December 26, 2011

How DARE A Republican Comment On Michelle Obama's Ample Backside!

HufPo writer Bonnie Fuller is OUTRAGED that Congressman James Sensenbrenner would dare to comment on the size of First Lady Michelle Obama's butt. So much so that she makes five rambling, mutually contradictory points condemning Sensenbrenner's comment, which was part of a phone call overheard by an eavesdropper.

Congressman, your behavior is wrong on so many levels, I am completely horrified.

#1) It is rude for ANY man to comment on what he perceives as ANY woman's figure flaws.

#2) It is hellacious behavior to do this to our First Lady, who deserves your respect. Her husband was elected by the American people and she graciously works to represent our country internationally and to help as many Americans as she can, in her unpaid position.

#3) Michelle Obama is NOT a political figure. She is not out there attacking you or any other Republicans and should not be the subject of personal attack. Her efforts to reduce obesity especially childhood obesity are HUGELY commendable because we have a HUGE problem in this country. Over 33.8 percent of U.S. adults are obese ,as are 17 percent of children and teens.

#4) Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You sir, ARE FAT! Apparently, one of your favorite foods is cheetos and it shows! If you were smart, you would get with Michelle Obama's program and get moving!

#5) The disrespect you showed for the First Lady is actually disrespect for our institution of the Presidency itself. Is that what you wanted to show? Would you show equal disrespect for a Republican First Lady and how would you feel if a Democrat attacked a Republican First Lady? Actually how would you feel if someone said this about YOUR wife? You'd probably be the first to scream about it.

I'll respond to the five points made:

1) Arguably true -- if you apply this equally to a man's waistline or hairline.

2) What has Michelle Obama done to deserve my respect? Take a huge pay increase after her husband's Senate election (followed shortly by earmarks for her employer)? Or her patient-dumping program on behalf of that not-for-pr­ofit hospital? And do you feel the same sort of respect should have been paid by liberals to Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, or Laura Bush -- all of whom hand more class and dignity as First Lady and were attacked frequently­? Indeed, let's consider the jab that this prominent Democrat took at former First Lady Nancy Reagan

Classy, ain't it?

3) Michelle Obama is a political figure -- and has been since she was her husband's surrogate during the 2008 campaign. She attacked the GOP then, and has done so since then.

4) Ah, a violation your own rule #1 -- or do you not believe in the equality of the sexes, and therefore believe that attacks on a man's physical flaws are acceptable­?

5) If Obama grows a pair and discovers his manhood, he can take the matter up with the congressma­n -- this Republican might even support him punching out Sensenbren­ner in that case. But don't forget that Sensenbren­ner's comment was made in a cellphone call overheard by an eavesdropp­ing busybody who ran to the press -- so I hope you will show similar outrage when your friends and relations insult First Lady Ann Romney in private conversati­ons after her husband's inaugurati­on next January.

Oh, and by the way, about that sixth point that you make on your website.

#6) Mrs. Obama is in fantastic shape and does NOT have a large derriere. She is a natural pear-shape, which means that she is genetically built to be wider through her hips and backside, like millions of American women, including Kim Kardashian and J lo. Insulting Michelle Obama’s butt is the same as insulting those millions of American women.

In other words, the Congressman is right -- but you choose to redefine terms in order to make her amply-endowed backside acceptable. No wonder HuffPo wouldn't include that point on their website -- it discredits everything that comes before it. Besides -- comparing Michelle Obama to any member of the Kardashian HOrde is an indignity bigger that Sensenbrenner's offense..

FYI -- Sensenbrenner offered a written apology to Michelle Obama.

Am I defending Sensenbrenner's comment? No, I'm not. Ought it have been made where it could be overheard? No, it should not have been. But I find it hard to get worked up over what was essentially a catty comment made in a private conversation -- and find the overwrought wails of the Left to be much more offensive, given the insults and hate speech regularly directed at conservative women.

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Comments on How DARE A Republican Comment On Michelle Obama's Ample Backside!

Sensenbrenner was right, for cripe's sake -- Michelle has a HUGE butt. If this was a Democrat congressman remarking a GOP first lady's backside, the writer would be writing a humor column backing UP the congressman.

I also love how NOW it's "disrespectful" to the First Lady and president to make such comments. Idiots like Fuller must have been living in a cave from 2001-2008.

|| Posted by Hube, December 26, 2011 10:20 AM ||
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