September 29, 2010

Screwed-Up Liberal Reasoning -- UPDATED

Courtesy of LibDem Rep. Jan Schakowsky:

“The right to abortion creates an obligation for taxpayers to fund them.”

Clearly, Schakowsky does not understand the American system of government. Our rights are guaranteed from government interference, not guaranteed government support.

Consider the implications of Schakowsky’s notion that government must fund rights.

I think you get the idea – and can see where Schakowsky’s logic breaks down. That she cannot is evidence that she is not intelligent enough to serve in Congress.

UPDATE: Someone questioned me on the quote, so I tracked it back to the original source. Apparently, my original source decided to paraphrase the congresswoman and put it in quotes. The actual quote is as follows:

“You know, there are a number of things that are policies of the government in which many of us may disagree all over the map and, so, I would say that, you know, if as the Supreme Court did, decided that this is a right that women have, then we need to fulfill that obligation and make it accessible to all people,” said the congresswoman. “Choice is about choice.”

Here's the video:

So while the words in my original post are not a direct quote, it would certainly be an accurate representation of Schakowsky's position on the issue, namely that because abortion is a right there is an obligation for the federal government to directly fund abortion using taxpayer dollars AND to require individual Americans to subsidize abortion even more directly through the forced purchase of insurance policies that cover abortion.

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Comments on Screwed-Up Liberal Reasoning -- UPDATED

It's a lie, plain and simple. She didn't say it, and you (and the liar Gateway Pundit) claimed that she did. Her position is, in fact, quite different than what you represent.

It would demonstrate the exact same level of intellectual integrity if I were to quote you as saying, "It's okay to lie about politicians you disagree with, if you think maybe, possibly, the might have meant something tangentially similar to the quotation you made up." But I'm better than that.

Are you?

Just wondering - why not stick to actual quotations instead of resorting to making things up? If a politician needs your editorial help to say something worthy of attacking, maybe you're more interested in fighting than you are in truth.

|| Posted by Dan, September 30, 2010 07:30 AM ||

Spare me the sanctimony and the false accusations, Dan. After all, you have a well-known history of doing precisely that to my words and the words of others both here and on Facebook. But let's consider this:

1) I did not lie -- at best, when I accepted the quote from what I have in the past found to be a reliable source I was deceived, as I acknowledge in my update.

2) If I were trying to deceive anyone, i would not have added the update containing both the actual quote and the video of the interview with an acknowledgment of the problem with the original quote.

3) Her argument boils down to precisely how Gateway Pundit summed up her position -- she says that since abortion is a right there is a "need to fulfill that obligation and make it accessible to all people." In other words, the existence of a right to an abortion obligates the spending of taxpayer dollars to fund the exercise of that right. In other words, the quote I took from over at Gateway Pundit accurately distills her position on the issue -- and therefore the only problem is that it was presented as a quote.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, September 30, 2010 05:00 PM ||
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