August 04, 2014

A Reminder To "Purity" Voters On The Right

You are not going to find the perfect candidate, and the reality is that your "perfect candidate" was not the choice of the majority of folks in the primary. You have a choice in November -- vote for the best available candidate who can win, or give aid and comfort to the candidate furthest from your views by not voting for the candidate who beat your candidate in the primary.

I get that voting for the lesser of two evils sucks. But the alternative – more evil – is worse. And remember, your “less evil” is someone else’s ideal candidate, and vice- versa. No one would ever get elected if one side or the other didn’t hold their nose from time to time in the voting booth for the good of the cause. This year, if you’re on the right, it’s your turn.

If you don’t, if you sit it out to make some perverse point, good for you. I’m not sure what you think you’ll prove other than you won’t support anyone, no matter the consequences, unless they’re “your candidate.”

But you need to realize your vote could be crucial to keeping Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader. Oh, and that your obstinance gave the most radical leftist progressives ever to occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., a freer hand to replace however many Supreme Court justices retire or die in the next two years with like- minded progressive activists uninterested in the Constitution.

If and when that happens and our laws are changed by judicial fiat, remember back to the self-satisfaction you felt on Nov. 5, 2014, when you woke up and realized you “showed” those conservatives or the establishment what they can do with their candidate who didn’t meet your purity test.

I had that discussion recently with a couple of fellow Republicans. They are all up in arms over some "sin against ideological purity" committed by our state's incumbent senator. Never mind that the Senator is generally recognized as a strong conservative -- he just isn't pure enough for these guys. As a result, they have vowed to work against him in the general election and make sure he is defeated -- even though that will mean a pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, pro-ObamaCare liberal will take a seat currently held by a guy who generally ends up with a rating of around 90% by conservative groups. he wasn't their guy in March, and he won't be their guy in November -- even if getting rid of him puts their stated policy goals further away because the Senate will be more liberal. They want to send "A Message" -- even at the cost of making things worse than they would be without the message being sent.

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Comments on A Reminder To "Purity" Voters On The Right

"purity"? A Republican like McCain or Graham will lie to our face and swear he is a conservative and once voted into office act worse then the radical socialist on the left. This is far more offensive to us then the Democrats who run on higher taxes and giving away our country to illegals. At least we know where they stand. I would prefer to vote a Democrat in over a Rino. I hope the conservatives in SC vote for Grahams Democrat opponent. It is the only way to send them the message.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 4, 2014 10:48 AM ||

The votes of Graham and McCain are worse than the votes of hard-core leftists? Really? Then I'm sure you will be voting Democrat this fall, and I hope you enjoy the six years of socialism you are asking for at the ballot box.

But one thing -- quit representing yourself as a conservative when you do such things. After all, there is nothing conservative about your position or the resulting harm done to the country by voting for the least conservative candidate.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 4, 2014 12:23 PM ||

Very well said.
I was one of the 40% that voted for someone other than Corny in the primary.
He has shown repeatedly that he will "go along to get along" when the chips are down.
However, you do not have a choice of 12 candidates in November, most of whom agree with you 80% of the time.
I will never tell someone to violate their conscience when they vote.
But voters should look just as closely at his opponents before casting a protest vote or not voting in November.
For instance, the dem nominee, who I refer to as Mr. $2,000 per vote, trumpeted in the primary that he is "pro-choice" and backed by Windy Davis.
He handled sexual harassment claims in his office by telling female employees to wear long sleeves.
There will probably be Libertarian and Green nominees as well. If they agree with you more than Corny, maybe you are the RINO.
btw, there are folks on the left urging the same treatment of Dan Patrick because he's too conservative.

I'm Tom Zakes and I approve this message.

|| Posted by Tom Zakes, August 5, 2014 07:06 AM ||

During the last two presidential elections, I held my nose and voted for lesser of the available weevils. Likewise, Christians in metropolitan Harris County got out for the vote during those elections. Sadly, in areas like Iowa and Ohio, the Christian vote was greatly depressed. Hence, we had a bummer of an election.

|| Posted by Mark, August 5, 2014 10:23 AM ||

A rino like McCain or Graham hurts the Republican party far more then the tea party people do. These two are as responsible for what is happening on our borders as Obama and the Democrats are. But we should elect them because they have an "R" beside their name? I disagree and no amount of claiming I am not a conservative willchange my feelings on this. If getting rid of them requires electing a Democrat then so be it.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 5, 2014 10:26 AM ||

In contraposition to your article, I would encourage all Democrats to vote the Green Party slate if any one of the Democtrat offerings do not fit your liking.

|| Posted by Mark, August 5, 2014 10:26 AM ||

GWTW -- it is inherently non-conservative to vote out Republican Senators with lifetime American Conservative Union ratings of 88.84 and 88.01 and replace them with Democrats who will have ACU ratings that are less than half those ratings.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 5, 2014 05:14 PM ||

If a congressman like McCain or Graham is in a safe district and the republican establishment protects them like princes of the city then how do you get rid of them so that you can replace them with a true conservative? You can't, unless you get enough conservatives to vote for the opposition candidate. The Republican party and the big money isn't going to kick out Graham no matter if Graham voted tomorrow to open the borders and tax the citizens to death to pay for the welfare for all these new "citizens". The Republican party would still be in favor of electing these rinos simply because THEY WANT POWER. They don't care about you, the country or what the citizens want. They want power so that once in power they can support THEIR cronies and bring home the pork for THEIR special interest groups. The two parties agree on one thing and that is whichever one is in power can steal as much of the taxpayers money as they want to. But there are a handful of issues I as a conservative will not accept. Number one is follow the constitution especially the 2nd amendment. Number two is protect our borders, our citizens and our jobs; that means no illegal immigration. None! Deport, don't give amnesty or pander to dreams of illegals. If that means that we temporarily have to accept a congressman with a "D" then so be it. What the RNC has to understand is that they are selling out a huge portion of their base. As a tea party person I don't like being denigrated, ignored and lied about. I also understand that voting FOR a Democrat in an election is twice as effective as simply not voting for a Republican. That is the Republican loses my vote but the Democrat gains my vote. So that is my philosophy. I will not stay home on election day as a protest. I will not hold my nose and vote for the rino. I will vote against him.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 6, 2014 10:15 AM ||

Got it -- instead of voting for the guy who is wrong 20% of the time, you will vote for the guy who is wrong 80% of the time.

I suppose that back during your dating days you slept with ugly girls rather than attractive girls because that was the best way of eventually getting supermodels to sleep with you.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 6, 2014 10:31 AM ||

What you aren't understanding is I don't care if he is right 99% of the time if on that 1% he destroys our country. These rinos aren't just stealing our money like regular dispicable politicans they are destroying the good old US of A. What the Republican party isn't understanding is that we tea party voters take our rights, the borders and our country seriously. I do not want rinos anymore. I am sick to death of rinos who lie through their teeth during the campaign and then screw us for 6 years. I am angry at the Republican party for allowing it and angry at the particular rino for doing it. I have exhausted all my options to change this except for voting for the opposition. THAT is why I urge voters in North Carolina to vote for Graham's opponent.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 6, 2014 05:01 PM ||

I get it -- you would rather give control of the country to those who will 99% of the time act contrary to your beliefs and definitely destroy the country rather than put up with a 1% deviation from your view that is arguably within the bounds of the constitution. What that says to me is that you are severely lacking in both patriotism and common sense.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 6, 2014 10:23 PM ||

No. You don't get it. I sincerely wish that you did and that the RNC got it. We, the U.S. are in a crisis. The Democrats are to a great extent the cause but all or most all politicians are complicit. We are bankrupt, our debt is going to destory us. Our country is being invaded and the DNC and RNC are vying to get the invaders citizenship and then hoping they will vote for their party. Meanwhile they totally ignore the citizens wishes. Our federal and state governments are assaulting our constitutional rights and looking for new ways to tax us into poverty. While our country is colapsing around our heads some politicians are unhappy because the tea party wants them to obey the constitution and stop the headlong plunge over the financial cliff. I have for years said exactly the same things that you are saying; telling others "don't vote for the Lbertarians because a third party can never dominate and do what must be done. Our only hope is to elect conservatve Republicans." I have been the good Republican. My eyes opened after the 2000 elections. The Republican congress acted exactly like Democrats. Instead of spending less, borrowing less and taxing less they did the opposite. They had an orgy of spending where the ONLY difference between them and the Democrats is they gave the money to THEIR cronies. Bush, who I truely liked and still like as a person was one of the worst presidents in recent history for taxing and spending, increasing the size and scope of the federal government and of course soft on illegal immigration. To this day Bush the younger would be my choice as someone to eat lunch with or hang out with but as a leader of the nation he was not good for us. His brother Jeb will/would be worse. He isn't just "soft" on illegal immigration he is head over heals in love with it. And yet I think Jeb is a good person and I would want him to be a god parent to my kids. But the squishy "feel good" Republicans are killing us. There are between 12-20 million illegals and some sources put that number at 30 million. Meanwhile 12 million Americans are out of work and our federal government spends in excess of $330 billion a year on illegals. Illegals kill 3000 people a year in this country. So why should I be concerned that candidate "A" might give money to his cronies but will oppose and fight illegal immigration while candidate "B" will also give money to his cronies but will lie to my face about illegal immigration and then give the country away? There is much a politician can do that I would disagree with and I would still vote for him. But that 1% or 5% or whatever the accurate percentage is of things that I cannot accept/stomach matter to me and most tea party people. Obey the constitution, protect and defend our borders, actively seek and deport illegal aliens, cut taxes and reduce the size of government and last end deficit spending and begin to reduce the national debt. Do those things and I will vote for you regardless of the "D" or "R" by your name. Those things matter to me. All the RNC cares about is re-electing their established members and not about the citizens. That has to change and if it doesn't I will use my meager vote against them.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 7, 2014 10:09 AM ||

Except you have said that you will vote for the more destructive option. All your rationalization for doing so cannot overcome the fact that you are hastening the destruction of the Republic by doing so -- making you neither a conservative nor a patriot.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 7, 2014 06:21 PM ||

You are exactly emulating the Republican leaders. Instead of addressing the problem that is alienating their base they have choosen to insult them. As for "hastening the destruction of the Republic" that is the whole point. The Republicans intend to destroy us in their effort to open our borders and encourage a more massive invasion. Once the November elections are over the gang of eight plans to "hastening the destruction of the Republic". How to sto[p them??? Ask Eric Cantor.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 7, 2014 10:15 PM ||

I'm sorry that you consider my stating the truth as I see it to be an insult. Given who has won every primary challenge of a sitting GOP senator, dare i suggest that you may be the one who needs to reconsider your position -- the overwhelming majority of conservatives do not see things your way, and it takes a lot of hubris to declare that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

And I'll try a different analogy for you -- you complain that the so called "Republicans In Name Only" (who are backed by a majority of the conservative and Republican base, as the election results show) are driving towards the guardrail at 25 miles an hour, so in protest you are going to vote to increase the speed to 100 mph. I suggest you consider that yours is not the solution to the problem -- unless you are telling me that you want greater carnage.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 8, 2014 03:17 PM ||

"you are severely lacking in both patriotism and common sense." Is that an insult? It is the "defense" that the statist republicans have been using rather then address the issues of the tea party. It seeems odd to me. A party whose biggst problem in the last three elections is that they failed to get out their base and they failed to convince their base to vote for them. So the Republican statists as a policy have decided to insult the tea party and anyone who agrees with the tea party.

Let e try a different analogy with you. Republicans like McCain lie to our face to get reelected and then stab us in back once safely in office. Who can forget the ad showing McCain walking along the border saying "build the fence" and "if I'm reelected I will force the administration to build the fence" But like Lucy holding the football for Peanuts to kick and then yanking it away when he tried to kick it McCAin had no intent of doing what he said he would. We stupid Republicans just keep voting for these real life cartoon characters. What can we do? Your advice is to vote for them because they will only stab you in the back on those issues we think are most important where the opposition will not even lie to you and vote against them as well. So what is a sane person to do in this unsane political world? My suggestion to everyone who resides in the state and the district of these rinos is to vote for the other guy. If we were successful then, yes, as you say we would get the bad old Democrat. But next time we could vote the Democrat out. But if we follow your advice and hold our nose and vote for the rino then we can't ever vote them out. How many years has McCain been in office screwing over the citizens? If we had voted in his oponent the first time we discovered he was a rino then he would have been replaced by a real conservative decades ago. Fine! We disagree. And in fact the odds of voting out most of the rinos is pretty damn slim. So be it. For ebtter or worse we will all get to watch as our rino republicans give our country away while taking our rights and increasing our taxes. And as an extra incentive for voting them nto office we will probably see our currency and our economy collapse too. But no worries as long as the Republicans hold congress they can give our tax money to THEIR cronies and we all know that is so much better then the democrats giving our tax money to their cronies. Whoopie!

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 10, 2014 07:04 PM ||

It isn't an insult. It is an observation.

Now why don't you and your buddies go out and vote for the Communist Party -- they will take America down even faster then the Democrats. Oh, wait -- there aren't enough of you to even bring the Commies to 1% of the vote total nationally -- but there are certainly enough of you to make sure the Democrats win and do almost as much harm.

And "next time", when you and your fellow "patriots" plan on voting in your 100% pure candidate to replace the Democrat you put into office rather than vote for the unacceptable "RINO" you voted against because he/she agreed with you only 80% of the time? That Democrat will win, because of the power of the incumbency and because that candidate who is 100% acceptable to you is only 70-80% acceptable to the swing voters you will need to take down that Democrat -- and they will stay with the Democrat rather than vote for your candidate. In other words, the result of your plan is to guarantee permanent minority status for a far-right GOP because you find majority status for a right/center-right GOP to be unacceptable. And the result will be that YOU have given away our country and our rights, turning the USA into the sort of socialist "paradise" that the Obama can only dream of.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 11, 2014 06:35 AM ||

By George I think you have stumbled on it. Our Democrat friends do indeed intend to destroy our country. Well either that or they are incredibly stupid and cannot do the right thing. I am not ruling out that in fact both things are possible. But our rino friends want to do the same. So there it is! A vote for a Democrat or a rino is a vote to destroy our country. The only people who like and in fact embrace the rinos are the statist Republicans whose real goal in life is to be in control to hold power and to use the power and the revenues for their own end. So our choice seems to be to elect Republicans who will slowly and inexorably take us over the cliff or the much faster Democrats who would like to do it in one presidential cycle if they could. As you make it so clear that is our only choice unless we simply want to go Galt. But there is another choice, radical I admit but effective. And that is to vote out the rino in a Republican district and put the fear of god in the remaining Republicans so at least they will listen to Americans. Then the followng election cycle vote in a Republican conservative. Is it a perfect plan (or as you would say a "pure" plan)? No! But it is the only one left to us since the Republican establishment is hell bent to destroy us and ignore their base. Does it make the statist angry??? Oh yeah! Just read your own comments.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 11, 2014 08:47 AM ||

Nice plan if it would work -- but it won't work, because you will rarely get a majority of voters in any district to vote for your 100% right Republican and therefore we will keep getting 20% right Democrats instead.

And even if it did work, the butchery of the Republic that it would bring about in even 2 years would be such that the patient (our nation and our liberties) would be likely to "die on the table" as a result of your "cure".

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 11, 2014 12:33 PM ||

And thanks to McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 both perfect examples of your 80/20 rule we got Obama. Why? Because the base stayed home or voted for the Libertarian. Obama may well have already destroyed our nation it will just take awhile for the full effect. But no worries keep putting out those 80/20 rinos and keep blaming the tea party when they don't get elected.

I will make you a bet. No money, no more comments. My bet is that if (and it seems likely) Republicans get control of both the Senate and keep the house that they will not reverse obama care or end amnesty and actively try to find and deport illegal aliens or build a better fence on our borders or any of the other things conservatives want. What they will do is become Democrat "lite". They will do the same things to us the Democrats are doing. They will still not crack down on the border, they will raise taxes, they will continue to allow the EPA to run amuck, they will continue to allow unelected bureaucrats to create volumes on new regulations they will continue, in your words, "the butchery of the republic" . Why? Because they are rinos not conservatives, not statesmen, not good and honest men they are Democrats in the Republican party. I too once thought as you do. I am 71 and I have seen enough to know better. I suspect that it will take you a few more years to see the truth.

|| Posted by GoneWithTheWind, August 12, 2014 09:18 PM ||

Actually, the base voted -- those who did not vote were never a part of the base. Instead they were whiny crybabies who specifically do not define themselves as a part of the base because they see the party as not pure enough for them.

|| Posted by Rhymes With Right, August 13, 2014 11:11 AM ||

Rhymes With Right - A Reminder To "Purity" Voters On The Right

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