November 30, 2012

Obama Shows His True Colors On Terrorstine

They can thumb their noses at the US and the UN can assist them and there will be no consequences whatsoever.

President Obama has no plans to cut U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority following Thursday's statehood vote at the United Nations, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Friday.

Earnest told reporters traveling with the president aboard Air Force One that Obama has no plans to withdraw Palestinian aid and added that no consequences he can talk about are under consideration. The U.N. General Assembly voted 138-9 to recognize Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestinian Liberation Organization as a non-member observer state over firm objections from the United States and Israel.

Actions speak louder than words. Hopefully the majority of Jewish voters who gave their votes to Democrats this year will remember Israel next time they vote.

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Sheila Jackson Lee Makes War On Working Americans While Decrying GOP For Making War On Working Americans

Typical nonsense from Queen Sheila.

[The] president is not in any way suggesting that hes not willing to negotiate, she said. He asked the question, When are the Republicans going to be considerate of those who get up every day and work? Or those who need Medicare or Social Security and Medicaid? That is what the bottom line is for the president and for Democrats, to protect benefits in a reasonable manner, and to ensure that we have the revenue to bring down the deficit and continue to operate in the needs of the American people.

She also slammed Republican focus on deficit reduction.

If my Republican friends would think about the working people of America, stop the war on working people of America, and not adhere to the fact that in a recession you must constantly focus on the deficit, she said. Most economists say focus on growth. But I am looking forward to reasonable men and women coming together as patriots, and ensuring that we will address this question for the American people.

Id like to point out that the GOP is thinking about the working people of America by trying to stop the irresponsible deficit spending and out of control entitlement spending that is piling debt higher and higher. If spending is not reined in, it will be we working people who will be taxed out of the majority of our income to support the half of America that does not work and/or does not pay taxes. Your sides refusal to address that issue in any fashion besides irresponsible rhetoric is the real war on American workers.

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Odd Ive Been Thinking The Same Thing About Obama And The Democrats

After all, it describes their position on taxes every bit as well as it does the GOP position.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Friday accused Republicans of holding the middle class hostage in the fight over tax rates. Reiterating a White House argument, Hoyer said the GOP is holding lower tax rates for households with annual income below $250,000 hostage to ensuring lower rates for those making more than that threshold.

Similar "hostage" language has been used by the president as well.

But the Democrat position is that they will let tax cuts for everyone expire if they dont get the tax increases they want. In other words, they are holding the middle class hostage to ensuring higher rates for those making more than $250,000. See, it works both ways.

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When Will Planned Parenthood Change Its Name To Abortions Я Us

After all, that seems to be what they are headed towards.

A Planned Parenthood affiliate based in the New York cities of Binghamton and Oneonta is breaking away from the national organization over a mandate that reportedly requires all affiliates to offer abortion services by 2013.

Well, at least that will make matters clear on whether or not there is any legitimate reason for supporting an organization that will be Americas largest abortion provider.

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A Sad Commentary On The State Of Our Nations Politics

RedStates Erick Erickson and I have had our issues over the years. From time to time I disagree with him, and for some reason unknown to me Ive even been blocked by him on Twitter. But that said, I consider his to be a decent and sincere guy who might make a good congressman or senator.

When it was recently suggested that Erickson might challenge Senator Saxby Chambliss, I was intrigued. Indeed, I actually hoped he might do it I think he would be an excellent congressman or senator. So Im a bit disappointed that he has decided not to run not just because America will be deprived of a good man, but also because of his reasons for not running.

Were I to run for the Senate, it would be a terribly nasty campaign. Itd actually be really awesome, but itd be really nasty. I have a seven year old, a soon to be four year old, and a wife who does not like being anywhere near a stage. Im not putting my family through that when the best outcome would mean a sizable pay cut and being away from my kids and wife all the time huddled in a pit of vipers often surrounded by too many who viewed me as a useful instrument to their own advancement.

* * *

Ive refrained from writing about this here the entire time because I know, as the Hotline already did despite not a byte wasted on this here, people would say it was just some effort of self promotion. Were I to run, the campaign would be about me and not about ideas. My campaign would be a lightning rod for both sides and a distraction, consuming resources on both sides that are better spent elsewhere. I think in a state like Georgia it would play to my advantage, but it would not advance the ideas I care about through the election, just me.

The sad reality is that our politics have become frighteningly destructive of good men and women. We saw that during the recent election when Mitt Romney was accused of nothing less than murder by Barack Obama and his surrogates because of a layoff at a Bain-owned company. Weve reached the point where a campaign about ideas is at a disadvantage because negative personal attacks are much more effective. I cant blame Erickson for deciding not to get in this race what it would do to his young family simply isnt worth it.

And that, more than the loss of this particular man, is what is the tragedy of our politics. When we lose the good and decent men and women among us because our system has been perverted to chew them up and spit them out, we are in a sad state.

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Hamas Top 40 -- UN Grants Statehood To Palestine Edition

Since the UN has decided to grant the Terrorstinians their own state in the name of advancing world peace, just thought it would be a great idea to highlight some of the music video hits on the Hamas Top 40.

Let's start with this little number -- "Killing Jews is Worship That Draws Us Closer To Allah"!

And then there is this dance hit, "We kidnap soldiers and kill Jews".

Such tender sentiments are enough to bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened supporter of genocide.

And, of course, let's not forget "Death to Israel",

No doubt these were on everybody's playlist as the UN, an international organization devoted to the the promotion of jihad and the destruction of the Jews promotion of world peace and preventing genocide granted statehood to the bloodthirsty Islamist terrorists oppressed people of Palestine.

And remember -- since the US is the main source of funding for the United Nations (22% of its operating budget and 27% of its peacekeeping budget) AND subsidizes the Palestinian Authority, YOUR TAX DOLLARS have paid for the promotion of terrorism, Islamism, and jihad against the people of Israel.

H/T Yid With A Lid

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November 29, 2012

More Racism, Democrat Minority Style

Racist and anti-Semitic both!

A City Council candidate has launched an effort to prevent a potential rival, whom he describes as white and Jewish, from trying to sneak into office like a thief in the night, saying only a black or Latino person should represent the district.

The comments by Thomas Lopez-Pierre, chairman of the Douglass Grant Democratic Club and a candidate to succeed Council Member Robert Jackson, drew criticism on Tuesday, with the heads of civic groups describing them as offensive and appalling.

In an email dated Monday, Mr. Lopez-Pierre said he is calling for a meeting to be held in January to discuss the potential damage to the political empowerment of the black and Hispanic community if Mark Levine, a white/Jewish candidate, is elected with very little black and Hispanic support.

These are the same folks who would be screaming if whites were trying to keep a black or Hispanic from being elected to office and likely the same sort who call Christian conservative who vote their faith theocrats. But when they might find themselves out of power, racism and anti-Semitism are the tactics they will use. Where are the loud condemnations from the national media? Where are the federal investigations? Where are the New York based celebrities denouncing the hate and racism? In short, where is the outrage over this outrage?

By the way I wonder how many of these folks at Mr. Lopez-Pierres meeting consider the election (and reelection) of Barack Obama a good thing even though he, as a black, has undercut the political empowerment of the white majority of this country? Or is it racist to even ask the question especially since my asking the question is intended not for purposes of advocating white supremacy but rather to point out the hypocrisy of black and Hispanic community leaders who think they own a seat if they are in the majority in an area.

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Some People Should Not Be Parents

I think the parents of this baby are an example.

Crazy baby names are nothing new. In fact, in recent years they've become endemic in our culture, with entire websites devoted to bad baby names, deliberate misspellings masquerading as parental "creativity," and celebrities who go way way past "unusual" and into "Wait. What?" territory (like actor Jason Lee, who named his child Pilot Inspektor in 2003).

But Hashtag? As in, well, #hashtag? Really? Really.

"Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 o'clock last nite," the proud parent announced on Facebook Saturday night. "She weys 8pounds and i luv her so much!!!!!!"

Maybe we need to adopt the Danish policy of having a list of state-sanctioned names and limiting parental choice to that for the sake of the poor kids who will otherwise be stuck with such monikers.

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Which Side Is Guilty Of Running "Hate Radio"?

Just take a look at one of its worst practitioners.

On his radio show yesterday, Malloy delighted in the specter of an avenging angel decapitating "teabaggers" -- .
.. these teabag bastards, who by the way, I just wish they would all go away, or like in Passover, I just wish there was an angel of the Lord that would pass over, instead of killing the first born in all the households of Egypt, just wipe out all the teabaggers. Just, you know, the terrible swift sword, just (Malloy emulates sound of sword cutting repeatedly through the air) lop their heads off.

Could you imagine the outrage if Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or some other conservative talk radio host were to suggest decapitating the leaders of the ACLU or NAACP or even run-of-the-mill Obama voters? There would be national outrage and more discussion of hate radio. But let a liberal make comments like this and it is just fine.

Sort of like accusing conservatives of treason because they signed a pledge not to raise taxes and used that as a cornerstone of their campaign.

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Prayers For President George Herbert Walker Bush

A few weeks back I literally wept at the Houston Texans football game when the very frail forty-first President of the United States was brought to midfield in a golf cart and had to be physically supported by two Secret Service agents when he did the coin toss at the start of the game.

Now he is in the hospital here in Houston.

Former President George H. W. Bush is in a Houston hospital with a lingering cough, but his doctor said Thursday that he is improving and should be discharged this weekend.

Bush, 88, has bronchitis, which alternately got better and worse for a week before improving in the last few days, said Dr. Amy Myunderse, the physician in charge of his care at The Methodist Hospital. The condition was never considered life-threatening.

"Anytime someone the president's age has bronchitis, there's concern about possible pneumonia," Myunderse said. "But Mr. Bush's condition never progressed to that level."

Bush has been in and out of Methodist for a few weeks, and was most recently re-admitted the day after Thanksgiving, said his chief of staff, Jean Becker. He was visited Sunday by his son, former President George W. Bush and his wife, Laura.

Ill be praying for the war hero and public servant who lives in my community. I wish him good health and a swift recovery from this illness. And I hope we are blessed to have this great man among us for many more years.

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AP Adopts Islam As Its Official Religion

After all, there is no reason to name Muhammad as a prophet if you do not accept him as such.

Well, now the Associated Press stylebook apparently insists that Mohammed be preceded by the word Prophet.

An Egyptian court convicted in absentia Wednesday seven Egyptian Coptic Christians and a Florida-based American pastor, sentencing them to death on charges linked to an anti-Islam film that had sparked riots in parts of the Muslim world.

The low-budget Innocence of Muslims, parts of which were made available online, portrays the Prophet Muhammad as a fraud, womanizer and buffoon.

The Prophet Muhammad? Really? AP prefers leaving out Christ after Jesus because of the theological implications and certainly doesnt recommend referring to him as Son of God or Lord and Savior but it has no problem with the theological claim implicit in referring to the Prophet Muhammad. Much of the world, however, does dispute that claim indeed, as a Christian I reject that claim and view Muhammad as a false prophet, a fraud, and a murderous brigand. Why does the AP (and Reuters and the NY Times, among others with stylebooks) give special deference to Islamic teaching? Could it be because Christians, Jews, Buddhists, and Hindus are not going to riot and do violence to reporters who fail to give due deference to their important religious believers and beliefs?

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How To Deal With The Fiscal Cliff

I like this idea from PoliPundit.

Give Obama what he wants: Restore tax rates to the Bush era for everyone making under $250,000.

Thats nuts, you say? No, its not:

  1. Republicans will avoid the political consequences of defying 60 percent of the American people.

  2. The rich are avid Obama supporters. Republicans should make them pay for that.

  3. And, most importantly, even if passing just the middle class tax cuts averts the fiscal cliff, $1.2 trillion in spending cuts will still kick in. Obama will have no leverage to stop that! Thats good policy and good politics, since, as Keynesians will tell you, in the short term those spending cuts will help deepen the coming recession:

    Non-defense discretionary spending, which includes housing assistance and energy subsidies for low-income people, would drop by 8.2%.

    And non-defense mandatory spending, including the U.S. Forest Service and social services block grants, would be cut 7.6%. Certain low-income programs, such as Medicaid and food stamps, are shielded.

    If these cuts are enacted, it would hurt the economy, experts say. In fiscal 2013 alone, federal spending would fall an estimated $65 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. This could shave off two-thirds of the expected economic growth for the year and boost the unemployment rate by as much as 1.5 percentage points, according to Steve Fuller, director of the Center for Regional Analysis at George Mason University.

We need a deep, long recession to cleanse Democrats from office. Giving Obama what he wants is a way to get that recession, while cutting $1.2 trillion in federal spending immediately. Hell have no one to blame but himself.

Hey Obama won. He claims a mandate to raise taxes. Let him do it. Put the rates back to the levels during the Clinton years even if the Dems will not agree to return spending to Clinton era levels (20% of GDP rather than 24%). Weve already got the sequester cuts coming leave them in place as the mandated and accept them as the budget-cutting tradeoff that we Republicans have been demanding and Democrats have been promising. And when it all goes to hell in a hand basket, Barack Obama has no one to blame but himself and his fellow Democrats, because we in the GOP just let him do what he promised the American people.

Yeah, i know it sounds unpatriotic to argue that we should simply roll over and allow the country to go to hell economically. But the reality is that we have tried every form of persuasion short of that an no one has listened to us -- much like a parent who must finally allow children to make a major mistake, we just need to stand back and be prepared to pick up the pieces for our shattered nation when the unwise policies of the unworthy occupant of the White House and his socialist friends in Congress fail as they inevitably will.

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I Support The Hatch Amendment!

It is proper American policy.

Sen. Orrin Hatch wants to cut off U.S. funding for the United Nations if it upgrades Palestine's current status.

Citing press reports, Hatch said the U.N. General Assembly may soon vote on whether the Palestinian authoritys status will be upgraded from an observer entity to an observer state. The Utah Republican filed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to eliminate funding for the U.N. should that happen.

Increasing the Palestinians role in the United Nations is absolutely the wrong approach, especially in light of recent military developments in the Middle East, Hatch said. Israel is one of Americas closest allies, and any movement to strengthen one of its fiercest enemies must not be tolerated.

Since the Terrorstinians have been upgraded, our financial contribution to the UN needs to be downgraded to ZERO which means 22% of the organizations operating budget and 27% of the peacekeeping budget will disappear overnight. Whats more, now that the Terrorstinians are recognized as a state the United Nations should be expelled from American soil as well. After all, we dont need a terrorist supporting organization here in our country.

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Hey, Hank May I Suggest Another Amendment Or Two To Modify Or Repeal?

I mean, if you want to tamper with the First Amendment, why shouldnt we reconsider others as well?

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) says, corporations control the patterns of thinking in the United States and that the Bill of Rights to the Constitution should be amended so that the government is given the power to restrict freedom of speech.

Sorry, Hank, Im rather fond of freedom of speech and reject any effort to alter or abolish it. But if we are going to start such exercises in limiting freedom, may I suggest that our nations experience with black elected officials and their lack of honesty, integrity, and competence is grounds for America to wake up and reconsider the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments as failed experiments? After all, if we are discussing rolling back freedom in this country, why not put them all on the table?

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Obama To Vacation While America Goes Over Fiscal Cliff




Three words that do not describe Obama.

President Obama is reportedly scheduled to be vacationing in Hawaii on January 2, the date billions in spending cuts and untold consequences for the economy will kick in if a deal is not reached on the fiscal cliff.

According to the Hawaii Reporter, residents who live in the area of Oahu where Obama and his family vacation have been told that the usual restrictions on their movements during an Obama stay will be in place for 21 days, from December 17 through January 6.

The White House has not officially announced the vacation, and it is unclear if the travel plans are finalized or if the Obamas will be in Hawaii for the entire three-week window covered by the restrictions.

So not only has Obama not revealed any sort of actual proposal for how to avert the meltdown of our nations government and economy, hes going to go golfing and body surfing instead of showing leadership and trying to actually keep that from happening. I guess we have to understand what is truly important.

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November 27, 2012

Democrats Seek To Ensure Candidate Of Right Color Wins Election In Chicago

Could you imagine the outrage if there were an attempt to make sure a black candidate did not win in a "white district"?

Black leaders are growing increasingly worried that a white candidate might seize the seat of former Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson in the upcoming Illinois special election.

With a host of black candidates announcing their intention to run, the concern is that they could split the African-American vote and provide a plurality to a white contender. The worries escalated this week after former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, a white Democrat and veteran of suburban Chicago politics, threw her hat into the ring.

If we lived in a country where our federal government were actually concerned about disenfranchisement based upon race and other civil rights violation, the Justice Department would be turning the Civil Rights Division loose upon the racists trying to put a stop to this racist conspiracy to limit voter choice. But we don't have such an administration -- Barack Obama is president and Eric Holder is Attorney General and they are infinitely more concerned with imaginary racism on the part of Republicans and conservatives than they are with actual racism displayed by members of their own race and party.

Here's hoping the GOP runs a candidate -- a conservative black candidate would be best -- in this district to carry the message of freedom, equality, and civil rights to the people of this district that has been ill-served by a string of corrupt Democrats dating back to the Nixon Administration.

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Honduran Kangaroo Court Declares Honduran Constitution Unconstitutional

I dont think that the word means what they think it does.

Eager to bring Hong Kong-style growth to their beleaguered Central American country, Honduras amended its constitution in 2011. The new provisions allowed the creation of quasi-sovereign special development regions. Libertarians thrilled at the prospect.

By making it easier to escape from bad government to better government, the Honduran plan would put the forces of competition and choice in the service of the Honduran people. Formerly, Hondurans who voted with their feet had to flee their homeland. Now, they could stay and wait for good government to come to them--at least to the neighborhood.

Those grand visions came to nothing, however. Instead, the Honduran Supreme Court struck down the constitutional amendments as ... unconstitutional.

The ruling, of course, is nonsense. After all, by definition a constitutional amendment changes a constitution and is constitutional. Calling one unconstitutional is judicial activism of a sort that not even liberal American judges would try.

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Which Group Is Older?

This one?


Or this one?


If you guessed the Supreme Court, you are wrong -- the average age of the Rolling Stones is older than that of the justices of the US Supreme Court by a couple of years. Indeed, four of the justices (Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Thomas, Justice Sotomayor, and Justice Kagan) were not yet adults when the Stones formed 50 years ago.

The Stones have now launched their 50th anniversary tour. Well done, gentlemen!

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November 26, 2012

Obama Declares That Those Who Dissent From His Fiscal Cliff Solution Are Not Just Unpatriotic, But Also Hate Christmas

Id suggest that Barack Obama ought to be ashamed of himself, but this one is the final proof that the Narcissist-In-Chief is incapable of feeling that emotion.

Any Republican refusal to accept President Barack Obamas fiscal plan may ruin Christmas for the nations retailers, the White House claimed in a report released Monday morning.

The National Retail Federation is forecasting that holiday sales will grow 4.1 percent this year [but] if Congress does not act on the Presidents plan to extend tax cuts for the middle-class, it will be risking one of the key contributors to growth and jobs in our economy at the most important time of the year for retail stores, says the report, which was prepared by the Obama White Houses National Economic Council and the presidents Council of Economic Advisers.

The holiday season is no time to threaten middle-class pocketbooks, urges the report, titled The Middle-Class Tax Cuts Impact On Consumer Spending & Retailers.

Gone are the days when dissent was the highest form of patriotism now failure to get in line behind the president is economic treason and an exercise in Grinchiness.

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Bloggers Opine On 2016

Unfortunately, John Hawkins doesnt include me in his sample of conservative bloggers when he runs his polls, despite being listed among the top 150 conservative sites recently. But his latest survey does have some interesting results

1) Which of the following candidates would you most prefer to see as the GOPs 2016 candidate?
1) Marco Rubio (FL Senator) 20.5% (16 votes)
2) Rand Paul (KY Senator) 14.1% (11 votes)
3) Scott Walker (WI Governor) 11.5% (9 votes)
4) Bobby Jindal (LA Gov) 9% (7 votes)
4) Paul Ryan (WI Congressman. VP candidate) 9% (7 votes)
6) Jeb Bush (Former Fl Governor) 6.4% (5 votes)
6) Sarah Palin (Former AL Governor. VP candidate) 6.4% (5 votes)
8) Mike Pence (IN Governor) 5.1% (4 votes)
9) Susana Martinez (NM Governor) 3.8% (3 votes)
10) Chris Christie (NJ Governor) 2.6% (2 votes)
11) Ted Cruz (TX Senator) 2.6% (2 votes)
12) Rick Perry (TX Governor) 1.3% (1 votes)
12) Mike Huckabee (Former AK Governor) 1.3% (1 votes)
12) Mitch Daniels (Former IN Governor) 1.3% (1 votes)
12) Condi Rice (Former Secretary of State) 1.3% (1 votes)
12) Rick Santorum (Former PA Senator) 1.3% (1 votes)
12) Nikki Haley (SC Gov) 1.3% (1 votes)
12) Bob McDonnell (VA Governor) 1.3% (1 votes)
19) Jan Brewer (AZ Governor) 0.0% (0 votes)
19) Eric Cantor (VA Congressman) 0.0% (0 votes)
19) Rob Portman (OH Senator) 0.0% (0 votes)
19) Brian Sandoval (NV Governor) 0.0% (0 votes)

2) What if the list were narrowed down to the following 10 candidates? Then, which one would you prefer to see as our 2016 nominee?
1) Marco Rubio (FL Senator) 26.9% (21 votes)
2) Paul Ryan (WI Congressman. VP candidate) 17.9% (14 votes)
3) Rand Paul (KY Senator) 16.7% (13 votes)
4) Scott Walker (WI Governor) 14.1% (11 votes)
5) Bobby Jindal (LA Gov) 11.5% (9 votes)
6) Jeb Bush (Former Fl Governor) 6.4% (5 votes)
7) Susana Martinez (NM Governor) 5.1% (4 votes)
8) Chris Christie (NJ Governor) 1.3% (1 votes)
9) Bob McDonnell (VA Governor) 0.0% (0 votes)
9) Brian Sandoval (NV Governor) 0.0% (0 votes)

3) If the list were narrowed down to the following 10 candidates, then which one would you **** LEAST LIKE **** to see as our 2016 nominee?
1) Chris Christie (NJ Governor) 32.5% (25 votes)
2) Jeb Bush (Former Fl Governor) 26% (20 votes)
3) Rand Paul (KY Senator) 14.3% (11 votes)
4) Scott Walker (WI Governor) 11.7% (9 votes)
5) Paul Ryan (WI Congressman. VP candidate) 5.2% (4 votes)
6) Susana Martinez (NM Governor) 3.9% (3 votes)
7) Brian Sandoval (NV Governor) 2.6% (2 votes)
8) Bob McDonnell (VA Governor) 1.3% (1 votes)
8) Marco Rubio (FL Senator) 1.3% (1 votes)
8) Bobby Jindal (LA Gov) 1.3% (1 votes)

4) What if the list were narrowed down to the following 6 candidates? Then, which one would you prefer to see as our 2016 nominee?
1) Marco Rubio (FL Senator) 35.1% (27 votes)
2) Rand Paul (KY Senator) 22.1% (17 votes)
3) Paul Ryan (WI Congressman. VP candidate) 18.2% (14 votes)
4) Scott Walker (WI Governor) 15.6% (12 votes)
5) Jeb Bush (Former Fl Governor 6.5% (5 votes)
6) Chris Christie (NJ Governor) 2.6% (2 votes)

Now Ill be up front with you on this one. On the first two questions my answer would be Bobby Jindal, on Question 3 it would be Chris Christie, and on Question 4 I would likely follow the lead of my fellow bloggers and go with Rubio. As for the remaining questions, I urge you to visit Johns results page to see what they were and how the crew that responded answered and will say that Im not always in agreement with their choices, especially on the final question.

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Go Away, Grover

Im no fan of tax increases but if we can actually get meaningful tax reform and cuts in spending by accepting limited increases, Im willing to at least listen to the argument in favor of them.

Sadly, Grover Norquist is of the opinion that we should reject even a deal that is good for the US in the long term if it results in so much as a penny in increased taxes.

Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist said Monday that his group, Americans for Tax Reform, would work to unseat Republicans who break their pledge to never vote for higher taxes.

His vow came after prominent GOP lawmakers said over the weekend they would consider breaking the Taxpayer Protection Pledge in order to reach a deal with Democrats and President Barack Obama to avoid tumbling over the fiscal cliff the combination of sweeping spending cuts and tax increases that would go into effect at the end of the year if negotiators can't reach a deal on reducing the federal debt.

Norquist said his group would "certainly highlight who has kept their commitment and who hasn't" when it comes time for lawmakers like Sen. Lindsey Graham and Rep. Peter King to run for re-election, though Norquist claimed voters generally decide on their own to oust elected officials who vote to raise taxes.

Norquist is welcome to make a go of it that is the beauty of our system. And the rest of us are free to ignore Norquist who, after all, is allied with Islamist forces in Washington despite the fact that their agenda is infinitely worse for America than any tax increase would be. Grover certainly doesnt represent my views or hold the keys to my conscience on election day.

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November 25, 2012

Here's Why Not to Join A Union

They soak you to spend your money on political activity not related to representing you, the worker.

Here's what my fellow teacher Darren found out when he got his refund check as an agency fee payer.

I have received my agency rebate check from CTA, and this year it's over $400. Since my usual rebate is just over $300, the teachers unions must have gone crazy in non-chargeable expenses (i.e., expenses not related to representation and collective bargaining) this year. The election a few weeks ago explains this handily.

The rebate percentages this year are:
NEA 60% (in other words, they admit to spending 60% of their money on expenses not related to representing teachers or in pursuit of collective bargaining)
CTA 34.6%
Local union 34.6%

Got that, my fellow educators and other lovers of freedom? At least a third and sometimes well over half of your dues money goes for political causes. Aren't you smart enough to make your own donations? You know, especially since the thugs in leadership are often more interested in feathering their own nests rather than representing you.

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And Yet The Voted Overwhelmingly For Obama

When will the liberals who argue that middle class folks voting Republican are voting against their own self-interest write those books and articles about how blacks voting Democrat are voting against THEIR own self interest?

It is puzzling that so many minorities voted for Barack Obama over Mitt Romney considering how disproportionately they have suffered economically during Obama's presidency. Black unemployment under Obama increased at a higher pace than whites, from 12.7% to 14.1%, ending at almost twice the unemployment rate of whites. Now, one out of every seven blacks is unemployed. White unemployment barely increased under Obama, from 7.1% to 7.4%.

Blacks' median income has fallen 11.1% under Obama, more than twice as much as whites. The disparity in wealth between whites and blacks nearly doubled during Obama's tenure. According to CNN, the median net worth of the average white person is now 22 times as much as the the average black person's wealth, $110,729 to $4,995. The disparity between white and Hispanic wealth increased to a 15 to 1 ratio.

Despite these facts, a recent Pew survey found that the number of blacks who thought they were better off now than they were five years earlier almost doubled since 2007. Minorities put Obama over the top in the election. More Latinos voted for Obama in 2012 than in 2008.

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Godaddy Cyber Monday Promotions

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday, that great new internet tradition where so many great deals pop up on the internet for you to take advantage of on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Now some of you may be thinking, "But Rhymes, didn't everybody already put their deals on the internet on Thursday and Friday or over the weekend, making Cyber Monday a thing of the past?" And my answer to you is that such thinking is wrong -- especially if you are looking for great deals from GoDaddy, which has these great Cyber Monday Domain Promo Codes!


Continue to be enlightened while reading "Godaddy Cyber Monday Promotions" »

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Watcher's Council Results

OK, here are this weeks full results.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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November 24, 2012

State Department Fire

One does have to wonder what constitutes "routine maintenance".

A fire broke out during routine maintenance at the U.S. State Department on Saturday, injuring four maintenance workers, officials said.

The fire began inside ductwork on the building's eighth floor at about 11 a.m. (1600 GMT) as workers were replacing insulation, State Department and fire officials said.

Workers doused the fire with hand-held extinguishers before fire department personnel arrived, District of Columbia Battalion Chief Edward Mills said.

Mills, who was one of the first responders to the scene, told Reuters TV the cause of the fire remained under investigation but did not immediately appear suspicious.

One has to wonder if perhaps the document shredders overheated while the evidence from the Benghazi debacle was being "archived"

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NFL To Reveiw League's Dirtiest Player's Crotch Kick Of Schaub

I came to hate Ndamukong Suh last year when he slammed a defenseless player's head to the ground and then stomped on his arm on Thanksgiving day. He was ejected, suspended, and fined as a result. Well, this year he did something slightly less dirty but no less intentional in the Thanksgiving game against the Houston Texans.

The NFL is now reviewing that play.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson on Friday told ESPN that every form of discipline will be considered against Detriot Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh if next week's planned review of Suh's kick to the groin ofHouston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub determines that he made the contact deliberately.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson on Friday told ESPN that every form of discipline will be considered against Detriot Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh if next week's planned review of Suh's kick to the groin of Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub determines that he made the contact deliberately.

"When you consider the history, everything is on the table," Anderson said.

Everything is on the table? How about a lifetime ban?

And for those who wonder about the incident, here it is -- including slo-mo replays.

It seems clear to me that this isn't unintentional contact as he went down, but is instead an intentionally planned kick. Suh is a menace to the other players on the field and needs to be gone.

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Larry Hagman -- RIP

Few characters in television history have left a mark on our culture like JR Ewing. And now Larry Hagman, who gamely returned the role while battling cancer, has headed off to heavenly realms.


Larry Hagman, who played the conniving and mischievous J.R. Ewing on the TV show Dallas, died Friday at Medical City in Dallas, of complications from his recent battle with cancer, his family said.

He was 81.

Larry was back in his beloved Dallas re-enacting the iconic role he loved most, his family said in a written statement. Larrys family and close friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. When he passed, he was surrounded by loved ones. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for. The family requests privacy at this time.

The role of J.R. transformed Mr. Hagmans life. He rocketed from being a merely well-known TV actor on I Dream of Jeannie and the son of Broadway legend Mary Martin, to the kind of international fame known only by the likes the Beatles and Muhammad Ali.

Mr. Hagman made his home in California with his wife of 59 years, the former Maj Axelsson. Despite obvious physical frailty, he gamely returned to Dallas to film season one and part of season two of TNTs Dallas reboot.

I've only two questions.

1) What does this mean for the reboot series?

2) How long until we hear of an attempted hostile takeover of Heaven by an irascible Texas oilman?

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Hamas Announces Plan To Disregard Ceasefire Terms

Remember -- agreements are never binding on terrorists, only upon the civilized.

The No. 2 in Hamas has told The Associated Press that the Islamic militant group wont stop making weapons in Gaza or smuggling them to the territory.

Moussa Abu Marzouks comments Saturday pointed to the major obstacles facing Egyptian-mediated talks between Israel and the Islamists on a new border deal for Hamas-ruled Gaza.

There can be no peace with jihadis who believe it their religious duty to commit genocide against you. There can only be a war of annihilation, since their goal is to annihilate the enemy. That may sound ugly, but it is reality -- and to pretend that a ceasefire has any meaning to them is to subject your people to further violence.

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Walmart's Twelve Days Of Giving

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

I'll be honest -- I'm a big time fan of  Walmart for a lot of reasons.  And it isn't just the low prices and convenience that i find attractive about the company.  What I particularly like is Walmart's long-time practice of giving back to the local communities where its stores and other facilities are located.  And this is one of the big seasons for America's favorite store (don't believe me?  look at their sales numbers) to give back to local charities.


I'm talking about Walmart's 12 Days of Giving when the company gives $1.5 million to local charities selected by the American people.  From November 1 through November 18,  Americans submitted the names of various local non-profit groups for consideration -- casting their vote for worthy charities to get a chunk of that $1.5 million.  The nominations are closed and the nominees are being considered --  and now we wait to see what happens during the twelve day span from December 10 through December 21, when announcements will be made regarding what charities will receive the grants.

What sort of groups get grants?  They run the whole gamut of the not for profit sector.  The money goes to youth programs and senior centers, to homeless shelters and programs to provide homes to disabled veterans.  There are so many worthy groups out there, and Walmart is going to help a whole bunch of them this December because the American people have made their nominations of worthy organizations.  So make sure you check out the Twelve Days Of Giving site to find out what groups receive these grants.

Visit Sponsor's Site

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November 23, 2012

Obama-Legitimized Islamist Leader Assumes Dictatorial Powers

We did, of course, warn you about this back during the "Arab Spring".

CAIRO With a constitutional assembly on the brink of collapse and protesters battling the police in the streets over the slow pace of change, President Mohamed Morsi issued a decree on Thursday granting himself broad powers above any court as the guardian of Egypts revolution, and used his new authority to order the retrial of Hosni Mubarak.

Mr. Morsi, an Islamist and Egypts first elected president, portrayed his decree as an attempt to fulfill popular demands for justice and protect the transition to a constitutional democracy. But the unexpected breadth of the powers he seized raised immediate fears that he might become a new strongman. Seldom in history has a postrevolutionary leader amassed so much personal power only to relinquish it swiftly.

This was to be expected. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood is not an organization that has any interest in democracy. As so many of us suggested, the recent Egyptian elections have turned out to be "one man, one vote, one time", only to be followed by the creation of a dictatorship of some sort.

Which is why I find these words poignant -- but utterly futile.

An absolute presidential tyranny, Amr Hamzawy, a liberal member of the dissolved Parliament and prominent political scientist, wrote in an online commentary. Egypt is facing a horrifying coup against legitimacy and the rule of law and a complete assassination of the democratic transition.

Five days ago, Barack Obama gave Morsi his official stamp of approval and declared him to be the key player in the Middle East peace process. With the American president now unable to back away from him, Morsi has done what Islamists do whenever they gain control of a government -- consolidated power so that his policies and platform will become permanent.

Are there protests in the street opposing Morsi? Sure there are -- but there are protests just as big or bigger supporting him. And with the full power of the government in his hands, can anyone truly expect the newly-minted dictator and his Islamist and his allies to surrender power? Hardly, if the past is prologue.

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The Next Time You Hear It Said That Republicans Are Racist For Opposing Susan Rice For Secretary Of State

Jonah Goldberg has a little reminder for you about those who have held that office under Republican presidents.

Right now, many in Washington particularly the leadership of the Congressional Black Caucus insist that Republican attacks on U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice are racist and, yawn, sexist. The basis for this claim is that some Republicans are calling Rice unfit for the soon-to-be-vacated job of secretary of state. More specifically, theyre cross with Rice for what they contend to be her dishonest and incompetent handling of the Benghazi scandal.

And, because Rice is a black woman, well, blah, blah, blah Racism! Sexism!

Never mind that Republicans havent had a white secretary of state since Lawrence Eagleburger concluded his term two decades ago. Never mind that Republicans appointed the first black secretary of state ever (Colin Powell) and the first black female secretary of state ever (Condoleezza Rice, arguably the star of the GOP convention in August).

Also, never mind that Rices handling of Benghazi and several other matters can quite defensibly be dubbed incompetent.

Yeah, you forgot that. The GOP supported two -- not just one, but two -- black Secretaries of State during the presidency of George W. Bush. Somehow it was not racist when Democrats attacked either Colin Powell or (especially) Condoleezza Rice for their conduct while in office. And the last time there was a white Republican in charge at Foggy Bottom was two decades ago during the administration of George H. W. Bush, while there has never been an African-American Democrat in the job.

The reality is that Susan Rice is being held to a race and gender neutral standard on the whole Benghazi affair. It was the black man in the White House (or his close aides) who chose to send her out on the Sunday following the 9/11/2012 attack in Libya with sanitized talking points that obscured more than they revealed and were designed to place the blame for the murder of 4 Americans on a guy who posted a YouTube video rather than failed American policy and terrorists out to score a propaganda victory. The notion that it is racist to ask questions -- including questions about whether Ambassador Rice was a party to the deception or whether she was the administration's fall girl -- is absurd, especially when those who are asking the questions voted to confirm TWO well-qualified individuals as Secretary of State.

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Define "Fair Share"

That is the question asked in this editorial from the Washington Examiner.

Although Obama and his fellow Democrats repeatedly call on wealthier Americans to pay their "fair share," they never specify what percentage of the nation's tax burden the wealthy would have to bear. As matters stand, the top 1 percent of American households paid 39 percent of income taxes in 2009, according to the most recent data compiled by the Congressional Budget Office, and the top 5 percent of taxpayers paid 64 percent.

But income taxes, taken in isolation, do not tell the whole story, because lower-income Americans do pay payroll taxes. But even taking into account all forms of taxation, the top 1 percent still paid 22 percent of federal taxes while earning just 13.4 percent of household income. The top 5 percent paid 40 percent of all federal taxes, despite earning only 26 percent of all income. No matter how you slice the numbers, it's hard to understand why anyone would think the wealthy aren't already shouldering a burden commensurate with their blessings.

What is fair? Give us a number. And if you cannot do so -- are are unwilling to do so -- why should we take seriously any call to make the wealthy pay higher taxes because they are not paying their "fair share"? After all, you are clearly unwilling to define the terms.

H/T PrairiePundit

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He Hates The United States So Much He Wants It Out Of His Country's Name

Too bad Mexico's President doesn't feel that way when cashing the foreign aid checks from the United States or when his government encourages its citizens to invade the United States to work illegally and send the proceeds back home.

MEXICO CITY Mexico's president is making one last attempt to get the "United States" out of Mexico - at least as far as the country's name is concerned.

The name "United Mexican States," or "Estados Unidos Mexicanos," was adopted in 1824 after independence from Spain in imitation of Mexico's democratic northern neighbor, but it is rarely used except on official documents, money and other government material.

Still, President Felipe Calderon called a news conference Thursday to announce that he wants to make the name simply "Mexico." His country doesn't need to copy anyone, he said.

Personally, I m glad to know that he has done such a great job solving Mexico's problems with poverty, government corruption, and narcoterrorism that the only thing he has left to do during the waning days of his time in office is to make a symbolic change to his country's name to poke his country's biggest trading partner in the eye.

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Lost Pup Bo To Return To His Boy Damien

One of the sad stories of this year's Thanksgiving was about the 100 vehicle wreck near Beaumont, Texas in which a couple from the Houston area was killed. There were no doubt many other stories of individual pain, suffering and loss, but one touched my heart.

A little boy, Damien Ortiz, suffered the heartbreak of losing his dog, Bo, in the massive pile-up. Bo was thrown from the car and ran off to points unknown.

But in the midst of his loss, the little boy turned his concern to others.


Damien Ortiz, 5, got his mother's permission to serve turkey sandwiches to the other victims of the pileup after their vehicle was hit by a jack-knifed semi. They were taking turkey dinner to surprise loved ones in Louisiana.

And in a happy ending that is enough to warm the coldest of hearts, Bo was found by a wrecker driver and taken in.


Dog and boy are to be reunited today -- and so one little thing is put right with the world. Would that all the world's problems could be solved so beautifully.

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November 22, 2012

More Obama Regime Lies To America Exposed -- After the Election

The Justice Department delayed responding to a Freedom of Information Act request until the election was over -- to avoid letting the American people know that the effort to overturn constitutionally valid voter ID laws under the Voting Rights Act was based upon smoke and mirrors, despite Eric Holder's claims to the contrary.

Department of Justice officials delayed nearly six months before telling a conservative non-profit that no records exists that were responsive to the group's April Freedom of Information Act request for documents supporting Attorney General Eric Holder's claim of public demand for legal actions against voter ID laws.

During a December 2011 speech at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, Holder defended DOJ's filing suit against state voter ID laws in Texas and South Carolina, saying he had received "a consistent drumbeat of concern from many Americans, who - often for the first time in their lives - now have reason to believe that we are failing to live up to one of our nation's most noble, and essential, ideals [protecting voting rights]."

The April 2012 FOIA request was filed by the National Center for Public Policy Research and sought "any and all records, emails, transcripts, materials, or other internal or external documents created by or received by the Department of Justice." The request also sought copies of all communications between Holder and outside groups or individuals concerning the 2011 speech.

The department's Nov. 9, 2012, response said "no records responsive to your request were found."

Now this means one of two things.

Either Eric Holder lied to the American people about this constant drumbeat of concern -- or the Justice Department is violating the law by withholding records under a valid FOIA request.

Which is it?

Time for another subpoena of the Attorney General -- and likely another contempt citation, if not a perjury charge.

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Anti-Catholic President Commits Sacrilege

Profaning that which is held sacred by Catholics as a part of an official event at the White House.

But why are we surprised? After all, when you have a president who is knowingly and intentionally making Catholic institutions and faithful Catholics go against the teachings of the Catholic Church, why would he possibly be ashamed to insult their sacraments and sacred gestures in his official capacity?

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Are You Man Enough, Barry?

For all his tough talk about Republicans attacking Susan Rice for lying to the American people about Benghazi, the reality is that Barack Obama is still hiding behind her to deflect criticism of the dishonesty of his regime's comments about that debacle. I'm therefore quite supportive of this challenge by Congressman Trey Gowdy of South Carolina.

Instead of taking up for Susan Rice, heres the deal Ill make with the president, you come in her place and testify before Congress and answer her questions.

Sounds like a plan to me -- you don't want your UN Ambassador being attacked for disseminating false information to the American people? Come to the Capitol and answer questions on what the Regime knew and when it was known -- and be prepared to answer, under oath, what you personally knew, when you personally knew it, how you personally responded, and why everything that came out of your mouth and those of your appointees and spokespeople has been shown to be absolutely false. The American people have a right to know.

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Pope States Generally Known Historical Fact, Press Stunned

Is it bigotry or ignorance -- or both -- that leads Nick Squire of The Telegraph to write an article that makes this into a big deal?

The entire Christian calendar is based on a miscalculation, the Pope has declared, as he claims in a new book that Jesus was born several years earlier than commonly believed.

The 'mistake' was made by a sixth century monk known as Dionysius Exiguus or in English Dennis the Small, the 85-year-old pontiff claims in the book 'Jesus of Nazareth: The Infancy Narratives', published on Wednesday.

"The calculation of the beginning of our calendar based on the birth of Jesus was made by Dionysius Exiguus, who made a mistake in his calculations by several years," the Pope writes in the book, which went on sale around the world with an initial print run of a million copies.

"The actual date of Jesus's birth was several years before."

The assertion that the Christian calendar is based on a false premise is not new many historians believe that Christ was born sometime between 7BC and 2BC.

But the fact that doubts over one of the keystones of Christian tradition have been raised by the leader of the world's one billion Catholics is striking.

Striking? Heck, this was a non-controversial issue twenty years ago when I was studying to become a priest. It was discussed in our classes, referenced in textbooks, and even found in most of the biblical commentaries we used -- whether they were of a liberal or conservative bent. I've heard the same said by priests and bishops from pulpits. So that Benedict would note it in his new book is not only not surprising, but is in fact rather a mundane thing.

And may I note that while the Nativity itself is a keystone of the Christian tradition, the actual dating of the birth of Christ is not a particularly important matter at all -- whether in regards to the year of Jesus' birth, or even the actual day (which is referenced at the end of the article). After all, it is the fact of the Incarnation that matters, not the calendar date.

So the date doesn't matter. The year doesn't matter. The presence or absence of oxen and asses does not matter. What matters is that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us -- and that later Jesus laid down his life to redeem us.

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Texans To Become First Team To Make Playoffs?

Possibly, if they do their part in Detroit today.

The Texans secure a playoff spot if:

1. Houston win + Tennessee loss or tie + Miami loss or tie + New York Jets loss or tie + Cincinnati loss + San Diego loss or tie.


2. Houston win + Tennessee loss or tie + Miami loss or tie + New York Jets loss or tie + Cincinnati loss or tie + Pittsburgh loss.

After suffering through those early seasons of futility here in Houston and watching a beat up team win their first ever playoff game last season, it is great to see them dominating. And I've seen the figure bandied around that they are 99.8% likely to make the playoffs, so I'm looking forward to a second year of post-season play!

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Here's A Buffett Tax We Need

Proposed by David Bernstein over at the Volokh Conspiracy.

(1) Whereas, the U.S. government is in desperate need of revenue.

(2) Whereas, Warren Buffett is worth tens of billions of dollars, almost all of which is destined for private foundations and thus will completely escape federal tax.

(3) Whereas, Warren Buffett has publicly proclaimed that he is undertaxed.

(4) Resolved, the U.S. government should pass legislation that gifts to foundations in excess of a $20 billion lifetime exemption will hereinafter be taxed at 55%, the normal inheritance tax rate.

I'd only make two changes -- make the lifetime limit $1 billion and make the tax rate 75%. After all, Warren Buffett is REALLY not taxed enough, and he constantly tells us so.

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Black Friday And Cyber Monday

It is Thanksgiving Day, one of the most loved holidays on the American calendar. It's a time for food family and football -- and it heralds the beginning of the holiday shopping season. But where to shop and what to shop for? Those are big questions that many folks are asking right now as they baste the turkey and prepare for the big game. Where are they going to buy what for various family members for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2012?

Continue to be enlightened while reading "Black Friday And Cyber Monday" »

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November 21, 2012

An Apology For Slow Blogging

My darling wife is still dealing with her fractured leg, and I'm still doing my best to help. We've been doing tests and seeing doctors, and I've been setting aside my blogging duties. I'll try to pick back up.

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November 19, 2012

Dumb Ways To Die

Believe it or not, it is an Australian PSA for safety around trains. And mighty funny for those of us with warped senses of humor.

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I'm All For Israel Returning To Pre-1967 Borders

As I've said before, the question is WHICH pre-1967 borders.


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November 18, 2012

Like This Will Lead To A Settlement That Treats Israel Fairly?

When Barack Obama is the closest thing Israel has to a friend in the ceasefire negotiations, you know this can't turn out well.

"There are intense efforts underway through the contact channels with the Palestinian and Israeli sides, so far there are some indications that there's a possibility for a cease-fire," said Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi during a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who began a two-day official visit to Egypt on Saturday.

"Until now we do not have solid guarantees, but what I want to signal and affirm is that war and aggression in this manner and the blockade of Gaza, all of this cannot achieve peace and stability for the people of the region," Mr. Morsi added while warning Israel against proceeding with any ground offensive because it would inflame a region transformed by the regime changes ushered in by the so-called Arab Spring uprisings in Egypt and elsewhere nearly two years ago.

"The people and the leaders of the region are different from before," Mr. Morsi said.

For his part, Mr. Erdogan said he spoke Friday by telephone with U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin to press for "an urgent cease-fire in Gaza."

Qatar is apprently involved, too.

Let's see.

Muslim Brotherhood affilated leader from Egypt.

Head of the Turkish government that threatened Israel when it responded as was its right under international law to a blockade runner.

Qatari regime that cut relations with Israel the last time the Jewish state responded to attacks by its client, Hamas.

Arab-backing leader of anti-Semitic Soviet successor state.

First American president to snub and insult an Israeli prime minister.

Yeah -- that's really going to guarantee the safety of Israeli civilians from the missiles launched from Terrostinian territory by the forces of Ham-Ass.

Personally I support doing the the Terrorstinians what they have long professed an intent to do to the Jews -- drive them into the sea. Only because the best solution -- nuking Gaza -- would bring fallout over Israeli territory due to the prevailing winds.

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This Week's Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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Last Week's Watcher's Council Results

Here are last weeks full results, delayed due to my wife's fractured leg.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

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November 17, 2012

House Should Invoke Article I, Section 5 In FL-18 Congressional Race

The more I've read about the status of the Florida congressional race between Allen West and Patrick Murphy, the more I see the outcome as illegitimate no matter who is officially declared the winner.

FORT PIERCE, Fla. (AP) A county canvassing board on Friday ordered a recount of early-voting ballots in the race between U.S. Rep. Allen West and Democrat Patrick Murphy, hours after a judge declined to do the same.

The St. Lucie County Canvassing Board voted 2-to-1 late Friday in favor of the move in the 18th Congressional District contest, in which Murphy is the unofficial victor. A series of tabulation errors by the county has raised suspicion among Wests campaign and its supporters and appeared to motivate the boards favorable vote.

Votes have been miscounted. Votes have been counted multiple times. Votes have not been counted at all. The reality is that we cannot be sure who won the race. Local vote counters have guaranteed that.

Fortunately, there is a solution found in Article I, Section 5 of the US Constitution.

Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members. . .

The House of Representatives gets to decide the winner of the race -- or declare that the election itself was so flawed as to be void, necessitating a new election. I'd argue that this is what needs to happen -- and since such a move is not reviewable by any court, it will settle the matter in short order.

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Local Blogger/Democrat Party Official Attacks Hispanic Marine Veteran For Being Republican, Won't Condemn Crooked Democrat Constable -- UPDATED

Why am I not surprised that the blogger at BayAreaHatemonger would choose to attack the patriot and not the criminal?


This blogger and Democrat activist with a history of hate speech, racist speech, sexist speech and threats of violence against elected officials has set himself up as something of an ethics czar (maybe it takes a crooked pol to catch a crooked pol) -- and is a member of the governing body of the Democrat Party here in Texas. And in light of yesterday's indictment of one of the constables here in Harris County, one would think he would comment. Here's that story from local media.

Longtime Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino was indicted Friday, accused of failing to report cash campaign contributions, diverting money from his youth charity for personal use and using deputies to serve eviction notices and then keeping the delivery fees.

Trevino was charged in four felony indictments alleging abuse of official capacity, misapplication of fiduciary property and tampering with a government document. He faces 10 years in prison if convicted, said Harris County District Attorney's Office prosecutors who investigated the constable for more than a year and interviewed 165 witnesses.

The response at BayAreaHatemonger? Silence. Of course, that is slightly better than what he did when another local Democrat constable was indicted recently, when he argued for leniency.

It isn't that BayAreaHatemonger has been silent since the indictment came down -- there was time to post an attack on a Hispanic Marine who had the audacity to run for office as a Republican.


So let's recap -- this blogger and SDEC member chose to attack the honest veteran who ran for office (and who lost 10 days ago) while ignoring the corrupt lawman of his own party who has been indicted.

I sure hope Texas Democrats are proud of what passes for "leadership" in their party.

UPDATE -- November 19, 2012: Well, he finally commented -- and defended the crimes of the corrupt Democrat as not a big deal. Well, he didn't think his own legal violations were a big deal, either.

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Stargate Race Between US And China?

Doug Ross notes this at Gizmodo and gently mocks it as a potential Stargate.

If these guys are building their own Stargate, I'm gonna be pissed.
Not happy with building mysterious gigantic structures in the desert, the Chinese are now building inter-dimensional portals in the middle of their cities. What the hell is this 515-foot (157 meters) high metal structure in the the city of Fushun, in northeast China's Liaoning province?

But let's look at it, why don't we.


Neat to look at -- and covered in LED lights it will be quite a feature at night.

But is it all that different from the structure I used to drive by daily in this St. Louis?


So, you tell me? Tourist attraction or an early effort at creating Stargate technology here in the US?

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November 16, 2012

Obama Regime To Violate Privacy Of Every Non-Union Worker In America!

Notice to union thugs -- leave me the #@&% alone!

President Obamas labor regulators are preparing to give his army of unions the private contact information of workers employed by non-union companies, as part of an array of rules to facilitate and finance union expansion.

The National Labor Relations Board is expected to start work on a rule that would force businesses to turn over workers phone numbers, emails and shift times to union organizers, the Associated Press reported this week.

Its an effort to enhance the unions voter contact operations, in effect, as current law only requires companies to give union organizers the home addresses of the workers whom they hope will vote to unionize.

What this is trying to do arguably, it violates the workers privacy but facilitate the union getting in touch, The Heritage Foundations James Sherk told The Washington Examiner. It is just going to be a headache for workers. You tell the union organizer no once and they just keep coming back can come back and they keep harassing you and now theyve got your phone number that they can be calling you on now they can be spamming your email.

You have no right to my address. I don't want your letters.

You have no right to my phone number. I don't want your calls.

You have no right to my email address. I don't want your spam.

And as far as your coming onto my property -- I'll give each union one written warning that further trespass by their officers, members, or agents is henceforth prohibited. Any future visits from officers, members, or agents of the union will result in contact with local law enforcement -- so they can notify the next of kin of the trespasser where to claim the remains.

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Thanks, Libertarians, For Your Success In Electing Obama And Other Statist Democrats!

Courtesy of Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit.

PEOPLE WILL LOVE THIS: Libertarians provided the margin for Democrats in at least nine elections. Its particularly sad that libertarians didnt back Mia Love. Really, youre not going to vote for a candidate whose favorite economist is Bastiat? Apparently not.

Seems to me you have forfeited any legitimacy when you complain about the overbearing state.

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Hiding Behind Race And Sex To Avoid Truth About Susan Rice

How dare anyone criticize a black woman being considered for high office by the unicorn-riding demigod in the White House!

A dozen female members of the House staunchly defended U.N. ambassador Susan Rice against Republican criticism over her remarks on the deadly Sept. 11 Libya attack, suggesting the GOP lawmakers' comments were racist and sexist.
"It is a shame that anytime something goes wrong, they pick on women and minorities," Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, the next chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, told reporters Friday at a Capitol Hill news conference.
Republican Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham earlier this week called Rice untrustworthy and unqualified to be the nation's top diplomat if President Barack Obama chooses her to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The two vowed to block any Senate confirmation if she is nominated.
The House women, a majority of them Africa-American, lashed out at McCain and Graham and demanded that they retract their criticism.

One fact is indisputable namely that UN Ambassador Susan Rice misled the American public on the nature of the Benghazi attack and its causes when she appeared on various news shows the weekend after that debacle.

And based upon what we know about what the Obama Administration knew about that incident, there are only two explanations for this:

The problem is that either of these two explanations makes it clear that she is not a credible candidate for any high position in this administration. Either she is a brazen liar or the administration considers her integrity and reputation expendable. How can she be taken seriously by anyone especially foreign leaders?

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Obama Allied Unions Add 18K To Unemployment Rolls

And kills two American snack icons the Twinkie and the Ding-Dong.

Hostess, the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, is going out of business, closing plants, laying off its 18,500 workers and putting its brands up for sale. The Irving, Texas, company said a nationwide worker strike crippled its ability to make and deliver its products. Its brands also include Ding Dongs, Ho Ho's and Dolly Madison. Hostess had warned employees that it would file a motion in U.S. Bankruptcy Court to unwind its business and sell assets if plant operations didn't return to normal levels by Thursday evening. The privately held company filed for Chapter 11 protection in January, its second trip through bankruptcy court in less than a decade. "Many people have worked incredibly long and hard to keep this from happening, but now Hostess Brands has no other alternative than to begin the process of winding down and preparing for the sale of our iconic brands," CEO Gregory F. Rayburn said in a letter to employees posted on the company website. He added that all employees will eventually lose their jobs, "some sooner than others."

Rather than stay working, six thousand union thugs chose to destroy their employer and put every employee out of work by refusing to accept reasonable wages. Therein lies the entire problem with unions and why all laws requiring employers to negotiate with unions must be repealed.

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November 15, 2012

Old Media Bigotry Exposed

Seeing themselves as superior, they gladly attack those they do not understand or revile.

The press corps following presidential candidate Mitt Romney frequently displayed anti-Mormon bigotry through the election season, according to fellow reporter and BuzzFeed Politics author McKay Coppins.

Coppins, who is also a Mormon, offers several interesting bits of information and even makes Mitt out to be the John Kennedy of Mormonism; like Kennedy did for Catholics, Romney's candidacy brought his religion out from under the shadows of suspicion and into the mainstream in politics.

Most importantly, the piece reveals the stark and casual anti-Mormon bigotry of fellow members of the Old Media establishment.

Coppins recalls that other reporters following Romney constantly sniggered about his "Mormon underwear" and often made jokes about his religion in the privacy of the press plane or on their many bus trips.

Whats sad here is not the bigotry we know it is there.

What is sad is that Coppins didnt reveal the names of the bigots.

More to the point, too bad he didnt do so BEFORE the election.

After all, it was bad enough that unpaid Obama supporters were playing the religious bigotry game on the internet and elsewhere, so to find out his professional operatives disguised as "objective journalists" were engaged in the same sort of hate -- which undoubtedly tinged their coverage of Obama's opponents -- was something which we Americans had a right to know.

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Secession? No But Is It Time To Consider This Option?

All the secession petition silliness is just that silliness. Nobody of any stature supports it, and at least 80% of Texans view it as a bad idea.

But there is this to consider.

Fact or fiction: Texas is permitted to divide itself into five states.


The 1845 Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas affirms Texas right to divide itself into five states if it chooses. Heres the relevant passage, written in 19th century legalese:

New States, of convenient size, not exceeding four in number, in addition to said State of Texas, and having sufficient population, may hereafter, by the consent of the said State, be formed out of the territory thereof, which shall be entitled to admission under the provisions of the federal constitution.

Texas has never tested the treaty of annexation. But it is possible that ten senators could, at some point, represent the current territory of Texas. How bout East Texas, West Texas, Central Texas, South Texas and North Texas?

Personally, Id suggest the states of Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, El Paso and Amarillo.


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Death Of the Twinkie?

One more disaster for the United States for Barack Obama to preside over -- the death of one of America's most beloved snack companies because of union intransigence.

Hostess Brands Inc said it will ask a U.S. bankruptcy judge for permission to liquidate if enough striking workers do not return to work by the end of Thursday to let the maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread resume normal operations.

Wednesday's announcement escalates a bitter dispute between the 82-year-old company and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union, whose members constitute about one-third of Hostess' nearly 18,000 employees.

A union spokeswoman said the union would have no immediate comment.

Workers at Hostess plants across the country had gone on strike or refused to cross picket lines on November 9 to protest pay cuts that Hostess had in bankruptcy court won the right to impose. That prompted the company at the time to raise the specter of liquidation in case of a widespread strike.

Face it -- the Obama Dem-Pression has put added stress on employers around the country. Unions refuse to accept that wages cannot continue at the inflated levels of earlier years if companies are to survive. As a result, liquidation is the only option for companies like Hostess. And this is what the alleged "recovery:" looks like during the Obama Error -- now extended for an additional four years.

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November 11, 2012

A Personal Note

My darling wife fractured her leg yesterday. I'm focused that direction right now, and may or may not be blogging for the time being, being that I'm her primary caretaker for the time being. Prayers and good thoughts are welcome -- as are hits on the PayPal button (though if I have to choose, I'll take the prayers and good thoughts).

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November 10, 2012

An Observation On The Petraeus Resignation

First, let me say that I find the entire situation involving the resignation of David Petraeus as head of the CIA to be quite sad -- after all, he is a hero and has performed in an exemplary fashion at every task set before him by the leaders of this nation.

The resignation of David H. Petraeus as CIA director followed an FBI investigation of many months, raising the question of why he was not forced out until after the election.

In his letter of resignation, Petraeus cited an extra-marital affair he had been having. After being married for over 37 years, I showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair, Petraeus said in his letter to President Obama. Such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours.

Petraeus, who had a distinguished military career, revealed no additional details. However, an FBI source says the investigation began when American intelligence mistook an email Petraeus had sent to his girlfriend as a reference to corruption. Petraeus was commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan from July 4, 2010 until July 18, 2011.

That said, I find myself looking at an astounding double standard.

A President can cheat in the Oval Office itself -- including being "serviced" while on the phone with world leaders and members of Congress -- and it is "just about sex" and somehow not relevant to his continued service. Those who make it so are deemed to be prudish moralists -- even as said president makes use of the power of his office to obstruct justice and reward his mistress for her services. After leaving office, said individual can continue to be a representative of the nation when called upon by his successors, and can be an honored surrogate for his party's major candidates. His spouse, who helped coordinate the cover-up of his entire history of infidelity, can be elected to high office and serve in one of the most sensitive positions in American government.

On the other hand, an appointee with a distinguished record and only this one blemish is destroyed and driven from public life.

Is it just me, or does the double standard show a fundamental schizophrenia regarding such personal conduct by our leaders?

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November 08, 2012


Who will Obama blame this term?


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Krauthammer On 2016

His thinking is in line with mine (or vice versa).

Romney was the only one remotely presidential, and he was the logical candidate, Krauthammer said. But think of those who didnt run. Theres of course , Paul Ryan who I think will be a leader in the party. You have a whole rising young generation Kelly Ayotte, youve got Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, the new senator from Texas, Marco Rubio, this whole generation who a just a year or two short in their careers from running this time are all going to be in the fray next time. And I think they are the future. And all the soul-searching about what ideology we are going to pursue is going to come from them. And I think it will be a fairly Reaganite and conservative one. I think the future of the party is quite bright.

Id add a couple more to the mix Susana Martinez and Brian Sandoval would be great candidates as well. I suspect that there will be at least one or two names we are mentioning two years from today who are not even on the radar now as back-benchers rise to the top of the heap. And who knows maybe an old face or two will make a comeback.

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Does Rubios NRSC Decision Signal 2016 Run?

It is one of the most prestigious positions for a Republican senator to hold. Marco Rubio just turned it down. I can see only one reason why.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been courted by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to take over the National Republican Senatorial Committee for the 2014 midterm season, but the freshman lawmaker declined the entreaty, sources told RCP.

Rubio often talks about being a father and other factors as limiting his role in leadership. However, in this case I believe it means that he is choosing not to be the partys fundraiser so that he does not have to go back to these same donors looking for contributions to his own presidential exploratory committee or campaign during the same cycle.

Or at least thats how I read it.

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Statehood For Puerto Rico?

They appear to want it.

A slim majority of Puerto Ricans voted Tuesday to approve a nonbinding referendum that would make the island the 51st U.S. state. The measure requires final approval from Congress, so it means little for Puerto Rico right now. Still, nearly 54 percent of Puerto Ricans voted for a change in the U.S. commonwealths relationship with the United States and President Obama promised to uphold their vote in the case of a clear majority.

I wonder will President 50.4% consider 54% to be a clear enough majority to support the change of status, especially given that Puerto Rico has a strong Republican Party that could produce the first Hispanic nominee on a presidential ticket.

Moe Lane offers some thoughts.

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Something To Think About Regarding Tuesday's Turnout

First, if every McCain voter had turned out for Romney, he would have beaten Obama.

Mitt Romney has fewer votes than John McCain received in 2008! Republicans stayed home!

As of right now, Romney has close to 56,000,000 votes nationwide. In 2008, John McCain had nearly 60,000,000 votes. (Per Wikipedia)

Add the folks with Obama Remorse and Romney would have won, given the degree to which Obama's turnout was down.

Second, all it would have taken in the end was around half-a-million votes in some of the swing states.

This may strike some folks as rubbing salt in the wound...

Just did this quick math of Obama's margin in key states.







So for less than 500,000 votes where it counted, Romney could have had 281 electoral votes this morning.

Granted, a replay of the 2000 election with a minority electing the president would not have been the best option -- and probably would have provided critical mass to amend away the electoral college -- but it would have at least rid us of Obama and the problems that another four years of his policies will bring.

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November 07, 2012

Why Does Chris Matthews Hate America?

These words speak volumes about a man who displayed naked partisanship on behalf of Barack Obama.

Im so glad we had that storm last week.

Yes, he went on to qualify that statement with additional verbiage about how he meant in terms of the political impact, not the human suffering. But the two cannot be separated. When will this un-American bastard be given the boot by his employer?

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America Has Spoken And The Markets Have Responded.

On the way in to work this morning, I passed a sign in front of a business in the reliably Democrat part of town where I work. Where there had been a message on Monday that the company was accepting applications, today there was a different sign NOT HIRING. Gee, I wonder what the change was?

Which leads to the antics of the stock market today.

Wall Street greeted a second Obama term the way it greeted the first.

Investors dumped stocks Wednesday in the sharpest sell-off of the year. With the election only hours behind them, they focused on big problems ahead in Washington and across the Atlantic Ocean.

Frantic selling recalled the days after Obama's first victory, as the financial crisis raged and stocks spiraled downward.

The prospect of President Romney had businesses feeling confident about the state of the economy and a solution to our national fiscal crisis. Four more years of President Obama is seen as ruinous so expect a decrease in hiring and continued falling financial indices. And since Wall Street got it right the first time around, I have every reason to expect that they are going to get it right this time, too.

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Some Thoughts On The Debacle

During the primaries, I joined those who supported a brokered convention from which would emerge a candidate capable of beating Barack Obama, because I felt we had a shallow bench of flawed candidates who were incapable of winning. Last night showed me to have been correct, even if a switch of a mere 1.5 million votes would have been sufficient to win it for Romney. Perhaps I should say especially since a switch of a mere 1.5 million votes would have been sufficient to win it for a candidate without Romneys problems.

Why the loss?

  1. Romney has been everywhere on the big issues. That led to fair criticism of him by those who argued that Romney lacked a clear, coherent vision.
  2. Romneys wealth was a problem in the midst of an election in which tax cuts for the wealthy would be an issue. True, it has been since Harry Truman that we have had a presidential candidate who was not wealthy but to run a mega-rich candidate in the midst of these economic times with such tax cuts as an issue did us no favors.
  3. Romneys bipartisan urge was a problem. Since he often failed to spell out specifics on budget issues because of his desire to work with Congress, Romney was vulnerable to criticism that he had no plan.
  4. Romney failed to go after Obama on Benghazi. Nuff said.
  5. Yes, Paul Ryan is a visionary. However, his big vision budget plans were scary for many Americans. Romney would have done better to have picked a governor with a record of cutting budgets, such as Bobby Jindal. Barring that, picking Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, or Brian Sandoval would have helped among Hispanics and possibly swung the election to the GOP.
  6. Social conservative candidates like Akin and Mourdock continued to make stupid comments that were magnified nationally and impacted the national ticket.

Now add to this the problem of a biased and hostile media that openly campaigned for Obama and you see the problem. Throw in a mega-storm that allowed Obama to look presidential (with help from Chris Christie no longer a top 2016 contender) at the very moment that he was crashing and burning and you can see how it all came together for Obama in a year that should have been an easy GOP victory.

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November 06, 2012

A Time For Choosing, 2012

It is Election Day -- perhaps the most important one of my lifetime.

In a few minutes I will be leaving home to work as the election judge in my precinct.

Of the roughly 3000 registered voters in my precinct, roughly 1000 have early voted in person or requested a ballot by mail. I have no firm idea what the turnout will be today -- but I have every reason to expect that we will see an overall turnout in this precinct in the 60-70% range, with the possibility that we will go even higher. Think good thoughts in the direction of the eight of us working the polls in my precinct, and to every other election judge and poll worker around the country today. We will need the positive energy.

To all of those who have not voted yet -- and to all who have -- I offer this pointed reminder from an earlier era of our history, featuring the man who would eventually become the greatest president of my lifetime so far.

I would not contend that Mitt Romney is the second coming of Ronald Reagan -- but I do believe that Barack Obama is the embodiment of many of the problems that Reagan warned the nation about as a private citizen in 1964. May our nation choose wisely today -- and may God bless America.

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November 05, 2012

My Projection For the 2012 Election

Some thoughts on the results of tomorrow's election.

My American Government students have been dying to pin me down on what I think will happen. Today, using the handy tool supplied by CNN, I took them through some possible scenarios. What I did not do was tell them who I expect to win -- beyond telling them that I expect to see the results be "maybe within 10, certainly within 15, electoral votes", without committing to which candidate I expect to win. Here's my projection.


Yes, I'm picking Romney.


I won't handicap the individual races -- but I expect to see the GOP eke out a tie in the US Senate, and no better than that.


The GOP keeps the House of Representatives, with essentially the same number of seats as it has had since the 2010 election.

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These Are They Voyages Of The USS Enterprise...

She's older than I am -- and her career defending the United States of America has come to an end.


The world's first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier ended its remarkable career at sea Sunday when it pulled into its home port for the final time after participating in every major conflict since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

The USS Enterprise which eventually will be scrapped at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton and its reactors floated up the Columbia River to the site of the former Hanford nuclear production complex where they will be buried began shutting down its eight nuclear reactors almost as soon as it arrived at its pier at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia. Thousands of cheering family members and friends welcomed the ship home from its 25th and final deployment after nearly eight months at sea.

The ship will be towed to Washington. "It's exceptionally emotional and exceptionally satisfying," Rear Adm. Ted Carter, commander of the Enterprise Strike Group, said as Naval Station Norfolk came into view and his sailors manned the rails.

To see a great ship stricken from the naval rolls and sent to be scrapped is always a sad thing. I recall as a boy standing on a beach in San Diego watching as USS Missouri was towed up the coast to be put into mothballs, and the great sadness of those who watched that grand old lady pass. So, too, will the loss of this historic vessel.

And if those of my generation and younger are more inclined to hear her name and think of a starship rather than an aircraft carrier, that makes the news of her retirement no less sad.

And so it will be that she will soon be taken to the shipyard at Bremerton, Washington, just down the hill from my parents' home, there to have her reactors removed and all those things that make her a fighting ship taken from her. And as the eighth ship in the US Navy to bear the name ends her career, may thee soon be a ninth to carry on that tradition of service.

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Here's Hoping This Move Backfires On The Islamists

Islamists demand religious censorship in the UK. But have they really considered the implications?

LONDON: Britains Counter-terrorism Command Unit and Specialist Internet Bureau have taken notice of a representation made by an influential Muslim organisation which is asking the government to ban the blasphemous film Innocence of Muslims for posing danger to UKs national security.

The Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnat UK, which claims to represent the majority of Muslims in Britain, has approached the home secretary and police forces around the country requesting that the movie be removed from YouTube on the grounds that it incites racial and religious hate crimes and openly encourages violence in the name of faith. The group didnt request that the film, which caused outrage among Muslims across the world, be banned for being offensive, nor that it will incite hatred against the Muslims but rather that it would encourage violence by Muslims to non-believers. Raja Zahid Nawaz confirmed to The News that his organisation had been contacted by the security officials with assurance that the contents of the letter were being studied and all the activity around the film online and otherwise was being monitored.

Ghulam Rabanni, Secretary General of the organisation, told The News that the blasphemous film is not about the freedom of speech. This film is aimed at inciting religious and racial hatred. It incites extremism and terrorism and will lead to the radicalisation of young Muslims in the UK. It encourages physical and violent attacks on non-Muslim communities around the world. It encourages child abuse. It will damage the fabric of a multi racial and multi faith society and it will lead to tensions and disturbances within the UK and in particular in inner city areas. We have asked the government to ban the film on YouTube.

Notice that -- they want the film banned because it may cause Muslims to attack non-believers. That makes this a threat against non-Muslims. They are conceding that the Quran and other Islamic religious texts encourage terrorism.

here's hoping that some enterprising individual takes this document and uses it as Exhibit A in their case for banning the Quran as a national security threat due to its encouraging of Muslims to attack non-believers over perceived religious defense. After all, which constitutes a greater danger -- a YouTube video that mocks the religious beliefs of a particular group, or the holly book of that religion that encorages attacks on innocent who don't share the beliefs of that religious group?

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November 04, 2012

Coming Soon To NASA -- Orion

How about some good news -- non-political space news at that!

The pieces are coming together for NASA's newest spaceship Orion, with its first unmanned launch test scheduled for September 2014.

The Orion space capsule is designed to carry humans farther into the solar system than they've ever been by taking trips to the moon, asteroids and Mars.

It will be the first new spaceship built by NASA since the space shuttle was developed in the 1970s. The space agency is planning to outsource travel to low-Earth orbit, including the International Space Station, to the private space sector, allowing NASA itself to focus on traveling beyond.

"I think having a test flight in '14 is huge people can see it right there," Orion program manager Mark Geyer told in September. "It's a really important goal."

I agree with Geyer -- this is a huge development. Starting test flights in 2014 puts us on track for an early resumption of manned spaceflight. Now I still think we need something other than the capsule approach -- something assembled in orbit and capable of carrying more significant cargo and providing more space for the astronauts to exercise, engage in scientific experimentation, etc -- than Orion provides, I have to concede that in terms of budget and time we are at least a decade way from even looking at that sort of project. So in the interim, Orion is the future of America's manned space program.

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Obama Proved Unfit To Be President By Benghazi Timeline

Barack Obama left Americans to die in Benghazi despite having the means, the opportunity, and the time to save them from a terrorist attack. That merits impeachment -- but I'll settle for Americans taking to the polls on Election Day and voting to send him back to Chicago, Hawaii, or where ever he chooses to go.

What David Ignatius of The Washington Post describes as a detailed CIA timeline of the events that unfolded in Libya on Sept. 11, 2012 (and in the early hours of Sept. 12), confirms that former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Brian Doherty were not killed until seven hours after the State Department informed the White Housein writing--that the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack and that U.S. Amb. Chris Stevens was in Benghazi where the attack was taking place.

The attack started at 3:40 p.m Washington, D.C. time. The State Department sent the White House an email at 4:05 pm with this subject line: U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack. The email said Amb. Stevens was in Benghazi.

According to the CIA timeline provided to the Washington Post and other news organizations, Woods and Doherty were killed by mortar fire while on the roof of a CIA facility in Benghazi between 11:15 p.m. and 11:26 p.m. Washington timeor between 5:15 a.m. and 5:26 a.m. Sept. 12 Benghazi time.

Between 4:05 p.m. Washington time, when the State Department emailed the White House that the U.S diplomatic mission in Benghazi was under attack, and 11:15 p.m., when Wood and Doherty were killed, more than seven hours passed.

A commercial flight from London to Benghazi is a mere 3 hours and 30 minutes long. US forces in the Mediterranean are closer -- and had both the time to reach Bemghazi and the capacity to rescue the Americans at the besieged consulate. Obama sat on his hands for the seven hours between the time he was notified and the time that some those Americans were killed. While it was likely that Ambassador Chris Stevens was doomed due to his location and the speed with which he was killed, that was not true of others who died in Libya.

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Harry Reid Confirms "Bipartisanship" Means Republicans Giving The Democrats What They Want

Remember -- the big complaint is that Republicans (allegedly) have been unwilling to reach across the aisle to work with Democrats since 2010. That accusation has been a load of crap, as anyone who has actually paid attention to the process can tell you. But Harry Reid makes it clear exactly where the partisan intransigence has been found, and where it will continue to be found if Democrats are allowed to hold even a scrap of power after Tuesday's election.

Five days before the election, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has ruled out trying to work with Mitt Romney should he win next week.

"Mitt Romney's fantasy that Senate Democrats will work with him to pass his 'severely conservative' agenda is laughable," Mr. Reid said in a statement on Friday, trying to puncture Mr. Romney's closing election argument that he'll be able to deliver on the bipartisanship President Obama promised in 2008 but has struggled to live up to.

* * *

With a huge agenda awaiting them, and control of Congress likely to be split, the next president will have to find a way to work with both parties.

Republicans in Congress and even some Democrats have criticized Mr. Obama for failing to do that during his first term. The president won passage of his health care law and the 2009 stimulus, but played defense for most of the last two years as Republicans pushed for spending cuts.

Even with a Senate minority for all four years of the Obama presidency, Harry Reid could not accomplish things like passing a budget. Barack Obama came into office declaring "I won" and insisting that Republicans give in to his agenda. It appears that what needs to happen to avoid obstructionism is for the Democrats to be removed from office.

H/T Malkin

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Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full result.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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November 03, 2012

Supporters Of Democrat President Threaten Lynching Of Black Man Who Refuses To Vote Democrat

This seems similar to what was done by a group of Democrats for a century between the end of the civil war until the mid-1960s. They were called the KKK.

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An Important Announcement For All Americans


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And Yet Liberals Tell Us That The Tea Party -- And Conservatives Generally -- Hate Blacks And Hispanics

This news from Utah -- conservative Republican and Tea Party favorite Mia Love is on her way to being elected to Congress.


[Democrat Jim] Matheson trails Republican challenger Mia Love 52 percent to 40 percent in a new poll conducted for The Salt Lake Tribune, a large margin in a race where, even a few days ago, both campaigns were predicting a tight finish.

* * *

Love with the backing of national groups and fundraising help from prominent national Republicans has also been able to keep pace with Mathesons spending and has become a popular figure among national Republicans, Coker said.

If Love wins the seat, she would become the first black Republican woman in Congress and the first black representative from Utah.

The rising GOP star has been the target of harsh negative attacks from the liberal Democrat 1%-er Matheson, who has conducted a "War on Women" to try to hold on to his seat by any means necessary. Heck, some Democrats have even attacked her for being married to a white man. Who says that racism isn't alive and well in its natural home, the Democrat Party?

And, of course, there is Texas's own Ted Cruz, who will be the next Senator from the Lone Star stat after conservative ant Tea Party support puts him over the top on Tuesday. Supporters of his Democrat opponent -- old white male Paul Sadler -- are seeking to claim that Cruz isn't Hispanic enough to represent Texas.


So remember -- when a Democrat tells you that Republicans and the Tea Party are racist, just point to these two candidates and the race-based attacks against them by liberals and Democrats. And point out that they are just two of the great office holders supported by conservative Republicans and the Tea Party -- folks like Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Brian Sandoval, Gov. Susana Martinez, Senator Marco Rubio, Rep. Allen West, Rep. Tim Scott, Rep. Raul Labrador, and so many other great Americans who hold to the conservative values that helped make America great.

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A Time For Revenge

In 2008, the Democrats nominated an unqualified, incompetent boob to be President. Over the last four years he has taken a country that was nearing the low-ebb of a cyclical economic decline and driven it to deeper and more desperate depths than would have been seen if he had done absolutely nothing.


It is time for revenge.

And as some clown recently said, voting is the best revenge.

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Continue to be enlightened while reading "Buy Trusted SSL Certs" »

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Obama Mega-Donor Invokes Race War To Frighten Potential Romney Voters

Just imagine if a prominent Romney donor had warned blacks that whites would attack them if they voted for Obama in the way that million-dollar Obama donor Bill Maher threatened Romney voters.

Bill Maher on HBO's Real Time Friday might have said one of the most disgraceful things uttered during the 2012 campaign season.

"If you're thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, I would like to make this one plea: black people know who you are and they will come after you" (video follows with commentary):

Three observations.

1) This is every bit as racist as my hypothetical is. Why is it tolerated? And why is this considered to be "comedy"?

2) That our "post-racial" president has failed to condemn this is disgraceful -- but then again, he and his supporters have invoked race and racism at every turn over the last four years, so we should not be surprised.

3) Note to anyone who is going to "come after" Romney voters had better realize that many of them are practitioners of the Second Amendment -- and Stand Your Ground laws in many states make it clear that your attempt to violate their civil rights will result in you being dead and them walking scot-free.

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November 01, 2012

More Stupid Stuff Donald Trump Says

The Donald is an idiot anyone who has ever watched The Apprentice knows that.

Donald Trump blasted President Obama for not taking up his offer to release his college records, saying the presidents failure to do so was hard evidence he wasnt born in the U.S.

For President Obama not to accept $5 million (or much more) for his favorite charity can only mean one thing the records are very bad," Trump wrote on his Facebook page. Obviously he wasnt born in this country, or, if he was, he said he wasnt in order to receive financial aid and in order to have a clear and very easy path into a college or university. Only a very stupid person would believe otherwise. There can be no other reason that so much money would not be so easily and routinely collected for charity.

Actually, Donald, I can think of at least two other reasons for letting the money pass on by. First, there is the fact that you are a fundamentally non-serious person when it comes to politics, and so why should Obama deign to give in to your demands? Second, youve just given Obama what he really wants over-the-top sound bites that can be packaged to show that conservatives/Republicans are racist fools who are attacking him with discredited myths.

Shut up, Donald, and go away. And give the $5 million to a charity in Obamas name anyway preferably to one helping the people who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Oh, and as I suggested to the clowns at MSNBC yesterday -- STFU!

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Thus Ends Any Semblance Of Relevance Of Civil Rights Leaders

Now I will grant that race-baiting clowns like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and (locally) Quanell X have done a great job of reducing the credibility of such folks to near zero anyway, but this story tells us that the struggle for equality is really over.

Minnesota Timberwolves fans may notice something different about their team this year. In a league in which American-born black players made up 75 percent of roster spots in 2011, the Timberwolves will have an opening-day roster comprising just 33 percent black players (five out of 15). According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, this year's squad will be the league's whitest since the 1980s Boston Celtics.

Is that a problem?

Some civil rights leaders in Minneapolis think so. Tyrone Terrell, chairman of St. Paul's African American leadership council, told the Star-Tribune that he thinks the unbalanced roster could be seen as a ploy by the ownership to sell the team to a majority-white fan base.

"How did we get a roster that resembles the 1955 Lakers?" Terrell said to the Star-Tribune. "I think everything is a strategy. Nothing happens by happenstance."

* * *

Ron Edwards, a longtime Minneapolis civil rights advocate, told the Star-Tribune that it was "somewhat disturbing" when he saw a game last season in which Wes Johnson was the only black player on the floor for the Timberwolves. The composition of this season's roster has prompted Edwards to react even stronger.

"It raises some real questions to me about what's really intended," Edwards said. "I think, personally, that it was calculated. Is this an attempt to get fans back in the stands? Minnesota, after all, is a pretty white state.''

Edwards added that the Timberwolves' roster decisions are a "nullification of diversity and a reversal of history."

Yeah, its Bull Connor with dogs and fire hoses all over again. Next thing you know, people will be thinking they have the right to vote against a failed black president!

But lets consider this one by the numbers.

The US population is roughly composed of roughly 64% non-Hispanic whites, 12% non-Hispanic blacks, and 16% individuals of Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, with the rest of the population divided between a handful of other groups and individuals of mixed heritage. So tell me, how is the NBA diverse when the players are six times as likely to be black as the average American? How are the Minnesota Timberwolves not diverse when black players are nearly three times as common as blacks in the general population?

In any other field, such failure of the workforce to conform to the percentages of different groups in the general population would be seen as prima facie evidence of racial discrimination. Doesnt the over-representation of African-Americans signal the need for an affirmative action program indeed, a quota system designed to get more members of under-represented groups onto the court at the highest level of the NBA? After all, we need NBA teams that look like America!

Unless, of course, were going to have NBA teams where the players are chosen based upon merit. But in that case, race-baiters like Tyrone Terrell and Ron Edwards really need to shut up, lest we apply merit to hiring in other industries and to college admissions.

H/T Legal Insurrection

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Liberal Blogger Reveals That Dems Will Abandon Israel To Iranian Nuclear Holocaust If Obama Loses

Those are my words, not his but that is the clear implication of the article by Jeff Goldberg, blogger for The Atlantic magazine.

If Romney wins, and if Benjamin Netanyahu stays in power in Israel, I can almost guarantee you that you will see a melting away of whatever Democratic support there is for tough action against Iran, and a melting away of whatever liberal support there still remains for a strong America-Israel relationship. American support is a pillar of Israeli national security policy. Israel cannot thrive - and maybe it can't survive - in a Middle East dominated by a nuclear Iran. But it will also have difficulty surviving without American support, and I'm telling you, medium- to long-term, Israel could be in trouble in the U.S.

Translation as long as the Jews vote for Obama and appear to be a reliable part of the Democrat coalition, the Democrat leadership will support Israel. If Jews support Romney, the Democrat Party will turn on them in a heartbeat and give support to the Iranian mullahs who have vowed to complete the Hitlerian genocide of the 1930s and 1940s. Never mind that this will result in the deaths of millions of innocents. Never mind that this will severely undermine the US national interest. Partisan interest trumps all.

Now Goldman, himself Jewish, would never admit that such latent anti-Semitism among his fellow Democrats is so close to the surface. He would actively deny such a thing, even to himself. But his very words make it clear that on some level he knows that is the case. Why else would the defeat of Barack Obama and a strong relationship between Mitt Romney and Bibi Netanyahu his personal friend dating back decades to when they were colleagues at the Boston Consulting Group nearly 40 years ago lead to the Democrat Party abandoning Israel?


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Hatch Act Violation In Texas

This is a big no-no federal employees cant campaign on the job. This postal carrier could end up being fired over it.

A U.S. mail carrier in West Columbia, Brazoria County, is in hot water after she was spotted delivering mail with an Obama-Biden political sign on the dashboard of her official vehicle.

The incident was reported last week after residents along the postal carrier's route complained about the sign.

* * *

"This is a clear violation of the Hatch Act and Postal Policy. The views and opinion expressed is (sic) not representative of the United States Postal Service and appropriate action will be taken to address the employee," said USPS spokesperson Dionne Montague, in a written statement e-mailed to KPRC.
The Hatch Act prohibits federal employees from displaying or distributing political materials.

Now that isnt 100% true. She could have set the sign down where it was not on display, taken it home, and then displayed it in her yard. The big mistake was that she displayed it on a government vehicle during work hours.

There has been no comment from this noted political blogger, Texas State Democrat Executive Committee member and Hatch Act expert.

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New Jobs Abound For Immigrants, Not For Citizens, Under Obama

One more example of Obamas failed policies.

Two-thirds of those who have found employment under President Obama are immigrants, both legal and illegal, according to an analysis that suggests immigration has soaked up a large portion of what little job growth there has been over the past three years.

g the study Thursday morning, a day ahead of the final Labor Department unemployment report of the campaign season, which is expected to show a sluggish job market more than three years into the economic recovery.

* * *

His numbers are stark: Since the first quarter of 2009, the number of immigrants of working age (16 to 65) who are employed has risen 2 million, from 21.2 million to 23.2 million. During the same time, native-born employment has risen just 1 million, to reach 119.9 million.

Jobs for immigrants rise by nearly 10%, while jobs for Americans increase by less than 1%. If that number doesnt convince Americans where their votes need to go, nothing will.

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If Obamas Lost Leno

Everybody loves the Dont Ask, Dont Tell line. Personally, I like the conclusion.

Well, Don't Ask, Don't Tell is back - not for gays in the military. It's President Obama's new policy for questions about Libya. Don't ask, don't tell."

In reality, that's the same policy the media have had since the attack.

In any event, after some laughter, Leno said, Well, the Republicans are accusing the White House of successfully engineering a massive cover-up of the Libyan attack."

"But, on the plus side," he continued, "it's the first time in four years Republicans have given credit to Obama for doing anything successfully. So at least theyre giving a little credit.

When the laughter and applause died down, Leno asked, Have you seen that new Obama campaign ad that equates voting with sex? Its kind of clever. It uses innuendo to try and woo young female voters.

Like one line says, he continued, 'Your first time shouldn't be with just anybody. It should be with a great guy who really understands women."

But, on the other hand, if it is your first time, you might want to do it with someone who doesn't need eight years to get the job done. That's all I'm saying. That's all I'm saying.

Eight years to get the job done. Well played, Mr. Leno. Well played.

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If Barack Obama Had A Son, Hed Look And Sound Like Shaquille Brown

Well, if it is true of Trayvon Martin, why shouldnt it be true of the Ohio Community College student who threatened to kill Mitt Romney?

A community college student who was overheard by a teacher saying he wanted to leave class to go shoot Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney during a visit to the state has been arrested and charged with inducing panic, police said.

Given the frequently documented Twitter threats against Romney, this one is really disturbing a public threat, not one cloaked behind a screen.

And for those offended by the sound like part of my riff on Obamas Trayvon statement, just remember that Barack Obama is the guy who told his followers we bring a gun to the fight against their political opponents. Shaquille Brown is just following his leader.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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Another Reason To Avoid Electric Cars

You know, a car that explodes when wet is simply not a good value.

Sixteen Fisker Karma electric vehicles caught fire and burned to the ground after being submerged by saltwater from Hurricane Sandy's storm surge.

The $100,000 cars were parked in Port Newark, N.J., prior to the storm's arrival, according to Jalopnik. The vehicles were submerged when Hurricane Sandy's storm surge beached the port, flooding the luxury electric vehicles and other cars parked in the port.

Jalopnik reported the cars "then caught fire, exploded." The website showed several photos of what remains of the vehicles.

Havent explosions and fires been a problem with other electric cars in the news lately?

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Will Hooker Charges Cost Melendez Senate Seat In New Jersey?

With just days to go before the election, two prostitutes from the Dominican Republic have made accusations against the powerful New Jersey Democrat.

Two women from the Dominican Republic told The Daily Caller that Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez paid them for sex earlier this year.

In interviews, the two women said they met Menendez around Easter at Casa de Campo, an expensive 7,000 acre resort in the Dominican Republic. They claimed Menendez agreed to pay them $500 for sex acts, but in the end they each received only $100.

While all the particulars are not all out yet, the gist of the story is that Melendez is said to have traveled to the Dominican vacation home of a campaign donor for a weekend sex romp, that the two prostitutes he had sex with were paid only $100 of the $500 they each were promised. Records indicate that Melendez had no public engagements on the days in question (Easter Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of this year), that the private plane of the campaign donor, Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, flew from Florida to a private airport near Melendez's home on Easter and then traveled to the Dominican Republic and that it returned from the Dominican Republic on that Tuesday. It is also known that Melendez has stayed at Melgen's home in the past, and has also used the plane in question.

I'll be the first to admit that there are details that need to be filled in here -- but the circumstantial evidence is pretty strong. There have been obligatory denials from the Melendez camp. But coming as close as it does to the election, could it cost Melendez his Senate seat? If the senator is defeated on election day, will this have an effect on the vote totals for President Obama, perhaps putting New Jersey in play? Or does the impact of Hurricane Sandy earlier this week blunt the impact of this bombshell story on the election?

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