March 22, 2012

The Simple Truth About Mitt Romney As The GOP Nominee

In the end, it doesn't matter if you love Mitt Romney or hate Mitt Romney. It doesn't matter which of the candidates you supported in the primary -- or if you have longed for an open convention to pick someone else. The goal, you see, is to get Obama out of the White House so that we can begin the long-term project of setting America back on the proper course. Romney may not be the ideal conservative many of us might hope for, but he is an improvement, as Brady Cremeens so aptly points out.

Many conservatives have voiced their intentions to stay home on election day if Mitt Romney is their only choice against Obama. This worries me greatly. I would never ask you, if you arenít doing so already, to vote for Romney in the primaries. I certainly didnít. I implore you, however, to cast your vote for him in the general election.

Worst case scenario: Heís a middle-centrist squish who governs as a moderate, like he did in Massachusetts. Thatís the worst case scenario. We already know Barack Obama to be a radical leftist who will enrage even his own base to force his dangerous agenda.

It is more important for the future of our great nation to defeat Barack Obama than any other incumbent President in our history.

Vote for Mitt Romney because his Vice President wonít be Joe Biden.

Vote for Mitt Romney, because his economic plan and experience is the succulent grapes to Obamaís dried raisins. He has the business experience that our nation needs to undo the problems created by those with largely no business experience.

Vote for Mitt Romney. He wonít alienate Americaís friends and cater to her enemies. America will be a safer, more secure place with him in the White House.

Vote for Mitt Romney because, assuming he follows through on his word (and he surely will with a Republican House/potentially Republican Senate, as he has no chance of being reelected if he reneges), he will repeal Obamacare. Even if you are unsure about Mittís desire to repeal, itís still more logical to elect the guy who might over the guy who surely will not.

Vote for Mitt Romney, if for no other reason than his love for America is apparent and his obvious patriotism is refreshing and appropriate for the office of the President of the United States, and is so lacking in our current President.

It would be nice to elect a President that actually likes America and her citizens. Mitt Romney does.

Vote for Mitt Romney in order to help beat Barack Obama. For those paying any attention at all, thatís the only reason needed.

Ronald Reagan would have understood this calculus quite well. He would have recognized in Romney someone who was an improvement on the status quo, and who would more often than not be with us as conservatives. Remember his wisdom.


And in addition, there is the reality that a conservative House and a newly Republican Senate are useless as long as Barack Obama is in the White House. He'll wield that veto pen and we will not have a veto-proof majority. With a GOP-controlled Congress and Romney in the White House, there is a real chance at a conservative outcome -- maybe not as conservative as some of us might want, but conservative none the less. And that, my friends, would be important for America.

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