July 14, 2008

Obama Illegitimate?

Could be, according to a woman speaking at an Obama campaign roundtable at University of Missouri -- Kansas City.

Who was this evil right-wing purveyor of sleazy stories about the Obamessiah?

Michelle Obama -- the candidate's own wife.

His own mother, [Michelle Obama] said at the beginning of her remarks, was "very young and very single when she had him."

Very single?

That's not part of the narrative that Obama and his campaign have been putting out for the last four years. Their story has been that barack Obama's parents were married. Even granting that the marriage was arguably invalid -- it is unclear if Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. ever actually divorced first wife back in Kenya, given his continued relationship with her after his marriage to the candidate's mother, including fathering additional children with her.

So we have to ask the question -- has Michelle Obama revealed to the American people that Barack Obama has been lying to them during his entire public career? After all, she isn't some anonymous emailer -- she is the man's wife.

Seems to me that we now need access to several documents to settle the question:

  1. Obama's original birth certificate (which would settle questions about citizenship, his birth name, and possibly his parents' marital status);
  2. His parents' marriage license;
  3. The decree of divorce or nullity regarding his parents' marriage.

Now remember -- illegitimate birth does absolutely nothing to disqualify Barack Obama from office. Indeed, Jesse "I want to cut his nuts off" Jackson sought the presidency despite his illegitimate birth, and it was never even an issue. After all, the child is blameless in any legal or moral sense for the deeds of his/her parents in such a case.

However, the lack of candor on his part would be more damning than the issue of bastardy. As they say -- the cover-up is always worse. And when your own wife outs you, the cover-up could be very damning indeed.


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Comments on Obama Illegitimate?

Who's your daddy!!!!

|| Posted by whos ur daddy, July 14, 2008 09:06 PM ||

Obama's birth certificate has been available for months now. (Yes, some pinheads try to say it's not the "real" one, etc., but that's been settled. See, etc.)

And as you say, even if his parents were not married when he was born -- so what?
Oh, his "lying" about is bad you say?
Well, 1. I've never heard it come up (except on wacko blogs, so when has he lied?
2. OK, let's say maybe, just maybe, he did lie about it ... so what, again -- he's not covering up something criminal or immoral that HE did!

|| Posted by My 2cents, September 20, 2008 03:32 PM ||

Even if Obama's father was still married, that would not legally invalidate his marriage to Obama's mother, nor effect his legitimacy. Obama Sr would likely be guilty of bigamy, but the marriage to Obama's mother would still constitute a legal contract and the offspring from such a union would be legitimate. It's the act of being married to two or more women that is illegal, the marriages themselves would be legal and binding but would be invalidated at a later point.

People with no understanding of the legality of contract law should really not be speculating about such issues as they are usually spectacularly uninformed.

|| Posted by yakofujimato, August 7, 2010 03:24 PM ||

Yako is incorrect. My parents were married in Maryland. I was born a year later. Four years after their marriage, it came to light that my father was married to a woman in the Phillipines. She pressed her case, and my parents' marriage was considered invalid. This was all under the California family code, as they were residents of CA at the time. My parents had to remarry, and my father had to affirm his paternity of me so that I would have full inheritance rights. Family law does not follow contract law, and in most states illegitimate children are not entitled to the same inheritance claims as children born in wedlock.

|| Posted by Hutchie, November 17, 2010 09:12 AM ||

All that is true -- but does not have any relevance to the issue raised in this post.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, November 17, 2010 06:52 PM ||

If a illegitimate son is born--it is important-!
If there is a "legal marriage-contract"--the
Wife's given "Her Husband's Sur-Name" as a "Legal-Partnership"-! Thereafter, They're legally known
as-("Mr. & Mrs. Jones")-! But you 'only' receive--what is "Legally-Given" to You-! But Please Note
Again--that if Ann Dunham isn't "entitled" to be called "Mrs. Obama"--then neither does "Her
ILLEGAL SON" get that 'Surname-Right'-! If Ann
Dunham "Doesn't get that 'Sur-Name Right' by a
Legal Marriage--then neither does her ILLEGAL Son!
Since '1st Wife of Obama Sr' had "Full-Rights to
That Title"--Ann Dunham cannot possess it-! Because of Obama Sr's lies to Ann, there's a mistake on pres. obama's Birth Certificate--(He
"Inherits" his mother's maiden-name--who Never had
a "Legal Husband" & pres. obama Never had a 'Legal
Father'-since "Fraud" destroyed any Legality-!
"Kezia" had the only "Legal Right" to this "Obama"
Surname & President obama WAS NOT HER SON-! Thus--
His True Legal Name is--"Barrack Hussein Dunham"-that he'd have "Legal 1st Inheritance-Rights" to-!
He has already "Ran as Senator & President" in 2
Elections--using the "Wrong Legal Name"-! (Which--
by Law, is "Fraud" to "Misrepresent" yourself on
any "Legal Documents")--& is subject to criminal
punishments-!) If you sign a check as Al Gore--you are charged with "Fraud"-! Same as "Obama"-!
(Notice--"Ignorance of the Law--is No Excuse"!)

|| Posted by Korean Vet, October 10, 2011 03:59 PM ||

Korean Vet is also "spectacularly uninformed". You are given the surname your parents give you. My daughter was born out of wedlock and she has her father's surname according to the state law that dictates she is given the name I choose. She could have neither of our surnames. The state can't change that. When it comes to misrepresenting, if the man's birth certificate says Barrack Hussein Obama, then that is his legal, given name. You don't "inherit" a name. It is bestowed up on you. I wish idiocy was bestowed. Maybe then there'd be less of it.

|| Posted by Independent Woman, January 13, 2012 05:23 PM ||

However, Independent Woman, that was not always the case -- and there was a time in the not-so-distant past when the state regulated the surname of children. That said, a child of a marriage that ended in an annulment has always been deemed legitimate under American law, so Korean Vet is wrong on that point.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, January 13, 2012 05:47 PM ||

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