February 25, 2013

HuffPo Columnist Calls For Obama Dictatorship!

Well, it is sort of nice to see liberals display a little honesty and admit that they don't care what the Congress, the Courts, or the Constitution have to say -- Barack Obama must seize complete power and implement his policies by executive fiat.

As the best laid plans of our nation falter because of gridlock in our astonishingly dysfunctional Congress, we are all wondering who is in charge. The answer, of course, is President Obama, and for the most part, he has not been shy about using his executive power to get things done, but here is the funny thing: Despite the fact that the issues the president wants to address through executive action -- gun control, gay rights, clean energy, and financial relief for low and middle income Americans -- are all essential to the well-being of our nation, Republicans are hellbent on opposing it.

And from there he goes on to explain how the GOP puts forth a program mired in false patriotism and constitutional misinterpretation in the interest of furthering corporate oligarchy. You know, the standard crap that passes as deep thinking on the Left.

But then the author, Sanjay Sanghoee, goes for the gold.

America is not a true democracy but a republic, in which elected representatives of the people make decisions on our behalf, and the highest elected office is that of the president. In other words, when the citizens of America vote for a president, they are appointing a supreme leader to make decisions on their behalf. More importantly, the people impose a responsibility upon the holder of that office to make decisions and to take responsibility for the successful governing of our nation.

What this means is that when a president is confronted by inaction on the part of Congress or imminent threats to our nation's interests, then it is not just his right but his responsibility to do something about it. The buck stops at the Oval Office.

Got that -- the we didn't elect a chief executive subject to the limits of the Constitution and empowered to execute only laws passed by Congress. No, we elected a supreme leader who is now empowered to sweep away the constitutional separation of powers and checks and balances -- in short, a dictator who can rule singlehandedly, in defiance of both the Supreme Law of the Land and 225 years of Constitutional practice. Rather, it sounds like the sort of advice that sycophantic supporters would have whispered in the ears of the German chancellor in eight decades ago -- "Herr Hitler, Germany needs you to become supreme leader, bravely sweeping away the obstacles of democracy and instead leading us into a glorious new Reich!"

I hope and pray that this view does not take root in the Obama Administration any more than it already has -- for if it does, the day will soon arrive when America will have its own Reichstag fire and the tragedies that followed.

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Comments on HuffPo Columnist Calls For Obama Dictatorship!

Typical nut job. Obama is making a fool out of the media and the left. I would almost believe he is the anti Christ due to the fact that he has so many people fooled. People are scared, look at the rise in gun and ammo buys. You can't even buy a bullet. He is suppose to be the leader.....LOL instead he is causing all the problems. Wake up people and get educated, this man is pure evil or the worlds greatest tourist on the tax payers back.

|| Posted by Tom, February 27, 2013 11:30 AM ||

Rhymes With Right - HuffPo Columnist Calls For Obama Dictatorship!

|| Posted by sfxkmhecqz, February 13, 2017 05:02 AM ||

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|| Posted by ibuegefpw, February 17, 2017 10:34 PM ||

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|| Posted by cbefblv, February 24, 2017 04:27 AM ||
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