June 02, 2010

UPDATED & BUMPED -- A Study In Hypocrisy

As I noted Friday, local talk radio host Michael Berry said something quite stupid on his show earlier this week. It was wrong, and Berry has since apologized for it.

Interestingly enough, though, one of our local liberal bloggers has managed to write about this matter three times in three days -- and in a rather hypocritical fashion, insisting that Michael Berry should lose his job for encouraging terrorism against a facility that does not even exist.

Why do I say that John Cobarruvias is being hypocritical? Well, partially it has to do with the fact that John praises terrorists for their courage in his first anti-Berry post this weekend. But even more important in showing John's hypocrisy is this post of his from just a couple weeks back.

Click to view full size screen cap of original post.

You can take a shot gun to a hearing in the Capitol. Maybe you can carry a shotgun when the lobbyists for the insurance industry testifies on how low homeowners insurance rates are. Or when the electricity resellers say how low our rates are. Or when the heads of Texas University tries to justify their bloated college rates. The list could go on and on.

Whatever hearing you want to attend, just remember, you have the right to carry a shotgun into a hearing just as long as it is "carried openly, in a non-threatening way". And since we don't have enough money to police each hearing, gun toters could have a clear and easy target.

* * *

Hum....I guess this might be a good time to buy a shotgun.

Yeah, that's right -- John much more explicitly encouraged/threatened terrorist activity than Michael Berry did on his show. Given John's propensity for hate speech and threatening and encouraging violence against political opponents, I think it is fair to say that he is probably much more of a threat to the public than is Michael Berry -- and certainly more likely to actually engage in illegal activity. Frankly, I'm surprised that John still has his job and his security clearance after that threat on the Texas Capitol Building. After all, the mosque in question does not yet exist -- while John proposed an actual plan for shooting up a legislative hearing in the location where they currently take place.

Actually, I think I understand why John has this hatred for Michael Berry. In addition to daring to hold political views that John objects to, Berry is younger, better looking, wealthier, more popular, and more politically influential than John is. Having thereby trampled on all of John's personal inadequacies (at least those we can see from his blog), he is of course an appropriate target for John's pathology.

UPDATE -- June 2: John apparently cannot keep his violent tendencies under control. After declaring that it was an act of terrorism for Michael Berry to say that he hoped someone blows up a non-existent mosque, the long-time Democrat activist and NASA employee stated that he hopes someone "shuts [Berry's] pie hole." That would be an actual call for an actual assault upon a member of the media for their exercise of their First Amendment rights -- and is typical of John's violent anti-freedom rhetoric. And the difference, of course, is that while Michael Berry made an inappropriate off-the-cuff comment on live radio, John's blog post calling for an act of political terrorism against a US citizen for exercising his civil rights was clearly premeditated. Just call it one more act of hypocrisy on his part. If i were Michael Berry, I'd be looking for a restraining order against the unhinged federal employee and Democrat activist.

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