March 25, 2013

Democrat Party Official Orders Students To Stamp On The Name Of Jesus

I’ve been called a bigot and a hatemonger for daring to express my opposition to the teachings of Islam and the violence that is associated with that faith. I’ve had folks question my fitness to teach because I‘ve dared suggest – outside of my classroom, not in it – that Muhammad was a false prophet and that the Quran is not the work of the same deity that I worship as a Christian. Indeed, the words of this blog – selectively edited for maximum distortion – were used to tar the GOP in the area as an extremist group because i am a lowly precinct chair.

So why is there no national outrage when a Democrat official takes to his classroom and directs his students to trample the name of the Son of God?

In the olden days, universities taught how to think. Now they teach what to think. Educators make it easy for students by helping them swallow pre-formed opinions — coercively if necessary, as recently demonstrated in Deandre Poole’s Intercultural Communications class at Florida Atlantic University. From CBS Miami:

Ryan Rotella, a junior from Coral Springs, said the incident began when his professor, Dr. Deandre Poole, asked students in the class to write the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper, fold it up, and step on it.

Rotella, a deeply religious Mormon, told CBS12 that he was offended and refused to participate in the exercise.

After Rotella told Dr Poole’s supervisor about this outrageous assignment, the situation was resolved — Rotella was suspended from the class.


And I do mean WOW!

Burn a Quran and you’ll have national and international media condemning you and the President of the United States declaring your actions to be contrary to American values. Muslims will riot around the world over it. But if you do this you’ll be defended by your university, ignored by the media and our political leaders, and there will be not a single act of violence in protest.

Oh, yeah – and you’ll get to keep your position as the vice-chairman of the palm Beach Democrat Party. After all, Christians who actually believe and take their faith seriously are an easy and acceptable target today.

And if you dare to complain about such things, you will face a host of charges before a Kampus Kangaroo Kourt that will potentially end your entire academic career.

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Comments on Democrat Party Official Orders Students To Stamp On The Name Of Jesus

This story makes me so angry.

Why? Because double standards stick in my craw.

First - the Kangaroo Courts of our PC Univsity System:

I've seen first hand how the (well labeled) Kangaroo Courts operate in our universties.

During the rise of PC culture I was falsely accused of rape. It was, quite literally and without hyperbole, the most life altering and eye-opening event of my life. 2 decades have passed and still I think of it on a constant basis - mostly due to the fact that it was such a set up and a predetermined outcome.

You arrive and are often not told the meat of what you are accused of. Even if you are, the university does not play the part of unbiased investigator, but instead plays the part of advocate / investigator.

If YOU try to investigate by asking witnesses questions, you WILL be threatened with attempting to interfere with the investigation, and might well be charged with such.

You MIGHT be able to have a lawyer in attendence, but he or she CANNOT speak for you nor question anyone.

All tesimony you are REQUIRED to give, or else you'll almost certainly be found guilty and kicked out, is admissible in a court of law - how convenient.

All the folks judging you have been steeped in PC thinking / indoctrination and it'll show from their questions and show they are far from unbiased.

Be clear on that last part - are they, who work for the university, who have been vetted to sit on this board, and who have undergone many many seminars and training sessions to reaffirm their bona fides in PC thought REALLY going to find you innocent - and further to proclaim the liberal PC orthodoxy is wrong or that the university's policies are unjust?


Second: I always hear the refrain if liberals are asked "Would you do this if it were [PC Protected "special protected class" person / group] being treated this way - the response is "Of course" or "well, but, they are oppressed / minority, so therefore it's 'different' "

And it's always: "Well, this isn't the forum for that disucssion" - and we all know that forum will NEVER be convened. It's a dismissal / delaying tactic.

I would be extremely irritated if someone asked me to stomp on Mohammed's name. I think he was a mudering, double-dealing, pedophile, false prophet and all around scumbag, but he IS the prophet of a major religion and ... really, what are we gaining from doing it.

The secular progressive NEED to tear down Western Culture and strike at it's founders (Jesus or the Founders) in order to delegitimize them, and then build their utopian dream on Earth.

The fact that in every instance this has been tried it has failed does not matter to them. Why? Because even if they know it, and I believe many do, the path to riches, acceptance, and advancement lie before them - and while they'll rail against the rich, they want to become rich and famous themselves.

Modern PC liberalism is based on hypocrisy, elitism, and lies.

They don't want to live like they preach, they want to be amongst the great leaders not the peons they claim to love, and they make each and every situation "different" (never applying a single standard) and re-write history to do it.

Is anyone surprised by this event, or just amazed at how far and fast the PC movement has come in only 20 years?


|| Posted by Steven, March 27, 2013 04:47 PM ||

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