April 02, 2010

Obamunists Declare That "Racism Is The Highest Form Of Patriotism"

One of my dear friends on the Watcher's Council is the ever insightful (and sometimes inciteful) Bookworm over at Bookworm Room. So many times she writes things that have been rooting around in my brain for some time -- and in a manner so much more beautifully than I could ever begin to do.

Our mutually shared notion is that one of the great scandals of contemporary politics is that supporters of Barack Obama have decreed that failure to support our "post-racial" president's policies is a form of racism. But for that to be the case, it requires that we look at racism in a whole new way. And so I present you with a long excerpt of her post on how we on the Right need to stop rejecting the charge that we are racist and instead embrace it -- with a twist.

Since we canít seem to escape the term ďracist,Ē I suggest that we embrace the term, and let other Americans understand what a conservative racist is:

Iím a racist because I believe that blacks are fully capable human beings who are perpetually demeaned by the liberal theory holding that blacks cannot function without handouts from condescending, rich white people.

Iím a racist because believe that blacks are just as academically capable as any other people in America, but that they are having their abilities systematically squished when condescending, rich white people assure them that they canít make it without assistance ó a heinous approach predicated on the liberalís implicit assumption that blacks are inherently stupid, ill-informed and ill-suited for intellectual effort.

Iím a racist because I believe that vigorous (but still constitutional) law enforcement benefits blacks, who are disproportionately the victims of crimes by other blacks.

Iím a racist because I believe that excusing harmful behaviors in the black community (whether academic failures, teen pregnancies, drug use or crime), on the ground that blacks cannot help themselves because whites have essentially ruined them, is the ultimate insult to blacks, reducing them to the level of animals without intelligence, self-discipline, moral fiber, ambition or ordinary human decency.

Iím a racist because I think liberals have sold blacks a bill of goods by convincing them that, because slavery was work, all work is slavery.

Iím a racist because I believe that a rising tide lifts all boats ó which means that I believe that social programs that destroy the economy will not raise up minorities, but will ensure that everyone wallows in poverty.

Iím a racist because, in San Francisco in the 1960s and 1970s, I saw non-English speaking Asians fresh from the Killing Fields of Cambodia, the prisons of Vietnam, and the horror of the Great Leap forward all arrive in America and immediately begin working and studying, so that their children could enjoy the American dream ó and I believe that only liberal condescension and paralyzing social programs stand in the way of both blacks and Hispanics making the same strides.

Iím a racist because I believe that black men who have a deep commitment to their nuclear families are incredibly important for the health of the black community, but that the combination of government handouts and excuses for black crime erases black men from the picture, to everyoneís detriment.

Iím a racist because I hate the rap music that celebrates crime and demeans women ó music that is disseminated by rich white Hollywood types who, vampire-like, feed off and encourage this ďartisticĒ dysfunction, something that doesnít harm those white music executives, but that perpetuates terrible stereotypes within the black community itself.

Iím a racist because it drives me bonkers that blacks continue to align themselves with the Democratic party, even though that party does not see blacks as sentient, moral, intelligent, self-directed human beings, but instead views them as helpless, immoral, vaguely animal-like creatures who can function only by and through a vast government enterprise that mires them in slums in exchange for their votes.

Iím a racist because, no matter what color Obama is, Iíd hate his fierce drive to expand government into every area of our lives, his hostility to Israel, his appeasement approach to radical Islam, and his personal rudeness to his political foes.

Iím a racist because I welcome with open arms any person, black, white, yellow, brown, gay, straight, rich, poor, young, old, abled or disabled, who believes in the fundamental principles of American liberal, principles that I think are set out very beautifully in the Mt. Vernon statement.  These principles do not distinguish human beings by any factors other than their commitment to limited government, freedom and self-determination.  In this, they are completely distinct from the articles of the Left, which routinely seek to slice and dice Americans into ever smaller groups of colors, abilities, races, and religions...

So yes, I think I may have follow my good friend's suggestion that we conservatives embrace the charge of racism wholeheartedly, since the Left and the press will insist that opposition to their mutual agenda is racism. After all, as I and so many others have pointed out, Obama and his supporters have drained "racist" and "racism" of all meaning by defining it down to nothing more than failure to support the Obama agenda. And since we have been repeatedly told that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism", then it only stands to reason that racism is the highest form of patriotism.

And if one considers the definition of racist that Bookworm has extrapolated from the accusations of racism directed against those of us who dare to disagree, it seems to me that America needs more racists, not fewer.

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