January 20, 2011

About That Cohen Speech

We've all seen Rep. Steve Cohen's "civil" attack on Republicans as Nazis on the floor of the House. We've all seen him double down by civilly saying that not only are Republicans like Nazis, but they are also like the KKK.

But you know, that isn't the most disturbing part of Cohen's speech in my book. After all, he's shown his true colors in the past, as Anderson Cooper points out, and the stunning hypocrisy of how this man conducts himself speaks for itself to any decent American.

No, The thing in the speech that I find particularly disturbing is this part, right here.

The first priority I have always believed of government is to keep people alive, their health care. The second is to get them educated. And the third is to get them a job.

Do you see it? It ought to jump right off the page at you.

Look what Congressman Cohen believes to be the role of government to be.

Now look at what the Founders of this great nation believed it to be.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Odd -- while I see some purposes here that might involve keeping people alive (defense of the nation and providing for domestic tranquility would be the main two), I don't see a call for the nation to keep every American alive at all costs and by any means necessary -- and certainly not by providing them health care. If it had, those who wrote the Constitution would have included it later among the enumerated powers, and enacted such programs at the national level during the First Congress.

Similarly, nowhere does the Constitution provide for the federal government educating anyone. That is why there has never been a national education system -- no University of the United States, and a Department of Education (constitutional blasphemy that it is) that is limited only to providing assistance to the states rather than assuming control of the task of educating Americans.

And providing people with jobs? That isn't there -- and when we have had federal jobs programs they have generally been characterized by bloated budgets, rampant corruption, and epic failure. All one needs to do is look at the Obama stimulus to see that.

No, the task that seems most important under the system established by the good great men who wrote the Constitution in 1787 is the task of securing liberty to All Americans. We have at times failed and fallen short of that goal, but our history is the ongoing story of a people seeking more freedom for more people.

And ObamaCare is a repudiation of that road to greater freedom for ourselves and our posterity.

Rather than empowering us to make choices about our medical care, it limits our freedom to choose how to provide for the medical care of ourselves and our families.

Rather than putting choices about treatment in the hands of individuals, it puts it in the hands of government.

Rather than expanding our options, it narrows them down by determining what procedures and medications Americans will be allowed to have -- and even withdrawing effective treatments that the government decides are not economical.

Now Mr. Cohen may believe that those who oppose this massive power grab are like the KKK. He may consider us to be just like the Nazis who presided over the slaughter of millions. But consider this.

Without ObamaCare, our medical choices are in our hands. Under the nationally socialized medical regime that Obama, Cohen and the Democrats support, it will be government bureaucrats -- perhaps with names like Eichmann and Mengle, with similar moral characters -- who will make the decisions about our medical care for us. And while I hesitate to make the claim that there will be "death panels" established -- I consider such rhetoric overwrought -- I cannot dispute the essential truth that under this system the decisions about our medical care will be made in the bowels of government buildings and we will have no option to escape the decisions that they make.

PERSONAL NOTE TO REPRESENTATIVE STEVE COHEN: ObamaCare was sold to us, cloaked in lies, by a charismatic leader who told the people what they wanted to hear while cynically picking out scapegoats like the Tea Party and declaring them to be the enemy within -- complete with accusations of responsibility for political violence that were objectively false or so subjectively stated that they would be impossible to prove. As a student of history, I can think of a certain leader and a certain regime that engaged in such tactics to increasingly choke off liberty before doing violence to those declared to be the enemy -- but contrary to your words regarding the GOP, I hesitate to demonize you, your party, and your president by tarring you with that comparison. Indeed, I will offer you the benefit of the doubt, and state that I believe that you, your party, and your president intend none of the evils that characterized the National Socialist regime that controlled Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, nor those that characterized the various international socialist regimes that have controlled Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea or other enslaved nations at various points over the last 100 years and which sprung from the same command and control ideology that requires the subjugation of free people and the elimination of individual liberty for the benefit of some common good. But sadly, for all the good intentions held close to your hearts and those of your president and your fellow Democrats, those evils will come in some form or fashion if the ideology espoused in your comments and underlying ObamaCare are allowed to proceed unchecked. And resist you we will -- at the ballot box, in the halls of power, and in our daily lives. We resist because we understand the true purpose of American government, as outlined in our Constitution.

God bless America -- may the freedoms of her people endure forever!

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