January 28, 2016

Pro-Lifers To Release Documents Related To Purchase Of Fetal Tissue By Texas Public Universities!

More comes out about the bloody business I wrote about yesterday. No doubt Devon Anderson will continue to ignore the evidence.

* * * * *

Houston-January 28, 2015

New Evidence of Houston Planned Parenthood Wrongdoing Revealed in Financial Documents

Records obtained from four Texas universities reveal that fetal tissue was being purchased for medical research.

The purpose of releasing these documents is to shed light on previously unseen evidence of criminal activity by Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast and to publicly release for the first time financial documents exposing the practice of purchasing aborted fetal tissue by Texas medical schools. We expect this to be key evidence used by the State of Texas as they continue their investigation of Planned Parenthoods activities.

These records, some of which will be released today, are comprised of invoices and emails that show the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center Dallas and Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso have purchased fetal thymus, liver, spleen, brain and lung for conducting medical research.

The most troubling invoices are those between Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast located in Houston and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. These invoices show Planned Parenthood selling human tissue to a Texas medical school. The abortion industry usually sells fetal tissue to a middle man. This is the only instance weve uncovered where Planned Parenthood directly sold tissue to a publicly funded research institution, explained Briscoe Cain, the Texas Legal Counsel for Operation Rescue, whose President Troy Newman also sits on the board of the Center for Medical Progress, the group behind the release of the videos exposing Planned Parenthood for selling aborted fetal tissue.

The invoices appear to throw water on Planned Parenthood's claim that they do not profit from the sale of fetal tissue, but only make enough to cover their costs. The totals on the UTMB invoices are divided into two categories, the first is ether described as an administrative fee or reimbursement expense, which if true is legal under federal law, while the second is coded as Consent Payment, which depending on the meaning could equal profitwhich is illegal.

Fetal Tissue must be obtained by consent before it goes to a research entity, said Cain.

The amount charged per consent differs from invoice to invoice, even when the invoices purport to be for the same billing period. The meaning of the phrase consent payment can only be inferred from circumstantial evidence. One way to determine the meaning is to listen to the Center for Medical Progress video taken at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, said Cain.

Melissa Farrell, whose signature appears on the UTMB invoices is the Director of Research for Planned Parenthood and is featured in the undercover video taken at the Houston abortion clinic. In reference to consent payment, Farrell said, I think its paying for the specimen itself.

Melissa Farrells statement suggests that consent payment is code for payment received for each baby part sold, explained Cain.

Regarding the meaning of Consent Payment, David Daleiden, who was recently indicted by a Harris County grand jury had this to say: "Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast's Director of Research, Melissa Farrell, has overseen their program selling aborted fetal parts over the past 10 years. Farrell admitted on camera to undercover investigators that PPGC words the per-specimen charges for fetal specimens as "per consent" in order to "frame" the project budget in a way that will look legal "on paper." Whether the "consent fee" for fetal tissue is $25 or $150, it is completely outside the letter and spirit of Texas Penal Code 48.02. Farrell even suggests that a "per consent" payment can accommodate situations where a fetal specimen is unusable so a buyer would not pay for low-quality fetal parts--a clear admission that the payments are based on market value of the fetal specimens, not on reimbursement of actual costs. Now, Texas taxpayers can see the illegal proxy payments for fetal specimens on PPGC's own invoices to UT Medical Branch, which inexplicably jumped from $25 per specimen to $150 per specimen over the course of one year. Governor Abbott and Attorney General Paxton must hold Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast accountable for their flagrant violation of the Texas Penal Code and their abuse of Texas taxpayers' dollars."

Texas tax payers should be upset. The University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston purchased aborted tissue as recently as July 2015. Not only do tax dollars fund Planned Parenthood who sells the body parts, tax dollars go to four of the universities that we know have purchased fetal tissue, said Cain.

# # #
*A sample of documents evidencing the purchase of fetal tissue from other universities will be discussed and distributed at the press conference.

WHAT: Press Conference
WHEN: 1:00 pm, January 28, 2016
WHERE: Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, 4600 Gulf Freeway, Houston, TX 77023

H/T Big Jolly Politics

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January 27, 2016

Who Is Regan Theiler And Why Was She Allowed To Spend Public Funds On A Sole Source Contract For Her Part-Time Employer?

Well the first part is easy. Dr. Regan Theiler is an abortionist. What's more, she was formerly the medical director for Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. And before that, she was a faculty member at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas -- and also a part-time employee of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, which is headquartered in Houston.

You might wonder why any of this is worth my blogging about. After all, there are any number of doctors who are involved with the bloody business of infanticide in utero. But when you have a public employee moonlighting for America's largest abortion provider AND being the person in charge of signing off on payments to her second employer under a sole source contract, that should raise some eyebrows.

Yeah, you read that right -- while working for a UTMB, she was in charge of seeing that said UTMB was making payments to Planned Parenthood while she getting paid by Planned Parenthood. I don't care what your position is on the legal or ethical implications of the latter-day slaughter of the innocents perpetrated since the Supreme Court created a constitutional right to abortion in Roe v. Wade -- that ought to be viewed as highly suspicious. Especially since after authorizing over $10,000 in payments to her second employer, she began employment in a senior position with another Planned Parenthood affiliate.

Oh, you want proof? Here are the invoices, obtained from UTMB under a Texas Public Information Act, as well as an official state document from the state of New Hampshire that indicates both her medical licensure and employment with Planned Parenthood in that state within a matter of weeks of authorizing these payments.





Oh, dear -- I seem to have left out one other salient point. Theiler was authorizing checks from her public employer to her private employer in payment for tissue obtained from the butchering of aborted babies. Your tax dollars at work, my fellow Texans.

Now there is more to these invoices than that -- but I leave those explanations for another day and another post here at Rhymes With Right. Suffice it to say that there appear to be a couple of issues that might need further examination.

And the great thing in all this is that since UTMB is located in Galveston County, it is outside of Harris County. That means that Harris County DA Devon Anderson and her crack team of prosecutors can't botch another investigation into potential criminal conduct by Houston area abortionists.


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January 21, 2016

Not My Idea Of A Stimulating Evening

This little snippet from a NY Times piece on Ted Cruz's time as a clerk for Chief Justice Rehnqist is rather cringeworthy.

For a case about the constitutionality of a law regulating Internet pornography, Mr. Cruz watched X-rated sex scenes on a computer with Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justice OConnor.

Watch in sex scenes with senior citizens is among the more unusual professional duties Ted had, I'm sure.

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January 18, 2016

About Trump's Liberty University Speech


Not to mention that having a guy whose platform is embraced by white supremacists speak to the student body of an allegedly Christian school on Martin Luther King Day is disgraceful as well.

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