon the surgeon's schedule. Paula is feverish, which leads the doctor to believe that the issue is will be no more than a deep infection, not anything more serious. Unfortunately, she is having swelling in the face related to the dental problem from Monday -- how the two situations are connected (if at all) is speculative at this point.

Update -- 13:00: Surgery will be in the next two or three hours, depending on when the surgeon gets done with his earlier surgeries. Best guess? Around 16:00 this afternoon.

Update -- 18:30: Due to another patient's surgery taking much longer than expected, surgery will be delayed another couuple of hours -- starting between 20:00 and 21:00.

Update -- 21:30: Well, she's in the OR at last -- they've told me to expect to see the surgeon in an hour. Prayers appreciated.

Update -- 23:15: Well, she is back in her room after teh removal of some infected tissue and an abscess that seems to have been at the root of the problem. All is well, and I'm headed home.

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Mentally Unstable Homosexual Seek Censorship Control Over Bible Translations

But remember, folks, that the radical homosexualist agenda is no threat to any of your rights under the Constitution of the United States.

Christian publisher Zondervan is facing a $60 million federal lawsuit filed by a man who claims he and other homosexuals have suffered based on what the suit claims is a misinterpretation of the Bible.

But a company spokeswoman says Zondervan doesn't translate the Bible or own the copyright for any of the translations. Instead, she said in a statement, the company relies on the "scholarly judgment of credible translation committees."

That is to say, setting aside whether the federal civil rights lawsuit is credible, the company says Bradley Fowler sued the wrong group.

His suit centers on one passage in scripture -- 1 Corinthians 6:9 -- and how it reads in Bibles published by Zondervan.

Fowler says Zondervan Bibles published in 1982 and 1987 use the word homosexuals among a list of those who are "wicked" or "unrighteous" and won't inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Fowler says his family's pastor used that Zondervan Bible, and because of it his family considered him a sinner and he suffered.

Now he is asking for an apology and $60 million.

"To compensate for the past 20 years of emotional duress and mental instability," Fowler told 24 Hour News 8 in a phone interview.

Now wait just one minute. Do you mean to tell me that federal courts are now going to rule on the proper translation of biblical passages? That strikes me as a rather grave intrusion into a realm that the First Amendment would seem to bar. Especially when you consider that at least three other translations that I encountered and others refer to men having sex with men or "mankind" -- and therefore clearly refer to homosexual practice -- going back to at least the King James Version in the early 1600s. What's more, the English translation of Calvin's Geneval Bible refers to "buggerers" -- again, something understood at the time as a reference to homosexuality. For that matter, reference back to the book of Genesis makes it clear that the sin of Sodom, from which the term "sodomy" arises, was HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITY (though some contemporary theologians attempt to reinterpret it as failure to give proper protection to guests)!

But in the end, this entire matter comes down to a theological dispute over the proper translation of the Bible and whether dynamic equivalence or formal equivalence is the proper method of translating biblical manuscripts from the ancient dead languages in which they were written in centuries past -- and, implicitly, whether the doctrinal interpretations of scriptural passages which have arisen within Christianity over the last two millennia are correct. And that, my friends, cuts straight to the heart of the First Amendment guarantees of free exercise of religion and non-establishment of religion.

Oh, and why Zondervan as the target in this lawsuit? Because they are the biggest publisher of Bibles in America, and the NIV (in its various forms) are the biggest selling text in America today, usually selling more than the venerable King James Version in any given year. Drive them and their best selling translation out of the market, and the hope would be to silence Christians in this country in the same way that Canada's human rights commissions are being used to silence them in the Formerly-Great White North.

H/T STACLU. Right Pundits

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What Kind Of Hole?

You've got to love it when public officials display their ignorance by screaming "RACIST" at the drop of a hat.

And this one seems to have been caught on tape -- if anyone can direct me to the video online, I'll post it.

A special meeting about Dallas County traffic tickets turned tense and bizarre this afternoon.

County commissioners were discussing problems with the central collections office that is used to process traffic ticket payments and handle other paperwork normally done by the JP Courts.

Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield, who is white, said it seemed that central collections "has become a black hole" because paperwork reportedly has become lost in the office.

Commissioner John Wiley Price, who is black, interrupted him with a loud "Excuse me!" He then corrected his colleague, saying the office has become a "white hole."

That prompted Judge Thomas Jones, who is black, to demand an apology from Mayfield for his racially insensitive analogy.

Mayfield shot back that it was a figure of speech and a science term. A black hole, according to Webster's, is perhaps "the invisible remains of a collapsed star, with an intense gravitational field from which neither light nor matter can escape."

Other county officials quickly interceded to break it up and get the meeting back on track. TV news cameras were rolling, after all.

I'm stunned. Anyone who has had any access to the media for the last three or four decades ought understand the broad, general outlines of what a black hole is, and understand what the term means colloquially -- and that it has nothing to do with race.

Seems to me that there are two ignorant racists in this story.

Ignorant racist #1 is Commissioner John Wiley Price for intentionally using "white" as a racial slur.

Ignorant racist #2 is Dallas County Judge Thomas Jones for demanding an apology from Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield rather than Price after the latter made an intentionally racist comment in an attempt to bait Mayfield.

And it would never cross my mind to describe either Price or Thomas as a black hole -- but I think we all know what sort of holes these two distinguished Democrat elected officials really are.

And to think that this Dallas County is the model upon which Democrats here in Houston wish to recreate Harris County government!

H/T Jammie Wearing Fool

Now picked up at Urban Grounds and Michelle Malkin

UPDATE: Here's the video.

Good God are these two guys stupid -- and the attempt to justify the objection is even more outrageous.

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July 08, 2008

Racist Television Executive Declares -- No Coverage For Convention

Since the Democrats are nominating a black man, the Democrat convention will be blacked out.

"This is a huge deal for TV One as it is for the White community," said Johnathan Rodgers, president and CEO of TV One, a channel in about 40 million homes. "Whites have fallen in love with John McCains family, his candidacy we will be covering the Republican convention all the time."

But Barack Obama shouldnt expect the same treatment. The network doesnt plan any coverage of the Democrat convention.

"We are not a news organization," said Rodgers, speaking at the opening session of the semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. "We are a television network designed to celebrate White achievement."

"My audience is 93% White," Rodgers added. "I serve my audience."

It is, of course, shocking that such racism still exists in this country today, and that any cable system will carry this disgusting network espousing racial separatism. Such attitudes are unAmerican -- and I hope that the governing authorities which granted cable franchises to the companies that carry TV One will dump those revoke them for carrying Grand Dragon Rodgers' foul station.

Oh, wait a minute.

it seems that a correction has just come over in when I refreshed my browser. Here's the actual story.

"This is a huge deal for TV One as it is for the African American community," said Johnathan Rodgers, president and CEO of TV One, a channel in about 40 million homes. "African Americans have fallen in love with Barack Obamas family, his candidacy we will be covering the democratic convention all the time."

But John McCain shouldnt expect the same treatment. The network doesnt plan any coverage of the Republican convention.

"We are not a news organization," said Rodgers, speaking at the opening session of the semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills. "We are a television network designed to celebrate African American achievement."

"My audience is 93% black," Rodgers added. "I serve my audience."

Well I guess that makes all the difference in the world. Rogers isn't a malignant racist -- he's just promoting cultural pride. Funny how the mere substitution of white and black takes such actions from "beyond the pale" racism to politically correct, isn't it.

So remember, folks -- black pride good, white pride bad. After all, it is a scientifically proven fact that lack of melanin causes racism.

But I do have a question -- will this wall-to-wall coverage of one convention but not the other be treated as an illegal corporate campaign contribution, since Grand Dragon Rodgers' TV One network is not, by his own admission, a news organization?

H/T Gateway Pundit

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An Update

Several weeks ago, my Darling Democrat was diagnosed with an infection and treated with antibiotics. After a second unsuccessful round of antibiotics ended two weeks ago, she was started on something more powerful and told that a failure to improve in while on the third round of antibiotics would result in her being hospitalized -- and last week there was enough progress to justify keeping her out of the hospital. Unfortunately, the continued treatment with antibiotics failed to bring about any more progress to this antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection, and she was hospitalized this morning.

And before anyone asks -- yes, there is a possibility that this is related to what we thought was an unrelated dental problem that I mentioned earlier. One of the specialists has ordered tests to rule that in or out -- and that may or may not change the course of treatment.

Your prayers are requested, and anyone who feels the urge to click the Paypal link (or the Amazon one) would also be appreciated.

Needless to say, I may be less prolific than usual -- call it having my priorities in order.

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Break Out The Horse-Whip

There was a time when no respectable publisher would touch such a book. There was a time when no respectable retailer would carry such a book. There was a time when no respectable human being would read such a book.

It appears that such days are gone.

A major book publisher is planning to release a sexually provocative, fictionalized novel loosely based on First Lady Laura Bush's life during the first week of September - a date that conveniently coincides with the Republican National Convention.

Radar Magazine said Curtis Sittenfield's latest tome American Wife, to be published by Random House, 'is sure to send the White House into a fury.'

Of course, it is "just fiction" -- but the main character is explicitly based upon the current First Lady. More to the point, an unfortunate interpretation of libel law effectively forbids any legal action to slap down this sort of nonsense casting a woman of high moral values in a most unseemly light.

Seems to me that the time has come to bring back the venerable old practice of a defamed and offended lady's husband thrashing tracking down such a poltroon and thrashing him to within an inch of his life in the street while the public watches justice being served.

UPDATE: Looks like the sluttiest columnist at the New York Times, who publicly expressed her desire to trade places with Monica during the presidency of BJ Billy, thinks that a fictionalized account of incest, lesbianism, and other sexual acts involving the First Lady "a well-researched book that imagines what lies behind that placid facade of the first lady". I'd ask if Dowd had any decency -- but we already know the answer.

wonders why the standard for Laura Bush is different from teh standard for Michelle Obama

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Yesterday's Hiatus

My Darling Democrat spent much of the weekend in misery with what we thought was a toothache. After some serious effort to get her squeezed in with a dentist (we are dumping our current dentist -- and switching dental insurance plans -- after this fiasco), we were pleased to find out that no drilling is required. Still, she will be uncomfortable for a couple more days until the medication kicks in.

Blogging may therefore be sporadic.

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July 06, 2008

Obama Speaks -- Selectively -- Of His Faith Journey

In a manner more notable for what he left out than what he included.

Sen. Barack Obama ended a week's focus on values by giving a conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church a highly personal account of his spiritual journey and a promise that he will make "faith-based" social service "a moral center of my administration."

The address, to one of the oldest and largest African American denominations, brought the senator from Illinois back to friendlier ground after a week's tour through Appalachian Ohio, conservative Missouri, the conservative stronghold of Colorado Springs, North Dakota and hardscrabble Montana. But in its religious tones, the address had a far wider intended audience.

"In my own life, " he said, "it's been a journey that began decades ago on the South Side of Chicago, when, working as a community organizer, helping to build struggling neighborhoods, I let Jesus Christ into my life. I learned that my sins could be redeemed and that if I placed my trust in Christ, that he could set me on the path to eternal life when I submitted myself to his will and I dedicated myself to discovering his truth and carrying out his works."

Now I won't get into the fact that it appears that Obama is trying to "cling to his religion" in an effort to get votes after repeatedly attacking the religious beliefs and values of anyone who doesn't support him. No, I find it striking that nowhere does he mention what he has previously described as the seminal event in his coming the the Christian faith -- attending Trinity UCC and hearing the preaching of Jeremiah Wright. And lest you doubt that, go back and read his first book, Dreams of My Father, for confirmation of that fact.

And yet somehow neither Obama nor the Post mention that important figure, nor Trinity United Church of Christ, in discussing the faith journey of Barack Obama. Do they perhaps believe that silence will effectively bang out the dents on the bumper of the Obama Express?


H/T Newsbusters, Hugh Hewitt

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Gabriel's Revelation

Biblical archaeology is one of those fields that has great opportunities for incredible discoveries. After all, a single artifact can potentially upset the applecart in a variety of fields -- history and theology being the two major areas.

That is why the discovery -- and subsequent study of -- Gabriel's Revelation is very exciting. It leaves room for a change in the understanding of Judaism at the time of Christ, not t mention revolutionizing our understanding of the origin of early Christian beliefs.

A three-foot-tall tablet with 87 lines of Hebrew that scholars believe dates from the decades just before the birth of Jesus is causing a quiet stir in biblical and archaeological circles, especially because it may speak of a messiah who will rise from the dead after three days.

If such a messianic description really is there, it will contribute to a developing re-evaluation of both popular and scholarly views of Jesus, since it suggests that the story of his death and resurrection was not unique but part of a recognized Jewish tradition at the time.

Here's the interesting part.

The slaying of Simon, or any case of the suffering messiah, is seen as a necessary step toward national salvation, he says, pointing to lines 19 through 21 of the tablet In three days you will know that evil will be defeated by justice and other lines that speak of blood and slaughter as pathways to justice.

To make his case about the importance of the stone, Mr. Knohl focuses especially on line 80, which begins clearly with the words Lshloshet yamin, meaning in three days. The next word of the line was deemed partially illegible by Ms. Yardeni and Mr. Elitzur, but Mr. Knohl, who is an expert on the language of the Bible and Talmud, says the word is hayeh, or live in the imperative. It has an unusual spelling, but it is one in keeping with the era.

Two more hard-to-read words come later, and Mr. Knohl said he believed that he had deciphered them as well, so that the line reads, In three days you shall live, I, Gabriel, command you.

To whom is the archangel speaking? The next line says Sar hasarin, or prince of princes. Since the Book of Daniel, one of the primary sources for the Gabriel text, speaks of Gabriel and of a prince of princes, Mr. Knohl contends that the stones writings are about the death of a leader of the Jews who will be resurrected in three days.

Now there are two ways of looking at this. One would argue that the ideas contained here constitute evidence that the supposedly unique views about Jesus' death and resurrection were really not so unique after all -- and in the eyes of some this means that we need to reassess the entire understanding of Jesus and the early Christian community. On the other hand, it could be just as easily argued that the Gabriel Revelation is yet one more foreshadowing -- this one extra-biblical -- that the death and resurrection of the Messiah was something foretold and expected by Jews of the period around the time of Jesus, and that said expectation was fulfilled by Jesus.

Frankly, I suspect that this discovery will be fodder for discussion for some time.

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Just A Quick Question

This report is out about a planned speech by Barack Obama.

A German friend passed along the news Saturday that local sources in Berlin are confirming that the Obama campaign was in contact with city authorities to discuss the possibility of presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) delivering an outdoor address in front of the Brandenburg gate.

Excuse me -- did I sleep through the election and inauguration? Why is Barack Obama giving a major speech in Germany -- especially in such an iconic location -- when he is still a mere candidate for the presidency, and not even officially nominated yet?

For that matter, since when do American presidential candidates campaign in foreign countries?

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July 05, 2008

Where Are The Riots?

After all, prison guards are reported to have killed Islamists imprisoned for their faith -- desecrated the Quran!

Clashes between guards and prisoners at a jail in Syria have resulted in many deaths, human-rights groups have said.

At least 25 people were killed after military police fired live bullets at Islamist inmates, the groups said.

* * *

Several prisoners have managed to contact Syrian human rights group, as well as the BBC, by telephone.

They said the guards had also desecrated copies of the Koran.

Come on -- aren't there some Muslims in Syria ready to take to the streets in protest, demanding the death of President Assad? Won't they call out for Allah's divine retribution upon the nation that sponsored this outrage?

And what about Islamists in the rest of the world? Where is Islamic Rage Boy and all those extremists who rioted and burned, and killed over the false reports of Quran desecration at Guantanamo Bay, where the prisoners are housed in much greater comfort than in the Syrian prison?

Could it be that they really don't give a damn about the desecration of a Quran (or depiction of Muhammad) unless it can be used to attack and assault the West?

H/T Gateway Pundit

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The Arrogance Of Andrew Sullivan

Let's be honest about something. Andrew Sullivan hates two things with a passion -- American conservatives and orthodox Christians. The death of Jesse Helms (which this conservative chooses not to mark at all, having never been a particular fan) allowed him one last opportunity to hit at a man who in Sullivan's self-important mind represented both. So be it -- I shan't condemn him for it when by his own admission he recognizes that his doing so is wrong. I therefore feel that no chastisement is needed. Hopefully it will gnaw at his conscience until he repents -- but I somehow doubt it will.

But that isn't what is striking about his post, which is actually quite mild compared to the vitriol spilled by Leftists around the internet. What strikes me is a rather arrogant claim on his part regarding something he alleges Jesse Helms took away from him:

... [Helms] was personally responsible for removing my right to become an American...

Excuse me?

I don't know how to break it too you, Andy, but you have no right to become an American citizen. No foreigner does. Some are, indeed, granted the privilege of American citizenship -- but there is nothing that a so-called "libertarian conservative" like yourself could coherently claim constitutes a "right" for any non-American to become a citizen of this great country. Indeed, sir, you really don't even have a right to remain in this country -- the privilege of being present here is one which may legitimately be revoked for an alien like yourself. So while you are welcome to hate Jesse Helms and rhetorically desecrate his corpse, please have the decency and integrity to recognize that your claim is false -- for you never had what you claim was taken from you.

UPDATE: As noted below in comments, Andrew Sullivan has changed the wording of his post to remove the claim that he had a right to be an American citizen. Too bad he didn't have the integrity to acknowledge that I had made the point -- or to allow my trackback to post at his site. I guess being called out on the point hurt his feelings.

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About Obama's Citizenship

I've seen it buzzing around the internet for several weeks now -- suggestions that Barack Obama is not actually an American citizen at all. In the last 24 hours, I've seen that suggestion appear again, on two websites that I generally respect even if I don't agree with them on everything.

The latest version I've encountered reads this way:

Barack Obama is not a legal U.S. natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between December 24, 1952, to November 13, 1986. Federal Law requires that the office of President requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. Citizen parents. This is what exempts John McCain, though he was born in the US Panama Canal Zone.

US Law very clearly states: '. . . If only one parent is a U.S. Citizen at the time of one's birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for minimum ten years, five of which must be after the age of 16.' Barack Obama's father was not a U.S. Citizen is a fact.

Obama's mother was only 18 when Obama was born. This means even though she had been a U.S. Citizen for 10 years, (or citizen of Hawaii being a territory), his mother fails the test for at-least-5-years- prior-to Barack Obama's birth, but-after-age-16.

In essence, Mother alone is not old enough to qualify her son for automatic U.S. Citizenship. At most, 2 years elapsed from his mother turning 16 to the time of Barack Obama's birth when she was 18. His mother would have needed to have been 16 + 5 = 21 years old at the time of Barack Obama's birth for him to be a natural-born citizen. Barack Obama was already 3 years old at the time his mother would have needed to be to allow him natural citizenship from his only U.S. Citizen parent. Obama should have been naturalized as a citizen . . but that would disqualify him from holding the office.

The Constitution clearly declares: Naturalized citizens are ineligible to hold the office of President. Though Barack Obama was sent back to Hawaii at age 10, any other information does not matter because his mother is the one who must fulfill the requirement to be a U.S. Citzen for 10 years prior to his birth on August 4, 1961, with 5 of those years being after age 16.

Further, Obama may have had to have remained in the USA for some time frame to protect any citizenship he might have had, rather than living in Indonesia. This is very clear cut and a glaring violation of U.S. Election law. I think the Governor Schwarzenegger of California should be very interested in discovering if Obama is allowed to be elected President without being a natural-born U.S. Citizen, since this would set a precedent. Stay tuned to your TV sets because I suspect some of this information will be leaking through over the next several days.

So let's do some quick analysis here.

1) According to his biography, Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, at the Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Let's assume for the moment that this information is correct. Given that Hawaii had been a state for just under two years at that time, it is beyond dispute that Barack Obama was born in and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and therefore a natural born citizen of the United States and the state of Hawaii, based upon the clear language of the Fourteenth Amendment of the US Constitution and affirmed by the Supreme Court in United States v. Wong Kim Ark.

2) But what of the purported statutory language cited by these bloggers which would seem to argue to the contrary?

'. . . If only one parent is a U.S. Citizen at the time of one's birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for minimum ten years, five of which must be after the age of 16.'

First, such language would be constitutionally invalid on its face if it were applied to anyone born within the United States. And secondly, unfortunately for those who attempt to use it to cast shadows upon the citizenship of Barack Obama, the statute in question never purported to apply to those born on American soil. Instead, it applied only children of American citizens born abroad.

But let's look at the actual statutory language of the Immigration and Nationality Act of June 27, 1952 (66 Stat. 163, 235, 8 U.S. Code Section 1401 (b):

Section 301. (a) The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:

(1) a person born in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof;

* * *

(7) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States, who prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than ten years, at least five of which were after attaining the age of fourteen years.

So you can see that by virtue of birth in Hawaii, the statute recognizes Obama as a citizen by virtue of the Fourteenth Amendment. The question of his parentage only comes into question if Barack Obama were born outside the United States.

3) Was Barack Obama actually born in Hawaii?

Let me begin by stating that I presume that he was -- I cannot believe that it would be possible to keep it a secret if he had not been. Some relative who knew the truth or some government employee with access to the records would have leaked it.

However, the question remains -- and clearly has not been resolved by the release of a purported birth certificate. However, AJ Strata does a great job of arguing for the validity of the certificate that is currently under dispute.

What needs to happen to settle the matter? Barack Obama needs to release a copy of the original birth certificate completed by the staff at the Kapiolani Medical Center in 1961. It should be retained on microfilm in Hawaii, and a copy would be easy enough to obtain -- I think being a US Senator and presumptive nominee for President should give him enough pull to get a copy in an expedited manner.

So let me say it -- it would appear to me beyond question that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen of the United States. By providing unambiguous documentation of this fact, Obama can lay the rumor to the contrary to rest for all time.

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Watcher's Council Results

The winning entries in the Watcher's Council vote for this week are Patriotism by Hillbilly White Trash, and Sacramento Host Breakfast by 365 and a Wakeup.  Here's where you can find the full results of the vote:

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July 04, 2008

July 4, 2008 -- "Rays Of Ravishing Light And Glory"


On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress passed the resolution for American independence from Great Britain. On July 4, they adopted Thomas Jefferson's masterful exposition of the philosophical basis for American independence and the reasons for taking that bold step.

Writing to his beloved wife, Abigail, John Adams said this about the monumental decision.

I am well aware of the toil, and blood, and treasure, that it will cost us to maintain this declaration, and support and defend those States. Yet, through all the gloom, I can see the rays of ravishing light and glory. I can see that the end is more than worth all the means, and that posterity will triumph in that day's transaction, even though we should rue it, which I trust in God we shall not.

And indeed, from that time forward the blood of many ordinary men and women has been spilled to preserve what was declared that day, and a significant chunk of our economic capacity has been devoted to that defense of our liberty. And even in the darkest days of our nation -- through the moments when the fledgling nation faced crushing defeat in the War for Independence, through the burning of Washington during the War of 1812, in the midst of a ruinous Civil War and in the face of attacks upon America by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor and by jihadi terrorists on September 2001, those rays of ravishing light and glory have still shined forth as an inspiration to all freedom loving people around the world, as posterity has triumphed due to the deeds of those two days.

* * *

UPDATE: It seems to me that this post over at Gateway Pundit illustrates John Adams' words remain as true today as they were 232 years ago.

Over 1200 US troops reenlist
Baghdad, Iraq
July 4, 2008

H/T Bob Krumm

Be sure to read the letter from the Polish troops serving as a part of the coalition forces in Afghanistan to their American counterparts. Those rays of ravishing light and glory still shine their light on all humanity this day.

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NYTimes Discover Obama Just A Lying Politician


And they are shocked -- but not shocked enough to abandon their support for him.

Senator Barack Obama stirred his legions of supporters, and raised our hopes, promising to change the old order of things. He spoke with passion about breaking out of the partisan mold of bickering and catering to special pleaders, promised to end President Bushs abuses of power and subverting of the Constitution and disowned the big-money power brokers who have corrupted Washington politics.

Now there seems to be a new Barack Obama on the hustings.

* * *

We are not shocked when a candidate moves to the center for the general election. But Mr. Obamas shifts are striking because he was the candidate who proposed to change the face of politics, the man of passionate convictions who did not play old political games.

There are still vital differences between Mr. Obama and Senator John McCain on issues like the war in Iraq, taxes, health care and Supreme Court nominations. We dont want any redefining on these big questions. This country needs change it can believe in.

Take that last line as a declaration of continued loyalty to the Democrat candidate. After all, when the newspaper starts quoting campaign slogans as their editorial line, it is pretty obvious that they are in the tank for the candidate in question -- especially when the slogan chosen is vacuous and content-free.

obamachangewecantbelieve in.JPG

More At Newsbusters, Hot Air

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What Will Justice Kennedy Have To Say About This?

Personally, I like this sentence.

A man was sentenced to more than 4,000 years in prison Wednesday for sexually assaulting three teenage girls over two years.

A day after finding James Kevin Pope guilty, jurors sentenced him to 40 life prison terms one for each sex assault conviction and 20 years for each of the three sexual performance of a child convictions.

At the request of prosecutors, state District Judge Graham Quisenberry ordered Pope to serve the sentences consecutively, adding up to 4,060 years. He will be eligible for parole in the year 3209, according to the Parker County District Attorney's Office.

Given his new-found affection for those who abuse kids, I suspect that Justice Kennedy would consider this cruel and unusual punishment. Unfortunately, our black-robed overlords tell us that we can't execute disgusting creatures like Pope, so requiring him to serve time into the next millennium may be the best possible option.

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July 03, 2008

Grandparents Of Robber Condemn Shooting Of Grandson By His Would-Be Victim

About ten years ago, a student from my high school was killed in a robbery. There was outrage over the incident -- especially over the fact that the man who admitted killing the teen was never arrested or prosecuted for the murder.

I'll never forget the anguished words of one of the dead teen's classmates --"I don't know why that man had to shoot him -- he was only trying to rob the gas station!"

Yeah, that's right. Folks were upset because the clerk at the gas station used a legal gun to shoot down an armed robber.

Which brings me to this case.

The family of one of the men who was shot by a retired United States Marine while they attempted to rob a Subway sandwich shop said the customer shouldn't have pulled the trigger.

According to Plantation police, two armed men barged into the Subway at 1949 Pine Island Road shortly after 11 p.m. Wednesday, demanding money from the employee behind the counter. When they tried to force John Lovell into the bathroom, he pulled out a gun and shot both men, police said.

Donicio Arrindell, 22, was shot in the head and later died at the hospital. Fredrick Gadson, 21, was shot in the chest and ran from the Subway, but police found him in hiding in some bushes on the property of a nearby BankAtlantic.

* * *

Gadson's grandparents told Local 10 on Thursday that Lovell was wrong for pulling the trigger.

"He should not have taken the law in his hands," said Rosa Jones, Gadson's grandmother.

Her husband, Ivory Jones, also condemned the media for its portrayal of Lovell's actions.

"I don't condone what they did, (but) I definitely don't condone the news people making him out to seem like they're making a hero out of this man because he shot somebody down," he said

Un-freakin'-believable! These folks are blaming the victim for defending himself from their criminal grandson and his thug-buddy.

Ivory and Rosa Jones are nothing but trash -- low-class, no-account trash, utterly lacking in morals and sense.

But I will agree with their one comment -- John Lovell shouldn't be a hero. What he should be is an example to every single American of how they should respond to crimes committed by punks like Donicio Arrindell and Fredrick Gadson. What he did should be the ordinary response to crime, not an extraordinary one. The fate of Donicio Arrindell and Fredrick Gadson should be the common result of criminal activity, not something that is newsworthy because it is unusual.

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Satanic Dems In Durham

I let the first arrest pass -- but when you get a second one, it is certainly news.

Police charged a third person Wednesday in connection with beatings and rape that authorities say were carried out by a satanic cult.

Diana Palmer, 44, of Cottage Woods Court, surrendered to police Wednesday afternoon. She was charged with being an accessory after the fact of assault with a deadly weapon and was being held in the Durham County Jail under a $95,000 bond.

Joseph Craig, 25, has been charged with kidnapping, rape, forcible sexual offense and assault in the case. His wife, Joy Johnson, 30, has been charged with aiding and abetting. Both were being held Wednesday in the Durham County Jail.

Satanism and sexual assault -- you may be wondering what this has to do with politics.

Well, here it is.

Palmer is first vice chair of the Durham County Democratic Party. Johnson resigned her positions as third vice-chair of the Durham County Democratic Party and vice-chair of the Young Democrats following her arrest.

Which leads to this priceless quote.

State Sen. Floyd McKissick, D-Durham, called the case "an isolated incident" and said he doesn't expect any other Democratic Party activists to be implicated.

Two top leaders arrested in a Satanic sex case constitutes "an isolated incident"? I think that is probably a pretty god percentage of the party's top leadership.

And as an aside -- I know Johnson was a vocal supporter of Mike Nifong and the lying rape victim. I suspect Palmer was as well. Will they insist, as they did in the earlier case, that the woman making the accusation must be believed at all costs?

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NYTimes: The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!

Looks like the editors of the New York Times have quit taking their medication.

After all, that is the only way that they could have reached this conclusion in their editorial.

In placing these rulings in the larger context of the court after two appointments by President Bush Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, both dedicated members of the conservative movement it is important to note that the Guantnamo decision was 5 to 4. Anthony Kennedy, the courts swing justice, cast the deciding vote. In other cases, like the gun-control decision, the rulings might have been more sweeping and more damaging if the conservative bloc had not needed the moderate-conservative Justice Kennedys vote to form a majority. One more conservative appointment would shift the balance to the far-right bloc.

If that happens, the court can be expected to push even further in a dangerous direction. It would most likely begin stripping away civil liberties, like the habeas rights vindicated in the Guantnamo case. The constitutional protection of womens reproductive rights could be eliminated. The court might well strike down laws that protect the environment, workers rights and the rights of racial and religious minorities.

The court was teetering on the brink in this term. Voters should keep that firmly in mind when they go to the polls in November.

What are the horrific decisions that the editorial cites? Oh, the ones you would expect -- the Heller decision (upholding the right to keep and bear arms), the recent death penalty case (which does not require that executions be pain free), lat term's Ledbetter decision (described as "baseless" -- which is true if one does not consider the actual language of the statute when interpreting it) and the upholding of the Indiana voter ID statute.

On the other hand, it cites the tenuous victories for endangered liberty found in granting unprecedented access to civilian courts to armed combatants captured in the field and the striking down of the death penalty for child rape as positive signs.

That the American public overwhelmingly supports the "conservative" decisions and was outraged by the "moderate" ones doesn't make a difference to the Times -- it is clear that they see the Four Horsemen of the Judicial Apocalypse (Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito) as dangerously out of step with the views of rightleft-thinking Americans and therefore fundamentally threatening to the liberties of Americans -- no matter how consistent with the text of the Constitution and the history of the entire Western legal tradition those conservative decisions really are.

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Diplomacy With Iran?

Over the last three decades, one of the regimes least amenable to diplomatic pressure from the West has been Iran.

Which is, of course, why there is such pressure to solve the problem of the Iranian nuclear program through diplomacy.

President Bush, in an appearance before reporters at the White House earlier Wednesday, was asked about increasing speculation that Israel will attack, saying all options remain on the table but that military action would not be his first choice.

"I have made it very clear to all parties that the first option ought to be solve this problem diplomatically," Bush said. "And the best way to solve it diplomatically is for the United States to work with other nations to send a focused message and that is, you will be isolated, and you will have economic hardship, if you continue to enrich" uranium for a bomb.

Sorry -- with oil at $146 a barrel, it is unlikely that Iran is going to be facing economic hardship any time soon. And given the fungibility of a commodity like oil, it is very possible for Iran to sell its oil to other countries despite an embargo -- indeed, the US has not bought oil from Iran for three decades, yet the Iranians have never had any difficulty selling oil on the world market.

What's more, the Israelis have an indisputable right to defend themselves from Iran -- and given the repeated threats with nuclear overtones made by Mahmoud the mad against Israel, it seems to me that there is a clear basis for Israel to believe that the program is intended to develop nuclear weapons with but a single target -- Israel.

So it is all well and good to call for a diplomatic solution to the current situation. It isn't our survival as a nation at stake. On the other hand, for Israel this is a matter of life and death.

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July 02, 2008

FBI Investigating Lynching Case From 1946

Now I have mixed emotions about this investigation -- and let me explain why.

There is, of course, an outside chance that someone involved in committing this heinous at is still alive -- though at the very least, said individual would have to be in his/her late 70s. More than likely, none of the perpetrators are alive -- making continued investigation by law enforcement a futile gesture.

On the other hand, it is important from a historical standpoint to learn, if we can, who perpetrated this grievous act of hatred and violence at Moore's Ford Bridge.

State and federal investigators said Tuesday that they spent the past two days gathering evidence in the last documented mass lynching in the United States: a grisly slaying of four people that has remained unsolved for more than six decades.

In a written statement, the FBI and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said they collected several items on a property in rural Walton County, Georgia, that were taken in for further investigation.

On July 25, 1946, two black sharecropper couples were shot hundreds of times and the unborn baby of one of the women cut out with a knife at the Moore's Ford Bridge. One of the men had been accused of stabbing a white man 11 days earlier and was bailed out of jail by a former Ku Klux Klan member and known bootlegger who drove him, his wife, her brother and his wife to the bridge.

The FBI statement said investigators were following up on information recently received in the case, one of several the agency has revived in an effort to close decades-old cases from the civil rights era and before.

"The FBI and GBI had gotten some information that we couldn't ignore with respect to this case," GBI spokesman John Bankhead said.

Let me say it rather bluntly -- unless there is credible evidence that one or more of the evil bastards that committed this crime is still walking the earth, this is a matter for historians and not the FBI. Yet reading between the lines, I can only assume that there must be some living individual who the authorities view as culpable for this heinous act -- or at least I hope there is, for otherwise we are witnessing a waste of law enforcement resources.

Also of note in the article is Rep. John Lewis' effort to create an FBI "Cold Case" division. That might not be a bad idea -- provided it is intended to look at cases in which there is a realistic chance of prosecution, not merely to investigate historical incidents in which the criminals have long since been dealt with by the judge of a higher court than any constituted under the US Constitution.

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Obama Got Sweetheart Mortgage Deal?

No, not his special help from his special friend, corrupt businessman Tony Rezko.

I mean from his mortgage company.

Shortly after joining the U.S. Senate and while enjoying a surge in income, Barack Obama bought a $1.65 million restored Georgian mansion in an upscale Chicago neighborhood. To finance the purchase, he secured a $1.32 million loan from Northern Trust in Illinois.

The freshman Democratic senator received a discount. He locked in an interest rate of 5.625 percent on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, below the average for such loans at the time in Chicago. The loan was unusually large, known in banker lingo as a "super super jumbo." Obama paid no origination fee or discount points, as some consumers do to reduce their interest rates.

Compared with the average terms offered at the time in Chicago, Obama's rate could have saved him more than $300 per month.

A $300 a month mortgage discount for a new Senator? Sounds rather suspicious to me -- especially in light of the recent disclosure of special favors to other Democrat senators by Countrywide. Since Obama's spokesperson says that the rate he received from Norther Trust was in response to an offer from a competing financial institution, one has to ask if that other lender was Countrywide -- meaning that Obama also benefited from the special program for powerful politicians.

And I'd like to argue that we should be questioning this -- after all, it certainly helped Michelle Obama's children!

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Jerusalem Terror Attack

Caught live by a mobile phone camera.

The terrorist was a Palestinian with a residence card and work permit to be in the capital of Israel. It may be time for Israel to rethink that policy.

The Palestinian driver of a huge, yellow construction vehicle went on a rampage in central Jerusalem Wednesday, ramming several cars and two buses before a police officer clambered onto the careening vehicle and shot him dead, police and witnesses said.

Officials said at least three people were killed and more than 30 were injured.

The episode spread panic as the driver used the Caterpillar construction vehicles massive serrated scoop to overturn the bus from the Egged public transport company and leave a swath of tangled wreckage 300 yards long, plowing over at least five cars and colliding with a second bus.

Police believed the driver may have planned to crash the construction vehicle into a crowded market nearby.

It could have been a lot worse, said Micky Rosenfeld, a police spokesman.

I have since come across a report that four people were killed in the attack, though I have been unable to confirm that. The jihadi swine operating the backhoe was also killed by police in an attempt to prevent his from slaughtering any more defenseless civilians.

May God bring the souls of the innocents murdered this day into his eternal presence -- and may their murderer be cast into the deepest pits of Hell, there to suffer for all eternity.

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How Not To Respond To Muslim Religious Sensitivities

If you recall, nearly three years ago there was a move in the UK to ban pictures, cartoon, and knick-knacks depicting pigs from government offices in some areas. Why? Because they were offensive to Muslims, who object to pigs on religious grounds. Those who put the ban in place (including some school boards, which banned books like Winnie the Pooh because of characters like Piglet), argued that they were merely promoting tolerance and harmony between people of different faiths -- despite the fact that it meant that a small minority were censoring the majority.

At the time, one of my commenters asked if dogs were next, given Muslim objections to dogs for similar reasons.

Guess what -- that scenario is now playing out in the UK.


A postcard featuring a cute puppy sitting in a policeman's hat advertising a Scottish police force's new telephone number has sparked outrage from Muslims.

Tayside Police's new non-emergency phone number has prompted complaints from members of the Islamic community.

The choice of image on the Tayside Police cards - a black dog sitting in a police officer's hat - has now been raised with Chief Constable John Vine.

And the local constabulary has apologized, expressing regret that they failed to consult with the department's "diversity adviser" over the matter before the card was put out to the public with the picture of Rebel, the force's new police dog.

Now come on. Like we un the US, most folks in the UK have been raised with the mentality that "Happiness is a warm puppy." Like the US, the UK is a country in which dogs are "man's best friend" and a part of the family. Why, then, apologize to the hyper-sensitive for even depicting a dog on the poster? Isn't there an obligation on the part of Muslims to recognize that the British majority does not take offense at the mere mention of the word "dog", and that they will have to deal with the reality that the majority view will be the one catered to?

Oh, yeah. This is the same country that made this decision last week, limiting the use of sniffer dogs near Muslims in London subway stations. Interestingly enough, the use of the dogs began after the 2005 bombings on that subway system -- by a group of Muslims, don't you know.

More at Lionheart, LGF, Gateway Pundit, Hot Air

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July 01, 2008

That Laura Richardson

Not only is she soaking banks for her defaulted loans -- she's also soaking the taxpayers for a bloated car lease.

When she arrived in Congress last fall, Rep. Laura Richardson sought out a vehicle that would match her newfound status.

She settled on a 2007 Lincoln Town Car - the choice of many representatives who lease their vehicles at taxpayers' expense. But hers was distinct: at $1,300 a month, it was the most expensive car in the House of Representatives.

Richardson, a Democrat who represents Carson, has since become known for defaulting on two home loans and losing a third house - in an upscale neighborhood in Sacramento - at a foreclosure auction.

Interestingly enough, another California congresswoman is leasing the same sort of vehicle -- for roughly half of what Richardson is paying.

Not that Richardson's office wants to come clean on her car expenses.

Richardson's spokesman, William Marshall, initially stated that Richardson is paying only $940 per month for her Town Car, but gave no documentation of that. After he was presented with the expense report showing the $1,300 lease amount, he declined to answer further questions.

"No comment," he said.


But there's a whole lot more -- unauthorized drives, unreported repairs, tickets -- check out the whole sordid tale here.

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Most Gun Deaths Suicides

Which likely would have been committed in some other way, don't you think.

The Supreme Court's landmark ruling on gun ownership last week focused on citizens' ability to defend themselves from intruders in their homes. But research shows that surprisingly often, gun owners use the weapons on themselves.

Suicides accounted for about 55 percent of the nation's nearly 31,000 firearm deaths in 2005, the most recent year for which statistics are available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There was nothing unique about that year. Gun-related suicides have outnumbered firearm homicides and accidents for 20 of the past 25 years. In 2005, homicides accounted for 40 percent of gun deaths. Accidents accounted for 2.6 percent. The remaining 2 percent included legal killings, such as when police do the shooting, and cases that involve undetermined intent.

Public-health researchers have concluded that in homes where guns are present, the likelihood that someone in the home will die from suicide or homicide is much greater.

Now here's the problem with that statistic -- is there some control for the type of neighborhood in which the public is more likely to feel a need to arm themselves? Do the statistics take into consideration whether the guns in question are ones legally owned, as opposed to those possessed by criminals? Lots of questions -- relatively few answers.

But here's my question for liberals on that suicide number -- so what? Isn't one of the mantras of liberals that people have a right to do what they choose with their own bodies? It certainly is when you discuss the sacrament of abortion -- so why should it be any different when someone decides to blow their own brains out with a handgun (or pop a handful of pills or slit their wrists)? After all -- in such cases the lives they are taking are their own, rather than that of an innocent baby. Seems to me that suicide would simply be one more act with which society has no right to interfere because, in the words of Justice Anthony Kennedy, "at the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existing, of meaning, of the universe and of the mystery of life" -- which would seem to me to include a liberty to choose to lay down the burden of existence. Besides -- isn't suicide really nothing more than the ultimate reduction of one's carbon footprint?

And in any event, since when does the irresponsible exercise of a constitutional right by some justify the restriction of that right of others? We do not censor newspapers because of the irresponsible editorial decisions of the New York Times which regularly damage national security -- and so we should not ban guns on some theory that the exercise of the right to keep and bear arms is at time abused.

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Obama's Bad History

Let's hope that "constitutional law professor" Barack Obama is more familiar with that document than he is with the Declaration of Independence.

I remember, when living for four years in Indonesia as a child, listening to my mother reading me the first lines of the Declaration of Independence - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Barack -- those are not the first words of the Declaration of Independence. Indeed, they are not even in the first paragraph of that document.

Let me help you out, Senator.

IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776 The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good.

He has forbidden his Governors to pass Laws of immediate and pressing importance, unless suspended in their operation till his Assent should be obtained; and when so suspended, he has utterly neglected to attend to them.

He has refused to pass other Laws for the accommodation of large districts of people, unless those people would relinquish the right of Representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them and formidable to tyrants only.

He has called together legislative bodies at places unusual, uncomfortable, and distant from the depository of their Public Records, for the sole purpose of fatiguing them into compliance with his measures.

He has dissolved Representative Houses repeatedly, for opposing with manly firmness his invasions on the rights of the people.

He has refused for a long time, after such dissolutions, to cause others to be elected, whereby the Legislative Powers, incapable of Annihilation, have returned to the People at large for their exercise; the State remaining in the mean time exposed to all the dangers of invasion from without, and convulsions within.

He has endeavoured to prevent the population of these States; for that purpose obstructing the Laws for Naturalization of Foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migrations hither, and raising the conditions of new Appropriations of Lands.

He has obstructed the Administration of Justice by refusing his Assent to Laws for establishing Judiciary Powers.

He has made Judges dependent on his Will alone for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.

He has kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies without the Consent of our legislatures.

He has affected to render the Military independent of and superior to the Civil Power.

He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:

For quartering large bodies of armed troops among us:

For protecting them, by a mock Trial from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these States:

For cutting off our Trade with all parts of the world:

For imposing Taxes on us without our Consent:

For depriving us in many cases, of the benefit of Trial by Jury:

For transporting us beyond Seas to be tried for pretended offences:

For abolishing the free System of English Laws in a neighbouring Province, establishing therein an Arbitrary government, and enlarging its Boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule into these Colonies

For taking away our Charters, abolishing our most valuable Laws and altering fundamentally the Forms of our Governments:

For suspending our own Legislatures, and declaring themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever.

He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.

He has plundered our seas, ravaged our coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation, and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & Perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.

He has constrained our fellow Citizens taken Captive on the high Seas to bear Arms against their Country, to become the executioners of their friends and Brethren, or to fall themselves by their Hands.

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavoured to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.

Nor have We been wanting in attentions to our British brethren. We have warned them from time to time of attempts by their legislature to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over us. We have reminded them of the circumstances of our emigration and settlement here. We have appealed to their native justice and magnanimity, and we have conjured them by the ties of our common kindred to disavow these usurpations, which would inevitably interrupt our connections and correspondence. They too have been deaf to the voice of justice and of consanguinity. We must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces our Separation, and hold them, as we hold the rest of mankind, Enemies in War, in Peace Friends.

We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these united Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States, that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do. And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.

Now I somehow doubt that you actually wrote the early drafts of this speech, Senator. But I am sure that an anecdote like that must have come from you -- presuming the story is true, of course, and not the invention of a speechwriter. But regardless, I'd like to hope that you and/or your speechwriters would have caught this historical inaccuracy -- one which I believe most of my tenth graders would have caught.

Am I questioning your patriotism by bringing up this point? No, merely your command of history and the founding documents of this country at a time when you question the quality of civic education in this country later on in the same speech -- in the process insulting the professional competence of me and my thousands of colleagues around the country, I might add.

Now I could go on and point out the many ways in which your proposed platform is at odds with the views of the founders and the philosophy contained in the Declaration of Independence. Your proposed health care program, for example, will result in the erection of "a multitude of New Offices", and will send hither and yon "swarms of Officers to harass our people and eat out their substance" in the pursuit of your new policies and the taxes you will impose to fund them. But I'll refrain from doing so, because I don't wish to be accused of questioning your patriotism. So instead I'll simply confine myself to pointing out your ignorance, which is displayed for all the world to see in the midst of your pretty words.

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