July 13, 2008

NY Times Sides With Border Jumping Immigration Criminals

But then again, are we surprised? They've been supporting illegal immigrants all along.

Anyone who has doubts that this country is abusing and terrorizing undocumented immigrant workers should read an essay by Erik Camayd-Freixas, a professor and Spanish-language court interpreter who witnessed the aftermath of a huge immigration workplace raid at a meatpacking plant in Iowa.

What is the horrible abuse? It seems that the federal government is not merely deporting these alien invaders -- it is also prosecuting them for the crimes they have committed by stealing the social security numbers and other identifying information of American citizens in order to illegally take jobs from Americans.

No one is denying that the workers were on the wrong side of the law. But there is a profound difference between stealing people’s identities to rob them of money and property, and using false papers to merely get a job. It is a distinction that the Bush administration, goaded by immigration extremists, has willfully ignored. Deporting unauthorized workers is one thing; sending desperate breadwinners to prison, and their families deeper into poverty, is another.

Yeah, right.

When these same identity thieves use those same papers to get credit cards and loans that impact the credit ratings of the American citizens from whom they were stolen, that profound difference is no difference at all.

And when these same American citizens get letters from the IRS demanding back taxes, complete with interest and penalties, because of the income reported on the stolen SSNs, the difference between the two is equally inconsequential.

The American citizens in question will be required to spend countless hours resolving the issues created by the "desperate breadwinners", and may need to spend countless dollars on legal fees to solve the problems -- not to mention the difficulty these folks may have buying a house, purchasing a car, or even getting a credit card due to the impact on their credit ratings. I don't see how it is reasonable to argue that such folks are no less harmed by the theft of their identifying information than those whose identities are stolen by rip-off artists.

But somehow the New York Times does -- because those who violate our nation's sovereignty and steal the jobs and identities of American citizens are somehow more worthy of respect and protection than actual Americans.

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Comments on NY Times Sides With Border Jumping Immigration Criminals

You poor thing. Another victim of Conservative Reading Comprehension Disorder.

Get someone to read the article to you slowly, and you'll notice that there is no indication whatsoever in it that anyone involved in these cases used another person's identity or Social Security number. It merely states that they had false numbers of their own.

Vast numbers of illegal immigrants pay taxes that support programs they do not benefit from. Study after study shows that illegal workers contribute more to the government than they receive back in services, most of which they cannot access. Many are fully law-abiding in every way other than having a green card.

But even if these illegal workers were criminals in any real sense, the important point here is that they were abused under the law by people charged with dispensing justice equitably - ironically, people like yourself who claim to be so offended at lawbreaking. They were charged under statutes intended for crimes that had nothing to do with their actual infractions, tried in batches with the press barred from recording the scene, denied effective counsel, assigned lawyers who never met them before the trial and never spoke to them individually before they were convicted, tried in a language they could not speak, ordered to enter pleas on charges that not only they could not understand but even the interpreter supposedly explaining it to them did not understand, and tricked into pleading guilty to charges that increased their sentences, on the belief that that would allow them to rejoin their families sooner. It had nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with vindictiveness and racism.

The justice system, in this case, was bent to become the tool of the private resentments and prejudices of the yahoos who simply thirst to do harm to a certain group of people they despise. Whether or not they are guilty of anything, they are entitled to be treated with due justice and in proportion to their crimes. These people were given a travesty of justice, and charged with crimes that do not match their deeds. That is a scandal no matter who the victim is or what else they may be guilty of.

Decent Americans still know this. It's up to you whether you want to be one of them.

|| Posted by Kevin T. Keith, July 13, 2008 02:28 PM ||

First, let me begin by suggesting you take you condescending liberal elitist tone and shove it right up you Keith Olbermann.

Now, on to your comment.

1) While the Times editorial does not state one way or another whether someone else's identity or SSN was used, you need to recognize that very often such SSNs ARE those of American citizens or legal resident aliens. Such matters are well-documented -- and that point clearly didn't matter to the editors of the Times, whose point was that these were "just poor folks trying to support their families" rather than criminals.

2) Your second paragraph is non-responsive to my piece -- and arguable at best. As often happens, different studies show different results.

3) The charges fit the crime -- and if you want to argue that there was ineffective counsel or violations of due process, why don't you get the crowd from La Raza and other open border groups to supply them with high-priced lawyers to take the matter up with a higher court. But most of the "facts" you present in paragraphy 3 are not anywhere in this piece -- I guess you are suffering from Liberal Asshole Reading Comprehension Disorder.

4) Private resentments and prejudices? Well, I suppose if one redefines objecting to violations of multiple federal immigration and criminal statutes to constitute "private resentments and prejudices".

5) Decent Americans want secured borders -- and it is clear you are not one of us. As for illegal immigrants, I have there is only one appropriate way of dealing with them -- Round 'em up! Ship 'em back! Rawhide!

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 13, 2008 04:20 PM ||

And as far as identity theft of SSNs and their tax impact upon real Americans, here you go.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 13, 2008 04:31 PM ||
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