March 18, 2007

HuffPo: Send Rove To Prison For Existing

That is, of course, what Cliff Schecter proposes, sending the man to prison just because he is. After all, he identifies not one crime in his entire rant -- other than succeeding against DemocratICK candidates. I mean, look at this absurdity.

Karl Rove must go to the jail, the pokey, the big house, if you will. No not country-club Republican, I-ripped-off-your-grandma-with-junk-bonds prison where he can join the Dartmouth or Princeton rowing squad and walk by a state-of-the-art outdoor weight-lifting facility his two-seats-on-Southwest ass would never even think about using.

I mean real prison. Like the kind you go to if you're caught in Kuala Lumpur with Rush's medicine bag.

Or maybe Patrick Kennedy's. Personally, I don't think Rove should do any more time or pay any more penalty than Teddy Kennedy did for leaving a girl to drown and then trying to obstruct justice by urging his cousin to take the rap for him. Or than Bill Clinton did for the crimes he confessed to on his last day in office.

Once again, I just can't abide by these Johnny-come-way-too-latelys who now realize George W. Bush is challenged by My Pet Goat and "The Google," Dick Cheney's an evil right-wing assclown and Karl Rove is, to quote a not so bright man, "a grotesquely corpulent, politically sociopathic parasite who destroys all government he touches."

He most closely resembles a locust, devouring his surroundings, only to move on to a new destination after all is destroyed (see the Texas political system).

I'm curious -- what would Schecter and other HuffPo writers do about such language directed at Paul Begala or James Carville?

A spate of books came out on this amoral anthropoid before he became a household name in 2000, and all you had to do was observe his past patterns to know this would happen. A candidate he was working for in 1986 who was running for Governor of Texas magically found a "listening device" in his office the day before a big debate.

Right before the first Bush/Gore debate in 2000, a tape of Bush's "performance" arrives at Gore HQ in the mail, so that's all the press was talking about while George W. Bush was mixing up pronouns and screwing up multisyllabic foreign leaders' names.

Surely, coincidence.

Could be -- and do you have any evidence to prove differently, Mr. Schecter? You know, evidence that would allow a jury to convict beyond a reasonable doubt. Or do you simply want Rove imprisoned on your say-so? I mean based upon your standard, both Clintons should be preparing for lethal injections on death row -- after all, all those convenient deaths surely can't be a coincidence, can they?

If you read Boy Genius for example, you will find that the way Rove beat Democrats in Texas was by politicizing the FBI (Sid Blumenthal has more on this in a new column), and using those partial to his candidates and his blow...I mean politics, to start high-profile investigations of Democratic officeholders right before elections.

So why would it be a shock that his fingerprints are all over the Justice Department politicization/obstructing investigations into serially corrupt members of the GOP, scandal, which occurred, of course, right before the 2006 election. And, of course, the buildup to Iraq, right before the 2002 cycle, was completely out of character for Rove. As was outing an undercover agent.

Absolutely none of which is criminal -- though the behavior of those Democrats you mention often was. But then again, you don't want Democrats who are actually corrupt going to jail, do you, Mr. Schecter, just your political opponents who have the audacity to kick the collective asses of the candidates you support. Oh, and about politicizing the FBI -- 900 FBI files. Does than number ring a bell to you?

And since US Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States, firing any or all of them (or urging that it be done) is not a crime -- it is an Executive Branch prerogative. You know, separation of powers and all that.

This man is an adult diaper worn by an astronaut for a nine-hour, homicidal road trip. Kaiser Sose on a KFC drip.

Semen on a blue dress. A cigar in an orgasmic humidor. Missing Rose law Firm files in the White House residence.

He has corrupted American Democracy at every level, and has never paid the price.

He must go to prison, for the integrity of our system, if not just because it is the most natural place for him to reside outside of Hades. For once in his pathetic self-hating life, fully investigate this piece of garbage--please.

Oh, now I see -- he has to go to prison because he has been successful -- and after complaining about alleged politicization of the FBI and the Justice Department, you want the FBI and Justice Department to conduct a political investigation designed to find evidence of political crimes committed by your political enemies. I believe, Mr. Schecter, that is called hypocirisy -- but then again, that is standard operating procedure on the part of you Leftists, especially over at HuffPo.

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