December 08, 2007

Another Sign: Islam Is A Human Rights Violation

After all, what do you call this?

The daughter of a British imam is living under police protection after receiving death threats from her father for converting to Christianity.

The 31-year-old, whose father is the leader of a mosque in Lancashire, has moved house an astonishing 45 times after relatives pledged to hunt her down and kill her.

The British-born university graduate, who uses the pseudonym Hannah for her own safety, said she renounced the Muslim faith to escape being forced into an arranged marriage when she was 16.

She has been in hiding for more than a decade but called in police only a few months ago after receiving a text message from her brother.

In it, he said he would not be held responsible for his actions if she failed to return to Islam.

When you read the stories of mobs at the door, attempting to break into her homes to murder her for exercising the HUMAN RIGHT to choose her own religion, it is enough to make you shudder. No civilized person can believe that such actions fall within the bounds of acceptable behavior, and no decent person can claim that such conduct by the Religion of Barbarism ought to be accepted in a civilized nation.

And let's clarify exactly where this assault on human dignity comes from.

"I know the Koran says anyone who goes away from Islam should be killed as an apostate, so in some ways my family are following the Koran. They are following Islam to the word."

That's right, it comes from the malignant teachings of Muhammad and the Quran. It would appear that this victim of Islam is prepared to acknowledge certain points that the supporters of PC tolerance are not -- that to be a good and faithful Muslim means to murder those who seek to exercise their human rights, and to respect human rights requires one to be a bad Muslim who rejects some of the teachings of the Quran.

And please be aware -- over one-third of British Muslims support actions just like this one, according to a recent poll. I'd love to have similar polling data for the Muslim population in the United States. I suspect it would be enlightening for the secularists who argue that conservative Christians and neo-conservative Jews are the greatest threats to American freedom.

The answer to such abominable teachings and actions should be obvious to all who love religious freedom.

To those who would argue that such violations of human rights in the name of Islam are justified, we must apply a metaphorical beat-down in the form of outspoken opposition and arguments based upon the natural rights principles our nation's founding documents.

To those who would seek to give safe harbor to such evil practices in the name of Islam through litigation and legislation, we must apply a legal beat-down in the courts and the legislatures of the United States in defense of human rights.

To those who would act out the violence called for in the Quran, we must apply a physical beat-down in defense of the life and liberty of every American -- indeed, of every person in every nation -- to freely pick and peacefully practice the religion of their choosing, free from the violent coercion of religious or legal authorities and from the murderous reprisals of the followers of their former faith.

And note that the above strategy is not a call for members of any particular faith to take action against those who seek to follow the Quran in a literal fashion. It is a call for all people of good will, all believers in religious freedom and human dignity, to act against those who would substitute violence and coercion in religious matters for the liberty of conscience which is fundamental to freedom. Such people of good will are found in every faith community (including Islam), and among those who have no faith at all.

And let me add that this is an American strategy, fully consonant with the notions of religious liberty enshrined in our founding documents and our nation's long heritage. And if there are Muslims who find that they cannot live within such constraints, perhaps it is a sign that there is no place for their interpretation of Islam in this country -- or the civilized world.

H/T New Editor, Cafeteria Is Closed, Wolf Howling, Malkin, Below the Beltway, Sister Toldjah

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Comments on Another Sign: Islam Is A Human Rights Violation

islam is a violation of a lot of things we consider human. a very human characteristic of islam is evil. islam has centuries of hate mongering under its belt, yet whines at any statements of facts of its terrible deeds. how muslims can tolerate the bullshit they hear is inconcievible. but then again stupidity is unavoidable, as yet another human condition. 1.3 billion morons. afraid to question what god would condone killing to insure he was worshipped. allah is out to defeat his own purpose. which makes allah a big dummy and therefore just the pagan moon god mohamed raised up for power and his own personal gain.

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Rhymes With Right - Another Sign: Islam Is A Human Rights Violation

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