July 07, 2012

Obama Sounds Just Like A Kid Failing My Class

It is an excuse that doesn't get me to change grades for them, and which doesn't garner any sympathy from me when used by one of the most powerful individuals in the world.

"I suspect that most people in Cincinnati would acknowledge that I've tried real hard...

I'm willing to accept -- just for the sake of argument -- that you have "tried real hard. But the end result is that you have failed at the major task that faced you when you became president -- getting the US economy back on an even keel.

The deficit us triple what it was under your predecessor. We long for the debt level under George W. Bush -- a debt level you declared to be unpatriotic. Not one more American has a job today than did when you took office -- despite the fact that there are 7 million or so more Americans today. You sold America a bill of goods with ObamaCare -- and still keep insisting that you didn't raise taxes with the program despite the fact that is manifestly untrue.

Fine, I'll give you an "E" for effort -- but an "F" for results.

And if you don't like the classroom analogy, how about a football one?

In the NFL, every head coach tries real hard -- but at the end of every season (and sometimes sooner) we see coaches fired. Every player tries real hard -- but some of them get cut in training camp, some get cut during the season, and others get cut after the final game is played. Never is it a question of whether or not they are liked or what their race is -- and only rarely is it a question of heart. It comes down to the results they have gotten -- and you have had a loosing season.

In other words, Mr. President, under the most charitable reading of your record, you need to go. Maybe you can find yourself a spot on the roster of the Arena Football League.

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Comments on Obama Sounds Just Like A Kid Failing My Class

I think our president thinks he get away with saying these things because he's a magician. First, he earned the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing. I guess pot smoking, public nudity and anti-American sentiment is all you need these days to earn an award given to such honorable people as Mother Theresa. Job numbers are down, unemployment is up, there is no plan for the next 4 years, we have no federal budget, our foreign policy is schizophrenic and the dollars is in the crapper. And despite all of this Obamaís approval rating still is above 40%. Now thatís the real magic! How could he do nothing right and still have any approval rating at all?

Maybe I can figure it out. What I learned about doing a real good illusion is a concept called misdirection. By definition misdirection is a form of deception in which the attention of an audience is focused on one thing in order to distract its attention from another. Well, I think that might just be the key. During the beginning of his tenure as president he misdirected all his failures towards President Bush, blaming him for the tanking economy and continued recession. More recently it looks like he used that same misdirection trick to disguise his abysmal tenure as president by blaming Greece, Europeís financial instability and the Republicanís inability to pass any his bills. However, when he had control of both houses the only thing he was able to pass was an unconstitutional bill that would bankrupt the country.

It also seems the media has picked up on this trick. Take for instance the Catholic Church. Instead of properly reporting Obamaís hatred towards the church and the justified laws suits he is facing from them, the media instead cover the airways with stories of priestís sexual misconducts. I understand Obama hates the Catholic Church but does that mean the news media has to also?

However, heís attempting to use his last bit of misdirection to get himself re-elected. Because he certainly canít run his campaign based upon his horrific record, he instead turned peopleís attention to Governor Romney. Using the media as if it were a government run propaganda machine, he has done everything to discredit and vilify his opponent and wife. The problem with this strategy is that Governor Romney actually has really strong credentials. He is an excellent businessman, governor, statesman and father. He was not a drug abuser, school skipper or deadbeat. Thus, Obama has turned to lies and other untruths in order to continue his misperception.

Well Mr. Obama, Iíve watched the FOX series Magic Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed and know what youíre doing. Itís just a matter of time the whole country comes to their senses and realize what a disaster the last few years have been with you in the White House.

|| Posted by Tired American, July 8, 2012 01:16 PM ||
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