October 18, 2011

Is Opposition To "Dominionism" The New McCarthyism?

Rachel Maddow gets quoted as follows in an AP article on the fringe theology of "Dominionism".

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow warned that dominionists want to prepare the world for Jesus' return by "infiltration and taking over politics and government."

Just a couple of word changes could take us right back to the 1950s -- just watch for the italicized words.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow warned that Communists want to prepare the world for the proletarian revolution by "infiltration and taking over politics and government."

That would have been standard fare circa 1950.

The difference, of course, would have been that the latter statement would have had a much firmer basis in reality, as historical records show us. Dominionism, properly speaking, is an obscure theological construct that has a relatively tiny following -- though the term is often stretched to include any effort by conservative Christians to get involved in the electoral process. There actually was a Red Menace six decades ago -- there is no Dominionist threat today.

Unfortunately, some anti-Communist leaders in the 1950s engaged in irresponsible and reprehensible conduct in response to that real threat, which led to the discrediting of the anti-Communist movement. By contrast, it appears that those attacking Dominionism are modeling their efforts on those same methods -- even to the point of indicating that some (including Texas Gov. Rick Perry" are "dupes" and "fellow travelers" because they have some connection to individuals who might well legitimately be classified as Dominionists.

H/T Newsbusters, BizzyBlog

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Comments on Is Opposition To "Dominionism" The New McCarthyism?

This comment is for general consumption, but more specifically for the blogger.

I say this with kind resepct, but ask you to look into this.

The Venonoa Project. Turns out that a lot of misconceptions exist about Senator McCarty, not that he was without fault, nor that innocent people were not hurt.

A lot of activities were attributed to McCarthy that were actually undertaken by the HUAC (House investigations on Un-American Activities Committee) which started in '48, but McCarthy wasn't elected until (from memory) 52.

From what I have read, and correct me if make a mistake (because I surely can admit them) but McCarthy had a list, partially gotten to him my Hoover. Hoover had knowledge of Venona, but would not divulge to McCarthy where he'd gotten his information.

Most accused by Sen McCarthy were actually quite guilty. Venona wasn't declassified until 1992, after the Soviet Union fell.

Turns out he was not only right, but actually that many got away with their subverssive activities.

The Soviets were master spies - they had networks that mole'd in to our gov't for decades.

In fairness many felt that "hey, the Sov's were our allies during WWII, not the bad guys" and the full realization of Stalin's outright evil was not recognized for years.

The charge of McCarthyism is, IMO, a misnomer.

But, again, I do not claim he was a saint, nor that I am infallable.


|| Posted by L. Steven Beene II, October 19, 2011 09:44 PM ||

Hmmm, I do seem to stand to be corrected on that. My bad.

And I thank you for filling the gap in my knowledge about Sen McCarthy.

Lastly - sorry about, inadvertantly, almost drailing the thread - it wasn't my intent.



|| Posted by Steven, October 20, 2011 10:21 AM ||

Not a problem. We've all done such things a time or two.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, October 20, 2011 06:30 PM ||
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