October 17, 2011

Spoiled Brats Of #OccupyWallStreet Threaten To Clog The Courts

Gotta love the chutzpah of these spoiled brats.

Lawyers representing about 800 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in the past month demand that prosecutors drop the charges.

If not, they say they won't deal and will insist on going to trial - putting pressure on the already overloaded Manhattan criminal courts.

"I'd like to suggest to the DA's office the appropriate way to deal with these cases is outright dismissal," said defense lawyer Martin Stolar.

"The leverage is, we take them all to trial."

Hey, you guys want to drag this out, it is fine by me.

Are your volunteer commie lawyers (who are part of the 1% exploiter class you are protesting) ready to represent you for free during the trial, or are they going to abandon you? If so, are you ready to dip into those trust funds for real lawyers? Or are you going to expect the taxpayers to pay for your lawyers? Probably the latter, since you seem to want everything else to be free.

But the reality is that these folks really do not understand that they are violating real laws and that these offenses have real jail time and fines attached. Take this clown as an example.

"I didn't do anything wrong," said Zach Welch, 20, of upstate Rochester, after spending 24 hours behind bars for resisting arrest and wearing a mask depicting the 16th century anarchist Guy Fawkes. "I was expressing my rights."

Let’s clarify this one for you, Zach. New York has an anti-mask ordinance that applies to the sort of demonstration you are a part of. Why do they have it? Because certain groups in the past have used masked political demonstrations to create terror and mayhem. You may have heard of them – the KKK. And in order to ban the masks worn by the Kluxers, yours have to be banned as well. The courts have repeatedly upheld such laws, so you are admitting that you are guilty of the crime with which you are charged – and since you apparently decided to fight the cops who arrested you, that makes two criminal offenses rather than “expressing my rights”.

Besides, why are you trying to get out of the criminal charges? Are you afraid of doing time with your fellow 99 Percenters? Or maybe you realize that a conviction might make it hard for you to get hired by one of those Wall Street companies you are currently protesting once the novelty of being part of these “radical chic” protests wears off.

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Comments on Spoiled Brats Of #OccupyWallStreet Threaten To Clog The Courts

My main issues with these "loveable" idiots are these:

1) In Boston some of these thugs chased down a member of the Coast Guard, spit on her, TWICE, and yelled very vile things at her. They have defecated on a police car in New York. They are TRASHING the areas they are "living" in. Apparently none of this is nearly as newsworthy as the Tea Party - which left the Washington Mall CLEANER than they found it.

2) Most of the crowd is white - yet, no one is calling them racist.

3) Most are whining about the evils of capitalism, while they own laptops, cell phones, nice sleeping bags, nice tents, and they owe a ton of cash LOANED to them so they could go to college. Spoiled, entitled brats.

If 800 members of the Tea Party had been arrested you can bet your last dollar the news media would have had a running count, shown the perp walks, and shown the vidoes of the arrests ... over and over.

None of these idiots has clue one about how bad a system communism / socialism is, or how freaking poor they'd be living in such a country.

As to the original topic: Good, let em go to court, lose, and then hit them all with huge fines and, where appropriate, jail.

Welcome to reality kid - nice to meet you.

|| Posted by Steven, October 18, 2011 05:01 PM ||
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