October 01, 2010

GOP Getting Hispanic Vote Back?

Could just be.

Hispanic voters’ support for Democratic candidates waned in August and September. As a result, Hispanics in September favored Democrats by a 13-point margin (51% to 38%), compared with 32-point margins in June and July. …

Hispanics present a different problem for the president’s party. While they voted strongly for Obama in 2008 and were supposed to be one of the building blocks of Democratic victory in 2010, Gallup’s recent polling suggests their support for Democratic congressional candidates is slipping. This is in line withHispanics’ dwindling approval of Obama as president, with the initial decline seen in May possibly linked to the Democrats’ failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

That is a 19 point drop in just a couple of months – and should be reason for the GOP to cheer. The conservative message really does resonate with the majority of Hispanics, much more than the message of dependency offered up by the Democrats. Even on immigration, I’ve seen polls indicating Hispanic support for the GOP position.

I bet this will leave John over at BayAreaHatemonger gnashing his teeth.

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Comments on GOP Getting Hispanic Vote Back?

I long for the day when the so-called "hispanic" voters decide they are American. Why did they come here if they want to be "hispanic"? My forefathers came to this country 7 generations ago from Scotland. Perhaps the 2nd generation still thought of themselves as "scottish" but for crying out loud when do you start understanding your pride and allegience is to THIS country not the country your parents or grandparents were born in. If we Balkanize this country it will destroy it. It's fine to be proud of your heritage but stop voting for Mexico and vote for the US of A...

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, October 2, 2010 09:51 AM ||

I apologize for the perhaps craven anonymity, but I don't want to get anyone into trouble.

I agree with GWTW up to a point. In my school (Oh, stop booing, I was voting Republican long before the fat boys on midday radio were ingesting their first chemicals) the kids from Mexico (what the heck is "Hispanic?" Really.) are super, and the seniors (overwhelmingly black and white) elected a really great kid (from Mexico) as homecoming queen.

I don't want to go all Pollyanna on ya here; I've had in my classes some Mexican kids who were total creeps, including some wealthy ones who were openly hostile to the country who gave them refuge from some of their own countrymen in the civil war at home. I too would appreciate a little more flag-wavy-ness from the immigrant population, but adolescents by nature aren't into that.

|| Posted by (Craven) Anonymity, October 3, 2010 07:30 AM ||

As a white boy from back East in the 50's I knew nothing about hispanic or mexican or their culture. I joined the military and afterwards I stayed out West and I learned more. I had friends in the military who took the time to introduce me to their culture and I thank them. I have lived next to hispanics, worked with them, drank with hispanics, sent my children to school with hispanics (San Bernardino), and have been good friends with hispanics. I can honestly say I have never met one I didn't like and many I liked a lot. My original comments were not intended to be a put down but an eye opener. I welcome legal immigrants and second and third etc. generations. I enjoy their food, their culture, their belief in the importance of family. I am saddened when a prominent hispanic person uses their position in a politically motivated effort to drive a wedge between non-hispanic and hispanic people. The best teacher I have ever had was a hispanic college Calculus teacher in Riverside Ca. I think the leaders of the hispanic movement (La Raza) or perhaps the Democrats who are exploiting hispanics have decided to gain political advantage by creating dissent and they use a them vs us mentality to do it. The effort seems to be to divide us all because a Balkanized country cannot ever succeed in electing leaders by a majority vote and the left thinks they can split the majority and walk into office if they can piss off enough minorities.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, October 3, 2010 02:19 PM ||

Now let me say this -- I've got no problem with ethnic pride. I lived for many years in the ethnically diverse Chicago area, which was truly a city of neighborhoods based upon the home country of one's parents, grandparents, or even earlier ancestors. The difference, though, was those Poles, Lithuanians, Germans, and Irish were first and foremost AMERICANS. Sadly, that is not always the case with contemporary immigrants from south of the border and their children.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, October 3, 2010 06:49 PM ||

And rest assured that I am quite fond of Hispanics -- I couldn't go to work each day and teach students who are 90% Hispanic if I wasn't.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, October 3, 2010 06:52 PM ||
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