July 15, 2011

Sheila Jackson Lee Reminds Us It Is Always All About Race

Fresh from declaring the decision to close the chronically failing North Forest Independent School District to be an act of racism, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee has also made it clear that opposition to raising the debt ceiling is also racist -- because apparently opposition to Barack Obama can only be based on the color of his skin.


Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) on Friday strongly suggested that members of Congress are making it difficult for President Obama to raise the debt ceiling because of his race.

"I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness [toward] this president,” said Jackson Lee, a member of the Congressional Black Caucus. “Why is he different? And in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community that is question that is being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully? Why has the debt limit been raised 60 times? Why did the leader of the Senate continually talk about his job is to bring the president down to make sure he is unelected?”

Yeah, Sheila, never in American history has any president faced partisan opponents who have worked to stymie his proposals and prevent his reelection. Not once.

Well, except when you were REPEATEDLY calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush. Or accusing him of genocide against black people after katrina. Or repeatedly questioning his legitimacy as president because of alleged suppression of the black vote. So tell me, Sheila, were your anti-Bush activities all about opposing him because he was a white man in the Oval Office?

And for that matter, earlier today I put up a post quoting Barack Obama when he opposed an increase of the debt ceiling in 2006. Every Senate Democrat voted against that increase. So you see opposition -- even partisan opposition -- to a debt ceiling increase isn't unprecedented. And I believe you opposed that increase when it was voted upon in the House, too.

But I guess all that stuff is different.

After all, you were a black woman standing up to a white man -- no racial politics there. Or at least none that you find objectionable. Apparently you believe that standing up to Republican presidents is what Democrats like yourself are supposed to do.

But all these EEEEEEE-VIL Republicans opposing Dear leader Barack Hussein Obama? It can only be about race -- and even if it isn't you can still claim it is.

And as we white folks are regularly told by master race-baiters like yourself, denying you are a racist is as good as a confession of racism -- because being white and disagreeing with a black who calls you a racist is in and of itself racist.

Which is why this last bit in your little temper tantrum is truly priceless.

Jackson Lee concluded by saying that she hoped someone would step up and say that what appears obvious to her is not in fact true.

"I hope someone will say that what it appears to be is not in fact accurate," said Lee. "But historically it seems to be nothing more."

It isn't racism, you camera-hogging, self-promoting, race-baiting, poverty-pimping hatemonger. Opposing Obama on this one is just plain common sense, given that he has in three years racked up twice as much deficit spending as his predecessor did in eight.

And I'll direct you back to the words of Barack Obama when he opposed increasing the debt limit.

“The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. . . . America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better.”

If those words were true in 2006, then they are just as true today. Are you calling Barack Obama a liar?

So why are we Republicans opposing this president on this and so many other issues? That is an easy one. America deserves better than Barack Obama -- and that has nothing to do with his race.

UPDATE: Most creative response by a conservative to SJL's idiocy goes to Eric Olsen at Gay Patriot.

And here I was, thinking the race card had been eaten by the ATM for massive fraud.


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Comments on Sheila Jackson Lee Reminds Us It Is Always All About Race

Who knows what the Honorable Congressperson means; her language is subliterate to the extent that she communicates nothing but a diffuse hatred of all things not her.

|| Posted by Mack Hall, July 16, 2011 07:30 AM ||

Of course it is about race! Do you think she got elected because of her intellect? Race pimps exist and succeed because they can use race.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, July 16, 2011 09:25 AM ||
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