April 29, 2008

Too Late For Obama To Distance Himself From Wright

Barack Obama had his chance to distance himself from Jeremiah Wright back in March. After spinning through three different and contradictory reactions to his pastor's outrageous and anti-American sermons in the space of about five days, he settled on embracing the man even while disagreeing with him. Many of us rightly saw the whole process as indicative of a lack of integrity on his part.

But what it also did was inescapably bind Obama to Wright -- but as long as Wright remained in the background, there was hope that the controversy might go away.

After this past weekend, it won't. Between his Bill Moyers interview, Dalas Sermon, Detroit NAACP address, and National Press Club session, Jeremiah Wright is going to be a serious issue at least through the Democrat Convention -- and up to November, if Obama still wins the nomination.

Some, like Andrew Sullivan, are advising Obama to dump Wright completely.

But Wright's cooptation of Obama for his own agenda - his assertion that Obama's distancing from him is insincere - requires, in fact demands a response from Obama.

Obama needs not just to distance himself from Wright's views; he needs to
disown him at this point. Wright himself, it seems to
me, has become part of what Obama is fighting against: the boomer,
Vietnam era's obsession with its red-blue, white-black, pro and
anti-America fixations. That is not what this election needs to be
about; and Wright's massive, racially divisive and, yes, bitter provocation
requires a proportionate response.

We need a speech or statement from Obama in which he utterly repudiates this
poison, however personally difficult that may be, however damaging the
impact will be. The statement today will not do it. This is no longer about cynics trying to associate one
man's politics with another. It is  now about Wright attempting to
associate himself and some of his noxious, stupid, rancid views with the likely
Democratic nominee. Wright has given Obama no choice - and he has also
given him another opportunity. He needs to
seize it.

I respectfully disagree.

Barack Obama had his chance to denounce, renounce, and repudiate Jeremiah Wright. Unfortunately for him, that opportunity was some six or seven weeks ago, when he made his overly-hyped speech on race. And I stated at the time, his failure to quit Trinity UCC and sever his relationship with Jeremiah Wright was a profound error. To do so now would be to prove Wright's words in the Moyers interview, that Obama is nothing but a politician doing what politicians do to get elected. As such, Barack Obama is permanetly -- and perhaps fatally -- damaged as a presidential candidate.

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Comments on Too Late For Obama To Distance Himself From Wright

He never contradicted himself, you're just lacked the reading comprehension to understand what he said, as he said he never heard the statements that were on Youtube while sitting in the pews, what he did hear was other remarkts that could be taken as controversial.

Anyways i'm glad Obama never denounced Wright, he's better for sticking with him, it shows he's a man of character

Also he's not fatally wounded, go look at the polls he's beating McSame, also he's looked upon as being very honest, unlile MCSame who flip-flopped on iraq it turns out

|| Posted by axt113, April 29, 2008 09:22 AM ||

I'm African American and I through all of this I've realized that the pain and suffering of African Americans does not count for too much in this society. Rev. Wright has done nothing wrong. The sum and substance of his comments during his recent three appearances has been truthful. He has advocated for reconciliation among the races, which is obviously not of too much interest. And there is certainly scholarly documentation that supports the fact that specific health conditions were intentionally introduced into the black community; however, this is nothing that Rev. Wright has ever heavily promoted. There is so much more to the man than the statements that are being discussed. Although in the majority of aspects we have a great nation, your head is in the sand if you feel that this nation in all aspects has clean hands. To suggest the muzzling of someone who does not agree with some of this nation's practices is indeed very anti-American. This nation was founded upon dissent. Our founding fathers have to be turning over in their graves. NO ONE agrees with every comment their pastor, rabbi, imam, etc. says. Moreover, no other candidates' "wacky" pastors or spiritual advisors have been scrutinized nor have the other candidates been scrutinized by these associations. It's shameful for Obama to be attacked because of some of his Pastor's views. It's also shameful that Rev. Wright has become the modern day Willie Horton for this presidential election. If there had been the same level of outrage regarding this current illegal war, it would probably be over by now and countless lives would have been spared. Itís utterly amazing that Obamaís Pastor and his association with him has become the key issue in this campaign. Shameful!

|| Posted by K. Wall, April 29, 2008 10:53 AM ||

Obama is showing that he can make decisions without the pressures by so many did voting for a war in IRAQ that is spiriling our economy down the CLINTONS kitchen sink drain...

Too say that it's too late for Obama to distance himself From Jeremiah is totally rediculous.. He showed his position and took the High road in his bold speech on race and laid out any opposition that Wright or the Republicans could revert back too. anyone who would charge this man with the words of anyone but himself are weak and dont deserve to call themselves American.

|| Posted by Derwin, April 29, 2008 12:00 PM ||

Anyone who votes for any democrat is totally rediculous

|| Posted by Patti, April 29, 2008 12:41 PM ||

Of course, Obama just DID try to distance himself from Wright...

so to all the commenters above indicating their strong belief that he shouldn't...

Let the backpedaling begin!

|| Posted by Doom, April 29, 2008 02:50 PM ||

Hey guys -- I'm all for Jeremiah Wright saying whatever he wants whenever he wants. heck, I'd give him an hour a night to espouse his bizarre theories on national television if I could. Aftera ll, he helps my side every time he opens his mouth!

But it is too late for Barack Obama to distance himself from Wright -- his failure to do so six weeks ago cannot be erased. And Obama's efforts today indicate that the real problem is that he got dissed by Jeremiah, not that Wright has done anything new to justify Obama's condemnation.

|| Posted by Rhymes Wih Right, April 29, 2008 07:21 PM ||

By the way, folks -- is Obama still "a man of character" now that he tried to dump Wright?

|| Posted by Rhymes Wih Right, April 29, 2008 07:23 PM ||
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