July 23, 2010

Shirley Sherrod: Dissent Equals Racism And A Desire To Return To Slavery

Well, folks, do you want proof that Shirley Sherrod is a malignant racist who really has not moved past the politics of racial division? Check out this performance with Anderson Cooper last night.

Here's the real kicker, commenting on Andrew Breitbart, found in the video starting at 2:32.

I think he would like to get us stuck back in the times of slavery. That's where I think he would like to see all black people end up again.

Got that? When it comes down to it, she is saying that Breitbart (and those of us who dare to agree with him) want a return to slavery if we disagree with the NAACP resolution on Tea Party racism, believe that the NAACP is chock full of racism itself, and dare to hold Shirley Sherrod to the same standard that the Left would hold a white man who admitted to having discriminated against a black or other racial minority, no matter how long ago it was. That, ladies and gentlemen, is not only absurd, but is de facto proof that she is still every bit the racist that she was 24 years ago when she didn't treat a white man equal to a black man because she found him to be uppity.

And then she starts repeating the same race-baiting left-wing talking points that have been in the air ever since it became apparent that Barack Obama would be the Democrat nominee for president in 2008.

COOPER: You think -- you think he's racist?

SHERROD: ... I think he's so vicious. Yes, I do.

And I think that's why he's so vicious against a black president, you know. He would go after me. I don't think it was even the NAACP he was totally after. I think he was after a black president.

I wish that someone would tell this racist, race-baiting hate-monger that Barack Obama is not a black president. Barack Obama is the President of the United States, and that being the subject of harsh language and partisan attacks by one's opponents is a part of the job. That was the case with the holders of that office who happened to be white, and it still is the case when the holder of that office happens to be black. I said this in another context last year:

Barack Obama is President of the United States. He happens to be black. He is not the African-American President. We degrade the office, the man, and his accomplishments if we give Obama a special pass or special protection from certain criticism. . . that would be otherwise acceptable if directed against a President of another race.

I somehow don't think that Shirley Sherrod had a word to say about the Left when it was vicious against George W. Bush, a president who was a white man. She therefore has no legitimate basis to declare those who give Barack Obama the same sort of treatment to be racists simply because Barack Obama happens to have black skin. Indeed, there is a word for the position that she is taking here -- RACISM. So while one may choose to question the editing of the video of Sherrod's speech on Breitbart's website (and mine), her performance in the unedited video above does prove that she is, in fact, every bit the unreconstructed racist that she was when she decided to give second-class service to that white farmer nearly a quarter century ago.

By the way, I will point out one other thing -- at the beginning of the video, Sherrod makes the statement that she doesn't need an apology from Obama because he didn't make the decision to fire her, that other people in the White House did, and that they only told him about the decision after the deed had been accomplished. Now I realize that Barack Obama has a really busy schedule, with all that vacationing, golfing, and star-studded gala-ing, but he is ostensibly the person running the show in the administration that bears his name. Apparently, though, that is not the case, and he is merely a figurehead. So as an American who loves my country, I'd like to know -- who is in charge at the White House, doing the job that Barack Obama is apparently not doing?

H/T Gateway Pundit, HotAirPundit, Dan Riehl, Ace, Confederate Yankee

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Comments on Shirley Sherrod: Dissent Equals Racism And A Desire To Return To Slavery

The best things about this Sherrod-Gate debacle are that it clearly demonstrates:

1) The Obozo administration screwed-up again (by ousting Sherrod without knowing all of the facts just as they did in the Cambridge Police GatesGate disaster)

2) Black racism towards whites

As for black racism, many people actually believe a black person cannot be prejudiced or racist because they are black. Accordingly, blacks typically get a pass on being racist, particularly when allowed to retract or modify such behavior or speech. On the other hand, whites are simply fired with no recourse.

|| Posted by AttackPuke, July 23, 2010 04:41 AM ||

Yawn! Ho-hum, another claim of racism from the race baiters (Democrats, NAACP, and so many more). Anyone paying attention anymore?

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, July 23, 2010 04:21 PM ||
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