July 17, 2014

Hacked Or Whacked -- A Coda To The Denise Pratt Saga

I would have ignored the following email, but for the fact it came in the form of an email blast from the allegedly defunct Denise Pratt campaign.

SCANDAL: Republicans throw local conservative judge under the bus

"Deals" struck behind closed doors - attorneys plot to profit from child abuse cases

By ComplicitNoMore

The Republican primary season in Harris County is one of the most contentious and vicious in recent memory. It is made all the more sanguine by the fact that Republicans joined forces with Democrats in several key family court races to depose sitting pro-family judges or put transparent Obama supporters (one-time R’s) on the bench.

Such moves are not simply the result of ignorance, as evidenced by the case of Denise Pratt. Republicans from start to finish were virtually complicit with Pratt’s attackers. [Silence is not the absence of wrongdoing but rather, passive wrongdoing.]

Pratt, like many Republicans, was the victim of a leftist tirade. The Houston Chronicle, and its neophyte reporter Kiah Collier, succeeded in filling the blogosphere with patent falsehoods about the embattled judge. The reality? Pratt allowed plaintiffs to speak directly to her, minimizing the role of attorneys and impacting the pocketbook of a few left-leaning attorneys with an ego to protect. Moreover, many of these attorneys profited from a system that perpetuates abuse and is biased against the traditional family unit.

The attorney leading the charge against Denise Pratt is a man named Greg Enos, who went so far as to tap her phones and monitor her private, privileged communications while she sat as judge. Harris County is starting to look more like an episode of Dukes of Hazzard with men like Enos running around loose. Enos would likely be content if Boss Hog were sitting in Pratt's place. Instead, Obama supporter and pro-abortion attorney Alicia Franklin will.

No self-righteous “crusade” legitimizes the violation of a judge’s private communications.

Collier (Chronicle reporter) consistently references "many attorneys" as her source for most of the alleged "facts" she prints in her ongoing witch-hunt against Pratt, even though Pratt has more than once thoroughly and publicly addressed the allegations - and has been 'no-billed' by her fellow citizens.

Further, Collier produces an Excel sheet as her primary evidence for the alleged dismissals, even though she fails to include that a majority of all cases thrown out were thrown out because they had not been re-filed, or were possessed of other clerical issues that did not permit a hearing. When an attorney fails to request reinstatement of a case, it dies – simple, the end. Why are the left-leaning attorneys who have made it their mission to sink Pratt, not aware of this? Or could it be, that the implied allegation of incompetence or foul play is merely a red herring, a means to an end? Where liberals are concerned, stranger things have happened. And where liberal attorneys are concerned, red herrings and straw man witch-hunts are a virtual certainty. Tom DeLay and Ronnie Earl, anyone?

Dismissals of the kind attacked by Collier in her role as Enos-lackey were lawful and a normal clerical practice of courts with large caseloads and backlogs of cases that are inactive and not in compliance with the rules of the courts. Making dismissals is part of any judge's JOB, and turning dismissals into a scandal would be akin to gasping in shock that a preacher preaches or that a lawmaker makes laws.

Reducing a common part of a judge's duties to the absurd is beneath even the Chronicle, a publication that always seems to endorse the most liberal Republicans for offices.

So, a few attorneys do not like Denise Pratt or her decisions - what manager in an organization is loved or adored by all its employees? If businesses were run this way, businesses would fail.

A judge should be less concerned about popularity with attorneys and more concerned about the law they are charged with protecting.

With only 32 family law attorneys (Democrats or primary opponents make up the entire list) out of over 500 family law attorneys in Harris County opposing Judge Pratt, the odds are that Pratt was doing something worth doing.


Denise Pratt for Judge · PO Box 8012 · Baytown, TX 77522 · USA

We are left with only two conclusions here. The first is that the Pratt campaign's MailChimp account was hacked and some unauthorized individual sent out this anonymous rant. The second is that disgraced former judge Denise Pratt and her campaign organization sent out this email -- and that they are making accusations of criminal activity against those who brought her down. Given that the Pratt campaign has not come out and said they were hacked, I have to conclude (once again) that Pratt and her die-hard supporters are engaged in a bizarre campaign of libel.

I don't use the word libel lightly. After all, this email states that Enos and company tapped government phone lines. I'm hoping Enos files suit against Pratt and her campaign over this accusation, and forces her to put up or shut up.

And that when all is said and done, Denise Pratt crawls into a hole somewhere and disappears from all public notice.

UPDATE -- JULY 24, 2014: A comment below by someone calling himself "Truther1" accused me about lying by connecting this email to Denise Pratt. However, here is a screen cap of the portion of the email showing it as coming from the Pratt campaign -- To view the image click here. So no, I'm not lying and no I'm not trying to politicize the family courts here in Harris County. Indeed, Denise Pratt is a product of just such politicization of the Family Courts by the pay-to-play slatemakers.

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Comments on Hacked Or Whacked -- A Coda To The Denise Pratt Saga

Let's hope that it is a coda over a rest to her campaign.

|| Posted by Mark, July 18, 2014 08:46 AM ||

You're a liar. I got this email as well and NOWHERE does it have "Denise Pratt for Judge · PO Box 8012 · Baytown, TX 77522 · USA " in it. NOWHERE. You put that in yourself, liar. You people, your lies and your wanting to inject politics into the Harris County Family Courts are the problem. A disgraceful one at that.

|| Posted by Truther1, July 23, 2014 09:03 PM ||

Interestingly enough, my email to Truther1 containing the screen cap above was declared insufficient by him. I've since forwarded him one of the two emails I received containing the Pratt account as the source of the email -- and noted that the same account was used to send me a whole host of emails from the Pratt campaign before she resigned in disgrace.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 25, 2014 08:45 AM ||

And interestingly enough, after analyzing the email you sent me and seeing that it came from a completely different IP address and mail server (as I have made you aware of) than the 2 I received, you seem to have left this information out in your public response to our private conversation. Emails are easily "spoofed" and require a bit of research to verify their authenticity.

I also find it interesting that whenever I've pointed out such things to liberals like yourself, that the conversation suddenly goes "private", refusing to discuss it in a public forum.

You claim that you haven't received comment from her or her "cronies". Well, who have you or YOUR cronies tried contacting? What makes you think that her or her campaign even know about this? So yes, simply making statements or providing screen shots doesn't cut it without anything factual to back it up. What confirmation can you provide in defense of your statements?

The problem from the beginning has been incomplete, slanted and dishonest reporting, as you are continuing to do. True conservative Republicans have been duped by this method; why the Republican Party of Harris County allowed the true conservative family judge to be removed by a handful of pretend conservatives is appalling. You've taken a page right out of the Democratic playbook. That your mate in life is a staunch, profound Democrat, as well as what you put in your blog, suggests to me who and what you really are. Sadly, the Republican Party fell for it.

BTW, she did NOT resign "in disgrace"; she resigned after her home was shot at as confirmed by the police report.

|| Posted by Truther1, July 27, 2014 10:15 AM ||

1) I don't buy your spoofing argument, given that the email came from the same account as every other Pratt email I received. Combined with her refusal to denounce the content of the email, I can only conclude that she stands by it.

2) I left nothing out of my public response to you -- my update to this post and my comment above both predate the email exchange in which you stated -- but offered no actual proof -- that my email was spoofed. You demanded a copy of my email, but did not supply one of your own.

3) Calling me a liberal -- really, that is proof that you don't know shit about me or my politics. Though you apparently do know just enough to attack my wife in your email, which shows just how worthy of respect you are.

4) No, she resigned in disgrace as part of a plea deal with the DA not to be prosecuted. Unless, of course, you are calling Devon Anderson a liar as well.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 27, 2014 08:17 PM ||

1) It's quite easy to spoof an email. Perhaps you should do some research on the subject before commenting on it. Also, I don't think it's the former judge's duty to go out and denounce every single lie posted about her. Concluding that she "stands by it" because she hasn't publicly denounced it is poor logic. And you STILL haven't said who you've attempted to contact to set the record straight, as it were.

2) You did leave out response from the conversation that you chose to take private. Do you really want me to copy and paste that exchange here to prove it? You also stated that you received the other emails that I had specified, so why would you need mine?

3) If the shoe fits, Greg. And I've seen enough of what you write to know you AND your politics. And I never "attacked" your wife; I simply pointed out a fact as to what influences you and your views.

4) I guess I am calling her that... unless you have some proof to the contrary. A couple of weeks before she stated that there was a deal, she stated that there wasn't a deal.

Don't be so dishonest and have a nice day....

|| Posted by Truther1, July 28, 2014 05:00 PM ||

Bring it on, Asshole!

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 05:49 PM ||

Since Truther1/Tim Grady has decided he wants them all public, here come the emails in question.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 06:38 PM ||

EMAIL 1 --

Jul 24 (4 days ago)

to timothymgrady

I've attached a screencap of the email in question, complete with the credit going to Pratt. If you would like, I'll be glad to forward the original to you so as to make it clear that the image below is not photoshopped.

As for you receiving the email from another source -- I did, too -- after I wrote the post you commented on. It has another credit and another address. I find that curious -- and might explain why you made your claim against me.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 06:40 PM ||

Tim Grady
Jul 25 (3 days ago)

to me

Sorry, Greg, but a screen shot doesn't cut it. Either you're helping to propagate a lie or you've been had. Forward me the original, unabridged email so that I can verify the source and path of the communication.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 06:42 PM ||

Jul 25 (3 days ago)

to Tim

I'll forward it to you in a moment -- but I would love to know where YOUR version of the email came from?

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 06:43 PM ||

Jul 25 (3 days ago)

to Tim

And by the way -- the email came (twice, actually) from the same MailChimp account that every Denise Pratt campaign email came from during her campaign. Hence my having stated the following in my post:

"We are left with only two conclusions here. The first is that the Pratt campaign's MailChimp account was hacked and some unauthorized individual sent out this anonymous rant. The second is that disgraced former judge Denise Pratt and her campaign organization sent out this email -- and that they are making accusations of criminal activity against those who brought her down. Given that the Pratt campaign has not come out and said they were hacked, I have to conclude (once again) that Pratt and her die-hard supporters are engaged in a bizarre campaign of libel."

Absent a Pratt statement to the contrary, I'm forced to conclude that this email came from her or some individual with authorized access to her account. Since you appear to be a Pratt partisan, I'd like to suggest that you tell her to go public with a denunciation of this email and the person who sent it (identifying them if possible) or a
clear statement that account was hacked.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 06:45 PM ||

Tim Grady
Jul 25 (3 days ago)

to me

This came from a completely different IP address than the 2 I had received. I think someone's pulling your leg. The 2 I received have come from a mail server out of Atlanta, GA. The one you provided has come from a server in Mountain View, CA.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 06:45 PM ||

So as you can see, folks, Truther1/Tim Grady provided me with nothing beyond a claim about where his emails came from as opposed to where mine came from. Given I have no personal knowledge of him beyond these emails (well, that and some directory information obtained with a quick Google search), I have a hard time giving his statements much weight.

That's too bad, because I reached out to him in an attempt to see if he was going to shed light on the matter. I concluded he had nothing of value to add -- which is why I didn't bother going any further with the updates. Why take the time to update the post with one that says "Truther1 appears to be a crank"? But then again, I probably should have assumed that from the beginning -- after all, anyone who names himself after a movement that denies the 9/11 attack was conducted by al Qaeda and an equally bankrupt movement to prove that Obama is not a US citizen really does not merit being given much weight.

But for him to come here spewing insults -- and daring to bring my wife into the discussion (you folks know that she has posted here once in the decade this blog has operated, and I generally only post about her regarding her major health crises) went beyond the pale. Plus anyone who would read this blog and argue that "I've seen enough of what you write to know you AND your politics" and conclude that I'm some sort of liberal is clearly delusional. As for my wife's influence on my political views -- I read that line to her and she burst out in hysterical laughter that left her gasping for breath.

But interestingly enough, Truther1/Tim Grady seems to be quite typical of the folks I saw actively supporting Pratt (as opposed to those misled by the pay-to-play slates). They view all criticism of Pratt as illegitimate, and all opposition as a sign of political liberalism. Never mind that the woman was a disaster as a judge and has been publicly criticized as such by the presiding judge who was responsible for cleaning up the mess she left behind -- it is all about liberals going after an allegedly the paradigm of what a conservative and Christian family court judge should be.

And I posted these emails not because of the implicit threat from Truther1/Tim Grady in his most recent comment -- I did so because I wanted to show you how I responded to someone who showed up on my site accusing me of all sorts of misdeeds without any attempt to contact me at all. Remember his original comment at the top of the thread:
You're a liar. I got this email as well and NOWHERE does it have "Denise Pratt for Judge · PO Box 8012 · Baytown, TX 77522 · USA " in it. NOWHERE. You put that in yourself, liar. You people, your lies and your wanting to inject politics into the Harris County Family Courts are the problem. A disgraceful one at that.

|| Posted by Truther1, July 23, 2014 09:03 PM ||

I should have realized at the beginning that there was nothing I could have done or said, short of confessing to all of his accusations (which would have been a lie) would make him happy. But I tried, on the out chance that he would provide something more than his words to show that my conclusions were wrong. I won't be that charitable with him moving forward.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 28, 2014 07:11 PM ||

Well, gee Greg, you said that you already had those other emails. What was there for me to provide that you didn't already have, as you yourself had claimed? I most certainly don't see any of what I had communicated to you in your first response after our email exchange. Thanks for proving that point. So I did shed light on this matter... and you PROMPTLY disregarded it.

Speaking of spewing insults; hypocritical much? You still haven't answered some questions; Who exactly have you tried to contact from her campaign? Where's your proof that she resigned under some plea deal? Please, by all means, share with us this information. Oh, yeah, I'm sure that you never did try to contact them and I'm also sure you have no proof of your claims. That, by default, makes you a liar... or extremely dishonest and disingenuous.

And please, how did I "attack" your wife? I pointed out her political leanings and influence over you. Period. Is that an attack? That's a pretty shaky claim. People without a reasonable argument usually start grasping at straws, such as you did there. There is no delusion on my part regarding your liberal appearance.

The criticism of this former judge is hardly "legitimate'; no billed by the Grand Jury and they even refused to move forward on Enos' 2nd and 3rd claims against her. She never had a decision overturned, or even sent back for reconsideration; even the senior judge in that court can't say the same thing. And the "presiding judge" (if you mean the ancillary judge) doesn't uphold the law he took an oath to uphold. None of the family judges do. The law says to "approve" orders concerning children. They rubber stamp them without as much as a glance. If that had come out, they might have had to DO THEIR JOB! Are you aware of the judges that leave a signature stamp with their staff? Are you aware that Judge Moore's former associate judge refused to date the orders when she signed them so that the staff could date stamp it when they got to that order. Judge Pratt WAS THE HONEST ONE. She resigned under gunfire, quite literally. Unless you have you proof to the contrary, by default, this makes you a liar.

And pray tell, what "directory information obtained with a quick Google search" did you find on me? Do you know that it was, in fact, me? More disinformation on your part. And we all know that by default, that too, makes you a liar.

In effect, you "tried" nothing except to argue the lies that you put out there. And you haven't been charitable with me at all, not that I really care. What would change that moving forward?

|| Posted by Truther1, July 30, 2014 05:50 PM ||

Gee -- more shit from the same asshole.

You provide no evidence that this post is inaccurate. You simply insisted that I accept your assertions as truth. That isn't shedding light on the matter.

And I'll accept the DA's statement that Pratt's resignation was part of a deal.

I made an attempt to be cordial and actually engage you in the hope that you might have some substantive information that would prove me wrong. You didn't -- and quite frankly, I regret having made the effort. All you have done is make assertions without evidence and attack both me and my wife. Your time here is done.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, July 30, 2014 07:00 PM ||

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Rhymes With Right - Hacked Or Whacked -- A Coda To The Denise Pratt Saga

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