February 28, 2013

Chris Matthews Declares Opposition To Gun Control Is Complicity With Political Assassination

Tingles once again gets out the partisan kneepads for Obama -- this time declaring that not only is dissent not patriotic, but it is a sign that one wishes to see politicians murdered in the streets.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with this: I was in a big city hospital recently and the issue of gun control, gun safety came up. The doctor said If I wanted to know the impact of guns, he could show me, take me down and show me. Look, gunshot wounds can be truly horrible. The reality justifies the discussion, today, about the need to try and do something about the proliferation of assault rifles, huge ammo magazines and the loopholes in the requirement that there be background checks. People have told us of the horrible sight of those young kids up in Newtown, Connecticut. I personally don't want to be part of a movement to keep those semi-automatics flying into the hands of all sorts of people as they are today, the hoarders, the survivalists, the paranoid, the criminal and downright politically nutty.

Why? Because the next mass shooter could well emerge out of this pack. Check the shooters of John F. Kennedy and Jerry Ford, who got shot at twice. Look at the men that shot Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King and Malcolm X and George Wallace. They all had political motives and they all had guns. Got them easy and put them easily to use. And if you're not against this movement, you're with it. Write your congressman and say what you think and what you feel. Do it tonight before you go to bed. The address of Congress, for all the congressmen is Congress, U.S. Congress, Washington, D.C., 20515. That's Washington, D.C. 20515. It will get there. And that's Hardball for now. Thanks for being with us.

I'd like you to consider this for a moment. Matthews concocts a theoretical threat to political figures and then insists that if one does not adopt the prophylactic measure he advocates -- the wholesale violation of the Second Amendment rights of Americans -- then one is a supporter of such vile crime (if not a potential assassin oneself). That is simply irresponsible and reprehensible rhetoric.

And as for Matthews' history lesson on assassinations, let's consider this.

If you look at the motives, two things seem to tie these assassins together -- mental illness and left-wing politics. If one throws in mass shooters Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza, and Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold of Comlumbine, then we again find that the tie is mental illness. So why does Chris Matthews seek to tar the overwhelmingly conservative RTKBA supporters with insane liberals?Doesn't the evidence indicate that it is people like Chris Matthews who need to be disarmed?

I'd ask if at long last Chris Matthews has no decency whatsoever, but I think we already know the answer to that question.

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American Student In American School Punished For Refusal To Pledge Allegiance To Mexican Flag

It is settled law (some 70 years old) that a student cannot be forced to recite the pledge to the US flag, so how can a student be punished for refusing to pledge allegiance to the flag of another country.

A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance.

The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit on behalf of Brenda Brinsdon alleging the McAllen Independent School District violated the 15-year-old girls constitutional rights when she was forced to recite the Mexican pledge and sing the Mexican national anthem.

Brinsdon, who is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and an American father, refused. She believed it was un-American to pledge a loyalty oath to another country.

Interestingly enough, school policy (not to mention Supreme Court precedent) prevents Brenda from being forced to say the pledge to the American flag or to recite the Declaration of Independence, as mandated by Texas law. But when Ms. Brinsdon refused to engage in acts that she reasonably saw as declaring her loyalty to a foreign country (the one in which her mother was born), she was given an assignment that did not teach the same skills as the offensive assignment and still received a failing grade despite completing the assignment. When the matter became a matter of public controversy, Brindson was permanently removed from the class and given a grade of F on her report card in retaliation for her refusal to violate her conscience and her exercise of her First Amendment rights to speak to the media regarding the violation of her rights by the school.

Now what is particularly interesting is that the assignment to which this young lady objected did not merely require that the student verbally pledge their allegiance to a foreign nation it required that they adopt the same respectful patriotic posture that would be expected of a citizen of that country. That goes beyond merely teaching the language it constitutes an endorsement of certain values that no government official or employee may require any citizen to profess a political belief that is not their own.

What is clear to this teacher is that teacher Reyna Santos, the administration of Achieve Early College High School and district officials of McAllen ISD all violated Brenda Brindsons constitutional rights under both the US and Texas constitutions. Hopefully all involved will be held accountable in their personal capacities, because this violation is so clear that none of them can make a credible claim that they acted in good faith.

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Personally, Im More Than Willing To Permit This Woman Her Choice But Demand The Right To Mine

If you would rather die than defend yourself with a gun when confronted with a criminal intent upon killing you, that is your choice. Dont insist that it be mine.

During a rally at the Georgia state capital in Atlanta against so-called "stand your ground" gun laws, one protester declared that "self-defense is not an option."

A CBS Atlanta reporter asked, "What if someone is trying to kill you?" - to which the woman replied, "they'll just have to kill me."

Well, lady, may I point out that the liberal mantra has, for decades, been my body, my choice. I choose to stay alive and demand my constitutional right to do so by performing the post-natal abortion of the not-so-innocent thug who is trying to take my life. Dont impose your morality on me.

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Obama Cabinet Official Lies On Sequester Impact

And were shocked that one of Obamas minions would lie to America.

The descriptions of the post-sequester landscape that have been coming out of the Obama Administration have been alarming, specific--and, in at least some cases, hyped.

There are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, who are getting notices that they cant come back this fall, Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Sunday on CBSs Face the Nation.

When he was pressed in a White House briefing Wednesday to come up with an example, Duncan named a single county in West Virginia and acknowledged, whether its all sequester-related, I dont know.

And, as it turns out, it isnt.

Most arent even being fired they are simply being warned that they may be reassigned to a different campus in the fall. And those losing their jobs would have lost them without the sequester.

My only question is whether Duncan was intentionally deceiving us or whether it was simply incompetence.

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Sede Vacante

For the first time in almost six centuries, the Chair of St. Peter is vacant without the death of a pope.

As of 8 p.m. in Italy -- 2 p.m. on the U.S. East Coast and not long after he's expected to land via helicopter at his retreat at Castel Gandolfo -- Pope Benedict XVI will become the "pope emeritus" and the Roman Catholic Church will enter the sede vacante, the period between papacies.

The rare and relatively short time -- it only lasted 17 days after Pope John Paul II died and is expected to be even shorter after Benedict's retirement, since there's no death to mourn -- leaves many levels of the complex Vatican government temporarily dissolved until a new pope is selected in a closed-door election called the papal conclave.

The Pope Emeritus (I do hate that title) has declared his obedience to his successor.

Pope Benedict, addressing cardinals on his final day in office, called on Thursday for the Roman Catholic Church to unite behind his successor and pledged his own "unconditional" obedience to the next pontiff.

"I will continue to be close to you in prayer, especially in the next few you elect the new pope to whom I today declare my unconditional reverence and obedience," he said.

May God bless the former pope for his remaining days -- and may the Holy Spirit inspire the cardinals to choose wisely during the impending conclave.

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February 27, 2013

Buy Guns To Save Texas!

USS Texas, that is.

Convinced that the USS Texas' long-term survival relies on getting it out of the water, the historic battleship's advocates are poised to launch a $75 million campaign to place it in dry dock. First, though, they hope to sell a few guns.

Specifically, says Bruce Bramlett, executive director of the Battleship Texas Foundation, the guns for sale are .45-caliber Colt semi-automatic pistols modeled after the 100 weapons the arms maker gave the crew prior to the ship's 1912 launching.

As many as 2,000 of the pistols, engraved with images of the ship at various points in its career along with the Texas star, will be offered for sale in observance of the 2014 centennial of the warship's commissioning.

Until May 1, the pistols will sell for $1,699; after that, the price increases to $2,014. Orders will be accepted through Sept. 1. Thus far, Bramlett says, about 75 of the firearms have been sold.

The century-old warship is permanently moored a few miles from my house and she is not in the best of shape. The money raised will help conserve this national treasure. I urge you to help you can find out more about this and other efforts to save USS Texas here. Or you can call Bruce Bramlett at 713-827-9620 especially if you are interested in one of these collector firearms.

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Drones Along The Border?

Not a bad idea, I suppose especially if they are armed.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott told a gathering of reporters in Washington, D.C. today that he would consider using state-owned drones in securing his state's border with Mexico.

Asked if Texas should buy its own drones for use in border security, Abbott said "I would, it would be something to think about because with the drone you can actually see what is happening on the ground and it could help establish whether those objective criteria were being met."

I would imagine that a few Hellfire missiles taking out drug shipments and the narco-terrorists who transport them would be a source of discouragement for the drug trade. For that matter, this would allow for groups of illegals abandoned by the human traffickers to be spotted and directed to safety and those who abandoned them to be dealt with with extreme prejudice.

And how could anyone object? After all, if Obama is allowed to order the execution of an American teenager looking for his father in a foreign country, surely taking out these scum would be much more palatable.

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How Serious Is Obama About The Sequester?

Well, he couldnt be bothered to meet with Congressional leaders regarding the sequester until after it goes into effect.

They are finally going to have a meeting.

A congressional source with direct knowledge of the plans tells me the top four congressional leaders - John Boehner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell - will meet with President Obama at the White House Friday to attempt to negotiate a way to avoid the spending cuts that both sides have said should be avoided.

This meeting - the first one the president has had with Republican leaders to talk about the across-the-board cuts known as the sequester - could come after the cuts could technically go into effect (midnight Thursday). By law the order to initiate the cuts will come from the White House and must be issued some time on March 1st between midnight and 11:59 p.m.

If Obama had been serious, he would have done this a couple of weeks ago. Instead he has chosen to run down the clock. That isnt leadership.

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Liberal Racism Strikes In Kentucky!

Liberal political group accuses Senator Mitch McConnell of selling out to China because his wife -- a former Secretary of Labor -- is Asian-American!


A Democratic group is under sharp criticism for controversial online messages about Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnells wife.

* * *

Recently, the group turned its attention to McConnells wife, former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, with a focus on her race.

In a Feb. 14 Twitter message, Progress says: "This woman has the ear of (Sen. McConnell)she's his wife. May explain why your job moved to China


Wow. And I do mean WOW!

Any hint that Barack Obama -- the son of a Muslim and the stepson of a Muslim who received, at least in part, a Muslim education -- might have sympathies towards Islam and the terrorists who keep attacking US interests is deemed unacceptable by the Left. But claiming that a US Senator is a shill for Red China and that his wife -- the child of refugees who fled communism -- is an agent of the communist government in China is apparently just fine.

Just another reminder that racism is just fine with Democrats if the minority who is attacked is one who has strayed away from the liberal notion of what a minority should say or believe.

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Just imagine that you could watch a wide variety of professionally produced series videos, any time you wanted on any device with web access. And imagine that these series were not those offered to you by the major networks and the various corporate owned cable/satellite stations, but instead were shows that appeal to smaller audiences that might get ignored by the networks, or were the work of actors, directors, and producers who arent part of the same old clique whose derivative works show up on commercial television. Well, I have a solution for you that will get you the entertainment you want rather than having to settle for the entertainment the big networks offer you Blip, where you can watch internet videos on your schedule and according to your tastes.

Continue to be enlightened while reading "Blip" »

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February 26, 2013

Bravo Boehner!

I dont say that often, but Im thrilled to see the man make this point.

A salty Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday told members of the Senate to get off their ass and pass a bill to replace the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts that will kick in on March 1.

We have moved a bill in the House twice. We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something, Boehner told reporters in a press conference, repeating a message he had just delivered in a closed-door meeting of the House Republican conference.

Twice the House has tried to fix the sequester. Twice the Senate refused to act. The ball is in their court.

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Something I Dont Care About In A Football Player

Is this even relevant?

Apparently NFL teams arent buying Manti Teo's declaration that hes not gay.

After the fake girlfriend hoax exploded in January, Katie Couric asked Teo if he was gay and the former Notre Dame linebacker nervously responded: No, far from it, far from it.

But according to Pro Football Talks Mike Florio, NFL teams are still wondering if Teo is indeed gay and they want to know the answer.

Speaking as a fan who is going into my twelfth season with season tickets to my home team, I could care less about Teos sexuality. That truly falls into the its his own business aspect of things for me. On the other hand, this report about a slow performance on the 40 yard dash ought to be of greater concern to teams.

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Heres Part Of Why ObamaCare Regulations Should Fall

The Obama Regime is arguing that religious believers have the choice between their religious faith and crushing legal liability. Here is the Regime's attorney in one case laying that out to the judge.

Benjamin Berwick: Well, your honor, I think, I think there are two distinct ideas here: One is: Is the corporation itself religious such that it can exercise religion? And my, our argument is that it is not. Although again, we admit that it is a closer case than for a lot of other companies. And then the second question is, can the owners--is it a substantial burden on the owners when the requirement falls on the company that is a separate legal entity? I think for that question precisely what their beliefs are doesn't really matter. I mean, they allege that they're religious beliefs are being violated. We don't question that. And we don't question that that is the belief.

Judge Reggie Walton: But considering the closeness of the relationship that the individual owners have to the corporation to require them to fund what they believe amounts to the taking of a life, I don't know what could be more contrary to one's religious belief than that.

Berwick: Well, I don't think the fact this is a closely-held corporation is particularly relevant, your honor. I mean, Mars, for example--

Judge Walton: Well, I mean, my wife has a medical practice. She has a corporation, but she's the sole owner and sole stock owner. If she had strongly-held religious belief and she made that known that she operated her medical practice from that perspective, could she be required to pay for these types of items if she felt that that was causing her to violate her religious beliefs?

Berwick: Well, Your Honor, I think what it comes down to is whether there is a legal separation between the company and

Judge Walton: It's a legal separation. I mean, she obviously has created the corporation to limit her potential individual liability, but she's the sole owner and everybody associates that medical practice with her as an individual. And if, you know, she was very active in her church and her church had these same type of strong religious-held beliefs, and members of the church and the community became aware of the fact that she is funding something that is totally contrary to what she professes as her belief, why should she have to do that?

Berwick: Well, your honor, again, I think it comes down to the fact that the corporation and the owner truly are separate. They are separate legal entities.

Judge Walton: So, she'd have to give up the limitation that conceivably would befall on her regarding liability in order to exercise her religion? So, she'd have to go as an individual proprietor with no corporation protection in order to assert her religious right? Isn't that as significant burden?

Judge Walton cut right to the heart. Placing a heavy legal burden on those who simply wish to exercise their religious beliefs is a violation of the constitutional demand that religious freedom not be abridged. There is no way these regulations can stand.

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Some Folks Get All Wound Up About Silly Stuff

Take the church ladies offended by the latest Geico commercial.

Angry parents are up in arms over a repulsive cellphone app commercial that they say promotes bestiality.

One Million Moms wants auto insurance firm Geico to pull its latest TV campaign in which a woman appears to be flirting with a pig.

Oh, the horror! A human being and a puppet character flirting. That might lead, they claim, to BESTIALITY!

No word on whether or not the group plans to condemn this old Bugs Bunny cartoon.


I mean after all that one doesnt just promote bestiality. Lord only knows how many young people have been turned to cross-dressing, homosexual bestiality by the antics of Bugs Bunny over the decades. When will it end?

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February 25, 2013

HuffPo Columnist Calls For Obama Dictatorship!

Well, it is sort of nice to see liberals display a little honesty and admit that they don't care what the Congress, the Courts, or the Constitution have to say -- Barack Obama must seize complete power and implement his policies by executive fiat.

As the best laid plans of our nation falter because of gridlock in our astonishingly dysfunctional Congress, we are all wondering who is in charge. The answer, of course, is President Obama, and for the most part, he has not been shy about using his executive power to get things done, but here is the funny thing: Despite the fact that the issues the president wants to address through executive action -- gun control, gay rights, clean energy, and financial relief for low and middle income Americans -- are all essential to the well-being of our nation, Republicans are hellbent on opposing it.

And from there he goes on to explain how the GOP puts forth a program mired in false patriotism and constitutional misinterpretation in the interest of furthering corporate oligarchy. You know, the standard crap that passes as deep thinking on the Left.

But then the author, Sanjay Sanghoee, goes for the gold.

America is not a true democracy but a republic, in which elected representatives of the people make decisions on our behalf, and the highest elected office is that of the president. In other words, when the citizens of America vote for a president, they are appointing a supreme leader to make decisions on their behalf. More importantly, the people impose a responsibility upon the holder of that office to make decisions and to take responsibility for the successful governing of our nation.

What this means is that when a president is confronted by inaction on the part of Congress or imminent threats to our nation's interests, then it is not just his right but his responsibility to do something about it. The buck stops at the Oval Office.

Got that -- the we didn't elect a chief executive subject to the limits of the Constitution and empowered to execute only laws passed by Congress. No, we elected a supreme leader who is now empowered to sweep away the constitutional separation of powers and checks and balances -- in short, a dictator who can rule singlehandedly, in defiance of both the Supreme Law of the Land and 225 years of Constitutional practice. Rather, it sounds like the sort of advice that sycophantic supporters would have whispered in the ears of the German chancellor in eight decades ago -- "Herr Hitler, Germany needs you to become supreme leader, bravely sweeping away the obstacles of democracy and instead leading us into a glorious new Reich!"

I hope and pray that this view does not take root in the Obama Administration any more than it already has -- for if it does, the day will soon arrive when America will have its own Reichstag fire and the tragedies that followed.

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Perfect Training For The Doctor


You may not have realized that Im a long-time fan of the British science fiction show Doctor Who. My favorite Doctor has always been Jon Pertwee, the man who defined the role for me as a kid. Now I find out that the actor had some great training for that work as a vagabond time traveler with a knack for saving the universe he was a secret agent during WWII!

HE was, for many fans, the greatest Doctor Who of them all. The actor Jon Pertwee, who played the intrepid Time Lord from 1970 to 1974, is fondly remembered for the ?amboyance and enthusiasm he gave to the role as well as for his sartorial elegance.

Yet what was not known until now is that Pertwee, famous for fighting against the Daleks on TV, was a secret agent during the Second World War. The March edition of Doctor Who Magazine, as part of its celebration of 50 years of the iconic programme, has published for the first time in its entirety a remark able tape-recorded interview which took place at Pertwees London home in 1994, just two years before his death at the age of 76.

He had never before talked publicly about his wartime role for fear of breaching the Of?cial Secrets Act but did loosen up to Matt Adams and David Southwell, two
reporters from a local newspaper. The actor revealed that during his time working in Naval intelligence he would attend meetings where Churchill would be at the
end of the table and he would be smoking his cigars.

The team I worked with, the brothers in intelligence, were an amazing collection of characters, he recalled. There was a huge range of talents all being used to protect the security of the nation, often in some very surprising ways.

An absolutely fascinating article.

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Biden Declares Me To Be A Criminal

For daring to disagree with the policies and plans of the Obama administration. So much for dissent being the highest form of patriotism -- now it is a confession of criminality.

No law-abiding citizen in the United States of America, Biden thunders, has any fear that their constitutional rights will be infringed in any way. None. Zero.

But I do fear my rights will be restricted and/or infringed upon. The Obama Administration is seeking to limit the gun rights of Americans. It has already infringed upon religious liberty with its mandate that religious employers cover birth control, sterilization, and abortifacients. Im concerned about what other rights Ill find limited or restricted by the time he and his boss leave office.

Of course, Biden is technically correct. If they make laws that infringe upon our rights we are no longer law-abiding citizens when we try to exercise our Obama abrogated rights.

And for recognizing those things and commenting on it, the VP has declared me not to be a law-abiding citizen. Which is odd, considering that a few years ago we were told that dissent is patriotic, not a sign that one is a criminal.

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An Early Conclave

Frankly, this only makes sense.

Pope Benedict XVI will issue a motu proprio on Feb. 25, clearing the way for the College of Cardinals to choose a date in early March to begin the conclave for electing his successor.

According to sources at the Vatican, Pope Benedict plans to publish a declaration on Monday that will enable the cardinals to select a date that is early than the 15-day waiting period currently required by Church law.

The primary item that will be addressed is the timing of the conclave. John Paul IIs Universi Dominici Gregis established that it should not be sooner than 15 days after the death of the Pope, but the case of an abdication with advanced notice was not foreseen. There are also housekeeping items such as securing the Popes belongings and other points of procedure.

This really does make sense. There is no reason to wait 15 days to start a conclave when a 17 day notice of Benedict XVIs resignation was given. Indeed, it would have been helpful for Benedict to have promulgated this document two weeks ago when he announced his retirement.

H/T Hot Air

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This Is Certainly Ironic

The spouse of the worst president of my lifetime announces the Oscar for Best Picture being given to a movie about an accomplishment by the second worst president of my lifetime. And the contrast between Michelle Obamas husband and Jimmy Carter is pretty stark, as noted over at Sweetness & Light.

What irony. Mrs. Obama gives an academy award to a movie about rescuing six members of a US embassy in the same year her husband let four embassy members, including an ambassador, die in Benghazi.

And here I thought the worst outcome would have been for the best picture to have been Django Unchained.

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Sandra Bertsch Talks Throwing A Memorable Anniversary Celebration

Sandra Bertsch is a professional events planner who owns and operates her own business, Sandra B. Events. Along with her employees, Sandra works to put together memorable birthday parties, wedding, graduation parties, conferences, and other events. She is able to operate on a range of budgets, and always tailors the celebration to meet that clients needs and reflect their personality. Sandra knows that anniversary celebrations are the perfect chance to honor a special couple in your life. From parents to grandparents or aunts and uncles, these parties are a joyous occasion that celebrates the bond of two people that are close to you. Here are some steps to consider when you want to throw a memorable anniversary party:

Choose the location carefully

Anniversary celebrations are most memorable when they incorporate the tastes and hobbies of the couple that youre honoring. If the special duo loves to sample wine, consider hosting the event at a scenic vineyard. If theyre art enthusiasts, rent out a space in a museum for the evening. The location helps to set the mood and make the event special, so choose a space that reflects the couples tastes, while still accommodating all of the invited guests.

Throw in some personal touches

In order to show your love and adoration for the duo, you may want to consider putting together a sentimental gift to present to them at the festivities. Use your own skills and hobbies to come up with the perfect present. If you love making movies, perhaps youll want to create a short film about the couple and their time together. If youre into arts and crafts, you may consider compiling a scrapbook full of pictures that highlight important moments in the couples relationship. These thoughtful gifts will make the evening even more special for the guests of honor.

Consider recreating the meal from the couples first date

If you know the details of the duos first date, its a sweet idea to serve that meal at the party. If they dined on Italian cuisine, serve pasta and pizza at the party. If their first date was a seafood feast, serve clams and mussels to the guests. This small touch will have a major impact on the guests of honor.

Ask relatives or friends to say a few words

If you have friends or family members who dont mind public speaking, you may want to consider asking these outgoing individuals to deliver a short speech about the couple during the party. They can talk about what they love about the couple, why theyre perfect together, and then share a few funny memories that theyve ad with the duo. The pair will delight in hearing stories from those they love, and guests will enjoy hearing tales from years past.

Sandra Bertsch is a professional events planner who runs her own company called Sandra B. Events. She puts on events for corporations as well as individuals. Sandra Bertsch encourages people to add personal touches to an anniversary celebration in order to make it memorable for everyone in attendance.


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February 24, 2013

Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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February 23, 2013

Youth Say No To Affirmative Action

This speaks volumes about the direction our nation needs to go on special consideration for minorities in college admissions.

A Supreme Court decision on whether universities can use race as an admissions factor is expected by June, however the court of public opinion has already weighed in on the matter and Americans of all stripes stand largely against affirmative action, according to a variety of recent polls.

In those surveys, at least half if not more of those polled voiced opposition to race-based preferences.

Take a Rasmussen national telephone survey, which found only 24 percent of likely voters were in favor of using race as a factor in college admissions, while 55 percent stood opposed, and the rest were undecided. That survey was conducted 11 months ago.

More recently, a survey released in October found that 57 percent of Americans ages 18 to 25 so-called young millennials are opposed to racial preferences in college admissions or hiring decisions. In other words, nearly six out of every 10 opposed the practice.

As a high school teacher, it isn't hard for me to figure out where these young people are coming from. I can hear it from them in my mind -- "You have grown up in the same neighborhood as me, gone to the same schools as me, taken the same classes as me, and gotten the same diploma as me. Why does the color of your skin get you special consideration, and isn't that every bit as racist as if mine got me special consideration?"

We have raised and educated a generation that rejects racial bias and embraces the teachings of Dr. King about judging others based on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. This outcome should therefore not be surprising.

H/T College Insurrection

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Who Is The Sequester's Daddy?

Let's ask the Washington Post's Bob Woodward, certainly no friend of the GOP.

My extensive reporting for my book The Price of Politics shows that the automatic spending cuts were initiated by the White House and were the brainchild of Lew and White House congressional relations chief Rob Nabors probably the foremost experts on budget issues in the senior ranks of the federal government.

Obama personally approved of the plan for Lew and Nabors to propose the sequester to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). They did so at 2:30 p.m. July 27, 2011, according to interviews with two senior White House aides who were directly involved.

Yep -- Obama and his new secretary of the Treasury produced the sequester. So how is it that the GOP is to blame for it? And why has the media allowed the spin and lie, shuck and jive strategy of the White House go unchallenged?

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Internet Merchant Account

Do you sell products or services on the internet? Well, you need to get paid for them, don't you? That's why you need an Internet Merchant Account to enable you to take payment in the form of credit cards and debit cards. And it isn't costly or time consuming to do so! So why not look into getting an Internet Merchant Account today!

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February 22, 2013

Leading House Dem Calls For Tax Increases For Every American

Well, not for every American -- only for those who work. Low-information Obama-voting government dependents will still be exempt.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., called for an income tax increase on the 99 percent of Americans whose rates did not go up under the fiscal cliff deal, a hike that he proposed alongside entitlement reforms as part of a balanced plan to resolve the countrys fiscal crisis.

Closing loopholes is like getting rid of fraud, waste, and abuse it sounds nice, until youve got to deal with it politically, Hoyer said on MSNBC. I was for the Clinton rates. Im for the Clinton rates, today. Now, I wouldnt phase in the Clinton rates immediately, because the economy is still trying to get back, so I would perhaps go at least another year until you get the full Clinton rates.

Now you may not realize what "full Clinton rates" means. That means completely eliminating the so-called "Bush tax cuts for the wealthy" that were actually tax cuts for every American who paid income taxes under the "Clinton rates". It means that Hoyer is advocating for the very tax rates that Obama and the Democrats insisted would be harmful to American families just a few weeks ago when they were set to expire at the turn of the year -- rates that were declared to be harmful to the economy and to working American families. In other words, it is exactly what we Republicans have been pointing out consistently as the Democrat plan -- tax increases for everyone, not merely "the wealthiest Americans".

Here's what the "full Clinton rates" would mean.

Current tax rates (including the recent tax increase in the wealthy):

15 percent: $8,925-$36,250
25 percent: $36,250-$87,850
28 percent: $87,250-$183,250
33 percent: $183,250-$398,350
35 percent: $398,350-$400,000
39.6 percent: $400,000

The tax rates in 1999 (adjusted for inflation):

15 percent $0-$34,999
28 percent $34,999-$84,731
31 percent $84,731-$176,795
36 percent $176,795-$390,213
39.6 percent $390,213

Can your budget absorb that change? Mine can't.

So as you can see, when you hear Democrats talk about "tax fairness" for "the wealthiest Americans", what they mean is "tax increases for every American with a job." You know -- just like the 2.2% tax increase American workers got courtesy of Obama and the Democrats on January 1.

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February 21, 2013

Hes A Democrat, Of Course

Not that they mention this in the article only GOP affiliation is important in articles about corrupt politicians.

The unschooled and illiterate former mayor of the scandal-ridden suburban city of Bell had no training that would have alerted him that his huge salary was illegal, his lawyer told a jury in closing arguments Thursday.

Former Mayor Oscar Hernandez didn't have a college or high school degree and didn't even finish elementary school, defense attorney Stanley Friedmand said.

Hernandez is among six former Bell city officials on trial for allegedly misappropriating funds. He was earning just under $100,000 a year for the part-time job.

None of this, however, addresses the issue of why he lacked basic morality. Although then again, we can just refer back to the title of this post.

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About Comprehensive Immigration Reform And The Pathway To Citizenship

Why are these front burner issues when the majority of Americans appear to reject them.

More than half of U.S. citizens believe that most or all of the country's 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday that highlights the difficulties facing lawmakers trying to reform the U.S. immigration system.

The online survey shows resistance to easing immigration laws despite the biggest push for reform in Congress since 2007.

Thirty percent of those polled think that most illegal immigrants, with some exceptions, should be deported, while 23 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be deported.

Only 5 percent believe all illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States legally, and 31 percent want most illegal immigrants to stay.

This is interesting data. Most Americans dont want what has become the top priority for the political class. Dont the views of the American people matter? Or is Ted Cruz correct on the matter?

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Queen Sheila Honors Misogynistic Singer Of Tear That P*ssy Up

Could you imagine the outrage if a conservative white politician particularly a male one -- had chosen to honor an artist whose music included such songs.

Young Jeezy took a little break from the NBA All-Star Weekend festivities to be honored by Houston Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee over the weekend.

The congresswoman presented the rapper with the Certificate of Congressional Recognition for his community work throughout the country, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Your core values of hard work and integrity has helped improve youth in the Houston community, the certificate, signed by Mrs Jackson Lee, stated. The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to them their own.

I guess being a misogynistic perpetrator of the objectification of women is OK if one is part of a reliably Democrat constituency. And it is apparently acceptable to croon about how you are going to tear that p*ssy up as long as you support politicians who will make everyone pay for that p*ssys birth control.

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February 20, 2013

Alec Baldwin Hate Crime Investigation

This news just warms my heart a liberal Democrat celebrity who likes to accuse Republicans of racism is himself under investigation for a crime motivated by racial bias.

Alec Baldwins latest squabble with the media may have him in some serious hot water.

An NYPD rep told FOX 411 the 54-year-old actor is being investigated following an altercation he allegedly got into with a New York Post photographer.

Our hate crimes task force is reviewing the case, the rep said.

The Post reported the incident on Monday, in an article that detailed their staffs side of the story.

The story claims reporter Tara Palmeri and photographer G.N. Miller approached Baldwin outside of his East Village residence in an attempt to get a comment from the actor about reports his pregnant wife, Hilaria Thomas, is being sued.

The duo said they encountered an angry Baldwin who told Palmeri I want you to choke to death and fired a racial slur at Miller, who is African American.

Miller, who is a retired NYPD detective, told police the actor called him a coon, a drug dealer and a crackhead, according to The Post.

The best part is that the cops have a tape of the whole incident, courtesy of Palmeri and Miller. This should make it rather cut and dry when it comes time to file charges and prosecute.

I wonder w en will Baldwin start losing endorsement deals and roles on television and in movies.

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Mexico Wants To Know What Americans Have Guns!

How long until that list moved from the hands of the corrupt government of that failed narco-terrorist state into the hands of the cartels?

In the wake of a tense national clash over the issue of gun control, Mexico has taken an action sure to fan the flames of controversy. In January, the Mexico Permanent Commission reportedly voted to formally ask the United States Senate for a registry of all commercialized firearms in the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

According to Informador, the proposition was introduced by Senator Marcela Guerra, who stated he introduced the resolution in hopes that it would make it easier to trace guns used in violent crimes.

You have a problem with guns going from the US to Mexico in the hands of your nations narco-terrorist gangs, then do something about border security. Lets work jointly to seal that border tightly so that your drug gangs and other Mexican nationals quit jumping the border.

And lets impeach the President and Attorney General for Operation Fast and Furious.

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How Big Is That Sequester Cut?

Not all that big, if you really think about it.

In fact, theyre nowhere near as bad as people think, thanks to the fact that (a) were talking about a cut of less than ten percent of just this years deficit spending and only 2.2% of the overall federal budget in FY2013, and (b) Congress can undo them after they hit anyway.

In other words, we are talking about pretty minimal cutting of the budget just not distributed very evenly.

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Do Your Job And Youll Get Paid

You arent special.

Democratic Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (NH-01) is responding to a National Republican Congressional Campaign Committee ad criticizing her for voting against the No Budget, No Pay Act by suggesting only the pay of wealthy Members of Congress should be withheld.

The wealthy people in the House and Senate can go without the pay, but others will be hurt along with their families for something that wasnt their decision, said Shea-Porter.

If you and your colleagues cant get your job done, why should you get a paycheck? And if you cant afford to live without that paycheck and are so ineffective a legislator that you cant broker a consensus on the budget so that you can continue getting paid, maybe you should resign and find a job more suited to your (alleged) talents.

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Gas Prices Spiking, Media Covering For Obama

We all know this from filling up at the pump, but lets look at it anyway.

Gasoline prices typically rise heading into peak spring and summer driving seasons. But 2013's runup is earlier and faster than in previous years.

After sending consumers into sticker shock the past month, how much more can gasoline prices climb?

Another 20 to 50 cents a gallon a level that could propel the cost of gasoline, now $3.75 a gallon, to all-time highs, some experts say.

Given that Obama has been making energy development in this country more difficult -- unlike the Bush policies favorable to the development of energy resources -- one would think that the blame for skyrocketing gas prices in this country would be laid at his feet but the lap-dog media is laying at his feet instead and not blaming their Lord & Master Obama (unlike their attacks on Bush).

As of Tuesday, U.S. gasoline prices had increased for 32 straight days. The media, however, aren't interested. They would be, though, if a Republican particularly a Bush were in the White House.

According to the American Automobile Association, the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline was $3.748 Tuesday, up from $3.730 on Monday and about 15 cents higher than a week ago.

A month ago that same gallon cost $3.304 and a year back it was $3.565. It was $1.83 a gallon the day before Obama was first inaugurated.

* * *

"Although the national average climbed to $3.56 on Feb. 20, setting a February record after going up nearly a month straight," the Media and Business Institute reported a year ago, "there was far less coverage than in 2008." Yet, "Broadcast networks repeatedly covered the rise under the Bush presidency."

The reality is that Bush didnt have the media in his pocket, so gas prices were his fault when they went up, but he never got credit when they went down. But since the media loves Obama, he gets no blame for high prices.

So I have to ask why are prices higher than I have seen them in my lifetime (except during the immediate aftermath of hurricane Ike, when supply was strangled) not being laid at the feet of this president? Why is the fact that Im paying $3.50 a gallon for gas at a station LITERALLY at the back gate of the refinery not the fault of a president who has waged war on the oil industry?

And for those of you who think that Obama bears no responsibility here remember that this is the guy who has long indicated that he supports higher energy prices and who just last Friday declared that energy prices are going to have to be higher. Is it any wonder that gas prices have doubled since he took office?

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Australia Migration

You know, Australia is a beautiful country. Really, it is -- a whole continent of diverse ecosystems and biomes that one could spend a lifetime exploring. Indeed, it is a relatively unspoiled land that many folks find attractive enough to relocate to on a temporary or permanent basis for purposes of travel, study, employment, or immigration. Indeed, in some areas of the world Australia Migration has become a popular thing to seek, and companies providing assistance with the process are thriving businesses.

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Obama Supports Pointless, Ineffective Policy DOJ

Well, Obama is a pointless, ineffective kind of guy.

Since assault weapons are not a major contributor to US gun homicide and the existing stock of guns is large, an assault weapon ban is unlikely to have an impact on gun violence, the DOJs National Institute for Justice explains in a January 4 report obtained by the National Rifle Association. If coupled with a gun buyback and no exemptions then it could be effective. That idea is also undermined by the acknowledgement that a complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides.

In other words, the ban on scary-looking black guns proposed by the president and his allies would do noting except create a new class of criminals, a new group of bureaucrats, and a new crop of unemployed Americans but it would be a symbolic victory for those opposed to the Second Amendment. But then again, Barry is more about symbolism than substance, so it may be appropriate that he gets a symbolic victory that has no substantial impact upon Americas problems like every other policy victory he has had during his time in office.

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Regal Cigs: 5 Delicious Flavors

Regal Cigs knows that when you use an electronic cigarette, or e-cig, you want to enjoy the experience. How better to fall in love with vaping than with a wide range of flavors to choose from? Switching the flavor cartridge in your electronic cigarette can virtually change the entire vaping experiencemeaning that you can enjoy the perfect e-cig no matter where you are.

Here are some of the most popular flavors for electronic cigarettes:

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February 19, 2013

Sen. Dan Patrick Moves To Dumb-Down Texas Graduation Requirements, Eliminate Government And Economics Requirements

I understand the desire to offer students more flexibility -- but I'm concerned about what this means is going to be dropped from the curriculum.

A bill that would make high school graduation requirements for Texas students more flexible passed the Senate Education Committee Tuesday morning.

Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston, amended the bill before passage to address criticism from the states higher education commissioner that the plan would leave students ill prepared for college. The revised bill calls for all students to take three years of science instead of two.

The changes come seven years after state lawmakers toughened high school graduation standards, requiring students to take four years each of English, math, science and social studies under the default diploma plan. School officials since have complained that students should not have to follow such a rigid plan, while business leaders have pushed for more challenging vocational electives to help prepare the rising workforce.

As a social studies teacher, I have a question for the Senator -- what do you want to see dropped from the social studies graduation requirement?

World Geography?

World History?

US History Since Reconstruction?

US Government and Economics?

Come on, Dan -- which of those subjects do you believe Texas students can do without? Given that your bill strikes the economics and US Government requirements from state law, I think I can figure out the answer -- and am utterly appalled. As written, your bill will create future generations of economically and constitutionally illiterate voters who don't understand what our limits our Constitution puts on government or how the economy works -- in other words, Democrat voters.

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Washington Legislators Seek To Strip Fourth Amendment Rights From People Who Exercise Second Amendment Rights

Proving, of course, that there is still a need to keep and bear arms in order to vindicate other rights in the face of authoritarian politicians.

Biz Pac Review reports today that a bill sponsored by three Seattle Democrats would require owners of assault weapons to submit home inspections annually conducted by the county sheriff. The proposed legislation, SB 5737 2013-14, bans the sale of assault weapons but allows those who already own them to keep them but submit to the home inspections.

The part of the bill regarding the home inspections is this, In order to continue to possess an assault weapon that was legally possessed on the effective date of this section, the person possessing shall safely and securely store the assault weapon. The sheriff of the county may, no more than once per year, conduct an inspection to ensure compliance with this subsection.

Dare I suggest that the legislators who put that provision into the bill in question are the sort who are unfit for any position of public trust in our constitutional republic?

H/T Sister Toldjah

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College Seeks To Take Proper Action Against Obama Pledge Prof

You remember last fall when a college professor made her students sign a pledge card to vote for Obama and a straight Democrat ticket? Well, if the recommendation of the school's president is followed, her sorry left-wing ass will be fired soon.

A tenured professor who forced her students to sign pledges that they would vote for President Barack Obama last November should be fired, the colleges president recommended.

Sharon Sweet, an associate professor of mathematics at Brevard Community College in Florida, is guilty of electioneering, harassment, and incompetence, according to a three-month investigation into her classroom behavior leading up to the November election.

The Board of Trustees will hold a hearing on the matter, and then vote on whether to adopt President James Richeys recommendation that Sweet be fired.

The problem isn't that Sweet is a liberal or a Democrat. The problem is the abuse of her position to coerce her students into voting for the candidates of her choice using her taxpayer-funded classroom as the instrument of coercion. The unprofessionalism should be grounds for firing -- the rest of her offenses merely icing on the cake.

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Only Honest

I recently had a political website brought to my attention -- I'll be honest, I find it intriguing -- Only Honest is a video blog which gives you the option of uploading your political videos to the site to stimulate debate. It certainly seems to be an intriguing concept, and one that has the potential to create a forum for debate on the issues of the day.

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Chris Matthews Accuses GOP Of Treason

No other way to characterize this one. He does not merely attack the patriotism of Republicans -- something that we were told was completely inappropriate for Republicans to do towards their political opponents from 2001 through 2009 -- he accuses the GOP of making war on the United States.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me finish tonight with this. I think the difference between the Democrats and Republicans is getting as wide as the Grand Canyon. Watch how they do it. President Obama wants to keep the government going. Pretty simple, huh? Republicans threaten to stop it. It's relentless. The fiscal abyss, the debt ceiling, the sequester, the end of the continuing resolution. Different words, different deadlines, all detonate the same explosion. They threaten to crash the government if they don't like the way its doing something, if they dont like who the American people have elected as president.

Isn't that what the Republicans did back in the old days? If they didn't like a government somewhere - Guatemala, Iran, the Dominican Republic, Chile - they just brought it down.

Guess what? Republicans are now using the same tactic here at home. If they don't like who weve elected president, they find a way to undermine the government, discredit its leaders, whatever it takes to destroy it. We are using in this country the same old Cold War CIA tactics to destabilize our own country.

Look at the impact this constant threats to shut down the government are having on public confidence. It's all in the ratings. It's undermining it, making people forever nervous about the basic ability of America to even have a running government. Is that patriotic? I don't think so.

We now have a public accusation of treason by a "journalist" who has served as nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Obama Regime for the last 4 years. It is time for Chris Matthews' masters in the Obama Regime to either indict and try those who are supposedly behind this war on the United States for treason OR to come out and disavow the accusation by their sockpuppet on their propaganda network.

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The Hopper From DISH

This post brought to you by DISH. All opinions are 100% mine.

I hate commercials.  Quite frankly, they waste my time -- especially when I have something recorded on my DVR.  Frankly, I'd just like to skip them all, but I still end up watching them -- in high speed -- as I fast-forward past them.  What I really need is something that let's me zap on past them.   

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February 17, 2013

Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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February 15, 2013

Will Obama Propose A Soros Tax?

You know a special tax on those who make obscene amounts of money via currency speculation, which is the ultimate in unproductive wealth generation methods?

George Soros made almost $1 billion since November from bets that the yen would tumble, according to a person close to the billionaires $24 billion family office.

The Japanese wager helped the firm return about 10 percent last year and 5 percent so far this year, said the person, who asked not to be named because the firm is private. The yen has weakened 17 percent versus the dollar since about the start of the fourth quarter, the worst performance over a similar period since 1985.

Add to that a special Holocaust collaborator tax and we could get some real money out of the man.

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Racial Discrimination In Access To Educational Program At Public School

No other way to describe it.

A school principal said no white children were allowed at an after-school tutoring program, and now some parents call it discrimination.

The principal at Mission Viejo Elementary in Aurora sent a letter telling parents the program is only for students of color. Parents CBS4 talked with said they were shocked to see, in this day and age, what they consider to be segregation.

I was infuriated. I didnt understand why they would include or exclude certain groups, said parent Nicole Cox, who is white.

Such a letter should never have been sent and such a program should never have been allowed to exist. And we know it did exist with just such a policy, based upon the principals own message to a parent.

This is Andre Pearson. Its focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs, Pearson told Cox in the voicemail.

Now, having been caught engaging in illegal and unconstitutional discrimination, Pearson is changing his tune.

An elementary school principal is clarifying admission to an after-school tutoring program after parents complained it was only open to children of color.

Mission Viejo Elementary School Principal Andre Pearson has sent out a letter to parents detailing a clarification with the tutoring program after he initially told one parent in a voice mail, Its focused for and designed for children of color, but certainly, if we have space for other kids who have needs, we can definitely meet those needs.

The letter reads in part, I want to express my regret for the communication sent last Friday describing the PASS tutoring program.

It also states, the tutoring program is open for all students, regardless of race/ethnicity, and on a first come, first served basis. As your childs principal, I am equally concerned about the success of all students who attend our wonderfully diverse school.

Sorry, Mr. Pearson, you are clearly NOT equally concerned about the success of all students, otherwise you would have never made that call to justify excluding individuals based upon race. You need to have your certification as an educational professional revoked immediately.

Wanna bet that neither the state of Colorado nor the Obama Administration will investigate, though, since the victims of this effort at discrimination are not of the politically correct kind?

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More Proof That Anti-Semite Hagel Is Unfit For SecDef

He considers the fact that the State Department is more favorable to our allies than our enemies to be a sign that the Jews control the State Department.

Hagel said the U.S. Department of State was an adjunct of the Israeli foreign ministers office, according to a contemporaneous report of the event.

Republican political consultant and Hagel supporter George Ajjan wrote about the March 2, 2007, speech on his website the following day, writing a description point by point through some of the more important elements of his speech.

Point six:

The State Department has become adjunct to the Israeli Foreign Ministers office

Wow. A very bold statement by Hagel bound to further raise the ire of the Jewish Lobby (yawn), but it does express his strong belief in a comprehensive solution to problems in the Middle East. Hagel mentioned this theme several times comprehensive, he said, in the sense that all tools should be used to achieve American foreign policy objectives (diplomatic, political, economic, and military), but also comprehensive in the James Baker sense of addressing the Arab-Israeli conflict holistically as both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have proved too lazy and too incompetent to do.

Reached by phone, Ajjan confirmed his 2007 account of the event, saying he was taking notes as [Hagel] was speaking.

If I wrote it, then thats what happened at the time, Ajjan told the Free Beacon.

He added that the event, which was cosponsored by the Rutgers University Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the American Iranian Council, was closed to the press.

If Obama gave a damn about America and its interests, he would withdraw the Hagel nomination. Then again, if he actually cared about America and its interests he would not have nominated Hagel in the first place.

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Dereliction Of Duty?

Or a commander-in-chief who was just plain AWOL?

The White House admitted today that President Obama made no phone callsnone, zeroon the evening of September 11, 2012, during the seven or eight hours when Americans were being murdered in Benghazi. He didnt talk to Leon Panetta, or any military personnel, or Hillary Clinton. What was he doing that night? We may never know; perhaps writing the speech that he gave at a campaign event the next day in Las Vegas.

No wonder they stonewalled this for weeks if this had been public knowledge, it might have endangered Obamas reelection. Better to shuck and jive, lie and spin in order to conceal the truth in the interest of winning than to be truly transparent when it would hurt the president at the polls.

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Im Going To Agree With Charlie Rangel On This One

If they are now combat eligible, there is no legitimate reason to exclude them from the draft if one should ever come.

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) on Friday said he plans to introduce legislation that would bring back the military draft and extend it to women for the first time.

Rangel, who has pushed for years to bring back the draft, said the Pentagons decision to allow women to serve in combat means that they too should register for the Selective Service.

"Now that women can serve in combat they should register for the Selective Service alongside their male counterparts," Rangel said in a statement. "Reinstating the draft and requiring women to register for the Selective Service would compel the American public to have a stake in the wars we fight as a nation. We must question why and how we go to war, and who decides to send our men and women into harm's way."

Of course, I fundamentally disagree with Rangel on implementing a draft at this time. We do not need one in order to maintain our military readiness indeed, we are cutting troop numbers. Besides, unless we are facing an acute military crisis, there is no need to move

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Weird Golf Hazards At Australian LPGA Event

First there was a troop of kangaroos.

Kangaroos on the golf course may be a common sight for any Australian golfer but they caused a stir at the Australian Women's Open in Canberra on Thursday.

The international field featuring 10 of the world's top 20 women golfers has had to get used to the large marsupials bouncing around the fairways and grazing on the greens of the Royal Canberra championship course.

Australia's capital is typically dry in summer and by February kangaroos are drawn to the lush watered courses.

Thats actually sort of amusing.

This, on the other hand, is downright scary.

Daniela Holmqvist, a 24-year old rookie golfer from Sweden, was readying a shot on the fourth hole of the Women's Australian Open in Yarnalumla when her afternoon on the links went decidedly south.

As she was preparing to take her shot out of the rough, Holmqvist felt a sharp pain in her right ankle. When she looked down she saw "a large black creature with a red spot on its back just above the sock line," she told Golf Digest.

It was the unmistakable markings of the Black Widow spider.

Moments after swatting the deadly arachnid from her leg, Holmqvist doubled over in pain.

Help was slow to arrive, so Holmqvist used a golf tee to open the bite and get the venom out and then she completed the remaining 14 holes of golf. Unfortunately, she failed to make the cut and was eliminated from the tournament.

What will the final two rounds bring? Plagues of locust? Kim and Kanye? Or some other infliction of divine wrath.

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Just Another Double Standard

Has Politico ever used a similar construction regarding Obama?

Texas could be the backdrop for a future Bush family restoration; Republicans here are already talking up 36-year-old George P. Bush, the half-Hispanic son of Jeb Bush, who has raised $1.3 million for a 2014 run for some statewide office to be named later.

Of course Politico would never refer to Obama as half-black. Neither has any other mainstream media outlet that I know of. And you know what would happen if a conservative media outlet referred to Obama as "half-black" -- or even "half-African there would be complaints about "birtherism" and cries of "racism" from all the usual suspects. Heck, calling attention to Obama's white mother in anything but the most hagiographic of ways is utterly verboten -- but it is OK to note that a conservative is only "half-Hispanic".

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Meteor Injures Hundreds In Russia

Well, at least it isn't a Tunguska event -- or worse.

The Russian Academy of Sciences is estimating the meteor that streaked into the skies over the Ural Mountains and caused shock waves that injured more than 400 people weighed about 10 tons (11 tons avoirdupois).

The academy said in a statement hours after the Friday morning fall that the meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere at a speed of at least 54,000 kph (33,000 mph) and shattered about 30-50 kilometers (18-32 miles) above ground.

The fall caused explosions that broke glass over a wide area. The Emergency Ministry says more than 500 people sought treatment after the blasts and that 34 of them were hospitalized.

How long until someone in the Left-stream media blames global warming for this

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February 14, 2013

Detachable And Disposable?

Why is it that this story about the unusual genitalia of sea slugs puts me in mind of this NSFW comedy video?

H/T Althouse

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February 12, 2013

ObamaPhone Fraud!

Hey -- they bought Obama the votes he needed, so who cares about the fraud?

The U.S. government spent about $2.2 billion last year to provide phones to low-income Americans, but a Wall Street Journal review of the program shows that a large number of those who received the phones haven't proved they are eligible to receive them.

The Lifeline programbegun in 1984 to ensure that poor people aren't cut off from jobs, families and emergency servicesis funded by charges that appear on the monthly bills of every landline and wireless-phone customer. Payouts under the program have shot up from $819 million in 2008, as more wireless carriers have persuaded regulators to let them offer the service.

Suspecting that many of the new subscribers were ineligible, the Federal Communications Commission tightened the rules last year and required carriers to verify that existing subscribers were eligible. The agency estimated 15% of users would be weeded out, but far more were dropped.

The percentage of fraud? Over 40% -- but hey, they were just sticking it to the 1%, right?

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Joe Biden Says Something (Incredibly) Stupid, (Unsurprisingly) Offensive -- And (Typically) Incorrect

Leave it to Joe Biden to say something boorishly idiotic in the wake of the announced resignation plans of Pope Benedict XVI.

Vice President Joe Biden joked on Monday that he will not try to succeed the outgoing pope, CNN reports

While visiting Philadelphia, the Catholic vice president answered a question on Pope Benedict XVI's decision to resign his position by saying, "I am not running." 

Of course, such a comment is inappropriate -- but typical of Captain Gaffe-tastic, the greatest buffoon to ever occupy the office of Vice President (and yes, I am familiar with the records of both Dan Quayle and Lyndon Baines Johnson). And yes, it is also offensive.

But let's note one thing -- Biden is also wrong. The only requirement out there for one to be elected pope is that one be male and baptized Catholic. So technically, he is -- like every other male Catholic -- in the running for election as Pontifex Maximus. After all, you can't Sherman Pledge the Holy Spirit.

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February 11, 2013

Im All For Political Humor On SNL

I mean, I loved Jesse Jacksons love song directed toward UN Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick back when I was in college it was truly hysterical. But this skit crossed all bounds of good taste.

During a pre-taped Valentines Day sketch aired on NBCs Saturday Night Live this weekend, popstar Justin Bieber took a picture of his penis and emailed it to the former Secretary of State

This goes well beyond the bounds of propriety. I may not be a fan of Hillary Clinton, but I am truly offended on her behalf and reminded of why Ive believe that SNL has not been funny for at least 25 or 30 years..

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King Obama To Issue More Royal Decrees

Will someone remind this guy that we live in a republic, not a monarchy?

President Obama is considering a series of new executive actions aimed at working around a recalcitrant Congress, including policies that could allow struggling homeowners to refinance their mortgages, provide new protections for gays and lesbians, make buildings more energy-efficient and toughen regulations for coal-fired power plants, according to people outside the White House involved in discussions on the issues.

I wonder to what degree can Congress rein in Obamas excessive use of executive orders? Or do we perhaps need a constitutional amendment to deal with the issue?

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Papal Abdication, Part II -- Some Pressing Questions

Papal Abdication, Part II Some Pressing Questions

decision of Pope Benedict XVI to step down from the papacy leads to a number of interesting procedural questions. The canonical practice is for the conclave to begin 15 to 20 days following the death of the pontiff. However, Benedict is not dead and his resignation is not set to take effect until February 28. Does the waiting period start today, or does it begin on February 28? In other words, may the conclave begin on March 1, or must the College of Cardinals wait to assemble until March 15 or even March 20? This is a matter of interest because of the timing of the resignation Ash Wednesday is February 13, and Easter is March 31. The later the starting date, the more likely there will be a clash between the celebrations of Holy Week and the installation of the next pope.

Now some may think this conclave will be a quick one. I truly doubt that. After all, there is no clear frontrunner at this moment. In addition, Pope Benedict made a change to the voting procedures in 2007 that is likely to extend the conclave beyond a day or two it is now necessary that the new pope be selected by a 2/3 majority of the cardinals present and voting. This has the potential to extend the conclave beyond a few days and potentially into an affair that lasts a week or two. This raises the specter of not having a pope by Easter if the conclave begins later rather than earlier.

There is also the question of what to do with a former pope. Will Benedict retire to a monastery to live out his last days? He certainly cannot remain in the Vatican there can, of course, be only one pope at a time. And regardless of where he ends up, will this be the end of the scholarly work of a man who is a noted theologian? Indeed, can he have any public role or duties? Again, the questions abound here.

Previous abdications have been coerced ones, and as a result have had unhappy consequences. This is a very different situation and the precedents set here have the potential to be ones of great import if papal retirements become the custom rather than the rare exception.

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Papal Abdication!

Pope Benedict XVI is to abdicate, effective the end of February, according to Vatican sources.

Pope Benedict will resign on February 28, his spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told CNN Monday.

Lombardi did not give a reason for the resignation.

Benedict, the 265th pope, is the sixth German to serve as pope and the first since the 11th century. He has led church after the third-longest papacy in church history and during a time in which the church is declining in his native Europe but expanding in Africa and Latin America.

Papal abdications are not unprecedented -- but the last one happened some six centuries ago. This will be a whole new experience for the Catholic Church, and will set off much speculation as to who will emerge from the upcoming conclave as the new pope.

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February 10, 2013

Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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February 09, 2013

I'll Let The Irony Of This One Speak For Itself

Ron Paul asks UN to take property from American citizens so he can have it.

Earlier today, Ron Paul filed an international UDRP complaint against and with WIPO, a global governing body that is an agency of the United Nations. The complaint calls on the agency to expropriate the two domain names from his supporters without compensation and hand them over to Ron Paul.

As I've always suspected, Ron Paul's "principles" only go as far as his own personal convenience.

By the way -- Ron Paul has known about the website for some 5 or 6 years. If he needed it so bad, why didn't he seek to have the UN confiscate it from its owners during the 2008 or 2012 campaign cycle? Could it be that he knew the publicity would expose him as a fraud to those gullible folks who actually believed what he was selling?

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What Would Be Said If A Fox News Employee Wrote Stuff Like This About Obama?

We all know -- starts with "R" and ends with "ACISM".

A top assistant to an Univision news boss trashed Sen. Marco Rubio on the Facebook page of the Republican's aide, raising new questions about possible pro-Democratic, anti-Rubio bias inside the powerful Spanish-language network's Doral headquarters.

The latest incident began Wednesday night after Rubio's spokesman, Alex Burgos, announced the high-profile Florida senator would give the GOP's first-ever bilingual rebuttal to President Obama's State of the Union speech.

That led Univision employee Angelica Artiles to let loose a string of partisan criticisms.

"Oh. wow, the loser is going to speak after our President," Artiles wrote on spokesman Alex Burgos' Facebook page at 9:33 p.m. Wednesday. "Anything to get publicity. Ask him to do us a favor and stay home that night."

* * *

She then used a diminutive term for Rubio's first name, "Marquito," and proceeded to compare him to a Disney dwarf, a "slave boy" and a "fool" who was passed over by Republican Mitt Romney on his presidential ticket last November.

This is a news division employee. Are we expected to take Univision seriously after this?

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Imagine If A White Guy Had Said It About Whites

Of course, it would be condemned as racist.

JAMIE FOXX: All I can say is Im so humbled tonight. I was thinking about all the stuff that I was going to say personally about myself, and I was gonna be all about me and how I did it, and how me and me and I and I, and then you watch Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier come out, and you say to yourself its really not big of a deal of what you are doing just yet. [...]

Black people are the most talented people in the world. I, its, I cant explain it. You cant sit in this room and not watch Gladys Knight sing and go like, Golly, what in the world?

Now just a quick question, Jamie -- if black people are as talented as you say, why do you have to set up your own separate but equal awards shows, beauty contests, honor societies, etc.?

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February 08, 2013

At What Point Do Obama and the Democrats Become Responsible For The Economy?

Will 2014 be the effective date? Or does being a liberal mean you are never responsible for anything?

The nations economy will grow by only 1.4 percent in 2013, and unemployment will remain above 7.5 percent through 2014, according to a Feb. 7 forecast by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.

If that occurs, 2014 will be the sixth consecutive year with unemployment exceeding 7 percent of the labor force, the longest period of such high unemployment in the past 70 years, said the CBOs statement, titled Economic Growth Is Likely to Be Slow in 2013 and Pick Up in Later Years.

The report notes that there would be more growth if it werent for efforts to restrain deficit spending and the growing national debt so Im sure that the tax-borrow-and-spend Democrats will be trying to blame the GOP, despite the fact that their irresponsible spending is the reason we need restraint now.

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But I Thought That Nobody Was Trying To Take Our Guns?

So surely this bill must just be a mistake.

All semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines would be banned, all guns would be registered and no ammunition could be bought without a special permit in California under a sweeping list of bills rolled out Thursday by state Senate Democrats.

The 10-bill package constitutes the single largest gun control push in decades in the Golden State, which already boasts some of the nation's strictest gun laws. It joins equally controversial proposals from Assembly Democrats that would regulate and tax ammunition sales and consider taking the state's 166,000 registered assault weapons from their owners.

So lets see. They want to take some of your guns, track you and the rest of your guns, and even make it difficult to use your guns by requiring special permission to buy your ammunition. Seems to me that those of us who believe in the Second Amendment do have something to be concerned about.

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Just Remember Only Highly Trained Cops Should Have Guns So We Will All Be Safe

Or so the argument of the anti-gunnites goes.

Two women who were shot by Los Angeles police in Torrance early Thursday during a massive manhunt for an ex-LAPD officer were delivering newspapers, sources said.

The women, shot in the 19500 block of Redbeam Avenue, were taken to area hospitals, Torrance police Lt. Devin Chase said. They were not identified. One was shot in the hand and the other in the back, according to Jesse Escochea, who captured video of the victims being treated.

It was not immediately known what newspapers the women were delivering. After the shooting, the blue pickup was riddled with bullet holes and what appeared to be newspapers lay in the street alongside.

Apparently the newspaper delivery women got too close to the address of one of the individuals threatened by Chris Dorner while driving a vehicle that superficially matched the description of the one that Dorner was reportedly driving. Shoot first, ask questions later seems to be the philosophy. And that was only one of two such shootings by cops yesterday fortunately nobody took a bullet in the second incident.

So lets see an ex-cop kills a cop and so cops shoot unarmed civilians. Seems to me like a great argument for disarming the cops and arming the civilians.

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Obama AWOL

They would court-martial his ass if he were a private.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta testified this morning on Capitol Hill that President Barack Obama was absent the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi on September 11, 2012:

Panetta said, though he did meet with Obama at a 5 o'clock prescheduled gathering, the president left operational details, including knowledge of what resources were available to help the Americans under siege, "up to us."

In fact, Panetta says that the night of 9/11, he did not communicate with a single person at the White House. The attack resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Obama did not call or communicate in anyway with the defense secretary that night. There were no calls about what was going on in Benghazi. He never called to check-in.

The 5 o'clock meeting was a pre-scheduled 30-minute session, where, according to Panetta's recollection, they spent about 20 minutes talking a lot about the American embassy that was surrounded in Egypt and the situation that was just unfolding in Benghazi. 

Good God! What a horribly incompetent man!

Impeach! Indict! Imprison!

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I Think It Is Clear What New York Needs To Ban

Mayor Bloomberg.

The Bloomberg administration is considering banning Styrofoam cups and containers popular at thousands of delis and food carts across the city as it prepares to roll out a major recycling announcement in the coming weeks, a Sanitation Department official said yesterday.

Mayor Bloomberg last year set a goal of recycling 30 percent of the citys household trash by 2017, up from 15 percent now.

But opponents many of them restaurant and cart owners have blasted the measure as unnecessarily intrusive.

While the Styrofoam proposal is gaining momentum at City Hall, officials said the upcoming report on recycling recommendations might omit the measure.

The nanny-state mayor of NYC seems intent upon banning anything he dislikes and no doubt making that which he likes mandatory as well. That simply is not the American way and so I urge every American patriot to work to rid our shores of this incredibly un-American individual.

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February 07, 2013

Chris Rock -- Amateur Political Scientist

Proving that making money in the entertainment industry is no sign that you know a damn thing about government.

I am just here to support the President of the United States. President of the United States is our boss, but he is also you know, the President and the First Lady are kinda like the Mom and the Dad of the country. And when your Dad says something you listen, and when you dont it will usually bite you on the ass later on. So, Im here to support the President.

First, Chris really needs to read the Constitution. If he had, he would know that the President is not our boss -- in fact, Barack Obama works for us, not the other way around.

Second, Barack Obama is not my Dad. I know who my Dad is -- I even have a birth certificate that lists my father's name, and that name is not Barack Obama.

And I find it interesting that Chris Rock never came out and made such statements when George W. Bush was president. I bet that back then he thought that dissent was the highest form of patriotism.

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SPLC Provides Target For Left-Wing Domestic Terrorist

Remember back when Sarah Palin was skewered as responsible for the shooting of Gabby Giffords because she placed a target symbol on her district during the previous election cycle -- despite the fact that the deranged shooter had never seen the map and was in no way motivated by anything related to Palin or her beliefs? Well, I assume that those who laid the blame at the former Alaska governor's feet for that event will label the Southern Poverty Law Center as responsible for this incident of politically motivated terrorism which was committed by Floyd Lee Corkins II, a fellow left-wing ideologue, using resources from the SPLC to select his target.

A detail sure to reignite the culture wars that erupted around the shooting is the fact that Corkins told FBI agents that he identified the Family Research Council as anti-gay on the Web site of the Southern Poverty Law Center. The day after the shooting, Tony Perkins, the president of the Family Research Council, suggested that the centers labeling of the organization as a hate group had given Corkins a license to perpetrate this act of violence. On Wednesday, Perkins said the revelation had validated his earlier comments.

Of course, the SPLC continues to justify its labeling of the FRC as a hate group and denies any responsibility for the actions of the domestic terrorist they aided. But this points to the sort of mindless violence that the hard-Left organization encourages when it labels any dissent from its approved positions on controversial political issues as "hate" and organizations opposed to its agenda as "hate groups". After all, the FRC is not the KKK -- it is a mainstream organization promoting social conservative stands on social and political issues. But to highly paid professional Leftists like those who run the SPLC, that is sufficient to get Americans lumped in with neo-Nazis and racial supremacists.

Interestingly enough, the US government has no interest in pursuing the link between the targeting of mainstream political organization by left-wing ideologues -- indeed, the Justice Department is closely associated with the SPLC -- but does want to use this incident to attack the Second Amendment rights of Americans. I guess those who engage in politically correct hate speech supported by the Obama Regime, one gets a pass on involvement withe domestic terrorism, while innocent law-abiding citizens get the shaft.

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Chris Christie Rightly Tells Former WH Doc To Shut Up

After all, the doctor went on national television and made comments that are questionable from the standpoint of medical ethics.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is lashing out at a former White House doctor who said she worries about the governor dying in office because he is so heavy.

Former White House physician Connie Mariano made the comment in an interview with CNN. The Scottsdale, Ariz., doctor says she'd like to see Christie run for president in 2016 but that he needs to lose weight. She worries he could have a heart attack or stroke.

The 50-year-old Republican governor said Wednesday that unless Mariano gives him a physical exam and takes his family history, "she should shut up."

Face it -- Dr. Mariano knows nothing about the actual state of Chris Christie's medical condition aside from the most superficial of observations based upon photos and videos. As a result, she has only the most tenuous basis for making the judgement in question, much less making public comments about the man's health. And if she did have more information about the governor's medical condition, she would be ethically barred from public comment without a signed release from him waiving doctor-patient confidentiality.

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February 06, 2013

Jerry Brown Shows His Class With Barely A Fart Comment

But Brown remains a liberal icon, while Perry is reviled by liberals as a buffoon.

Gov. Jerry Brown publicly scoffed at Gov. Rick Perrys attempt to draw Californians to Texas for better business, saying that the ad campaign is barely a fart.

Its not a serious story, guys, the Californian Democrat told reporters at a business event, the Sacramento Bee reported Tuesday. Its not a burp. Its barely a fart.

Need we remind the once-relevant has-been hippie that businesses are abandoning Browns California for Perrys Texas because the latter has a better climate for business and a government that isnt broke.

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Why I Agree With Arkansas Bill Allowing Guns In Church

First, the proposed law is quite reasonable.

The Arkansas House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a measure that would allow concealed guns to be carried in churches and houses of worship, and the governors office says it plans to sign the bill.

The measure, which passed 85-8 on Monday, gives houses of worship the option of allowing concealed weapons.

Passed by the state Senate in an equally lopsided 28-4 vote last week, the bill states it is immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health, and safety because personal security is increasingly important.

A person should be allowed to carry a firearm in a church that permits the carrying of a firearm for personal security, the bill reads.

Second, it really is not the place of the state to be forbidding someone from carrying a gun at church if the church allows it any more than it would be appropriate to require the church to allow the carrying of a gun on its premises if the congregation objects.

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Free Speech Advocate Survives Murder Attempt By Religion Of Peace

Imagine what we would see if Islam were a violent, intolerant religion.

A gunman tried to shoot a Danish writer and prominent critic of Islam on Tuesday, but missed and fled after a scuffle with his intended victim, police and the writer said.

Lars Hedegaard, who heads a group that claims press freedom is under threat from Islam, told The Associated Press he was shaken but not physically injured in the attack at his Copenhagen home.

Police said they were searching for the suspect, whom they described as a "foreign" man aged 20-25.

Hedegaards crime, of course, is having dared to speak against Islam, a religion that is so tolerant and peaceful that its followers regularly try to kill anyone who questions the peacefulness and tolerance of that faith.

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The Absurdity Of The Contraception Mandate


Even nuns must have coverage for IUDs and abortifacients.

The Obama Administration has really pulled a fast one. In its proposed rule to supposedly provide greater protections to non house of worship religious organizations opposed to contraception, it actually ensures that contraception coverage will be provided to all religious employeeswhether house of worship, convent, or school. In other words, the proposed rule expands the governments intrusion into religious affairs, rather than reduce it.

Obama and his followers have long treated the president like he is divine. This mandate is nothing more than a requirement that religious groups burn a little incense upon the altar of the unicorn-riding demigod.

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My buddy the Bookworm justclued me in to this new site that combines social networking and blogging. It is called Pollis and really merits being checked out by bloggers and those who read blogs. I strongly encourage you to sign up - and hope you will use my referral code 85C7FD21 when you do.

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February 05, 2013

Ground Zero Mosque Is Fraud

Or at least the imam formerly in charge of it is a fraudster.

The founder of the controversial "Ground Zero Mosque" allegedly enriched himself with $167,000 in funds meant for an educational project in 2006 to 2008, according to a new bombshell lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Robert Leslie Deak, a major backer of Imam Feisel Abdul Raufs nonprofit, the Cordoba Initiative, says he discovered that the religious leader had allegedly used the funds for his personal use including a luxury sports car, personal real estate, entertainment, lavish trips, and vacation with an unidentified woman named Evelyn Adorno, the court papers, filed late yesterday, claim

Heres hoping the authorities investigate and find some criminal violations as well and that this sinks the project for good.

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Dingell Insists That No One Use The Term Illegal Alien

Never mind that they are aliens in the country illegally.

Opening the first immigration hearing of the new Congress, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee warned his colleagues not to use the term "illegal immigrant" as the debate goes on.

"I hope no one uses the term illegal immigrants here today. Our citizens are not the people in this country are not illegal. They are are out of status. They are new Americans that are immigrants," said Rep. John Conyers Jr., Michigan Democrat.

So how about immigration criminal instead?

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Richard III Discovered Part II

Now we get to see what modern science can tell us about the appearance of King Richard III and it seems he looks very much like the portraits we have seen of him, making it pretty clear that the bones recovered from beneath a parking lot are those of the fifteenth century sovereign.


A facial reconstruction based on the skull of Richard III has revealed how the English king may have looked.

The king's skeleton was found under a car park in Leicester during an archaeological dig.

The reconstructed face has a slightly arched nose and prominent chin, similar to features shown in portraits of Richard III painted after his death.

Historian and author John Ashdown-Hill said seeing it was "almost like being face to face with a real person".

The development comes after archaeologists from the University of Leicester confirmed the skeleton found last year was the 15th Century king's, with DNA from the bones having matched that of descendants of the monarch's family.

Look at the portrait in my earlier post and tell me that they are not the same guy.

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Dems Making Money Off Of Your Data

I spend most of the last 18 months trying to get off of the mailing lists of Obama and the Democrats. Nothing not even following their instructions on how to stop them from sending me emails managed to put a stop to the spam. Now it appears they are going to sell my information, too.

Now, the record of what people told Democratic volunteers may go up for sale and not just to political groups. Democrats are looking into whether credit card companies, retailers like Target or other commercial interests may want to buy the information.

But local Democratic parties also have information about voters views and preferences collected over many campaign cycles. (We wrote about Minnesotas data-collectingGrandma Brigade last month.) Some states have used this raw data to create sophisticated estimates of how likely any voter is to vote for a Democrat, support Barack Obama or have certain opinions, say, on abortion or gun control.

As the co-op moves into its second year of selling data in an already crowded marketplace, its looking for new potential clients and companies who may use the data for commercial purposes, as opposed to political ones, are on the list.

Thats one of our growth areas, said Drew Brighton of TargetSmart Communications, which helps administer and market the Co-ops data. Over the next six months, we are going to go ahead and make the rounds with some corporate prospects.

Just shameful after years of bashing corporations as evil, they now plan on funding themselves by selling the American people to corporations.

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Union Leaders Make It Clear They Are All About The Money, Not The Worker

Want another reason to make this a right-to-work nation? Here it is, from the Michigan Education Association.

That's the message from a December 27-28 memo to local union presidents and board members from Michigan Education Association President Steven Cook, which recommends tactics that unions can use to dilute the impact of the right-to-work law. One bright idea is to renegotiate contracts now to lock teachers into paying union dues after the right-to-work law goes into effect in March. Another is to sue their own members who try to leave.

"Members who indicate they wish to resign membership in March, or whenever, will be told they can only do so in August," Mr. Cook writes in the three-page memo obtained by the West Michigan Policy Forum. "We will use any legal means at our disposal to collect the dues owed under signed membership forms from any members who withhold dues prior to terminating their membership in August for the following fiscal year." Got that, comrade?

Also watch for contract negotiations in which union reps sign up members for smaller pay raises and benefits in exchange for a long-term contract. "We've looked carefully at this and believe the impact of RTW [right to work] can be blunted through bargaining strategies," Mr. Cook writes.

In other words, the union plans on suing to force people to remain members even though the new law allows them the freedom to leave the union AND abrogate their fiduciary duty to their members by doing their best to get contracts that make all workers pay into the union even if that means that the members (you know, the folks the union supposedly represents) will get less in pay and benefits than they would with a short-term deal.

Time for laws requiring annual recertification elections and the freedom of workers to refuse to pay one thin dime to these organized criminal syndicates.

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February 04, 2013

You Don't Need To Be Actively Involved In Any Planned Attack On America To Be A Drone Target -- OBAMA REGIME

They told me if I voted for McCain and Romney that the president and his administration would claim the authority to kill Americans who are not even involved in plans to attack America -- AND THEY WERE RIGHT!

A confidential Justice Department memo concludes that the U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be senior operational leaders of al-Qaida or an associated force -- even if there is no intelligence indicating they are engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S.

Two questions:

  1. Anyone ready for impeachment hearings yet?
  2. Is opposition to this Obama/Holder policy racist?

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Remains Of Good King Richard III Found


The bones of the last of the Plantagenet kings were found beneath a parking lot built upon his long-forgotten grave.


A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III.

Experts from the University of Leicester said DNA from the bones matched that of descendants of the monarch's family.

Lead archaeologist Richard Buckley, from the University of Leicester, told a press conference to applause: "Beyond reasonable doubt it's Richard."

Richard, killed in battle in 1485, will be reinterred in Leicester Cathedral.

I became enamored of Richard III when I first read the Shakespeare play regarding him. Our teacher mentioned that the play was very much based upon Tudor propaganda, and so I set out to learn more about the real man. Over the years I have become a staunch Ricardian, and have come to recognize that he was on balance an enlightened ruler for his time. This article notes that this has more and more become an accepted scholarly view.

For most of his life, until the age of 30, he had been regarded as a paragon of virtue and a brilliant general. During his early years, Richard had worked loyally for his brother, Edward IV, earning praise for his straight living (unlike Edward, whose debauchery was unrivalled) and concern for the plight of the common man. So where did it all go wrong?

There can be little doubt that the seeds of Richards downfall were sown in his decision to usurp the throne from his 12-year-old nephew Edward V, followed by the sudden disappearance of Edward and his brother Richard, the Princes in the Tower. The boys were seen less and less until rumours of their death began to circulate, and by September 1483, their fate was clear. While there is no evidence to prove the exact date of the princes death, they certainly went missing under Richards watch.

Even in spite of his treatment of the princes, Richard remained a much loved and popular king. Months after he had been crowned, the Bishop of St Davids, Thomas Langton, wrote to a friend that Richard contents the people with many a poor man being relieved and helped by him and his commands.

I never liked the conditions of any prince so well as his, Langton added. God hath sent him to us for the weal of us all. When news of Richards death at Bosworth reached York, the city elders recorded how their king late mercifully reigning upon us... was piteously slain and murdered to the great heaviness of the city.

What of Richards nephews, the princes? That remains one of the great mysteries of history. Were they murdered, or did they die in one of the waves of illness that swept London at the time? And if they were murdered, were they murdered at their uncles behest? We may never know the answers to those questions just as we may never settle the question of whether Richard was an usurper or whether he took the throne legitimately upon the discovery that his nephews were, in fact, legally bastards because their fathers marriage to their mother was bigamous, as was claimed at the time.

It will be interesting to see how the issue of Richards burial are handled.

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Race Shooting Cover-Up

A year and a half ago, a white woman was killed and two other were wounded by a black shooter in the Atlanta area. That alone is not enough to make the shooting a racial issue but the shooters admitted reason is.

During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shootings was to enforce beliefs hed developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.

I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today, he said. In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.

He said the night before the shooting, he attended a so-called Peace Party intended to address his concerns about helping the black community find equal footing, but two white people were there.

I was upset, Thandiwe said. I was still upset Friday. I took the gun to work because I was still upset from Thursday night.

So why did this not make the national news at the time of the shootings? Why was this not national news during when the trial happened? After all, even the hint of a racial motive in the shooting of a black by a white even if the evidence is trumped-up and made-up like in the case of the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman makes such the case of cause clbre. But the media is reluctant to report such shootings when the races are reversed? Why? Doesnt the public have a right to know?

I guess Al and Jesse were too busy to protest and Jane and Nancy were otherwise committed and couldnt shriek about this case on their nightly court porn shows.

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The Problem With The ObamaCare Birth Control Regulation

It ultimately comes down to the freedom to live out ones religious beliefs free from government coercion. These regulations fail to respect that right, the requirements of the First Amendment notwithstanding.

First, there is the issue of whether or not the new exemption really is an exemption.

[T]he new rule improves on the old in that it applies to more employers than just a few monastic orders. It would exempt many nonprofit religious employers -- such as dioceses, charities and universities -- that have moral objections to the practice of sterilizing human beings and to the use of contraceptive and abortifacient drugs to frustrate one of the chief purposes of marriage, which they hold dear as a sacrament.

Even so, there are still legitimate doubts about whether the revised mandate exempts these institutions in a meaningful way, or whether it merely obscures in several layers of bureaucracy exactly who is paying for what.

Lets be honest the insurance companies are figuring the cost of sterilization, contraception and abortion into the cost of the insurance that the employer is paying for, so the claim that it is free is really disingenuous. What we are seeing here is simply a bookkeeping game and the religious groups objecting know that and so are not likely to stop their fight against the coverage.

But beyond that, there is the issue of individual religious believers operating a business.

And more importantly, even assuming that those doubts are unfounded, the new rule maintains the same misguided and un-American assumption as the old one -- that religion is primarily about churches and not about people. Even under the new rule, private citizens who own and run their own businesses can be forbidden by the federal government to operate them according to the tenets of their faith.

Now some argue that it is inappropriate for an employer to impose his religion on his employees. Yet allowing private employers to forgo that coverage does not allow for such an imposition. After all, the employee is still free to obtain those medical services just not to impose his or her religion upon the employer by requiring the employer to pay for it. When government requires such insurance coverage, it is the very sort of imposition of religion that the First Amendment (which restricts government actions, not private ones) explicitly rejects.


What the Obama Regime has said here is that one has a choice between operating a business and living out ones faith with integrity. But this is a choice that the First Amendment would seem to forbid the government requiring of Americans of faith. And while the financial cost may be minimal to the business owner, the eternal cost of materially cooperating with that which one believes to be intrinsically evil is significantly higher and measured in terms of an eternity of fire and brimstone. Dare I suggest that this is not significantly different from the choice faced by early Christians -- burn a little incense to the emperor or face the lions in the arena?


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Why Have Congress Make Laws When Obama Will Make His Own With Executive Orders?

Once again, Obama nullifies a federal law.

An estimated hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants married to U.S. citizens will soon have an opportunity to become legal residents without having to serve a years-long punishment.

President Obama proposed the policy change in January 2012 and it is scheduled to go into effect March 4.

The change was proposed to end situations in which illegal-immigrant spouses (and often parents) have to return to their native countries to serve the ban of admission as long as 10 years for staying illegally in the United States for more than a year.

Applicants must show that leaving the U.S. for an extended period would create extreme hardship on their legal spouse, like having to cope with a major illness or caring for a special-needs child.

Under the process, applicants would still have to first prove to the federal government that they are in a legitimate marriage. Then they can apply for the waiver without leaving the U.S.

Once can argue about the merits of the policy here, but those merits do not override the fact that the law says that even these illegal aliens must leave the country and face stay out for an extended period of time a requirement put in place by the last round of comprehensive immigration reform. The reality is that the law says this is how such immigration law violators are to be dealt with. And we are a nation of laws, not men or at least we are supposed to be.

Obama is not a king.

Obama is not an emperor.

Obama is not a dictator.

Why is he allowed to act like one without a word of protest from the media or the people?

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Why Does Anyone Need To High Capacity Clips And Magazines?

Why does anyone need to eat at a lunch counter?


The first graphic in the series is here.

The second graphic in the series is here.

The third graphic in the series is here.

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February 03, 2013

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight -- Starring The Obama Administration


By now you have likely seen this photo of Barack Obama allegedly skeet shooting. I say "allegedly" because the picture seems off somehow -- the manner in which the gun is being held, the angle at which it is pointed, among other things -- and the fact that we know that Obama was golfing on the date of the photo and only flew up to Camp David late in the day. It seems difficult to reconcile dates and times that were released to the public six months ago with what we are being told now.

But that isn't the big deal in my book.

Rather, the problem is that the Obama Administration has released the photo with the following disclaimer.

This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.

Minor detail -- a part of that directive exceeds the authority of the White House under federal copyright law. They cannot tell us that the photo may not be manipulated in any way because a photo produced by a federal employee as a part of their official duties is considered to be copyright free and may be used without restriction by the public at large.

A United States government work is prepared by an officer or employee of the United States government as part of that person's official duties.

It is not subject to copyright in the United States and there are no copyright restrictions on reproduction, derivative works, distribution, performance, or display of the work. Anyone may, without restriction under U.S. copyright laws:

  • reproduce the work in print or digital form;
  • create derivative works;
  • perform the work publicly;
  • display the work;
  • distribute copies or digitally transfer the work to the public by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by rental, lease, or lending.

Got that -- anyone may create a derivative work without restriction. That includes manipulating the photo, which is the creation of a derivative work! Indeed, it is not only copyright law that would make the Administration's diktat an example of overreach -- the First Amendment right to engage in satirical speech about public figures would come into play as well.

So having presented us with a questionable photo, the regime has gone even further in raising questions by attempting to place an illegal restriction on the use of the photo. That does make one wonder why -- including question whether or not the image released had itself been manipulated before its release to the public.


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This Week's Watcher's Council Results

Here are this week's results!

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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February 02, 2013

Why Does Someone Need A High Capacity Magazine?

Why did she need to go to the white high school?


The first graphic in the series is here.

The second graphic in the series is here.

The fourth graphic in the series is here.

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February 01, 2013

Big Sis Is Watching Me!

Why has the Department of Homeland Security been monitoring my website today?

I was glancing through my traffic when I saw this entry.


Imagine my surprise when I dug deeper in the data!


Now I can understand a single visit from a DHS employee who got forwarded the link to the entry in question, which is a graphic I did today. But monitoring me for 5 1/2 hours? Something is a bit odd there.

By the way -- I wonder what they think about this post.

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Threat To First Amendment In Hawaii

Granted, the paparazzi are scummy, but it is a long-standing matter of law that you have no right to privacy when you are in public view.

More than two-thirds of Hawaii's state senators have signed onto a bill to protect celebrities from paparazzi, giving famous faces power to sue over unwanted beach photos and other snapshots on the islands.

And the bill's author says he's pushing the law at the request of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler.

* * *

Maui Democrat Sen. Kalani English says the so-called "Steven Tyler Act" will help Hawaii's tourism and film industries.

The bill would open people up to civil lawsuits if they invade privacy by taking or selling photos or videos.

As weve all been reminded for the last five years, Hawaii is a part of the United States. The First Amendment therefore applies there, and so if this bill isnt defeated in the legislature it needs to be struck down by the courts as anathema to freedom of the press.

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ObamaCare To Bankrupt Americans, Not Just Government

Ready to shell out $20K a year for your health insurance?

In a final regulation issued Wednesday, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assumed that under Obamacare the cheapest health insurance plan available in 2016 for a family will cost $20,000 for the year.

Under Obamacare, Americans will be required to buy health insurance or pay a penalty to the IRS.

The IRS's assumption that the cheapest plan for a family will cost $20,000 per year is found in examples the IRS gives to help people understand how to calculate the penalty they will need to pay the government if they do not buy a mandated health plan.

Remind me again why this bill was called the Affordable Care Act, because it is clear that the result will not be affordable care.

And I cant help[ but note that the Obama Regime held back this information until after Dear Leader was reelected.

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Soak The Bitch!

Make this lying sack pay for her false accusations.

Infamous hoaxster Tawana Brawley whose outrageous rape lie 25 years ago inflamed racial tensions nationwide yesterday was finally slapped with a court order to settle a hefty defamation case against her.

For at least 25 years, she has been living a major lie, said former Dutchess County prosecutor Steven Pagones, who was falsely accused of raping Brawley in 1987 and finally tracked her down, thanks to The Post.

To me, this has always been about responsibility and accountability, added the former ADA, who won the $190,000 defamation lawsuit against Brawley, 40, now a nurse in Virginia, more than a decade ago.

With interest, the total is now some $430K.

What a pity that the amount garnished from her pay is capped Id like to see her lose every single asset and fork over every penny of her paycheck until the debt is paid.

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Biden Concedes That Obamunist Gun Control Scheme Isnt About Increasing Safety

Which must mean it is about nothing more than limiting our freedom in order to increase government control over Americans.

Vice President Joe Biden was perhaps a little too candid on the subject of new gun control laws when talking to reporters Thursday after a meeting with Senate Democrats in the Capitol.

Nothing were going to do is going to fundamentally alter or eliminate the possibility of another mass shooting or guarantee that we will bring gun deaths down to a thousand a year from what were at now, Biden said, according to a Politico report.

It is clearly time to stop this farce now and make sure that any new laws proposed in the current process are voted down as an irrational infringement upon fundamental rights.

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Spokesman For Al Qaeda CAIR (Same Difference) Says Terrorism Prosecutions Alienate Muslims

When will our government finally acknowledge that Islam is not a peaceful religion and that there is a large segment of the Muslim community that cannot be trusted to be loyal to this country?

Certainly that is true of the leadership and membership of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for The Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the case could alienate the Muslim community, but was quick to say that "nobody wants to see any possibility of any sort of violence by a lone wolf."

"I think convictions in these kinds of cases are almost forgone conclusions based on the government's actions. They are the same in each case," he said.

Clearly these folks are the equivalent of the Nazi-affiliated German American Bund of the 1930s.

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Why Do They Need "Assault Rifles"?

Why did they need to march in Selma?


The first graphic in the series is here.

The third graphic in the series is here.

The fourth graphic in the series is here.

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