August 11, 2011

Union Thuggery In Action

Want a great example of why unions need to lose some of the legal privileges they currently have? Here's the "poster child" for the right-to-work cause.

yeah, you saw that right -- the scum-sucking union bastard put HIS CHILD in front of a vehicle in order to engage in intimidation of the occupants -- whose only offense is being willing to do a job that he clearly does not want for a compensation package he feels is below his dignity.

As I've often said -- when intransigent unions decide that they won't supply their product (their members" to a business at a price the business is willing to pay, the business ought to have the right to do exactly what it can do with any other supplier of goods and services after a contract expires -- seek another source.

Now let's look at some of the claims made by the unfit and abusive parent in this video.

That's who you're hurting, scumbag. That's who you're f*cking hurting. . . . You're taking it from our families.

We'll set aside the issue of the child abuse engaged in by a father who uses his own child as a road block. After all, no decent person can deny that is beyond the pale, and ought to result in a visit from child protective services, the removal of all children from the home of union thug sperm donor who endangered her, and a jail term.

But who is hurting the child here? If his argument that someone else doing the work of the striking workers is hurting his daughter, then it is really clear who is doing it -- the union bosses who won't agree to a contract in the midst of the second dip of Obama's Great Dem-Pression. Oh, yeah -- and "daddy", who is willing to walk off the job during the second dip of Obama's Great Dem-Pression when unemployment rates over 9% guarantee that there are plenty of qualified workers who will gladly take what the company is offering.

In short, you had a job and were drawing a paycheck until you decided to forgo it in an effort to coerce more than your labor is worth from Verizon,. YOU TOOK IT AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY BY YOUR OWN CHOICE.

You're taking our jobs.

And therein lies the major misconception -- the major flaw -- in the current system. No worker owns their job. You may have a legal right to that job for the duration of a contract, but once you let that contract lapse -- and especially once you decide to withhold your labor from the employer -- do you really have a legal or moral claim to that job? More to the point, OUGHT you have any such claim to it? My answer is that you should not -- just as the company that supplies parts to your employer really lacks any justifiable claim to have a right to supply those materials if it won't agree to a new contract at an acceptable price.

What we have here is threats and intimidation of workers by the union thugs as well as child abuse. The time has come to make such intimidation illegal by stripping from unions their privilege under the law to force or coerce financial support and/or membership in an unwanted organization that is counter-productive to workers rights and needs.

By the way -- there exists legislation that prevents tactics like this at abortion facilities. Isn't it time to pas a Freedom of Access to Workplace Entrances Act to prevent the obstruction of Americans who just want to work?

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Comments on Union Thuggery In Action

If anyone did this for any other reason other then in conjunction with a union strike they would be arrested. Intimidation, coercion, conspiracy to commit imtimidation and coercion, blocking a public throughfare, trespassing, etc. This is a failure of our police and our justice system.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 11, 2011 02:18 PM ||
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