March 13, 2012

CNN Runs False Propaganda Piece By Contraceptive Sponge

Sandra Fluke, who believes she has a human right to sponge off the American people rather than spend $9 a month for her contraceptives, was given another challenge-free opportunity to make her fact-free case for overriding the First Amendment rights of Americans of faith over at

Last month, students from several Catholic universities gathered to send a message to the nation that contraception is basic health care. I was among them, and I was proud to share the stories of my friends at Georgetown Law who have suffered dire medical consequences because our student insurance does not cover contraception for the purpose of preventing pregnancy.

So let's make this clear -- this is not about access to birth control. By Fluke's own admission, this is about forcing those with religious and moral objections to paying for birth control to do so despite their desire to exercise their First Amendment rights to freely practice their religion. Rather than pay $9 a month at Target or Walmart (or go a few blocks to that Planned Parenthood clinic which might even provide it to them for even less), Sandra Fluke and her fellow contraceptive sponges want to get their birth control for free. So much for keeping the government out of the sex lives of Americans.

But later on in the piece, after lamenting that some Americans might use other parts of their First Amendment rights to oppose her crusade to limit the rights of Americans of faith, this long-time left-wing activist who is represented by a former Obama Administration official and who dates the son of a million-dollar Democrat donor puts forth the following lie.

In fact, more than 60% of Americans support this regulation and affordable access to contraception, according to the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation.

Actually, that is two lies in one.

First, the Kaiser Family Foundation leans Left, and is a long-time supporter of expanded government involvement in health care. It was a major supporter of ObamaCare. That is no surprise, given that the organization originated from a major managed care company.

Second, while the self-serving KFF poll may indeed show support for the president's birth control mandate, consider that later polls show something quite different --namely that most Americans believe that the government should not be forcing religious organizations to violate their beliefs by paying for birth control, and even that non-religious employers should be permitted to opt out of such coverage.

Clearly the American people have greater respect for the First Amendment than Ms. Fluke. But then again, that is no surprise, given that Ms. Fluke chose to enroll at Georgetown law in the first place so that she could work to force her religious beliefs on an institution founded upon and operated according to religious beliefs that she opposes.

Which makes Fluke's concluding sentence a farce.

I am proud to stand with the millions of women and men who recognize that our government should legislate according to the reality of our lives -- not for ideology.

That a woman whose entire claim to fame is her effort to impose her ideology on others to demand that ideology not be the basis for policymaking is not merely a joke -- it is the height of hypocrisy. After all, Sandra Fluke is an ideologue seeking to have her ideology legislated upon the rest of us.

And by the way -- it won't just be contraception that Americans of faith will be forced to pay for under the new health care mandate. The Obama Regime has now determined that you will be paying for abortion as well- despite promises by Democrat leaders from the president on down that abortion would not be covered under the president's legislation. It won't be long until your church is required to pay for abortions for all church employees in the church insurance plan.

So let's be clear on this -- there is no "war on women". As my blogger buddy over at Urban Grounds notes (in language a bit more pointed than I would use) in response to someone claiming such a war exists over on Twitter:

Dear Ms. Bambi (or any of her fellow War on Womyn comrades): What choices have you had taken away?

  • Are you still able to get your abortions? Yes, you are. And, if you go to Planned Parenthood’s baby-killing factory, you can even get them tax-payer subsidized.

  • Are you still able to get the contraception of your choice, whether that be rubbers or birth control pills? Are you still able to walk into a CVS and buy a pack of rubbers without anybody stopping you?

  • Are you still able to go home and then have sex with whomever you choose (assuming they are of a legally consenting age and also happen to consent)? And then also choose to use (or not use) which ever contraceptive device you chose?

  • As far as I know, we still let you womyn folks drive cars and vote, too, right?

  • Womyn college graduates now outnumber male graduates 3 to 2, so it looks like you have ample educational choices at your disposal.

  • Other than NFL football player and President of the United States, there are no jobs that you are barred from. So the choice of jobs is still yours…even if it is in a traditionally female role of ”teacher.”

The truth is, sweetie, that there is no War on Womyn. Except for in your perpetually-outraged and eternal-victimhood mindset.

However, there is certainly a war on religious freedom being directed out of the White House itself. It is time for all Americans of good will to demand that the Obama respect the First Amendment -- and that he begin by putting an end to this to force religious Americans to burn incense before the altar of birth control and abortion despite their religious beliefs to the contrary.

H/T Gateway Pundit

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