November 03, 2014

Bexar County Democrats Confess To Racist Scare Ad, Double Down On Claim That Tea Party Is A Terrorist Group

Proving once again that the only thing lower than a Democrat official is a Democrat official who knows his party is about to get its ass kicked.

I told you about this ad over the weekend.

TRANSLATION: These two flags represent friendship, liberty, opportunity and justice. This flag is very dangerous, it is the flag of Tea Party Republicans. They are radical terrorists who want to take issues into their own hands harming our kids and families with violence and firearms on the border and in our cities. On Tuesday November 4th is election day and it is our only opportunity to make our voice count for our common good. Vote Democrat. END TRANSLATION

Well, the chairman of the Bexar County Democrats has confessed his organization's guilt in this matter and doubled down.

Bexar County Democratic Party Chairman Manuel Medina admitted his organization was responsible for the ad, and claimed credit himself for creating it. Medina went even further in an interview with the San Antonio Express-News, saying, "The tea party is not a political party. They're a terrorist organization." The Express-News also reported that the ad was running on Univision, paid for by a $25,000 donation from personal injury attorney Thonas J. Henry.

Interestingly enough, Medina is unable to actually point to any terrorist act by the Tea Party -- because such acts do not exist. Unlike, say, terrorist acts by Democrat affiliates like the KKK or the Black Panthers -- or Obama buddies Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn and the Weather Underground.

From here on out, any conversation with any Democrat -- and especially Democrat public officials -- on political matters should begin with an inquiry as to whether or not they denounce this ad and those responsible for it. Failure to do so makes them complicit in the false charges in the ad.

Any candidate who hires Manuel Medina's consulting firm, Professional Campaign Services, must be forced to either denounce or embrace the ad -- and no denunciation may be accepted as sincere until and unless they fire Medina and his company.

And as for Thomas J. Henry, he and his ambulance chasing law firm need to be made toxic in political circles. Any candidate accepting donations from him must be urged to denounce this ad -- and any denunciation must be accompanied by the return of donations from Henry, his firm, and any lawyer who is a part of it. No one who works for Henry's firm should be deemed an acceptable candidate for any office by either party unless they have severed all ties with Henry's firm and publicly denounced Henry for funding the broadcast of this ad.

I'm all for political debate and discussion getting heated -- but to declare peaceful political activists to be terrorists crosses a line that all men and women of goodwill can agree must not be crossed. The dirty deeds of Medina, Henry and the Bexar County Democrats must be punished so that there will be no repetition of it.

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