March 31, 2012

Exactly What Other Option, Nancy?

Would it be lynching, or merely a bill of attainder?

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said that while she supports the investigation into the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin that is taking place in the justice system, “other options” should be considered "if that doesn't seem to be working."

“We all supported an investigation that is taking place,” Pelosi said at her Thursday news conference when asked if Congress should hold hearings on the case. “I think that’s an issue in the justice system, and if that doesn’t seem to be working then consider some other options, but I’m pleased that the investigation is going forward.”

What does the woman want done if there is no indictment? What does she want done if George Zimmerman is not convicted should there be an indictment? There really is no other option that conforms with our laws and our Constitution. That's why we have to let the system work -- and accept the outcome, even if it isn't what the public opinion polls demand. Anything else is unAmerican.

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Comments on Exactly What Other Option, Nancy?

Greg: What does the woman want done if there is no indictment?

Change the law so that in the future people can't claim self-defense when they chase and kill a kid coming home from buying candy.

|| Posted by Zachriel, April 1, 2012 08:24 AM ||

thats your version of events. you were not thier and niether was I but murder is murder and if he had doen exactly as you propse he would be charged with murder.

1. their is evidence that zimmerman was the one attacked and at the point that martin was straddled on top of zimmerman pounding his head against the concrete and punching zimmerman. whatever transpired up to that point zimmerman is under no obligation to allow himself to be beaten unconscious.

the evidence was pysical blood and cuts and broken nose,

witnesses who say they saw martin on top of zimmerman.

so how do you propose to change the law to ignore that? zac?

|| Posted by rumcrook™, April 1, 2012 11:31 AM ||

The question concerned Pelosi's comments, which presupposes certain conclusions about the Martin killing. You indicated that she was proposing something "un-American", which is clearly not the case. She was suggesting legislation. She is a legislator, after all.

As for your other point, the police did not take photographs of Zimmerman's injuries, nor was he sent to the hospital, so they must have been minimal. The person screaming for help was apparently not Zimmerman. If you chase someone, the person being chased is the one with the right to self-defence.

|| Posted by Zachriel, April 1, 2012 03:00 PM ||

That's a lot of ifs.

You were not thier, but some witnesses were and the last thing they saw was Martin on top of zimmerman beating him.

All you propose are your subjective wishes as to what happened.
And aparently your opinion is also that zimmerman should have waited till he was near death before shooting.

Bottom line there is no proof he was chased. Followed? Yes, but you have no legal right to stradle someone and try to beat them unconscious for that.

|| Posted by rumcrook, April 1, 2012 03:43 PM ||

Gotta disagree with you, Zachriel. Her very choice of words indicates she is not proposing legislation to prevent anything in the future. She is clearly looking for something else to be done about this case.

Of course, I did leave off two other options -- an ex post facto law (another violation of the Constitution, like a bill of attainder) or an Obama-ordered drone strike against Zimmerman.

And one other note -- being followed does not constitute a lawful basis for attacking someone.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, April 1, 2012 09:30 PM ||

rumcrook: Bottom line there is no proof he was chased. Followed? Yes

Girlfriend: “When he say this man behind him again, he come and say, this look like he about to do something to him." "And then Trayvon come and said the man was still behind him, and then I come and say, ‘Run!’

Zimmerman: “S — , he’s running.”

Operator: “Are you following him?”

Zimmerman: “Yeah.”

Operator: “OK, we don’t need you to do that.”

Martin was talking on his cell phone using a headset before the incident. He probably was sauntering about, as most kids do when talking to a girlfriend. Shortly thereafter, you have a scared kid, urged on by his girlfriend, being chased in the dark.

Zimmerman had said he just got out of his truck to check the address, and that Martin had jumped him as he returned. Martin was killed in a backyard area. Zimmerman's story is obviously not accurate.

|| Posted by Zachriel, April 2, 2012 06:02 AM ||

Rhymes with Right: Of course, I did leave off two other options -- an ex post facto law (another violation of the Constitution, like a bill of attainder) or an Obama-ordered drone strike against Zimmerman.

That's just silly. She's a legislator.

|| Posted by Zachriel, April 2, 2012 06:07 AM ||

this is from Studious Citizen a commentor at this link and it cuts to the real point.

A bad decision alone does not deserve or beget a murder conviction.

In this case, Martin’s far worse judgement in attacking, pinning, and verbally threatening Zimmerman’s life (not just poor judgement, but criminal action) is what should be lamented, not Zimmerman’s decision to keep a guy within his sight.

Sitting in a vehicle and waiting for police to show up does not make you safe. It makes you a mostly-blind sitting duck. Given that Zimmerman observed Martin reaching into his waistband and “mean-mugging” Zimmerman from afar, Zimmerman had reason to believe Martin was armed. A suspicious, likely-armed man running off behind some buildings to get out of your line of sight is NOT someone you should just forget about. Sitting in your car where your motion is limited to one axis (forward or backward) and your vision is limited is a bad idea in that situation.

Zimmerman had to stay put for police to find him. I would have done the same thing Zimmerman did: attempt to keep Martin in sight, attempt to find a street sign or address to give the dispatcher, and then walk back to my vehicle where I would stand outside my vehicle and stay alert until police arrived.

Unfortunately, Martin got the jump on Zimmerman, punched him, breaking his nose and knocking him to the ground, and then proceeded to slam his head into the pavement. Zimmerman attempted to move off of the pavement to the grass. In the scuffle to move off the pavement, Zimmerman says his Kel Tec PF9 was revealed, at which point Martin said something to the effect of “You’re going to die now. You’re going to die tonight.” Zimmerman had, during this exchange, cried out for help to a witness who simply ran inside, locked his door, and called 911 (the witness named John). It is reasonable to assume that IF Martin spotted the firerm, he probably tried to wrestle for control of it. So leading up to the shot being fired, Martin still has Zimmerman pinned, has threatened his life, had smashed his head into the concrete, is not showing any signs of yielding or retreating, is presumably wrestling for control of the gun, and the only apparent witness to the ongoing incident has just fled and left you to die. Anyone put in Zimmerman’s situation who does not believe their life is in imminent peril is, to put it bluntly, a f***ing moron.

In short, Zimmerman acted appropriately leading up to the incident, and was completely justified in using lethal force to save his own life.

my caveat is to the above is that I dont know how legally culpable zimmerman is for having put himself into an ever escalating spiral towards the shooting. but the evidence does NOT support anything close to a murder charge.

|| Posted by rumcrook™, April 2, 2012 01:08 PM ||

also it is not aparent that the person screaming was NOT zimmerman.

a witness has already said they viewed zimmerman screaming for help with martin on top and the experts have made an awful lot of assumptions in order to say it MAY not be zimmerman.

heres more on the audio "experts"

and you say his injuries must be minimal you pulled that from where the sun dont shine. here is a nieghbor on what zimmerman looked like

and more on the injuries via the police vid.

ABCNews Retracts Claim That George Zimmerman Wasn't Injured?

If you remember, ABCNews ran a police-station surveillance video of the night George Zimmerman was brought in for questioning, right after the shooting. The video, they claimed, did not show injuries.

There were a couple of problems with this assertion. The first was that ABCNews threw a useless chyron over the most important image on the tape -- over George Zimmerman's head -- prompting the question: Why would you obscure what you claim is tell tale evidence?

For another thing, if you look at the tape without that chyron blocking your view, you can see something that looks like a gash on the back of his head.

Well, the Orlando Sentinel says ABCNews showed a new version of the tape and it appears that Zimmerman's head is in fact gashed, just as thought.

Reporter Matt Gutman said the clearer video shows "what appear to be a pair of gashes or welts on George Zimmerman's head."

Neighborhood Watch volunteer Zimmerman has said he shot 17-year-old Trayvon in self-defense. The video shows Zimmerman arriving at the Sanford Police Department within an hour after the shooting.

Gutman said the video had been "clarified" by Forensic Protection Inc. Former FBI Special Agent Brad Garrett told ABC that the clearer video shows "marks on the back of Mr. Zimmerman's head."

|| Posted by rumcrook™, April 2, 2012 01:45 PM ||

what cannot be disputed by anyone is the witchhunt atmosphere ginned up by certain politicians, leftist agitators, race hustlers and tribalists who want what they want irrespective of following the rule of law.

|| Posted by rumcrook™, April 2, 2012 01:51 PM ||
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