November 06, 2011

#OWS Movement Clones In DC Take Hostages

The other night, a group of Americans gathered together to peacefully engage in political speech and expression. In return for their peacefully exercising their rights under the US Constitution, some of them were illegally restrained by hostage-takers from Occupy DC.

In particular, these criminals (for that is what you are when you unlawfully hold individuals hostage in a building and refuse to let them leave) victimized this woman in a wheelchair as they committed their felonies.

I've been outraged by the Occupiers and their lawless antics over the last few weeks, but have considered much of what has gone on to be pretty harmless -- and pretty pathetic. But if they are now taking hostages, how much longer will it be until they start taking lives? After all, one Occupier in Colorado has been arrested for burning down a $10 million dollar development (hey, it's owned by the 1%). Maybe the next arson attack will be on a building with the movement's putative enemies inside.

I can't help but note two things about this incident and its location.

First, it took place in Washington, DC, where the city government does not permit the free exercise of Second Amendment rights by American citizens. As such, not one of the hostages was able to vindicate his or her rights through the lawful use of a firearm against the thugs who were holding them hostage in that building.

Second, note that the hostage-takers are chanting "This is what democracy looks like." Well, the Founding Fathers would agree with them -- which is why they despised democracy and established the United States as a republic. They recognized that the sort of democracy championed by the so-called 99% is nothing but mob rule, with the rights of no person secure in the face of a majority (or even an intimidating minority) intent upon violating them. Indeed, the platform of today's Occupy movement, with its calls for wealth redistribution, higher taxes on the rich, and government abrogation of privately held debt on behalf of debtors were guarded against in the original text of the Constitution because that document was written in response to movements such as Shays' Rebellion, which had many of the same goals as today's Occupiers. The Founders were right in 1787, and the Occupiers are as wrong today as Daniel Shays and his followers were during the Confederation period.

Lastly, I'd like to make a personal observation here, as the spouse of an individual who needs a wheelchair to freely exercise her rights as an American in public places. The victim of this hostage-taking event had few -- if any -- options for leaving the conference venue where she was being held against her will. She could not take the emergency exit or go down a couple of flights of stairs. What's more, the hostage-takers from the Occupy DC terrorist movement (and that's what it became when they blocked her exit from this building -- terrorists taking hostages) mocked her and targeted her because of her disability, refusing to make way for her. In doing so they were heedless of potential medical needs that might be related to the condition which necessitated her using the wheelchair. I shudder to think what the impact would be on my wife were she ever put in such a situation, unable to return home where she could access medication until the hostage-takers decided they had made their political point and decided to release her. The result could be days confined to bed -- or even a hospitalization.

So I cry out "SHAME!" at the Occupiers as they enter their terrorist phase and show themselves not to be a movement that will lead to the improvement of America, but rather to its destruction if left unchecked.

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