May 08, 2012

White House Condemns Romney For Not Rebuking Treason Accusation

By now, we've all heard the non-story made into a story about some woman at a Mitt Romney event accusing Barack Obama of treason in the course of a rambling question about separation of powers. Why this even merits being treated as a news event is beyond me, as the words came from a heretofore anonymous private citizen, not the candidate, a spokesperson, or a campaign surrogate.

Here's the video.

Of course, the professional Left (like the folks from ThinkProgress), the news media, and the Obama Campaign/Regime went nuts because some woman randomly selected to ask a question said something a bit goofy and Romney didn't berate/Denounce her, but instead answered her actual question.

Which is amusingly hypocritical, given this from a couple of days ago.


Oddly, nobody from the Obama Campaign/Regime denounced those comments reported by BuzzFeed reporter Zeke Miller. I guess not all treason charges by anonymous supporters are created equal.

Or these words from Obama's campaign manager.

President Barack Obama’s top campaign adviser simultaneously described some of the president’s critics as “contract killers” and lauded Obama’s campaign for a positive vision.

Presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney is being aided by “the Karl and Koch brothers’ contract killers in super PAC land,” David Axelrod, Obama’s senior political consultant, said May 7.

Because, after all, engaging in political speech that criticizes Barack Obama and his platform is exactly the same as murder for hire, First Amendment be damned. So you know, we wont get a disavowal there.

And let's not forget the official Obama policy on disavowals.

Democrats are capitalizing on comments made at town hall by a woman asking a question who said President Obama should be tried for treason, comments not immediately disavowed by Mitt Romney. In 2011, during a Labor Day rally with Obama rally, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa said Democrats should “take these [Republican] sons of bitches out”. WH Advisor Daniel Pfeiffer responded in an interview with AM 630 that officials shouldn't be responsible for everything said and don't have to serve as the “speech police.”

In other words, when a close ally speaking on the same platform as the President calls the president's opponents "sons of bitches", the President can keep his mouth shut and still be considered to be a strong leader -- but when mitt Romney doesn't correct some anonymous person asking him a question, he is a weak leader. Got it -- either the standard is different for Obama or the standard has changed since last year.

Personally, here's how I would have answered that treason aside (JoshuaPundit offers a different response).

Ma'am, I love our Constitution, and am particularly fond of the Aticle III, Section 3 definition of treason as only consisting of making war on the United States or adhering to and giving aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States. Based upon the only definition of treason our Constitution recognizes, I don't believe that Barack Obama has, in fact, committed treason against the United states, despite his many other failings while in office. At the same time I would rather not say anything more, lest I prejudge and influence the outcome of any investigation of Barack Obama that may occur at some future date.

Which, of course, is why I would make a terrible candidate for President.

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Comments on White House Condemns Romney For Not Rebuking Treason Accusation

The Traitor in chief along with his minions need to all face charges of TREASON and let the chips fall where they may.

|| Posted by Carl Christopherson, May 12, 2012 02:07 PM ||
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