October 08, 2013

Regarding The Debt Ceiling Increase

The junior senator from Illinois said these words in 2006, when there was an effort to raise the debt ceiling to approximately half the level that said senator, now the President of the United States, is seeking.


Was he wrong in 2006, or is he wrong in 2013? And isn't it fair to say that the fact that the debt limit has nearly doubled during his presidency a sign that Barack Obama is a failed leader who has weakened the United States both domestically and internationally?

H/T GayPatriot, Zero Hedge

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Comments on Regarding The Debt Ceiling Increase

This isn't BHO's fault - not really.

Don't mistake me: I don't like his policies, I think he's a fraud who rode his color and has played the racial agitation card his whole life, and I think he's a petty narcissist of a man.

But this debt problem was coming one way or another regardless of who was president.

Now, also, let's be clear : our deficit (what we over spend per year) went from 400-500 billion a year to a trillion a year since BHO took office, so that IS on him.

But, 75 million baby boomers were set to retire and are doing so on BHO's watch - he's just the guy who's in office when the bill came due.

Also - BHO has expanded foodstamps, welfare, and all welfare programs like we were running a surplus - but the main problem is entitlements for the elderly - and this has been on the railroad tracks since the mid-70's when Congress raided the SS trust fund and left a bunch of IOUs.

Also - BHO took this job knowing we were in an economic crisis, so no sympathy there.

He knew this demographic time bomb was about to go off - no sympathy there either.

He took over saying he had a plan - and his plan is that he's a liberal / progressive academic theorist with utopian ideas that have repeatedly been tried, and have repeatedly failed.

The debt bomb, massive hyperinflation, and a general collapse CAN be stopped, but it means making a LOT of HARD choices and telling a lot of very angry people "No, sorry, no money was saved, you're going to have to do without".

The political will is not there, seniors need that money, and it's just math.

BHO or Romney, we were heading for this - now or in 5 years, but it was coming.

Just being fair.


|| Posted by Steven, October 9, 2013 06:17 PM ||
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