June 20, 2014

My Message To Sarah Palin

Hasta la vista, baby! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Like many conservatives and American workers, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said that the Republican establishment's embrace of amnesty for llegal immigrants is the one issue that is making her think about renouncing her ties to the GOP.

Is this an anti-Palin position on my part? No -- folks here know I was a big Palin booster before she was generally known by Republicans nationally. And it isn't that I disagree with her on the issue of immigration reform/amnesty.

I'm just giving her the same "buh-bye" that I give anyone who tells me "I'm leaving the party over YOUR PET ISSUE HERE." If you can find a better vehicle for advancing your policy preferences, go for it. The GOP will be waiting for you when you come crawling back, having found that your actions have only served to advance the agenda of your opponents.

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Comments on My Message To Sarah Palin

The Republican Rinos are kind of like that old uncle who is a nice guy and brings presents home whenever he visits and has money to hands out but has this pesky habit of molesting your twelve year old daughter. Should this "pet issue" bother us? After all the alternative is some other Uncle who also brings presnets home when he visits (but for the family next door not yours) and has money to hand out (but not to you). Should we abandon the uncle or just get used to his molestation of our daughter? After all we don't want ideological purity at the expense of "good enuf".
Let's just reelect those Rinos who also want massive illegal immigration and really really want THEIR name to be on the Amnesty law when our Kenyan President signs it. I remember McCain when he ran for reelection to the Senate; he ran ads of him walking along the border with nothing but a string of barbed wire between us and Mexico. He was "demanding" that we erect a fence and enforce our border laws. Then he got reelected and hasn't been back to the border since. No, in fact he is championing amnesty and not a sound about enforcing laws or strengthing our borders.
What many people fail to understand about this illegal immigration and what should be obvious considering the recent actions by new illegals is this is like that tidal wave in Thailand in 2004. You remember the tide went out and left another 1/4 mile of waterless beach. The tourists were laughing and walking out into the sand flats totally unaware of what comes next. That is what the current 50,000 to 100,000 children crossing the border in recent months is. We are looking at it all in wonderment, saying "gee", look at that Martha. Who would have thought that promises of amnesty and total disregard by the administration would have caused that. But we (well, some of us) are totally unaware of what comes next. A tidal wave of humanity all needing medical attention, feeding, housng, education, quotas to take our jobs, food stamps, welfare, SS, etc. Someone has to pay for it. That tidal wave will get many of us kiled (illegals kill about 3000 a year) will increase your taxes (check your property tax bills for new schools and more police) and displace our sons and daughters in line for college or jobs. In this early stage there is actually something that we can do to stop it, unlike the tidal wave in Thailand. The people who understand this are yelling at the top of their voice to congress, they are throwing things at the TV when the pundits say "we are the richest country in the world sure we can feed and house 50,000 poor little children". But the politicians aren't listening. We need to slap them in the face. Yes threatening to take our vote elsewhere is a slap in the face. I didn't leave the Republican party the Republican party left me. Yes I won't just not vote for my Republican congressman as some kind of meaningless statement of my anger, I will vote for his opponent. Maybe if we Eric Cantor a few more of them they will figure it out. Maybe if South Caroline Republican Tea Party members vote for the Democrat over the arrogant Lindsey Graham they will figure it out. I am tired of looking at what my Republican congressmen do and saying "et tu brute". Vote them out! If that means we have to elect a slimy Democrat over the slimy Republican incumbant then so be it.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, June 20, 2014 11:13 AM ||

Your argument lost all credibility when you equated political disagreement to child molestation. You argue like a Democrat.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, June 20, 2014 08:51 PM ||

Of course it did. And if I hadn't used that comparison it would have lost credibility for another reason. You suffer from the same deaf ear thatthe Rinos do. You don't get it. The Rinos think they can claim they are conservative during every election and then buy and sell our rights the rest of the time. If we complain then there is some "reason" why our arguement loses all credibility. This is EXACTLY why my advice to conservatives is so important. Don't just vote for the bums and hate yourself for it. DOn't refuse to vote as some sort of protest. Go and vote, every disgruntled conservative go and vote the bums out. They don't get it. They never will. It will be better to have a Democrat for one term because that is the ony way the establishment Republicans will actually believe that we are pissed off and aren't going to take it anymore.
It may be "political disagreement". Maybe that's all it is. When my taxes go up so far that we can only afford hamburg well that's just "political disagreement", right! When my rights are taken away or worse I am put in jail for using my rights that's just "political disagreement". After all can't we all get along? We are going to tax you into the poorhouse for your own good (but mostly for the politicians and labor unions own good). And your unhappiness is simply because you don't understand that this is just "political disagreement". When Lindsey Graham give 20 million illegals amnesty which includes welfare, a standing in line for jobs and college ahead of your kids, higher taxes to pay for it all; it isn't because Lindsy Graham personally benefitted from it, it's simly a "political disagreement". When you lose your job to an H1B and your house is repossed by the bank while your excessive taxes are paying for a palatial lifestyle for new citizens, no worries, it's not personal, it's just a political disagreement. As you watch the coming invasion grow and your country crumbles around your head, cheer up it's nothing more then a "political disagreement".

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, June 21, 2014 10:22 AM ||

If I used your sort of argumentation, I could point out that your solution is to instead give your kids to the neighbor who abuses them and kills them for kiddie-porn snuff films.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, June 21, 2014 02:53 PM ||

Well I suppose you might come up with that but only to aviod the issue at hand. If yu don't like the comparison then ignore it. However if you cannot refute my arguement then concentrate on how much you dislike the example I used in an attempt to derail the discussion. As I said the Rinos don't get it. They want to do exactly what you are doing. disparage the tea party and call them names. I would much prefer a more honest approach. For example Lindsey Graham could simply honestly say he doesn't care about the citizen or what the voters in his party want, he has been promised payola from the big companies who want cheap labor and he's gonna give away the country to get it. But no! Obviously he can't do that, he might not get reelected. So he tries to accuse the tea party of being radical (wanting lower taxes, smaller government and putting citizens before illegal aliens and big corporations). The country is going to hell in a handbasket and the Rinos are only concerned about acquiring the majority so they can siphon off tax revenues for THEIR cronies. Fine! They don't get it, you don't get it. I only hope enough ctizens get it to vote the bums out. I would so like to see Graham lose the election even if it means electing a Democrat.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, June 21, 2014 04:43 PM ||

Rhymes With Right - My Message To Sarah Palin

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