December 23, 2010

About Those Polar Bears

Now there is dispute over whether glo-BULL warming is happening at all, and also over whether or not it is caused by human beings. There is dispute about whether or not polar bears are endangered. But let's assume that the earth's climate is changing and the polar bears are dying -- so what? Columnist S.E. Cupp makes the point that there is a perfectly natural Darwinian basis for allowing the polar bears -- and other species as well -- to die out.

But here's a question that's rarely asked: Why should we necessarily bother saving a species - any species - from extinction? And what's so gosh-darn special about the polar bear? Yes, animals are dying. But death - of a single animal or a whole species - is a part of life.

At least, that's what Darwinists tell us. In fact, if you think hard about it, animal conservation should actually be anathema to the Darwin-loving liberal agenda, which holds up evolution - and not altruistic compassion - as the final word on the survival of a species.

Sure, it's possible that we're crowding out the polar bear - but aren't we animals, too? And don't animals sometimes crowd each other out? Isn't it entirely possible that the polar bear is simply going extinct, like countless species before it?

The crass and sometimes violent coming and going of species proves evolution's central logic. So why, then, do polar bear activists insist that another species - that would be us - tamper with Darwin's grand design and swoop in to save an animal that simply wasn't fit enough to make it in the cutthroat world of biological survival?

Why indeed, my fellow believers in Darwinian evolution? Isn't this simply the way of the world? Do we really have the right to interfere with how the world is supposed to work -- and has always worked?

Indeed, there is only one good argument in favor of saving the polar bear and other species. it is that there is something special about creation, and that we humans are mere stewards of the planet. But that would imply that we are stewards for someone. And that would imply the existence of God, and of our duty to maintain the world he gave us as he gave it to us.

As a believer in a Divine Creator, I can accept that argument -- but it puts me outside of the realm of acceptable belief for the ardent embracers of scientific Darwinism. But the hard core Darwinists -- the ones who insist we must save the polar bear -- reject the notion of a Divine Creator having anything to do with creation or evolution. But in doing so, they find themselves in a hypocritical box -- when the evolutionary system works to the detriment of another species, they demand that our species intervene to save that species, despite the fact that under their own theory we are supposed to let that other species die out and be replaced by species better adapted to the world as it is today. And that means a death sentence for the polar bear as a species -- because after all, some species lose in Darwin's grand game.

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Comments on About Those Polar Bears

My Canadian connections advise me that the indigenous peoples in the northern parts of Canada do not Bambi-ize bears, wolves, and the other predators that are a menace to them, and that there is no shortage of the critters.

|| Posted by Mack Hall, December 23, 2010 05:07 PM ||

It gets even more complicated. A decline in floating ice might be bad for the polar bears (generally cold and snow is not a highly productive environment, which is why we don't try to graze cattle in the artic), but open water is great for whales. There was a recent study that confirmed that some whale species thrived when the artic had more open water, thousands of years ago, than they do today.

So by acting to save the polar bears we're killing off whales. So to be environmentally conscious, it's perfectly okay to kill whales, as long as you don't use a harpoon.

The other thing the don't like to mention is that the polar bear population has exploded, with about three times as many in North America than there were in the 1960's.

|| Posted by George Turner, December 23, 2010 10:52 PM ||
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