July 15, 2010

Some Observations On The Utah Illegal Immigrant List

I've hesitated to comment on the list of some 1300 alleged illegal immigrants that was circulated in Utah, because I had as many questions about it as I did answers. But as a bit more information has emerged, a couple of thoughts have formed about it that I'd like to share.

Of course, the article does indirectly make a point that many of us who wish to see our nation's borders secured and immigration laws enforced -- if the social and legal climate of the country is changed to make it uncomfortable for illegals to be in the country, they will self-deport.

Several people on the list expressed anxiety that their personal information had been released, and said they were concerned about their safety and that of their families. Some of those on the list said the heightened pressure could force them from the country.

One Guatemalan man, who spoke only on condition that he be identified as Monzon, admitted that he was in the country illegally.

* * *

But he struck a fatalistic note that might please the letter writers: “It might just be time to reflect and think if the time has come to leave,” he said.

Even if one accepts as a given that the information on that list was illegally obtained and agrees that those responsible for its dissemination therefore should and ought to face criminal sanctions, it is impossible to avoid the conclusion that coddling and compassion for Illegal aliens facilitates their illegal presence in this country and that a change in policy and practice is a necessary step to gaining control of the out-of-control immigration situation. Once we've done that, the time will be here for discussing necessary changes to our laws regarding who can come to the United States legally and how many such individuals will be admitted each year.

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Comments on Some Observations On The Utah Illegal Immigrant List

Various ploys are used by bureaucrats to keep public information from the public. In reality all information gathered using tax payer funds should be available to the public. There may be a couple of exceptions but in general the government should not be allowed to keep secrets from the people.

Regarding "who" might have sent this information to law enforcement I believe it would fall under the whistle blower law. If our government had proof that some child molester was actively raping children but refused to use the information to stop the crime and prosecute the criminal we would all be incensed. Why aren't we incensed to discover that our government is complicit in this crime?

I have a friend who does taxes and regularly gets illegals filing for unearned income credits based on dependent children. It is common for them to use the same child for different adults and to claim multiple children using a child or two of their sisters or brothers to accomplish this fraud. When I told her she should turn them in she said she could not because her employer made her agree to not disclose anything she heard while processing tax returns. My question is if she heard about a murder would she stay quiet? How about another 9/11 attack? Where, exactly, to you decide which crimes to report and which ones you don't think are important?

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, July 15, 2010 09:54 AM ||
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