October 06, 2011

Rick Perry Opposes Sanctuary Cities, Supports Sanctuary Colleges And Universities

I’m sorry, but there is absolutely no way to reconcile Rick Perry’s positions on in-state tuition at state colleges and universities for young illegal aliens and cities refusing to turn over illegal aliens for deportation.

Now Perry has offered a vigorous defense over the last few weeks of a program that gives some young illegal alien children in-state tuition at taxpayer-funded colleges and universities here in Texas. Some of his defenses have been insulting and demeaning towards those who do not believe that taxpayers should be subsidizing higher education for those who break our nation’s immigration laws.

But on sanctuary cities, Perry takes a firm line against privileging illegal aliens from having government turn them over to federal immigration authorities. Consider this from his interview with John Hawkins of RightWingNews.

3. Now you worked to outlaw sanctuary cities in Texas. Tell us why that is.

I called for abolishing sanctuary cities in my last State of the State address, and made it an emergency item for the Legislature. I’m a firm believer in giving law enforcement the discretion they need to do their job. Sanctuary city policies handcuff law enforcement officers in order to further a political agenda.

And he goes even further with a question about drivers licenses for illegals.

4. You signed a bill preventing illegal immigrants from receiving drivers’ licenses. Why did you do that?

I signed that bill because getting a driver’s license is a privilege, not a right. It just doesn’t make sense to me to extend that privilege to individuals who are here illegally….

In other words, Rick Perry is against extending special privileges to illegal aliens, except when he is for extending special privileges to them. After all, receiving a college or university education is not a right – it is a privilege. Having a state agency – in this case a college or university – forgo reporting an illegal alien to federal immigration authorities and instead giving them a taxpayer subsidized higher education is every bit a privilege as is placing a similar restriction on law enforcement. And let’s look at Perry’s justification for supporting the in-state tuition policy that privileges these illegal aliens with a college education that they are not entitled to receive in this country under the terms of federal law (they need a resident or student visa for that).

And it would lower the odds that these students would receive subsidized health care or end up in prison. Protecting taxpayers was a serious concern, given that a Supreme Court decree already requires taxpayers to pay for K-12 education for undocumented students.

These two arguments are really illogical. After all, if we would only let illegal aliens get a drivers license, they could then get a job (illegally, just like these students are attending colleges and universities illegally) so they can avoid receiving subsidized health care or ending up in prison. And Perry even admits that there is no legal mandate for even allowing illegal aliens to attend our state-run colleges and universities in the first place, unlike that which exists for K-12 education.

In other words, Rick Perry supports taxpayer-subsidized sanctuaries for some young illegal aliens on the campuses of colleges and universities here in Texas. How on earth can he call that a conservative position?

By the way – next time Rick Perry says that in-state tuition for young illegal aliens is not controversial in Texas, you can accept that he is is telling you the truth. He’s only lying when he says that it is overwhelmingly supported by Texans.


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Everyone was so excited about Perry, I think we thought he was the new and improved George W. Bush, all the good qualities of Bush and none of the negatives. But once the curtain was pulled back, no way I can vote for him

|| Posted by Debbie, October 12, 2011 02:34 PM ||
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