October 21, 2006

Let's All Go To The Stoning!

To us in the West, that is a line from a Monty Python movie.

In Iran and other parts of the Islamic world, it is a reality, due to the imposition of sharia law. Article 83 of the Islamic Penal Code of Iran, as one example, declares stoning to death a permissible punishment for some types of adultery.

This needs to be read by every American -- indeed, by ever citizen of the civilized world. I've put the more graphic details below the fold.

stoning to death.jpg


I read your recent article about stoning to death.

Reading your article reminded me of the bleeding bruises in my heart once again.

You wrote about murdering by stoning.

Have you ever held a bloody tool in your hands with which they have murdered your mother?

Have you ever touched the bloody skin and hair of your mother who has just been killed in a deep hole?

Have you ever followed the line of your mother’s blood in order to find her corpse thrown at the back of a truck?

Have you ever seen the fresh grave of that dearest being with a small piece of paper on which they have written her name wrapped around a small branch of tree?

Has anyone ever said a word about the children of the people who have been stoned to death?

I was fourteen and now I am forty.

To quote psychologists, I am one of the most fortunate people on this planet. I am fortunate, because despite this contempt in my life I have been able to continue my higher education and find myself a wife, children and a credible job without letting a single black spot remain in my life.

Do you even understand what it means to be the child of a person who has been shamefully stoned to death?

If Islamic clerics tell you that you could not win over the Islamic laws, they have, indeed told you the truth.

My mother used to tell me that she had become a sex-worker in order to feed us and to support us. She used to command us in being real men.
She used to tell us to stand on our own feet and to never lose our hope in Ali (the first imam in shiasm).

Seriously who would want to sell her body, to sell her sex to
anonymous men except for those women who have no other way of feeding their children?

If the husband knows how to make money, the wife and the mother of the family does not have to go and seek customers.

The economic situation needs to improve and single mothers or those mothers whose husbands do not have the ability or the willpower to work, should be able to seek help from the government.

You must establish an organization for supporting these women. It does not have to be a very rich organization in the beginning. No one has the right to condemn you for seeking financial support from different sources for these types of support organizations. Women like my mother who was eventually stoned to death need your help. They need the world’s help and support. Their forgotten families, too, need the world’s help. Help them!

Executing people for having not immoral actions is not going to have an effective result.

Tell me how many people have been executed and stoned to death since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution in Iran…What is the result of all of this violence other than the fact that the evil is now truly dominating our society?

I never forget the last words of my mother’s Islamic judge:

“I issued a verdict for stoning this woman to death so that other individuals learn a lesson from her doomed fate and to avoid sins of such nature. To execute by shooting would not have made her suffer enough!”

Alas. Twenty six years ago my mother was stoned to death before my eyes. Has these women’s tragic fate helped our society improve?

Statistics show that the rates of prostitution and corruption have increased exponentially.

God bless you!

And yet there are those who argue that we must be "culturally sensitive" to such actions. There are those who object to characterizing the faith that gives rise to such practices as barbaric.

Who is right?

You decide.

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Comments on Let's All Go To The Stoning!

for the guy who wrote about her mum as being stoined up to death.. i wanna tell u somethin dude
As im muslim guy i wanna tell u something but really away from being muslim but just for u to know.

Islamic religion came to orgianze the whole world and also to spring among all nations Justic , fair, equality, rights And the important thing is
Vartuie not Sins. and thats all beacause to make all humanity live in happiness and lovely life then. but Just Ask your self then As your muslim or not even muslim? Why Allah (god) order that Stonied for people who got marriged after having Sex (sexuality sin) Why??.. First of all Cuz these people who got married using sexuality feeling before from another part i mean from husband to wife or from wife to husband. and that shows up how justicly God want to be in the Earth or even in the whole universal. Anyway, after that he ordered for having sex before marriage for Youth or even people who hasn't get married cuz of they didn't Use it before and he ordered to be Slashing not stoined.. And Etc... of this Crime.
About About the Issue that your talking about and its your mother stoined and that was because she wanted to Feed u and make u growing and let u in the future Real man have Higher postition in your society then it's another Issue my Friend. cuz Supposing she does all of this and your are muslim ? Don't u think its ban ( haram) as your muslim?? as she gains money from badness way from illgale way mentioned both in Religion and also in your country's Law. see my friend it's totally different. but i have to admit that your country is criminal as they did not saving source for woman like your mother has no money and has nothing to live from and im sorry for u my friend but u have to know something...
the action that your mother done was totally wrong and she deserves to be stoined up to death as our religion said or better to say as islamic sharia ( islamic law) said. and your country as i've mentioend a criminal cuz it's part of this bad crime and it reachs this up to commited this crime . All i have to say now for u my friend to ask forgivness for your mother and asking allah ( god) to let her join to heavnes and lovely paradise inshallah.
your friend
Egyptian Guy
Salam alykom

|| Posted by Islam, October 14, 2007 12:26 PM ||

Whom ever believes that someone deserves death for having sex is a complete moron. Any religion that says that is stupid and evil. No wonder Islamic countries are dirt poor and under the control of bearded half-wits. You treat your women like shit-God damns you, Mohammed damns you, and I damn you. FUCK YOU!

|| Posted by JEW, September 4, 2008 10:33 PM ||

Okay guy who got first comment, you're an idiot. You should not express your opinion if you clearly cannot stay on topic or grammatically correct. Obviously you're butthurt over his view of Islamic beliefs. Maybe if you try to look at the issue a little more objectively, you might have some sympathy for the guy.

I completely agree that stoning a person for such ridiculous reasons should not be permitted. I am sorry for your loss, but that's just the way some societies are. I'm not muslim nor do I associate with such intolerant people, not to say that im prejudice, but I definitely would not side with theocracy over democracy. It's ridiculous that they have established such hypocrisy. It just pisses me off especially when reading a book about the exact situation as your own. It's called A Thousand Splendid Suns. Incredibly sad and eye opening. Definitely suggest that ignorant guy who commented first read this novel. Hopefully you gain some incite to the issue of why it isnt the best form of punishment.

|| Posted by Someone, September 19, 2008 01:46 AM ||

Do us all a favour, guy who thinks it's ok to murder a woman that is trying to feed her children in a country filled with a bunch complete degenerates that rule over her , GO KILL YOURSELF !!!! You make me sick .

|| Posted by leah G., November 6, 2008 04:04 AM ||

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