March 27, 2013

But What About Second Amendment Rights?

We’ve been hearing this argument about gay marriage recently – this time succinctly put by the person who blogs on behalf of Rachel Maddow.

Rights are not supposed to be open to popularity contests. Throughout American history, if all contentious decisions over civil rights were left solely to popular will and the political process, progress would have been very slow, indeed. It’s precisely why Americans have turned to their last available option — the courts — as a way of ensuring their rights are protected.

If they really believe this, I’m curious why liberals keep arguing to limit the right to keep and bear arms found in the Second Amendment, using the argument that the overwhelming majority of Americans support such restrictions. I thought “rights are not supposed to be open to popularity contests.”

For that matter, what about the religious freedom rights of citizens, business owners, and religious institutions to not be forced to pay for abortions, birth control, sterilization, in vitro fertilization, sex changes and other procedures that violate their religious beliefs? Seems like folks want that right to be subject to popular vote, too.

Oh, I get it – only abortion and gay marriage are rights not up to a vote. The rights actually in the Bill of Rights are subject to popularity contests when liberals don’t like them.

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Comments on But What About Second Amendment Rights?

RwR (Rhymes with Right),

You keep pointing out the hypocrisy of the left - and, yes, I do it too.

Problem is - most "liberals" (don't want to paint with too broad a brush here) are perfectly content with the cognizant dissonance of double standards.

I have, and I’m sure you have also, seen it over and over in life – they have an ends-justify-the-means mentality. They know what they want, and tailor whatever document, study, or ethics they have to fit the bill.

You and I come from the position of FAIRNESS. I mean real fairness, not revenge guised in fairness, nor “social justice” in the guise of fairness, and not forced acceptance in the guise of “fairness”.

What homosexual activists want is forced acceptance. They absolutely do not want one of our bedrock freedoms to even be considered: the freedom of association. I can choose to associate or NOT associate with whom I please – and that thought process makes them very angry.

Plus, you want to play fair with these folk – and point out gun rights, rights to life for unborn children, and all other rights ACTUALLY WRITTEN into the BoR. They don’t like those actual rights, and while you play fair and expect a logical reasoned response, you’ll be holding your breath for a long time waiting for that to happen.

Not unlike how discussions I’ve had with feminists have gone, when I would, in a non-confrontationally discuss certain feminist factoids and assumptions and be able to lay out the provable bigotry they are dealing in, were the situation be reversed, it was always “different”.

And here is the key: One of the main tenets of Political Correctness is the destruction of objectivity. Read that again – because it’s a constant undercurrent in almost all their thought processes, decision making paradigms, and arguments. They must destroy objectivity, and it’s close cousin “a single standard”.

Again – look at how feminists turned Western law on it’s head with sexual harassment law. In ALL OTHER CASES of law the “Reasonable Person” standard was, is, and will be used. It was an objective standard that said (in essence) “Were a ‘Reasonable Person’ to observe [x], their perception could right be [y], and they could take action [z].”

In Feminist jurisprudence it became SUBJECTIVE. Each situation is different and it’s based not on any objective criteria, but rather the subjective view of even “1 victim”. Hence it plays to the most base nature of the most vile of humanity : “I can do anything I want, it’s my world, and I’ll use the code words of the day of self-justification (“I feel”, “It MADE me feel”, “To ME, I perceived …”).

With Gay activism they want forced acceptance. Even if someone is SILENT, but not actively complimenting and encouraging them, that person must be FORCED to affirm the gay lifestyle.

All must be in lockstep in the bizzarro world of “Tolerance” absolutism. It’s based on everyone who FEELS (subjective) like a victim. That no one is actually victimizing them is irrelevant. They FEEL victimized due to not having universally forced acceptance.

Now – RwR, you are trying to have a logical mental exercise with these folk (gay activists, not gays) and play fair – but while they’ll smile at you in public, they’ll legislate you out of business, out of an education, out of job, and hurt you in every way possible until you’re “re-educated”.

They “get” our counter arguments, but since what they want is based on how they feel – and yours is based on logic, they’ll never act in a fair and rational manner. Our courts (9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the case of subjectivity (big surprise)) have ruled that a SUBJECTIVE feeling MUST be validated, no matter how OBJECTIVELY unreasonable the person is being.

Sorry for the long post – but most people try what you try: a logical response to an irrational person holding a subjective view – a view they will use violence by proxy to protect.

It won’t make a dent on their thinking.


|| Posted by Steven, March 28, 2013 04:46 PM ||

Wanted to add - and I hate these caveats, but in our PC world they must be added (shudder):

I don't "hate gays". I am in the military and have deployed with GOOD Soldiers who happened to be gay.

I say good Soldiers who were gay, not Gay soldiers. And I think you can get my drift on that. I don't care who sleeps with whom, as long as it's not affecting morale (CMDR sleeping with someone and giving preferential treatment etc). What I DO care about is that if the Soldier wears their sexual orientation on their sleeve and does not act professionally and wants a pass because anything but forced acceptance and constant reassurance of being gay is FELT to be "homophobia".

Again - no single standard is allowed. Were **I** to act like some gays act, actively flaunting my sexuality, I would, in short order, be brought up on EO and Sexual Harrasment charges.

a GAY soldier does that - a gay Soldier does not.

A gay Soldier does his or her level best to wear the cloth of their nation in defense of said nation in an attempt at a noble profession and to bring credit to their uniform and service.

A GAY soldier is a Soldier who thinks none of those icky EO or Sexual Harrasment regulations apply to them because "they're special". Further, being a scumbag self-centered, entitled, and "constantly set upon 'victim'" (in their mind) anyone not "getting with the program" of cheerleading the GAY lifestyle is guilty of homophobia. And lastly, dirtbags being dirtbags, GAY soldiers will pull the "you hate gays" card whenever they get in trouble so they can effectively silence any objective & fair criticism of their offenseive sexual actions - because they have been taught and it's been reinforced that they are "special" and all rules are SUBJECTIVE. It's a nifty intimidation technique that works.

Hope that clarified.


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