November 01, 2014

Texas Democrats Follow National Party's Lead, Shamelessly Engage In Racist Fearmongering

Bexar County (that's San Antonio for those not familiar with Texas geography) Democrats have joined in the shameless race-baiting and fear-mongering that has become the hallmark of the desperate Democrat Party across the the country this year -- by running an ad on the Spanish language Univision network that declares their opponents to be murderous terrorists! The Bexar County Republican Party and Texas Federation of Hispanic Republicans share this (which was passed on to me by Felicia Cravens of Free Radical Network).

TRANSLATION: These two flags represent friendship, liberty, opportunity and justice. This flag is very dangerous, it is the flag of Tea Party Republicans. They are radical terrorists who want to take issues into their own hands harming our kids and families with violence and firearms on the border and in our cities. On Tuesday November 4th is election day and it is our only opportunity to make our voice count for our common good. Vote Democrat. END TRANSLATION

Wow -- just wow!

The old declaration that dissent is patriotic has been thoroughly repudiated by the Bexar County Democrats. If you dissent now -- especially on matters related to border security -- you are a terrorist. And if you dare to exercise your constitutionally guaranteed liberty to carry firearms, you want to murder children. Moreover, the Mexican flag is declared to be a symbol of all things good and proper, while one of the flags under which the first Patriots fought to secure liberty is now declared to be a dangerous thing to be repudiated because it is used today by Americans who revere our nation's founding documents and cry out for the values of the original Patriots be our guiding principles today.

The Democrats attack Americans, American symbols, and American principles as "dangerous" and "terrorists" -- and they lack the integrity and testicular fortitude to do so in the language that most Americans (regardless of race or ethnicity) speak or do so on stations that most Americans will ever watch. Not only that, but the Bexar County Democrats won't even put the ad on their Facebook page. They know that their words are shameful and hope that those un-American words will be missed by all but the small handful they seek to frighten into voting for them with their lies.

But we are not going to let them hide from this one. That is the reason for this post, and others around the internet.

But we need to do something more than keep this among our like-minded conservative friends and neighbors.

We need to demand that Democrats in the state of Texas and around the country denounce the Bexar County Democrats and the ad -- and that they do so loudly by the end of the day on Monday, November 3.

Will Texas Democrat Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa denounce the ad?

Will Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis denounce the ad?

Will Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor Leticia Van de Putte, who represents San Antonio in the state senate, denounce the ad?

Will San Antonio natives HUD Secretary Julian Castro and Congressman Joaquin Castro denounce the ad?

Will any prominent Democrat anywhere in this country denounce the ad?

Write them and ask. Heck, write them and demand that they do so.

And remind them that failure to do so constitutes their endorsement of this shameful ad.

And let me close on one final note about this ad, one that I believe needs to be borne in mind by every American. The Democrat Party, the party calling the Republican party and the peaceful Tea Party movement "dangerous" and "radical terrorists", is the party headed by a president whose political career began in the living room of a pair of domestic terrorists who murdered police officers and sought to murder American soldiers. They are the party that embraced members of the murderous Black Panthers, a racial supremacist terrorist group, and which counts one of those terrorists, Bobby Rush, as an honored and respected member of their party's caucus in the House of Representatives. They are the party that for a century embraced the KKK as their paramilitary terrorist wing and which put members of the Klan in the House and Senate, on the Supreme Court and lower courts around the country, and in the White House itself despite the trail of blood that organization left throughout the South and around the country. For any Democrat organization or official to call any group of Republicans terrorists is itself a scandal and a disgrace of monumental proportions, for by virtue of their association with the Democrat Party they are complicit in each and every murderous act of terrorism committed by those officially endorsed and embraced terrorists because the Democrat party is inseparable from those acts and therefore irredeemable.

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Comments on Texas Democrats Follow National Party's Lead, Shamelessly Engage In Racist Fearmongering

The irony is that as they speak of the danger of firearms, they show a member of the military. If they really wanted to illustrate the danger of firearms in the border area, they should show Eric "Fast and Furious" Holder.

I'm Tom Zakes and I approve this message.

|| Posted by Tom Zakes, November 2, 2014 02:28 AM ||

Imagine a video showing fearmongering with hispanics as gang members and murders done by hispanic gang members ...

Which, btw, happens with horrific regularity.

Versus - the TEA Party, which I would love for them to show TEA Party gangs and gangland murders.

Which, they can't.

|| Posted by Steven, November 3, 2014 05:51 PM ||


Although you are right, another illustration of the "danger of firearms" might be the Mexican military members on American soil (protecting a shipment of drugs with a helicopter that we partially subsidized).

|| Posted by Mark, November 5, 2014 07:49 AM ||
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