February 14, 2012

Keith Olbermann Makes Bigoted Tweet

After getting called out by Washington Times columnist Henry D'Andrea regarding his dismissal of Occupy movement women who filed rape charges against their fellow Occupiers, Keith Olbermann offered the following tweet in reply.



Not only does he double-down on calling rape victims liars, but he engages in rank religious bigotry by referring to the Washington Times as a Moonie-owned "newspaper". Apparently the religion of the paper's owner is a legitimate basis to dismiss it as a source.

Seems to me that ÜberDouche may qualify for his own "Worst Person In The World" award for his own flight into religious bigotry. After all, if Bill O'Reilly, Shep Smith, or any other conservative media figure dismissed the New York Times as a Jew-owned "newspaper", they would certainly receive that "honor" -- and quickly be on the receiving end of a Media Matters orchestrated campaign demanding that they be fired.

But then again, when you are an Al Gore employed liberal with a history of mental instability, violent outbursts, and verbal abuse of women, calling rape victims liars and engaging in religious hate speech isn't a glitch -- its a feature.

And about those rapes that Bathtub Boy denies, let me offer some highlights.

So, Keith -- ready to make that retraction yet?

And is Current TV ready to suspend or fire their sexist, rape-denying religious bigot?

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Comments on Keith Olbermann Makes Bigoted Tweet

People who treat rape and false accusations of rape as political tools and elevate or disregard the victims purely out of "ideological purity" are disgusting and truly vile.

I remember one time watching "Citizen X" - a HBO movie based on the real serial killer in the Soviet Union. Due to their own "Political Correctness" they could not acknowledge that in their "superiod Soviet society" that such a man could exist.

I remember thinking, quite smugly if I'm being honest, how screwed up the Soviet system was. EVERYTHING was viewed through the Communist lens, and everthing had a political dimension.

I'm not so smug anymore. We have done this to ourselves. I mean, sure, I hate PCness, and do not participate in it - but as an American I live with it every day.

So according to PC culture a rape victim (or multiple rape victims) raped at a gathering of people of one particular ideology is a "non-event". These were credible reports. Rapes, robberies, theft, violence, drug over doses etc - and it's not "politically correct".

And my incrementalism even those that oppose such ideas and actions accept that it is a part of our culture.

Compare and contrast to the Duke Lacross rape case where a woman (Crystal Mangum) made a false rape charge against 3 white players.

1) She had done almost exactly the same thing 10 years earlier. The press would not touch it.

2) Two of the victims had credible alibis (one had an airtight one - caught on ATM cam). The press kept pretending the victim, due to being black and "poor" (and, oh, a FELON on parole) was only to be treated with kid gloves.

3) Crystal Mangum has subsequently been arrested for arson, and is now awaiting trial for murdering her boy friend.

I guess when you send the message that you are "a special protected class" and won't be punished that ..... you'll act like you can act with impunity.


Olberman and his ilk of PC leftists do not care one whit about real rape victims, or victims of false allegations. They view everything through the prism of politics. If there is one person of "correct" ideology, or color, or gender then that person is the victim - facts be damned.

If the victim was hurt by someone who shares the PC ideology then the victim must, AT BEST, suffer in silence, and should they dare to speak up - they must be crushed.

Olberman's a jerk - but he's symtomatic of the PC / Leftist views that all problems must first and always be judged by politics and not objective truth.

Like I said - when I look back how how smug I was when I used to sneer at the Soviet system, and then I look around at our society today .....I'm not so smug anymore.


|| Posted by Steven, February 15, 2012 03:22 PM ||
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