July 26, 2012

I Back Romney's Call For Investigation Of Voter Participation Center

And what's more, I urge that the investigation not be confined to the swing-state of Virginia, but be expanded to include every single state where the VPC sent out registration forms.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign is asking Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to launch an investigation into voter-registration forms that are being sent to Virginia residents and addressed to deceased relatives, children, family pets and others ineligible to vote.

The errant mailings from the Washington-based nonprofit group Voter Participation Center have befuddled many Virginia residents, leading to hundreds of complaints.

The organization has been mass-mailing the forms pre-populated with key information such as names and addresses to primarily Democratic-leaning voting blocs such as young adults, unmarried women, African-Americans and Latinos.

In a letter to Cuccinelli's office and the State Board of Elections, Kathryn Bieber, an attorney for the Romney campaign, calls for an investigation into the matter by law-enforcement officials, claiming that the mailings appear to violate "at least one and maybe several Virginia laws aimed at ensuring a fair election."

Bieber refers to the mailings as "tactics that amount to, or at the very least induce, voter registration fraud," and says the issue "presents a very significant risk to the proper administration of the upcoming general election."

Citing a Sunday Richmond Times-Dispatch story that brought the mailings to light, the letter also asks the State Board of Elections to require registrars to reject all pre-populated voter registration applications from the group and review the eligibility of all Virginians who have registered in the past two months.

"This is the only way for voters and other interested parties to regain confidence in the voter registration and electoral process that has been abused by the Voter Participation Center," the letter says.

I know that Romney's request sounds harsh, and that my suggestion that it be a nationwide investigation in each of the fifty states (I have no confidence in the Obama Regime's Department of Just-Us under Attorney Private Eric Holder, given its repeated efforts to ensure dirty elections) sounds rather extreme. But we know that this effort to register the ineligible, the deceased, the non-human and the non-existent has been ongoing for some time. And this post of mine documents how my wife and I received THREE voter registration forms for fictitious names that my wife uses to subscribe to magazines -- forms so official looking that we initially believed they came from the state of Texas itself until a commenter pointed out differently .


Frankly, I'm surprised that we didn't get forms in the names of our three dogs -- two living, one recently deceased (a two-fer for the VPC) in addition to these three forms. But even without getting forms for the dogs, the fact that three fictitious individuals received registration forms from this group leads me to wonder how many other such forms ended up in the hands of Texas residents -- and how many unscrupulous folks sent them in to the Secretary of State in the postage-paid envelope. Then multiply that times 50 states and the District of Columbia, and you can see how this could influence the outcome of the election -- both in the national vote total and the all-important electoral vote if enough fraudulent swing-state registrations can be converted into fraudulent votes.

Now some folks may be taken aback by my vehemence on this subject, but you have to understand my background. I've been a precinct official in two states at different points over the last twenty-five years, and have seen how many registrations for the dead and the gone remain on the voter rolls for years after their departure from this life or the precinct where they are registered -- a recipe for fraud for the unscrupulous. Plus, I used to live in the Chicago area, and know what shenanigans are documented as happening there. Is it any wonder that this year, with a president playing Chicago-style politics, that I'm worried about fraud.

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Right now while we are watching politicians rave on and on about guns the labor unions and ACORN (and other as yet unknown groups) are preparing to steal the election in a couple of dozen critical counties in 5 or 6 swing states. In Florida there are four counties that determine the election results for the entire state. These counties are run by Democrats, the people who oversee elections are Democrats and the voter fraud will all favor Democrats. You will go to sleep on election night with a close election slightly favoring Romney and wake up to find that absentee ballots in some two dozen or so counties put Obama over the top. Once this is a done deal it cannot be repealed. Our history is full of stolen elections where the evidence was there for all to see and yet the vote stands. The famous Florida election of 2000 where the Democrats were seen stealing it on live TV is a good example of some of the techniques used. The only thing that prevented Gore from stealing that election was that he broke the law in the recount (counting only the four large Democrat counties when recall law required recounting all counties) and he took too long and exceeded the federal timeline where a decision had to be made. The reason they made these mistakes was simply over confidence. They (Democrats) had stolen elections all around the country in every close vote for decades and never got called on it so they expected to railroad this one through as well. Perhaps it was the shock of the people viewing it on TV or the handful of grass roots activists that showed up during the recount and raised hell. But for whatever reason the Democrats were caught with their pants down and their chads hanging. Don't expect them to make the same mistakes this time...

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