April 30, 2013

Dont Tease Us Like That, Barry

The worst president of my lifetime had the following to say today regarding his ineffectiveness as president.

"Maybe I should just pack up and go home," Obama said. "Golly."

Actually, I hope he doesnt do any such thing after all, I would never wish President Biden upon this country.

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When Politically Correct Sexism Strikes

Personally, I could not care less about Jason Collins or his sexual orientation.

But I have to agree with Instapundit that the coverage of his coming out has been quite sexist.

GIVEN ALL THE UNCLOSETED FEMALE ATHLETES, ISNT THIS A BIT SEXIST? I didnt set out to be the first openly gay athlete playing in a major American team sport. I mean, it kind of implies that to be a major American team sport, it has to be a male team sport, doesnt it?

I mean, with all due respect, the WNBA might as well have been called the LNBA given the number of open lesbians in the league think original star Sheryl Swoopes and new star Brittney Griner. And dont forget golfer Rosie Jones and tennis player Amelie Mauresmo.

Oh, and by the way given that Collins is a free agent with no offers tendered to him, is it really fair to say he is playing on a major sports team? After all, his season is over and as of yet is unsigned for next year. Which does, by the way, raise a question is choosing this moment to come out simply a ploy by a journeyman player in the twilight of his career to score one last contract and a bit of notoriety that his career did not really merit on its own?

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April 28, 2013

Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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April 27, 2013

New Charges In Ricin Case

Having bumbled the case the first time by charging the wrong guy, is there any chance of a conviction here?

The FBI has arrested the former owner of a martial arts studio in Mississippi who has been the latest focus of the agencys tumultuous, three-week long search for the person responsible for sending ricin-laced letters to the White House, a U.S. senator and a county judge.

James Everett Dutschke, 41, was taken into custody by federal agents without incident at about 12:50 a.m. Saturday at his home in Tupelo, Miss. He became a suspect earlier this week when the original suspect a man with whom he has had a long-standing feud fingered him , saying Dutschke may have framed him.

* * *

Dutschke was charged with knowingly developing, producing, stockpiling, transferring, acquiring, retaining and possessing a biological agent, toxin and delivery system, for use as a weapon. If convicted, he faces maximum possible penalties of life imprisonment, a $250,000 fine and 5 years of supervised release. He is scheduled to appear in federal court in Oxford, Miss. on Monday.

Wouldn't you love to be the defense attorney on this one? I would, because I can already hear the questions I'd be asking.

"Special Agent Jones, was my client the first individual you investigated in this case?"

"Special Agent Jones, didn't you initially determine that another man had committed these offenses?"

"Special Agent Jones, were there charges filed against another individual in this case based upon an entirely different theory of the crime?"

Seems to me that reasonable doubt would be quickly established.

Fortunately the initial suspect, Paul Kevin Curtis, wasn't droned by the Obama Administration before the FBI decided he didn't commit the crime.

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Questions For The Harris County GOP Vacancy Committee -- UPDATED

Dave Jennings' latest post at Big Jolly Politics (reposted at the Houston Chronicle) is really disturbing. It shows that something is really wrong with the Vacancy Committee of the Harris County Republican Party. I can't even begin to excerpt it in a manner that does it justice -- suffice it to say that there are several members of that committee whose conduct is utterly disgraceful. Daring to ask a candidate for precinct chair whether or not he supports pedophilia simply because he is gay and active in a gay Republican organization is not merely indecent, but is so far beyond the pale as to boggle the mind.

I engaged in an exchange with one member of the committee who tried to argue that the candidate, Chris Busby, was rejected by the committee because he didn't accept the full platform. Unfortunately, this member of the Vacancy Committee would not answer the following questions I am therefore putting them here publicly and challenging the five members who voted against Mr. Busby to answer them here.

  1. In considering a candidate for a vacant precinct chair, is the candidate required to affirm his/her support for all planks of the Texas GOP platform to be recommended for appointment to the position by the Harris County Republican Executive Committee?
  2. If affirmation of all planks is not required, how many planks may a candidate reject and still receive the Vacancy Committee's recommendation?
  3. Are all platform planks given equal weight by the Vacancy Committee?
  4. If all planks are not given equal weight/consideration, would the Vacancy Committee disclose which planks are considered to be the preeminent ones which must be accepted in order to be recommended for appointment by the Executive Committee?

I'm not just asking these questions to stir the pot. As the elected GOP Precinct Chair in Harris County Precinct 333 and a member of the Harris County Republican Executive Committee, I am asking for this information to clarify whether or not I can accept the recommendation of the Vacancy Committee to appoint a number of individuals as precinct chairs at the next Executive Committee meeting. Based upon the post linked above and the online conversation with one of the committee members, I have no confidence in those recommendations.

I would love to hear from any member of the Vacancy Committee, but in particular I hope to get an answer from the five individuals who voted against Chris Busby.

In the mean time, I'll conclude with a quote from the man who is my standard for what constitutes a conservative Republican -- a man who has significantly more credibility on the matter than any of the five individuals listed above.

UPDATE -- Here is Chris Busby's own commentary on this situation.

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April 26, 2013

Why Is A Matter Settled 70 Years Ago Still An Issue In Our Public Schools?

I love my country.

I love my country's flag.

But I love my country's Constitution more.

That is why this teacher is more than a little bit pissed off by the arrogance of some educators who seek to punish or coerce a student who is merely exercising her constitutional rights in a way long recognized as legitimate by the Supreme Court.

Shes an honor roll student and accomplished violinist.

She also refuses to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

Enidris Siurano, a student at Damascus High School, was born in Puerto Rico. Siurano says she hasnt recited the pledge since seventh grade to protest the political situation there.

The government thats there should be the one thats running it, not one thats miles and miles away, she said.

But only recently has her refusal caused so much turmoil that she and her family turned to the ACLU of Maryland.

Enidris was repeatedly directed by her teacher to stand, said an ACLU attorney.

In a letter to the superintendent, the ACLU said that Siurano is being harassed, that she was called out of class and told to report to the assistant principals office.

She told me that I was disrespecting the military and military families and students who had family in the military, Siurano said.

The ACLU of Maryland says this is not the first time a case of alleged harassment has happened within Montgomery County Public Schools over not reciting the pledge.

I'm with the ACLU on this one. They are exactly right -- and those at Damascus High School are dead wrong -- on the issue of forcing students to say the Pledge or even stand for it.

In 1943, as our nation fought against Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan, the United States Supreme Court dealt with this very issue. What it decided then, as our soldiers fought and died on behalf of our country and our Constitution, is as valid today as it was on the day the decision in West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette was handed down.

The case is made difficult not because the principles of its decision are obscure, but because the flag involved is our own. Nevertheless, we apply the limitations of the Constitution with no fear that freedom to be intellectually and spiritually diverse or even contrary will disintegrate the social organization. To believe that patriotism will not flourish if patriotic ceremonies are voluntary and spontaneous, instead of a compulsory routine, is to make an unflattering estimate of the appeal of our institutions to free minds. We can have intellectual individualism and the rich cultural diversities that we owe to exceptional minds only at the price of occasional eccentricity and abnormal attitudes. When they are so harmless to others or to the State as those we deal with here, the price is not too great. But freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much. That would be a mere shadow of freedom. The test of its substance is the right to differ as to things that touch the heart of the existing order.

If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion, or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein. If there are any circumstances which permit an exception, they do not now occur to us.

"No official, high or petty."

That includes school teachers and administrators.

By coincidence, my students and I were discussing this very case only yesterday. I had several students -- including one who is a Jehovah's Witness like the children in the Barnette case cited above -- tell me about efforts by some of my own colleagues to require that which cannot be required or punish that which cannot be punished under the laws of this country. Good heavens! Why are we even still fighting this battle seven decades later? Why aren't my fellow educators, men and women who are charged with helping to form our students into good citizens in addition to teaching some content area or another, modeling that by actually doing what we are constitutionally required to do? Has the day come when it isn't just school districts who face lawsuits, but individual teachers as well -- not just in their professional capacity, but in their personal capacity as well? Will that finally get the message across?

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Time To Charge Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev's Wife As An Accessory After the Fact

I certainly think this qualifies.

According to those officials, Dzokhar Tsarnaev told interrogators that the information that set in motion the series of events leading to Tamerlans death and Dzokhars apprehension came in a phone call from Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva to her husband. She notified him and there certainly didnt seem to be any notion of surprise just a report that youre being watched, said one official with knowledge of the investigation. Tsarnaev had seen the photographs and videos distributed by the FBI on television and called her husband to give him a heads up.

H/T Jawa Report

Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva knew her husband was wanted in connection with a terrorist bombing. Rather than contact the FBI, she contacted him and told him to run. That directly led to the murder of a police officer. Time to charge her, try her, convict her, and throw away the key.

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Terrorist Refuses To Recognize Laws Not Found In The Quran

Too bad, because Canada doesn't recognize sharia to be superior to its own laws.

A Tunisian-born doctorate student accused of plotting with the guidance of al-Qaida to derail a Via Rail train showed his disdain for Canadian criminal law in a quiet but crowded Toronto courtroom.

Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, on Wednesday ignored Justice of the Peace Susan Hiltons caution to be careful what you say, because his words could be used against him in future proceedings.

Instead of remaining silent, Esseghaier, listed as living at no fixed address in Montreal, embarked on a two-minute tirade on the Criminal Code and the serious charges he faces.

All of those conclusions were taken out based on the Criminal Code and we all know that this Criminal Code is not a holy book, said Esseghaier, who was busted in Montreals Central Station Monday near the Via terminus.

Its just written by a set of creatures and the creatures, theyre not perfect because only the Creator is perfect, so if we are basing our judgment we cannot rely on the conclusions taken out from these judgments, he said.

Amazing -- we who are not followers of Islam are supposed to show great respect and deference to the Quran. Maybe it is time to make clear our disdain for Muhammad's Big Book of Lies and Blasphemy and our refusal to be ruled by it.

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Election Fraudsters For Obama!

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

A jury in South Bend, Indiana has found that fraud put President Obama and Hillary Clinton on the presidential primary ballot in Indiana in the 2008 election. Two Democratic political operatives were convicted Thursday night in the illegal scheme after only three hours of deliberations. They were found guilty on all counts.

Former longtime St. Joseph County Democratic party Chairman Butch Morgan Jr. was found guilty of felony conspiracy counts to commit petition fraud and forgery, and former county Board of Elections worker Dustin Blythe was found guilty of felony forgery counts and falsely making a petition, after being accused of faking petitions that enabled Obama, then an Illinois Senator, to get on the presidential primary ballot for his first run for the White House.

The upshot is that the president was not even legitimately on the 2008 ballot in Indiana -- but the fraud was not caught because the perpetrators were the Democrat officials who were responsible for certifying the validity of the signatures.

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Carl Bernstein Gives Aid And Comfort To Stormfront And Jew-Hating Conspiracy Theorists Everywhere

Trading on his own Jewish heritage to claim that the Iraq war was the fault of the Jooooos!

From Morning Joe:

CARL BERNSTEIN: This was an insane war that brought us low economically, morally. We went to war against a guy who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. It was a total pretext! It's inexplicable and there you go to Cheney, there you go to Bush, there you go to the Jewish neo-cons who wanted to remake the world. Maybe I can say that because I'm Jewish. To bring about a certain result --

I'm just stunned. But maybe I shouldn't be. After all, anti-Semitism has gained a great deal of currency on the Left over the years.

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An Interesting Observation On Today's Dystopian YA Literature

It is, when one comes right down to it, fundamentally anti-Communist!

The only way authors are able to imagine a future world thats sufficiently bad to qualify for a Hunger Games style revolution is to posit a world of scarce resources, with a tyrannical government controlling the population by meting out small portions of remaining resources to the masses, while preserving most of the resources for the apparatchiks in other words, communism. Communism is the very worst form of government that literary minds an create.

Bookworm notes that many of these authors are probably liberals who think they are creating something heretofore unseen rather than merely replicating the same failed program supported by tenured radicals on campus and political hucksters hawking paradise if only the masses HOPE for CHANGE. It seems to me that one of our challenges is to make that connection explicit -- that Panem is not the land of exploitative1%er robber-barons, but is instead the "workers paradise" created by the commissars and apparatchiks of the Left.

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April 24, 2013

Ricin-Charges Dropped -- New Suspect Named

It hasn't even been a week since charges were brought against Paul Kevin Curtis for sending ricin-laced mail to President Obama, a US Senator, and a state official. It had been only a matter of days since the letters were discovered. Now they have been dropped -- apparently because there was no evidence tying Curtis to the crime.

Federal authorities dropped charges against Paul Kevin Curtis, who was arrested last week when he was suspected of sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama, Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) and a Mississippi judge.

The decision comes a day after authorities failed to find evidence of the poison at his house. Earlier on Tuesday officials canceled the latest hearing in Curtiss case.

* * *

An FBI agent testified in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi earlier this week that investigators had not found any evidence of ricin or information on how to craft the poison, made from from castor beans, when they searched Curtiss home and computer.

Wow! They charged him despite there not being any actual evidence against him beyond a status update from Facebook and his sig-line from the internet being used in the lettesr. They even apparently have another suspect already, which raises the question of how thorough the investigation was to begin with and how through the new one has been. Have the FBI and the Justice Department so thoroughly tainted this case as to make a conviction impossible?

But this also raises a bigger issue. The Obama Administration filed charges against the wrong guy in a high profile terrorism case, but still insists that it can be trusted to drone American citizens in the US without any oversight from anyone else. Doesn't the degree of competence shown in this case make you feel secure about them exercising the power of judge, jury, and executioner?

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So Motive Doesnt Matter, Chris?

Werent you the guy who spent days trying to pin the Boston Marathon bombing on the Tea Party or other right-wing groups? So why doesn't the motive of the bombers matter know that we know who they are?

MATTHEWS: Why is that important? Why is that important to -- is that important to prosecuting? I mean, what difference does it make why they did it if they did it? I'm being tough here.

Would you be saying that if the bombers were a couple of white conservatives? Wouldnt you be trying to dig into their ideology and show exactly what it is about conservatism that drives violence? Of course you would have heck, you didnt even need evidence to start the process of doing it last week. But then again, you don't like conservatives -- but Muslims, on the other hand, even the anti-American sort, are just fine in your book.

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Harry Reid Proves He Doesnt Understand The Tea Party

The Tea Party supports smaller, constitutionally constrained government. It does not oppose all government. Reid doesnt get that.

"We have a situation where this country has been driven by the Tea Party for the last number of years," Reid said. "When I was in school, I studied government and I learned about the anarchists. Now, they were different than the Tea Party because they were violent. But they were anarchists because they did not believe in government in any level and they acknowledged it. The Tea Party kind of hides that."

Reid said Tea Party members don't do physically destructive things to buildings or people "directly" but they do everything they can to "throw a monkey wrench into any form of government."

"Anything they can do to throw a monkey wrench into the wheels of government, they are happy to do that," he added.

I dont see that as being the case at all. My experience is that the Tea party seeks to confine government to its core functions. Now that does mean they want to tear down much of the edifice of the modern welfare state, but that is not because they don not care about the rest of society. What they want is not anarchy a situation with no government but rather a government that is the servant of the people rather than their master, and they rightly recognize that the only way to have that is for government to be small.

There is, of course, another explanation. That explanation is that Harry Reid knows exactly what the Tea part is all about. He also knows that a large plurality -- if not a majority -- of Americans favor smaller government. Better to lie about it and smear the Tea Party than risk letting it get more popular.

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More Headlines You Don't See Every Day

Mars Rover accidentally draws penis

Uhhhh. . . yeah.

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Headlines You Don't See Every Day

This may be one of the best of the genre.

Samurai sword-wielding Mormon bishop
comes to aid of woman being attacked

No, it isn't from the Onion -- and it is a neat story.

H/T Instapundit

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April 23, 2013

Another Obama Tax Increase On Americans Making Under $250K

Barry backed it, so the Senate is going to pass it.

Legislation that would empower states to tax online purchases cleared a key hurdle in the Senate on Monday after winning an enthusiastic endorsement from President Obama. Senators advanced the bill in 74-20 procedural vote on Monday evening, just one vote short of the backing it received in a test vote last month. Twenty-six Republicans joined Democrats in moving forward with the bill.

Now the Senate still has to give it a final vote, and then the House will need to deal with it. But what this means is that you will be paying sales tax on your online purchases. That is event he case if you make under the $250,000 level that Obama and his administration have declared makes one rich. So when your state sales tax starts showing up on your online purchases, remember it is courtesy of another Obama broken promise!

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Nanny Fascist Bloomberg Calls For Interpreting Away Our Rights

Just incredible.

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Monday the countrys interpretation of the Constitution will have to change to allow for greater security to stave off future attacks.

The people who are worried about privacy have a legitimate worry, Mr. Bloomberg said during a press conference in Midtown. But we live in a complex word where youre going to have to have a level of security greater than you did back in the olden days, if you will. And our laws and our interpretation of the Constitution, I think, have to change.

But the irony is that he then claims that we cant let this get in the way of our freedoms. But what freedoms will be left after such a reinterpretation?

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Taking A Contrarian Position On A Current Internet Controversy

Im generally a big fan of free speech for students. I regularly cite Tinker v. Des Moines most famous line, namely that students do not lose their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate. It therefore may surprise people where I come down on this story.

A West Virginia student was charged with causing a disruption at a middle school when he refused to remove a T-shirt that displayed the National Rifle Associations logo and hunting rifle.

Jared Marcum, 14, said the shirt did not violate Logan Middle Schools dress code policy.

I was surprised. It shocked me that the school didnt know their own dress code and their own policy. I figured they would have known not to call me out on that shirt because there was nothing wrong with it, Marcum said in a telephone interview.

Marcums stepfather, Allen Lardieri, said the youth was waiting in line in the school cafeteria Thursday when a teacher ordered the eighth-grader to remove the T-shirt or to turn it inside out.

Marcum said was sent to the office where he again refused the order.
When the police came, I was still talking and telling them that this was wrong, that they cannot do this, its not against any school policy. The officer, he told me to sit down and be quiet. I said, No, Im exercising my right to free speech. I said it calmly, he said.

Police charged him with disrupting an educational process and obstructing an officer, he said.

Now I think that arresting the boy goes a bit too far, but I actually agree with the school on the issue of whether or not the shirt violates the dress code. Heres why the dress code at the school can be read as prohibiting the shirt. Heres the provision cited by the school for objecting to the shirt.

Clothing and accessories that display profanity, violence, discriminatory messages or sexually suggestive phrases are not to be worn at school or school functions.

Now I teach in a district with a similar dress code provision, and on the three different campuses where I have taught we have generally interpreted the rule prohibiting depictions of violence as forbidding a display of guns and bullets on articles of clothing. In other words, Jared Marcum would have most likely have been deemed out of dress code at my school, too. Ultimately, the school administration must make the judgment call on that and in the case of the shirt worn by young Mr. Marcum, the administration determined that it was a violation. Im inclined to support them on this one if there has been a consistent practice similar to that in my district.

And I say that even though I am 100% in agreement with the sentiments expressed on the shirt in question.

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April 22, 2013

Joe Biden Proves He Is Utterly Ignorant Of Democrat Party History

Let's look at what the idiot next in line to be president had to say recently.

[B]iden also chastized the Republicans behind ballot access efforts last year.

Were never going to yield to the will of the Republicans throughout this country who want to suppress the continued attempt to suppress the minority vote in this country, which is the single most un-American thing any party has done, he said. It is un-American to suppress the vote."

Now last time I checked, Joe Biden was a Democrat. Indeed, he was a Democrat who came to national office in the early 1970s and served with fellow Democrats who filibustered the 1964 Civil Rights Act and 1965 Voting Rights Act because of their white supremacist ideology and belief that blacks needed to be kept in their place. He forgot that for a century after the Civil War his party had worked to segregate schools, limit employment opportunities and otherwise keep blacks subordinated to whites, which had operated and embraced a paramilitary terrorist wing in the form of the KKK, and which for over a century thwarted every effort to pass an anti-lynching law on the federal level. Oh, yeah, and Joe Biden forgot the fact that his party split this nation apart in an effort to preserve the institution of black slavery in this country, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans when the dominant wing of the Democrat Party made war on the United States from 1861 to 1865.

And you'll notice that I'm not even disputing Biden's characterization of a simple ballot security requirement that has been upheld by the United States Supreme Court and which is supported by a majority of Americans of all parties and all races -- the requirement of a photo ID to vote. Even if it were explicitly imposed with the publicly avowed intent of disenfranchising minorities -- something that is not true -- Voter ID would be orders of magnitude less offensive to to any reasonable definition of Americanism than the sordid racist history (not to mention present) of the Democrat Party.

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April 20, 2013

Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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Speaking as a teacher, I have to admit that I know that not every student in my class gets every concept I teach the first time through. What's more, I know that a student doing homework in the evening or over the weekend might not have parents who are able to help them grasp that concept -- after all, not every parent is an expert in every field. That's why I find the idea of the tutoring services at to be such a great thing -- they are available quickly and at a very reasonable price -- as low as $9.00 an hour.

The best thing is that the tutorial sessions you book are personalized for you -- you are in a one-on-one tutoring situation with an expert tutor who is working with you alone. And you can access a variety of topics on the K-12 level, the collegiate level, and even for test preparation. Tutorsville even provides English language instruction for non-native speakers at an incredibly low price. Best of all, you have a variety of packages to choose from to fit your budget, based either on classroom minutes or monthly access to the site and its services. And I know that the cost of the service is less than many tutoring services I've seen advertised.

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April 19, 2013

Cops And Donuts -- INSERT JOKE HERE

There is so little -- nothing, in fact -- humorous in the horrific events in Boston this week and the ongoing manhunt for the last of the terrorist brothers who are guilty of this crime.

But this headline over at HuffPo did bring a smile to my face.


Surely that brought you a small chuckle or an amused groan, given the stereotypes associated with police officers.

But on a more serious note, this proud brother of a cop wants to thank the folks at Dunkin' Donuts for their effort to provide a little support for the men in blue during this crisis.

And to the many police officers involved in this investigation and manhunt, thank you and God bless you.

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Does The Driver Carjacked By The Marathon Terrorists Still Feel The Same Way Now?

Look at the picture.


See the bumper sticker? It is this one.


Does he think that peaceful coexistence with those who kill in the name of their religion is possible?

H/T Michael Berry

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Petulant Prez Prepares More End Runs Around Congress And Laws

If this does not worry you, it should.

Having been shown to be a lame duck with little political clout, President Barack Obama is going to issue executive orders to try to implement elements of the Senate gun control bill that failed earlier this week.

Here's one thing I find particularly troubling.

The Obama administration was starting a process Friday aimed at removing barriers in health privacy laws that prevent some states from reporting information to the background check system. The action comes two days after the Senate rejected a measure that would have required buyers of firearms online and at gun shows to pass a background check. That's already required for shoppers at licensed gun dealers.

Now lets look at this. There are laws in place that prevent making these reports but Obama is apparently going to dispense with the laws in question! I agree the law needs to be changed -- but through the legislative process. If Obama can just do it himself, why have Congress or state legislatures to make laws when Obama will just do away with them with a stroke of his pen? Why not vest all lawmaking authority heck, all judicial authority, too in the god-man in the Oval Office?

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April 18, 2013

UPDATED -- Houstons Favorite Senior Citizen Helps Announce New Cheerleaders For Houston Texans

And former president George H. W. Bush seems to be having a fine time.


UPDATE: Looks like Bush 41 may have some things to smile about, as we look at the schedule for 2013.


Anybody else see another playoff run here -- and a realistic chance to get that home field advantage throughout the playoffs?

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Obama Needs To Fire His Speechwriters

And maybe his teleprompter, too.

After all, Professor Althouse has found something terribly offensive in Obamas words at the Boston memorial service today.

Boston is your hometown but we claim it a little bit too, he said, referring to his days as a student at Harvard Law School. I know this because there is a piece of Boston in me.

Given the context, that's one of the worst figures of speech ever.

There are plenty of victims who still have a little piece of Boston in them following the explosion of these shrapnel bombs. Didnt anyone think about what was being said before they were said?

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April 16, 2013

My Response To Senator Dan Patrick's Letter On Education Reform

I first became familiar with Dan Patrick shortly after moving here to Houston in 1997. I generally enjoyed listening to him on the radio during his talk show days, but will concede that I did not always agree with him then. When Dan set up the late lamented Lone Star Times website, I was one of the bloggers who was invited to the organizational meeting and who, for a short time, blogged for the site. When Dan ran for office several years ago, I was a supporter, even though I did not live in the district he was running in. I thought he would be a good addition to the state senate, as an outsider supported by the grassroots rather than a career politician. Again, during his time in the state senate I've not always agreed with him, but I've generally respected his positions even when I thought he was wrong.

Unfortunately, I found the missive that appears below the fold in my email today, and after reading it find it necessary to respond to some of what Senator Patrick has to say on the matter of three pending education bills that some Texans support, some oppose, and many are not entirely clear about. Let's just say I'm not happy with a large chunk of what he has to day. I would therefore like to offer up a few observations on Dan's defense of the bills in question and where I think he is taking Texas education in the wrong direction. Dan claims he is responding to "a campaign of mis-information and dis-information" -- I think he just doesn't like the fact that there are a lot of folks who have serious misgivings about some of what is in the legislation he is backing.

Let's get into the first of his points about HB 5, SB 3, and SB 1724., beginning with the first section of the letter.

MISLEADING INFORMATION #1 Texas is reducing rigor and dumbing down standards
The House and Senate are lowering standards in our curriculum by changing the 4 by 4. The 4 by 4 is 4 years of Math, English, Science and Social Studies. That is 16 core courses. We are keeping 16 core courses. We are NOT REDUCING rigor in the 4 by 4. We are creating flexibility so a student can follow their passion and interest.
We are not lowering standards. In my SB 3, we do the following:
1. We keep the Distinguished degree exactly as it is today. 4 by 4 with 3 years of foreign language. NO CHANGE
2. We change the current Recommended Degree from 4 by 4 to 5 by 4 by 4 by 3. IT IS STILL 16 CORE CREDITS. The difference is we allow a student interested in math or science to take one or more math and science classes and one less social studies class. If they are a Fine Arts major we let them take one less math or science course and one one or more English or Social Studies class. The students still take 16 core credits. We simply give them flexibility to follow their interests.

I hate to tell you, Dan, but that is lowering the standards. A large proportion of Texas student graduate on the recommended plan -- and your revision of this plan is not well thought out. To start with, your elimination of one social studies class (which must be World Geography based upon the requirement in the legislation that all students take World History, US History. Economics and US Government), means that that students deciding that their passion is math or science must do so before the start of their ninth grade year, because the eliminated class is the course that is currently taught at the ninth grade level. As a parent, you should know that most kids are not ready to make that choice at 14 years old. Heck, given the statistics on the number of times college students change majors, why are we expecting them to make such decisions at such a young age?

In addition, the TEKS established just a couple of years ago have turned the World Geography class into a course designed to make sure that students have the basic knowledge and skills necessary to successfully complete the four courses that that your legislation still requires. What this means is that students will enter those classes without many of the basic building blocks that will allow them to be successful in the remaining social studies classes -- and that content will be cut out of those later classes in the name of teaching those basics they should have already had. I've spent the last few years helping to build that curriculum in my district, so I know of what I speak.

3. We currently have a Minimum degree for high school graduation. We ARE ADDING one year of Science and 2 years of a Foreign Language, or Computer Language, to our base degree. THIS IS NOT REDUCING RIGOR IT IS ADDING TO RIGOR.

Now this is a good move -- and I applaud you for it.

4. We are adding rigorous courses and 2 years of Foreign Language, or Computer Language, in our Career Business pathway so students graduate ready for career and/or college. THIS IS ADDING RIGOR, not reducing it.

Summary: There is absolutely NO REDUCTION OF RIGOR in our pathways to graduation. Those who say we are reducing rigor and lowering standards are misinformed, or are deliberately misleading you. There are those who believe every student must take ALG II, Physics and Chemistry. Since we don't require it they claim that is reducing standards. The truth is not all students need to take it ALG II, Chemistry or Physics.

I'll agree with you -- not every student needs those courses. That said, the solution is to offer other math and science courses that are better suited for students who are not going on to college. Why not Business Math? Why not science courses that focus on more practical applications rather than college preparatory material? In short, why not keep the 4 by 4 requirement but tailor it so it can be met in different ways?

MISLEADING INFORMATION #2 We are reducing accountability by reducing the number of STAAR tests from 15 to 5.
We are not reducing accountability by reducing tests. Many states do not have any state tests. Other states have 3 to 6 state tests on average. At 15 Texas has more than double of any other state. The legislature created the 15 STAAR tests to replace the TAKS tests. The STAAR was intended to take the place of a final exam. Every student has to pass all 15 tests or they cannot graduate from high school. They take 5 tests in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade. If they fail a test they have 3 chances to re-take the test.
The tests are given under high security. The legislature did not require this high security in the bill. This was designed by the Texas Education Agency. This high security ends up shutting down entire schools on testing day. A high school with 2000 students could end up giving 20,000 tests, plus thousands of re-takes, over a two week period in the spring. In addition, the English STAAR tests are given in March because it takes more time to grade them. That means there could be 2 more months of wasted time in class after the tests are given in March.
Here's the bottom line. The legislature passed the 15 STAAR tests almost unanimously. However, the execution of the tests, the number of the tests, and the failures on the test clearly show we MUST scale back the tests. If there is not a change our drop out rate will soar. With few exceptions a student must pass all 15 tests or they cannot graduate. We need to acknowledge that we got it wrong and we need to fix it. Students, teachers, and districts should suffer because the legislature got it wrong.

I agree with you here. Fifteen tests -- tests upon which graduation hinges for every student -- go far beyond the boundaries of reason. As I commented last year, we may not be "the blind leading the blind" but we have certainly been seeing-eye dogs with cataracts leading the blind. for the last two years. I don't want the test questions in advance, and I certainly don't want to teach to the test of spend my life teaching test-taking strategies, but I would like to have a much clearer idea of how the TEKS I teach are going to be tested on the EOC test my students are going to take. Instead I've seen just a handful of sample questions that may or may not relate to my content matter. And yes, I agree with you that a major part of the problem is Pearson and its business model -- including a number of crony contracts whereby those who made decisions on how the tests would be implemented left state employment and went to work for the testing company they had written the regulations for! This matter really needs to be passed as a stand-alone bill.

I'm not going to deal with Senator Patrick's third point. Why not? Because it is nothing but an attack on those who disagree with Dan Patrick's position on these bills. He would have done better to have pressed the delete key after writing it.

Do these bills that Senator Patrick supports have some good ideas? Yes, they do -- especially insofar as changing our testing scheme is concerned. But the revision of the graduation plans seem to be unnecessary and detrimental to the education of Texas students. Sending these kids out into the world with less knowledge about the world is not a good idea. Or at least that's my view as a conservative, a Republican, and a teacher here in Texas.


Continue to be enlightened while reading "My Response To Senator Dan Patrick's Letter On Education Reform" »

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April 15, 2013

Prayers For Boston

I'm going to say nothing about the terrorist attack in Boston today.

We don't know who did it.

We don't know why they did it.

I'm not going to be like too many people out there and try to lay blame for it until we actually have information.

Instead I want you to see what we are talking about.


And to ask you to pray for all those killed or injured today, for their families and friends, and for every American who feels just a little bit less safe tonight.

May God have mercy on the guilty -- because I demand that my government show none whatsoever.

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NY Times Comes Out For Pre-emptive War -- Since Obama Is President

Remember -- this is the same newspaper that editorialized against the war in Iraq and which sought to undermine it at every opportunity once it began. But now that Obama is in charge, they are quite willing to run pieces advocating a pre-emptive war!

The Korean crisis has now become a strategic threat to Americas core national interests. The best option is to destroy the North Korean missile on the ground before it is launched. The United States should use a precise airstrike to render the missile and its mobile launcher inoperable.

President Obama should state clearly and forthrightly that this is an act of self-defense in response to explicit threats from North Korea and clear evidence of a prepared weapon. He should give the leaders of South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan advance notice before acting. And he should explain that this is a limited defensive strike on a military target an operation that poses no threat to civilians and that America does not intend to bring about regime change. The purpose is to neutralize a clear and present danger. That is all.

Take out a dictator with a history of using WMDs against his own people and known for operating torture chambers and waging aggressive war against his neighbors? Nope -- wouldn't be prudent, Dubya. But take out a loud-mouth punk before a shot has been fired our way? Go for it, you Nobel Peace Prize winner!

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Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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Colleges And Universities Becoming Freedom-Free Zones

Over at FIRE, they talk about students "unlearning liberty" Well, three recent examples show just how true that is.

Let's start at George Washington University in Washington, DC, for the first example. Students are seeking to have the university force the Archdiocese of Washington remove the priest at the Newman Center -- because he insists on preaching Catholic doctrine from the pulpit at the Catholic student center!

Two gay seniors who said they felt alienated by the Newman Center's controversial priest will launch a campaign this week to force him off campus.

At least a dozen students, including seniors Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, say they have left the Newman Center in the last several years because Father Greg Shaffers strong anti-gay and anti-abortion views are too polarizing. Shaffer, a Roman Catholic priest, has spent five years preaching to GW students.

The former Newman Center members are creating a video with testimony from 10 other Catholic students, who cite Shaffer as the reason they left the chapel, hoping to inflame a largely liberal campus and force University administrators to act. Legacy and Bergen also plan to file a formal complaint with the University and hold prayer vigils outside the Newman Center until Shaffer is removed.

Now I'm sympathetic to college students not liking the priest at their campus Newman Center. When I was a student at Illinois State University in the mid-1980s, a large portion of the student body would drive or hike a couple of miles to reach the nearest local parish because the chaplain at the Newman Center had turned it into the home for every left-wing political organization in town. But none of us would have ever dreamed of getting the university involved in the matter -- which was ultimately over a question of theology. That these students at GWU are seeking to purge a Catholic priest for preaching Catholic doctrine at a Catholic facility is evidence of what many of us have warned for years -- that political correctness, especially with regard to issues of sexual orientation, are a threat to the religious liberty of ever believer who dissents from the liberal dogmas of the day.

And then there is the issue of forced political activism at a university here in Texas -- and the university's blatant failure to investigate the charges in their rush to clear the professor.

A professor at a public university in Texas is under investigation from school administrators for allegedly forcing students in her graphic design class to create anti-gun posters for a personal anti-gun campaign she had launched.

Midwestern State University Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Betty Stewart confirmed to Campus Reform Friday the school has launched an investigation into professor Jennifer Yucus conduct after a student filed an official complaint on Thursday.

According to the complaint, obtained by Campus Reform, the professor compelled students in her graphic design class to create artwork opposing firearms on campus and opposing pro-gun legislation currently pending before the Texas state legislature.

Never mind that a student might disagree with the position mandated by the professor -- their grade depended giving aid and comfort to the professor's efforts to keep Americans from exercising their civil rights. And while the university claims to have investigated and cleared the professor, their investigation appears to have been something of a farce, having been completed without interviewing the student who filed the complaint or other members of the class.

The so-called investigation, however, was apparently concluded without consulting the student who filed the initial complaint, Campus Reform has learned.

The schools public affairs office fired off an email moments before closing on Wednesday announcing Prof. Jennifer Yucus had been cleared of accusations of wrongdoing.

"It is the opinion of the administration that this issue has been resolved satisfactorily and with the professors full cooperation, read the statement.

The student, who filed the complaint, told Campus Reform on Wednesday evening he had never been contacted by university officials regarding his complaint.

While the university claims there was an alternative assignment, students in the class have no recollection of another option being offered. Then again, would any student truly feel safe taking that option, given the professor's stated intention of using the projects for her own political purposes (an unethical act no matter how you slice it)?

And then there is the effort at University of Southern California to teach students how to suppress voter participation -- white Republican voters, of course -- while accusing Republicans of being racists.

A professor at the University of Southern California (USC) appears to have used a fall semester 2012 political science class to deliver sustained and angered attacks on Republicans, who he characterized as old, white, racist, and losers.

In a 15 min. video secretly captured by USC student Tyler Talgo, political science Professor Darry Sragow also appears to endorse the illegal suppression of Republican votes.

You lose their information on the election in the mail, he suggested when a student asked him how to keep Republicans from voting. I mean there is lots of ways to do it [SIC].

A teaching assistant (TA), who also appeared to work for the university, then seemed to suggest Black Panthers could be placed at polling stations to intimidate Republican voters.

Rather than rebuking the TA, Sragow appeared to confirm the suggestion.

Yeah, yeah, he said. You can do that.

Imagine if a Republican professor offered a similar suggestion for suppressing Democrat votes. That professor would have been fired faster than one could say "double standard".

So yes, our institutions of higher learning are now institutions of higher indoctrination -- and academic freedom has become a means of attacking the civil liberties of Americans in the name of promoting liberal causes.

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April 12, 2013

Obama Magnanimously Agrees To Let You Keep $3 Million Of Your Own Money For Retirement!

But more than that belongs to the government, according to Obama -- but then again, he really thinks that ALL your money belongs to the government.

President Barack Obamas proposed budget would simultaneously compel Americans to enroll in a tax-deferred retirement account and prohibit them from saving more than $3 million in such accounts.

That sum, Obamas budget argues, is all that is needed to fund reasonable levels of retirement saving.

Frankly, stuff like this makes me believe that the only difference between Stanley Ann Dunhams bastard child and the average Class X felon from the south-side of Chicago is Secret Service protection.

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Proof That Houstons Mayor Parker Doesnt Have Any Important Work To Do

Shes involving herself in something that simply is not the business of government.

Mayor Annise Parker has asked officials of DirecTV, AT&T U-verse and Suddenlink Communications to meet in Houston with her and with officials with Comcast SportsNet Houston to discuss a solution to the unresolved carriage negotiations between providers and the Rockets- and Astros-owned network.

In Parkers one page-letter, dated April 5, the mayor said she was requesting the meeting on behalf of the millions that passionately root for our Houston teams.

The proud followers of our Houston teams many of whom have paid for the venues where the Astros, Dynamo and Rockets compete have been patient as your negotiations with Comcast SportsNet Houston have unfolded, Parker wrote. That said, as the Rockets push toward the NBA playoffs and the Astros and Dynamo seasons get underway, the situation is intolerable.

Parker last month also described as intolerable the impasse between the providers and CSN Houston, the six-month-old regional sports network that airs Rockets, Astros and Dynamo games and is owned by the Major League Baseball and NBA teams and the NBC Sports Group.

The solution to the impasse is simple DirecTV, AT&T U-verse and Suddenlink Communications need to pay for the fee that is being charged by CSN Houston for the channel. They then need to pass the cost onto their customers. If they are unwilling to do that, then their customers can do without the network which most of them probably dont miss anyway. After all, the Astros havent been good in years, the Rockets always lose early in the playoffs, and the Dynamo are a soccer team and therefore not of much significance to real Americans anyway.

On the other hand, the free market is the American way -- so Parker should butt out.

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Senator Seeks Censorship

Imagine the outrage if a conservative Senator sought to stop the broadcast of an event sponsored by Planned Parenthood or the ACLU there would be howls of outrage coming from the Left and a demand that every broadcast channel in the country carry the event live as a condition of retaining their broadcast licenses. But when the Senator is a liberal and the group in question is the NRA, the silence is deafening.

Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy is pleading with Rupert Murdoch, the chairman and CEO of News Corporation, which owns the Fox Sports channel, not to air a National Rifle Association-sponsored NASCAR race scheduled for this weekend.

The race "is inappropriate in the immediate wake of the Newtown massacre," Sen. Murphy wrote on Thursday in a letter to Murdoch, referencing the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that took place in Murphy's home state last December.

I might almost agree with Murphy if the incident in Newtown had taken place a few days ago. The reality, though, is that we are four months past the madmans murderous killing spree in a gun-free zone. That does not qualify as in the immediate wake of anything.

But that isnt Murphys real reason for trying to ban the race. He goes on to argue that broadcasting the race is inappropriate because Second Amendment rights will be exercised at the event AND because the NRA is represents one side of the political debate on guns. In other words, the event should not be broadcast because of the exercise of constitutional rights by the race sponsor. In other words, Murphy is seeking to punish the NRA because of its exercise of rights guaranteed under the Bill of Rights.

Not only that, Murphy is seeking to silence only one side of the debate where is his demand that there be no coverage of Barack Obama, Harry Reid, or other politicians who are outspoken on the other side of the gun issue. To the contrary, Murphy is rather brazen in his explicit effort to silence only one side in this public controversy over the constitutional rights of Americans and attempts to suppress them through legislation. His words to Murdoch make that quite clear.

"You should play a constructive role in our national dialogue by refraining from broadcasting the NRA 500. By airing this race you will be strengthening the brand of a radical organization that is currently standing in the way of meaningful progress on this issue."

In other words, lets just silence in any context those who dare to dissent from the views that Senator Chris Murphy believes to be acceptable. Such is not a position that is acceptable in a US Senator, who has taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States indeed, it is not a position that is acceptable by any individual who claims to be a loyal American. Indeed, the possibility that individuals like Chris Murphy might seek to impose such tyrannical views on the American people is the very reason the Founders wrote the Second Amendment in the first place to leave in the hands of the American people the ability to alter or abolish a government which had become destructive of their rights.

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April 10, 2013

Something For Those Denigrating The Iraq War To Consider

I certainly understand those who look upon our nations military action in Iraq to have been a disaster. We discovered that our leaders had for at least a decade believed things that were untrue because our nations intelligence services had supplied wrong information. We watched as a quick victory became a much tougher slog due to a rising insurgency. And there was the financial toll on our country that weakened our government and our economy. One can make the case that the Iraq war was not worth it.

But while our media an opinion leaders are willing to look upon the question from a very American and very political perspective, what we dont often hear is the answer to that question from Iraqis. Take this response from one of Saddam Husseins many victims Kurdish activist Barham Salih, who suffered in the torture chambers of the Iraqi dictator.

Today, Salih is the chairman of the board of the American University of Iraq in Sulaimani, which provides a liberal education in a place not previously known for such a phenomenon. In recent years, Salih has served as both the deputy prime minister of Iraq and as prime minister of the Kurdish regional government. He was in the camp of people who argued that Saddams decision to commit genocide against Iraqi Kurds (sometimes with chemical weapons) in the late 1980s made his removal a moral imperative. I asked him if he thought the invasion was worth it.

From the perspective of the Kurdish people -- and I dare say the majority of the Iraqi people -- it was worth it, he said. War is never a good option, but given our history and the brutality of Saddams regime, it may have been the only other option to end the genocidal campaign waged by Saddam against the Kurds and other communities in Iraq.

Here is where his answer became a lament. I must admit, however, that 10 years on, Iraqs transition is, to say the least, characterized by unrealized expectations, both for Iraqis and for our American liberators. Iraq is not the friendly democracy that the U.S. had hoped for, and it is far from the secure, inclusive democracy that Iraqis deserved and aspired to.

He went on to blame Iraqis, rather than Americans, for the failures of the past decade. Much can be said about U.S. missteps and miscalculations in this process, but there is no denying that Iraqi political leadership bears prime responsibility for squandering a unique opportunity to deliver to their people. This has been nothing short of a drastic failure of leadership on our part! The Kurdistan region offers hope that all is not lost in Iraq.

Is Iraq stable? No, it isnt.

Is it what we had hoped for a decade ago? Again, it is not.

And certainly there are acts of terrorism and a government that is cozy with the Iranians neither a desirable outcome.

But there are no government torture chambers in operation. There is a democracy of a sort, and opportunities for Iraqis that did not exist in 2003. So while maybe the most imperialist view of what worth it (ironically adopted by the Left who opposed the war from practically the beginning), the war ended up improving the human rights situation of millions of Iraqis Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds. Doesnt that count for something?

Which is not to say that the war was or was not "worth it" -- merely that the argument need not be viewed as so decisively weighted towards the negative response as some would like it to be.

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Sheila Jackson Lee Gets One Right

Ive often said that were I ever to find my self agreeing with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, I probably would have to reconsider my position on the issue in question. Yet today I find myself in agreement with her because she has taken the correct position on an important national issue.

A veteran Democrat from Houston serving on the House Committee on Homeland Security is crossing party lines to support Republican-sponsored legislation to create a yardstick for security along the Southwest Border.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee says her move will help win the comprehensive immigration reform that she also supports.

Jackson Lee has joined forces with Rep. Michael McCaul, a Republican from Austin, and Sen. John Cornyn, a Republican from San Antonio, to co-sponsor the measure.

I see this as a neutral, non-political issue that ties the necessity of security for the homeland with comprehensive immigration reform, says Jackson Lee, a long time member of the House Committee on Homeland Security who was elected to Congress in 1994. I believe this legislation is a fair partnership for getting immigration reform.

The bill in question sets a high bar for declaring the border to be secure, a necessary step before any sort of regularization of the status of the many illegal aliens in this country can go into effect. And make no mistake Im open to some sort of change in our immigration laws if it will solve the problem of incentivizing border-jumping and over-staying visas. Our current system is broken and border security is keep to fixing it. That Jackson Lee certainly my least favorite member of the Texas Congressional delegation can go along with that is a positive development in my book.

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April 09, 2013

Well, Now We Know Where The Troops And Ambassador Chris Stevens Rank

Want to know precisely how unfit Barack Obama is to be president? Here's the best evidence I can muster.

Those serving out country and murdered by Islamic terrorists apparently have a relatively low priority in the emotional world of Barack Obama. Otherwise the day of the Fort Hood shooting or the incident at Benghazi would be the most difficult day of his presidency.

Apparently, neither of them qualified.

The day Newtown happened was the toughest day of my presidency, Obama said in an emotional speech from Connecticuts capital, an hours drive from Newtown. But Ive got to tell you, if we dont respond to this, thatll be a tough day for me too.

Yeah, a shooting which did not violate federal law or implicate federal statutes was Obama's most difficult day. But then again, it gave him the opportunity to go to war against fellow Americans who cling to their guns and their God, but he had to wait a decent interval to go on the attack against their constitutional rights. That waiting must have been difficult.

As for our nation's troops and diplomatic personnel -- they are expendable in the eyes of Barack Obama. We know that because Obama slept through Benghazi to make sure he was well-rested for a campaign fundraiser -- and his administration still refuses to award those killed and wounded at Fort Hood the Purple heart, thereby depriving them of benefits they are entitled to as victims of a terrorist attack while on duty.

After all, priorities are important.

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Isn't This Religious Discrimination

It sure sounds like it to me -- a business sending a disabled veteran away because a group of foreign Muslims are offended by a tattoo that declares the veteran to be. . . not a Muslim!


Yeah, that's right -- the tattoo -- in Arabic -- declares that Eddie Bryant is a "Kafir", a non-believer in Islam. So what happened when he tried to go skydiving in Florida?

The picture is of the tattoo I have. Here is the definition of said tattoo: "Kafir (Arabic: كافر‎ kāfir, plural كفّار kuffār) is an Arabic term used in an Islamic doctrinal sense, usually translated as "unbeliever," "disbeliever," or "infidel." The term refers to a person who rejects God or who hides, denies, or covers the "truth." The Muslim's from Qatar saw that tattoo and complained to the dropzone. Once they did so I was called to the back office and asked to cover it up by the OWNER. Not that I would, but its 80 something degrees here today, and that would be an unreasonable request. After I told her that I had no pants to cover it up she told me that she has DUCT TAPE that I can use to cover it. I told the lady that I was not going to cover it up, as it was nothing more than a tattoo saying "I am not a Muslim". After beating around the bush for a few minutes entertaining me while I was trying to convince her otherwise, she asked me to leave.

What kind of America do we live in where someone comes back from war; disabled and decorated... while serving overseas was called an "infidel" for over 2 years, and then get asked to leave an establishment because of a tattoo I have that says just that, because of a culture of people visiting our country, and an American Business with no ethical sense or a backbone for that matter.

Simply outrageous.

Forget that this is a disabled American veteran in his own country denied service by a public accommodation because a group of foreigners are offended. That is bad enough. But we don't allow folks to be denied service in such businesses because others are offended by their faith.

What would happen if a group of Jews were offended by a tattoo or t-shirt worn by a Christian that declared "Jesus is Lord"? The Christian would be allowed to patronize the business.

What would happen if an atheist appeared with a tattoo that said "There is no God" and a group o Christians objected? The atheist would have been allowed to patronize the business.

Indeed, in either of those two cases there would be an investigation and a fine against the business for religious discrimination. Here's hoping the state of Florida -- and the federal government -- take action regarding this clear violation of our nation's civil rights laws.

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April 08, 2013

The Iron Lady Passes

Along With President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was one of my heroes during my young adulthood. I began my original blog with a tribute to the first, and wrote this prayer for the repose of the soul of the second as this blog came online. Today the last of these great heroes has passed into the next world, having fought the good fight for human freedom.

There is so much I could write about the accomplishments of the first woman to serve as the British Prime Minister, but I'll leave that to others. Instead, I share with you Maggie at her best, in her last parliamentary appearance -- disemboweling Labour MPs while exposing their socialist ideology for what it really is.

We Americans hear the rhetoric of class envy from our current president and his party. Let these final words of the Iron Lady, who rose from humble origins to lead a great nation, be a warning to us today about the nature of the policies that some would impose upon our nation, extinguishing the last best hope on earth.

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Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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April 06, 2013

Harry Reid Threatens To Engage In "Unconstitutional Abuse Of Power"


"The American people have rejected the nuclear option because they see it for what it is an unconstitutional abuse of power."
Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader, April 26, 2005

What a difference eight years make.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Friday that he will consider enacting the so-called "nuclear option," or changing Senate rules by a simple majority vote, if judicial nominations do not start moving through the Senate, Roll Call reports.

During an interview with Nevada Public Radio, Reid warned that he was willing to make drastic changes to Senate rules if action is not taken on the ballooning number of stalled judicial nominees.

All within the sound of my voice, including my Democratic senators and the Republican senators who I serve with, should understand that we as a body have the power on any given day to change the rules with a simple majority, and I will do that if necessary," Reid said.

"If the Republicans in the Senate dont start approving some judges and dont start helping get some of these nominations done, then were going to have to take more action."

So let's see.

In 2005, using the nuclear option to get judges confirmed was "an unconstitutional abuse of power." In 2013, using the nuclear option to get judges confirmed is a perfectly legitimate procedure.

Because "Obama".

Or "Tea Party"

Or "the sound of my voice".

Or something.

But certainly not because of any principled reason.

But then again, given that we have seen that the Democrats -- from Obama to Reid and Pelosi, to the lowest Democrat elected official in some podunk townin the middle of nowhere -- adhere to no principles beyond "we have the power" and "we want to", I guess we should not be surprised.

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April 05, 2013

The Truth About Jobs In America Today

Heres what the White House wants you to believe.

While more work remains to be done, todays employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression. It is critical that we continue the policies that are helping to build an economy that creates jobs and works for the middle class as we dig our way out of the deep hole that was caused by the severe recession that began in December 2007.

Todays report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows that private sector businesses added 95,000 jobs last month. Total non-farm payroll employment rose by 88,000 jobs in March. The February and March employment numbers were revised up by a total of 61,000 jobs. The economy has now added private sector jobs every month for 37 straight months, and a total of nearly 6.5 million jobs has been added over that period.

The household survey showed that the unemployment rate fell from 7.7 percent in February to 7.6 percent in March, the lowest since December 2008. The labor force participation rate decreased by 0.2 percentage point to 63.3 percent in March.

Now lets look at this it has taken over 4 years for Obama to get the economy back to where it was during the last full month of the Bush Administration. In other words, we have had over four years of economic failure from Barack Obama.

Lets look at a few things here that ought to also be considered. The number of new jobs created last month was 88,000 well below the 190,000 that had been forecast. Whats more, we ordinarily need something like 120,000 new jobs to drop the unemployment rate by even a tenth of a percentage point like we saw this month. Then how could we have had this drop? Easy we had some 663,000 Americans drop out of the labor force, meaning they are no longer looking for work. Lets put that in perspective for you.

Things just keep getting worse for the American worker, and by implication US economy, where as we have shown many times before, it pays just as well to sit back and collect disability and various welfare and entitlement checks, than to work .The best manifestation of this: the number of people not in the labor force which in March soared by a massive 663,000 to a record 90 million Americans who are no longer even looking for work. This was the biggest monthly increase in people dropping out of the labor force since January 2012, when the BLS did its census recast of the labor numbers. And even worse, the labor force participation rate plunged from an already abysmal 63.5% to 63.3% - the lowest since 1979!

Lets see 1979. Who was president back then? Why that would have been Jimmy Carter, the second worst president of my lifetime. What we have now is the lowest percentage of American adults looking for work since the malaise-filled days of the Iran Hostage Crisis! That means that our economy is not recovering, but is instead crashing and burning as we develop a permanent welfare class.

Recovery? What recovery?

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April 04, 2013

Am I Alone In This Reaction?

Rutgers has fired its head basketball coach over a video that shows him displaying physical aggression towards players and saying things that offend the PC among us (a majority at Rutgers, don't you know).

Rutgers University fired head basketball coach Mike Rice on Wednesday after ESPN broadcast a video showing him physically and verbally abusing players.

The video, which ESPN said features excerpts of practice sessions shot between 2010 and 2012, initially had earned Rice a three-game suspension, a $75,000 fine and a ticket to anger management classes.

"You f**king fairy ... you're a f**king fa**ot," Rice appears to say during one session depicted on the video, which also shows him shoving and throwing basketballs at players.

Gee -- Bobby Knight was just such a coach, and he was worshiped for decades by fans of the sport (I don't count myself among that group). You knew what you were getting with Coach Knight, and you acted accordingly when you made the decision to go play for him. Players who complained were not looked upon highly.

Of course, Knight was tolerated because he won -- something that really can't be said of Rice. That must be the difference -- along with the steady wussification of American society.

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April 03, 2013

More Obama Administration Transparency

Never mind that there are legitimate questions about legitimate issues if they dont like the source they will obfuscate and attack those asking the questions.

During a Playbook Breakfast event with Politicos Mike Allen, White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer lamented the effect of the Drudge Report on the news cycle.

This is less true now than it was, but there is a pavlovian response from some media outlets, Pfeiffer explained, noting that reporters often ask questions about a topic just because its on the Drudge Report.

Pfeiffer added that when he is asked about something on the Drudge Report he usually ridicules the reporter asking the question until they sheepishly back down.

They would rather shut the media down than let the American people know what is really going on. That is transparency in the most transparent administration in history.

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Im All For It If She Can Hoop It

Though one has to wonder if even so talented a female athlete can hack it with the guys.

Never one to shy away from bold actions, Mark Cuban suggested he is willing to bring in the first female player to the NBA.

Baylor womens basketball standout Brittney Griner could be paired up with Dirk Nowitzki if Cuban has his way.

While she is expected to transform the WNBA, he said he has been considering selecting Griner in the NBA draft.

If she is the best on the board, I will take her, Cuban said to ESPN on Tuesday. Ive thought about it. Ive thought about it already. Would I do it? Right now, Id lean toward yes, just to see if she can do it. You never know unless you give somebody a chance, and its not like the likelihood of any late-50s draft pick has a good chance of making it.

Yeah hes putting her as a pick in the late 50s. That tells you all about what Cuban really thinks about Griner's talent relative to the men of the NBA, since the total number of players drafted is 60.

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President To Host White House Concert For The Elite While Locking Out Ordinary Americans

I wonder how much extra this is costing the Secret Service, since cutting that agencys expenses is the reason given for ending White House tours for the public in the wake of the sequester.

Next week Justin Timberlake, Al Green, Queen Latifah, and many others will perform at the White House in a "Memphis Soul" concert, the White House announced today.

"As part of their 'In Performance at the White House' series, the President and First Lady will invite music legends and contemporary major artists to the White House for a celebration of Memphis Soul music. The program will include performances by Alabama Shakes, William Bell, Steve Cropper, Al Green, Ben Harper, Queen Latifah, Cyndi Lauper, Joshua Ledet, Sam Moore, Charlie Musselwhite, Mavis Staples and Justin Timberlake, with Booker T. Jones as music director and band leader. The Presidents remarks will be pooled press and the entire event will be streamed live

No word as to whether Mrs. Obama will be ordering cake distributed to the non-celebrities whose access to the White House was blocked by her husbands orders.

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Someone Tell These Clowns That Metaphor Is Not Inflammatory Rhetoric

The boys and girls at EmoteRegress are at it again, taking language that any middle schooler can tell is figurative and acting as if it is intended literally.

As the Senate prepares to take up a comprehensive gun violence prevention plan later this month, gun advocates have amped up their already inflammatory rhetoric against any additional gun regulations. Ahead of President Obamas visit to Colorado on Wednesday to promote the measure, one local gun organization promised to give him and other Democrats a hostile welcome.

In an interview with NPR, former NRA lobbyist and founder of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Dudley Brown compared deer hunting season with election season, when gun owners would be free to hunt Democrats:

Brown complains universal background checks are just a step towards identifying gun owners so the government can seize their weapons, and he calls the 15-bullet limit on ammunition clips arbitrary. Hes promising political payback in next years election that could cost Colorado Democrats their majorities.

I liken it to the proverbial hunting season, Brown says. We tell gun owners, theres a time to hunt deer. And the next election is the time to hunt Democrats.




Give the anti-gun hysteria a rest folks -- and while you are at it, quit trotting out the long-since discredited canard that Sarah Palin's target map (not terribly different from liberal target maps) had anything to do with the shooting of Gabby Giffords.

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April 01, 2013

Watcher's Council Results

Here are this weeks full results.

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

See you next week!

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Next Time They Say They Are Pro-Choice...

Make them clarify matters for you.[1].jpg

H/T Bookroom

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Obama Makes A Rare Church Appearance On Easter Sunday

And the pastor bore false witness against Caesar's political opponents to curry favor with with Caesar while he sat in the sanctuary.

President Obama and the first family walked from the White House across Lafayette Square to attend Easter worship at St. Johns Church, their most frequent religious venue while in Washington.

The Obamas worshipped at St. Johns on Easter 2009, and they have visited the Episcopal congregation, which is led by the Rev. Luis Leon, numerous times, including last year.

With Obama in the pews, Leon took a shot at political conservatives, arguing from the pulpit that some conservative positions are holding people back.

* * *

It drives me crazy when the captains of the religious right are always calling us back . . . for blacks to be back in the back of the bus . . . for women to be back in the kitchen . . . for immigrants to be back on their side of the border, Leon said.

And to think my pastor had the audacity to actually preach about Jesus instead of violating the Ninth Commandment.

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