November 10, 2011

Something For All The Romney-Hating Conservatives To Consider

We are out to elect a president, and to that end we need to nominate someone who appeals to a broad enough spectrum of the American public to win the election, as opposed to the guy who appeals most strongly to the party base. So while we have all sorts of folks on the “Stop Mitt Romney” bandwagon, I think that prudent conservatives might want to consider this bit of polling data.

Although President Barack Obama is running behind his 2008 showings in the three key swing states against Gov. Mitt Romney, he actually does better against the other GOP aspirants — including Herman Cain — than he did against Sen. John McCain. That may not be surprising given the president’s substantial name recognition edge on any of his challengers. His wide lead over most of the field and his neck-and-neck race with Romney show that the dissatisfaction with the president as evidenced by his mid-40s percent job approval and weak ‘deserves a second term’ ratings hasn’t translated into affection for his GOP challengers.

In other words, we right now have only one candidate who is showing that he has what it takes to beat Barack Obama. That candidate is Mitt Romney. So all of the folks who are out to derail Romney are effectively saying they would prefer four more years of Obama rather than the most conservative electable candidate.

So let me be quite clear on this matter.

I’m not happy with our current crop of candidates in the GOP. I would have liked to cast my primary ballot for John Bolton, Eric Cantor, or Paul Ryan. I would have settled for Mitch Daniels or Tim Pawlenty. I still struggle with where to place my support, though the last few weeks are clarifying my decision on where my support must go. But in the end, I find only one GOP candidate to be totally unacceptable to me (Ron Paul), and I see there as being no possibility of his getting the nomination so he does not enter my consideration at all.

To those of you who are insisting upon destroying the one candidate who is currently demonstrating electability in order to get something akin to purity, I offer the following heartfelt observation -- I think that you are looking at things from the wrong perspective. What you frame as “not voting for the lesser of two evils” is also legitimately framed as “making the perfect the enemy of the good”. And like it or not, none of the viable GOP candidates qualifies as perfect — but at the same time, none of them can be legitimately labeled as “evil”, either.

In the wake of the Reagan presidency, I’ve never found a GOP nominee who “checks all the boxes” for me. However, I realize that our system gives us only two real choices for president each cycle. When presented with only two legitimate choices for president (and it has been a century since there were more than two choices with a realistic chance of winning on the presidential ballot), a patriot must discern which one will be the best choice and select that one. That choice will rarely be one that the patriot considers perfect, but it is the best choice he or she can make for America.

Which leads us to 2012, and the possibility (dare I say likelihood) that it will come down to an Obama/Romney race. What choice does the true patriot have in such a situation? I suggest there is but a singlechoice.. Only fools, liars, and enemies of America can say that it would be better for America to have four more years of President Obama rather than four years of President Romney. To actively aid in Obama’s reelection by voting for him or passively aid in his reelection by not voting for the one viable opponent are morally indistinguishable acts in terms of the harm they will bring to America. As such, Obama opponents who fail to vote for that fail to vote for the single electable alternative must be classified as being members of one of the three groups mentioned in the previous sentence.

I know that is a harsh judgment — but even if one accepts the premise that a second Obama term will destroy the Democrat Party and guarantee conservative victory in 2016 cannot justify allowing the harm to America that such a result will do to our country. A more likely result will be the destruction of America — and do any of you really wish to aid in that outcome by refusing to sully your hands with a vote for Romney? Are you prepared to look in the eyes of your children and grandchildren and tell them that you preferred to bequeath them a country that was dealt a mortal wound by Obama rather than casting a vote for a candidate you dislike in order to mitigate the harm you knew would come if Obama gained a second term? I tell you truly – they will reply that you have earned nothing but their scorn and contempt.

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Comments on Something For All The Romney-Hating Conservatives To Consider

I get tired of unwarranted and unjust criticism of Mitt Romney. It sounds like people try to put labels on him just to defeat him, but honestly don't describe him. He's calm and in control, but doesn't like to be treated unfairly and will respond to that. He's the same way with our country. He loves our country and thinks it's exceptional. I think Mitt Romney is exceptional both in talent and character. I think he's being treated grossly unfairly by some of the conservative talk show hosts--Hannity, Limbaugh, and Levin. This isn't the time to plant seeds of distrust in a wonderful man willing to go through this unwarranted and untrue criticism for his country.

|| Posted by leslie , November 11, 2011 05:10 AM ||

"So let me be quite clear on this matter."

So shall I be clear. I voted for Ford; I voted for Dole; I voted for Cain; I'm not going down that dirt road again. I'll not vote for Romney.
There are 32% of Republican voters who, each with his own valid reasons, who will not vote for Romney. Go ahead and trot him on out there if you like Obama so much because he is who you will get.

|| Posted by OlderThanDirt, November 12, 2011 11:33 PM ||

You've got it ass-backwards. Romney will win against Obama. Any other nominee is toast. Your REJECTION of Romney will bring about the reelection of Obama -- so just go ahead and cast your vote for him and feel oh-so-pure when you do so (because any vote for any candidate besides Romney -- or a presidential vote left blank -- is a vote for Obama).

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, November 13, 2011 08:58 AM ||

By the way, OTD, I direct you to this sentence:

Only fools, liars, and enemies of America can say that it would be better for America to have four more years of President Obama rather than four years of President Romney.

Which one are you -- fool, liar, or enemy of America?

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, November 13, 2011 09:00 AM ||

My apologies Rhymes, didn't intend to get under your skin. That thin skin does get in the way of rational thought, doesn't it?

|| Posted by OlderThanDirt, November 13, 2011 11:13 AM ||

You are not under my skin -- but it does concern me that you care less for America than you do for ideological purity. Go get an Obama 2012 sticker and put it on your car.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, November 14, 2011 06:15 AM ||

Oh Rhymes, I feel your pain. Your upset, did they lock you out of the country club? You didn't receive your engraved Tees for Christmas? Well, you go right ahead an hug up to Mittens, I'm sure he'll help you get your card back. You both will have ample time for rounds and rounds after the election.

And Rhymes, they don't sell Obama paraphernalia in my neighborhood, you'll have to wear that sticker solo.

|| Posted by OlderThanDirt, November 14, 2011 10:38 PM ||

Country club -- never been able to afford one and never been interested in belonging anyway. I work for a living. That's why I want Obama gone. Too bad you feel differently, being one of those faux conservatives will aid and abet the reelection of the Kenyan's son by refusing to vote for Romney if he is the GOP nominee.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, November 15, 2011 07:24 PM ||

It's going to be the height of irony watching the Democratic Attack Machine tarring Mitt Romney with the "extremist" brush given how lowly regarded by "extremists" he has been.

The Anyone But Mitt brigade is predicated on the belief that a more conservative candidate could beat Obama in 12 months. The other side of this belief is that if s/he can't beat Obama, s/he will make it easier to win in 2016.

This ignores two facts: the viciousness of the Democratic Attack Machine, and the devastation 4 more years of this administration can bring on the country.

It would be nice to believe that next Autumn will be a repeat of Nov 1980, and that the election will usher in a new GOP era. Too bad Obama isn't Carter; he has Chicago operatives willing to bring knives to a fist fight. The Elites were more antagonistic to Carter's administration, but they have been completely bought off in the current one. They have much to lose, especially the mainstream media which is desperate to salvage the Obama brand that it helped build. The GOP nominee will have everything thrown at him, and will be forced through a veritable s**tstorm of lies, deceit and dirty tricks. Anyone who believes otherwise should study the history of "Beirut on the Lake."

Who could survive that? Only Mitt. Newt has 20 years of baggage. Cain is toast. Perry isn't ready. Paul is crazy, and Santorum is a loser. Romney is far from perfect but at least he can survive the barrage, and appear presidential doing so.

True conservatives won't sacrifice their country on an ideological bonfire. 4 more years of Obama would mean 4 more years of overregulation, crony capitalism, pointless wars, apologies to our enemies (and in the case of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, our friends), and a nuclear Iran.

Would President Romney do any of that? He may not be a true conservative, but he will at least give true conservatives a seat at the table and allow them to develop a deep bench of future conservative leaders. Under Obama we would be in the wilderness - and so would our country.

|| Posted by Scott Kirwin, November 17, 2011 01:01 PM ||

I've got news for all of you, especially you Rhymes With Right. This country has been scheduled for destruction by the Democrats AND the Republicans. They all are following the agenda which will lead the world into a "One World Government", which will fulfill the prophesies of Revelations by giving the Anti-Christ power over every nation on earth. What does it matter whether we get there with a Democrat or Republican President. If we can't elect someone who is not a "One Worlder" we are lost anyway.

This country has become sick and depraved, the habitation of every foul wicked spirit and demon. It has rejected Christian morality and godly righteousness and has accepted the lie that man is his own god. So much so that we have every despicable manner of sexual perversion, homosexuality, child rape even by priests of the church, adultery, lesbianism, rape and beastiality. We murder millions of unborn children without blinking an eye. This society has become so depraved that it welcomes into our schools, our churches and our culture the Satan worshipping, blood thirsty religion of Islam while we actively seek to destroy Christianity.

If we do not get serious about destroying 100 years of Progressivism in this country, we are lost. The lesser of two evils will not save us.

I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is... but neither Romney or Newt Gingrich will help us. They will further the One World Government agenda of the CFR. They will both lead us deeper into Hell.

|| Posted by TC, November 17, 2011 08:00 PM ||

Got Meds?

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, November 18, 2011 05:31 PM ||

To TC: Why is it that most who reference the Bible never seem to know that the last book of the New Testament is "REVELATION," not RevelationS.

But that is more of an aside. I agree. Why are the candidates not asked about continued support for the UN, IMF and other nefarious organizations that take our money yet work to hurt and destroy us at the same time. If we know that people like Soros are enemies of America, why are they not prosecuted, citizenship revoked, prevented from coming and leaving this country? There is no mystery behind these people other than who they are paying off.

It does take a leader who can see the long term and take actions to protect our domain and not capitulate under the belief that we will all be better off under some mis-guided concept of one world government. Just look at how well the Euro Zone and the EURO has worked out. But when you have a dictator and a police state, then what the clowns in Belgium or whereever feel like it, they can force compliance because in that world there is no constitution or second amendment.

What many people don't understand is that we are under attack and have been for a long time. But they are too busy worrying about their unions and entitlements to be bothered seeing the big picture. They only care about who will provide their next meal. We are already dumbed down. The socialists have won in the education of the next generation.

|| Posted by Aguila2011, November 22, 2011 04:54 AM ||
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