June 28, 2012

Today's Big Story, Part I -- The ObamaCare Decision

I've been expecting this to be the day for the ObamaCare decision to be handed down by the Supreme Court for some time now. Sure, I've diligently checked the internet for the half-hour between 10:00 and 10:30 AM EDT for updates on recent decision days in case I was wrong, but I figured the case would be the last one decided for the 2011-2012 SCOTUS term, and unless the high court were going to go into July, this would be the last decision day in June.

Well, the day is here.

I've heard various predictions. 5-4 to uphold. 5-4 to strike it all down. 5-4 to strike down the mandate while leaving most of the rest in place. I've even heard a suggestion of 6-3, with the Chief Justice voting to uphold the law so he could write a limited majority opinion. And don't forget the possibility of an outcome without a majority opinion -- sort of like Roe v. Wade.

My guess? It will be a 5-4 decision. The individual mandate will be struck down. I'd like to see the rest of the law done away with on the legal grounds that the lack of a severability clause AND the centrality of the mandate requires the rest of the law to be struck as well -- but I'm not sure that the justices are going to be able to muster a majority to go there (read that "I don't know that we can rely on Justice Kennedy to pull his head completely out of his hindquarters.")

One other point -- there will be no resignations announced today UNLESS there is a justice who has been hiding a serious (read that imminently terminal) illness. The earliest we will see a resignation is after the election (if Obama wins) or after the inauguration (if Romney wins). After all, there will be no confirmation of any replacement justice until after the election is decided.

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Comments on Today's Big Story, Part I -- The ObamaCare Decision

Just like the old adage of seeing something half empty instead of half full, many are viewing the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacare as a purely negative outcome. Sure, I would have liked the court to rule constitutionally and in a responsible fashion. Sure, I would have preferred the court use the law to base their decision instead of failed socialist ideologies. It would have also been nice to see the court use their power for the good of the nation instead of heading it towards a path of bankruptcy and despair.
However, in the Supreme Court's infinite wisdom they voted to uphold the Marxists principles which Obama holds so dearly. Though many despair because of this mindless decision, I see a positive side that far outweighs the negative which seem to hang so heavily over America's future.
Why? The answer is simple and can be summed up in one word: Complacency. It might seem over simplistic but it actually makes sense when you think about. First, you have to ask yourselves what got General Secretary Obama elected? It was the opposite of complacency: Motivation.
What the Democrats did in the last presidential election was motivate their base to go out and vote in droves. They got them to the polls. Through rhetoric such as hope and change they made everyone out in American feel as if they alone could make a difference just by voting for Obama. They made it feel that a vote for Obama would change the country for the better; a vote for Obama would make your life better; a vote for Obama would turn America into a true utopia. Though Obama and his failed policies could do none of this, people felt as if he do all of this and more. They were thus motivated to go out and vote.
However, times have changed. Obama is in power and his greatest assault against American freedom and Capitalism, Obamacare, was upheld. Now I ask: where's the motivation to Obama's supports? They already have what they want. If, however, Obamacare was repealed, there would have been a battle cry sent out by Obama and his Himmler-esk cronies. They would have berated the Republicans, chastised the courts and made it a point that if Obama were voted out of power this November, things would go back to the way things were during former President Bush's times. Obama would have sent the fear of God into people and made them think if Romney got into office, a Republican-driven Supreme Court would repeal civil rights, women's suffrage and all welfare-type programs. They would have painted a picture of the future filled with despair, filled with greedy capitalistic clones of Romney economically squashing the other 99% of society.
Instead of chanting, "Remember the Maine, down with Spain", they would be shouting, "Remember Obamacares, throw Romney down the stairs!" (Maybe not exactly, but I just wanted it to rhyme). It would have again provoked the masses to go and cast a vote towards economic insolvency- I mean for Obama.
Now you have to ask: who is motivated now? I can tell you. All the Republicans, members of the Tea party, the working class, people who actually pay taxes and everyone who owns any size business across the country. Now, we have the motivation. We have the battle cry. We have more a reason now to vote Obama out of office than before!
In fact, I'd like to thank the Supreme Court for their ruling. For at this moment the tide has turned against Obama and the path to his exit from the White House has become visible. Thank you for your nearsightedness. Thank you for your demagoguery. Thank you for total disregard to the Constitution. For it is through this act of total ignorance that we Americans will take back the White House and elect a real American into office!

|| Posted by Tired American, June 28, 2012 12:01 PM ||

Our POV isn't identical, but there are certainly substantial similarities.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, June 28, 2012 03:26 PM ||
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