February 06, 2015

Evidence that Obama Is Unclear On The Concept Of Borders, Citizenship, And Law

As painful as it is for me to say this, knowing that some of these so-called “DREAMers” are kids sitting in my classroom on a day to day basis, Obama is fundamentally wrong here.

I don't think there’s anybody in America who’s had a chance to talk to these six young people who or the young DREAMers all across the country who wouldn’t find it in their heart to say these kids are Americans just like us and they belong here and we want to do right by them.

And so often in this immigration debate it's an abstraction and we don't really think about the human consequences of our positions. And part of the reason that I wanted to hear from these young people today, and part of the reason why I've heard from young DREAMers in the past is because it's a constant reminder to me of why this is important.

Barry, let me explain this to you.

  1. The United States is a nation with borders.
  2. Those borders define the territory which is home to citizens of America, whether naturalized or natural born.
  3. Those who are not citizens of the United States are legally admitted according to the laws of the United States. Illegal entry or overstaying one’s visa is a violation of our laws and our sovereignty.
  4. One who is not a citizen and not currently in the United States in conformity with the laws of the United States has no right to be here. Neither length of illegal residency nor age at which that illegal residency began makes one an American.
  5. It is a fundamental proposition of law and justice that those who violate the law should not be permitted to profit by their illegal activity.

Now I want you to notice something – Obama insists that he wants to meet with and hear from these illegal aliens because their demands conform with his policy preference. Who does he not want to hear from? Americans – indeed, Americans who constitute a majority of the citizenry – who disagree with those policy preferences. The wants and desires of those who are not citizens apparently trump the wants and desires of Americans who insist that our nation’s laws be respected, borders be secured, and citizenship be granted only when the law is complied with. Something is quite wrong with that picture.

Of course, the might be a case to be made for granting some special dispensation for those who were brought to this country as children. Any such provision would be a matter of special grace granted by this country, not a matter of right for these individuals. But any such plan must ensure that the parents who brought – or sent – these children to the United States in violation of the law are not rewarded with legal status because of this.

And as far as the argument that these young people should not suffer because of choices made by their parents that they could not control, I would like to suggest that said argument flies in the face of what happens to the children of others who break our laws. Some years ago I had a young lady in my class who was doing well in school and looking forward to heading to college. At the star of her senior year, however, she found those dreams dashed to the ground. Her father, it seems, had been involved in marijuana trafficking, and after his arrest and guilty plea the government confiscated a large number of family assets deemed to be fruits of the criminal activity – including this student’s college fund. She had committed no crime and was in no position to stop her father’s actions, but she found herself moved from a nice house to a small apartment and forced to get an after school job to support her family. Suddenly, the hopes and dreams of this “American just like us” were ripped from her. I somehow doubt that Barack Obama would advocate that this young lady – an African-America natural born citizen – should not suffer the consequences of her father’s crime. Why the special solicitude for non-citizens. Mr. President?

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